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Mission Trips

The Basics

The small, mountainous country of Eswatini has a dark secret: the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. This pandemic has broken almost every family in Eswatini. Due to a promiscuous culture, the ancient tribal tradition of polygamy, and many myths about casual sex, 40% of Swazi children are orphaned. Words like “rape” and “abuse” can be found in elementary students’ workbooks. Mothers are often left widowed and with no means to support their hungry children, due to lack of education. Will you share the promise of hope for the future with the orphans of Eswatini?


Freedom of religion was only established in 2006. The government generally respects freedom of religion in practice. Although indigenous religions are not widely practiced, traditional Swazi culture remains strong, and important ceremonies, such as the Incwala and Umhlanga have religious overtones.

It is considered highly offensive to fart in public.


Take an excursion to Execution Rock outside Manzini for some hiking and gorgeous views.

If the weather is warm, go swim at Mantenga Falls outside of Mbabne. There are small cliffs you can jump from, as well as swim near the falls.

Care to see lions, elephants, white rhinos, or giraffes? For an overnight safari excursion, check out Hlane Royal National Park.

Upcoming Eswatini Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

World Race August | 2023

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6 countries

August 2023

AGES 21—30

Strategic Partners

  • Adventures Eswatini Base

    The Adventures Base in Eswatini works to build relationships with locals and host and disciple teams that come through. Adventures Eswatini is our longest standing, largest, and strongest international base. We come alongside local Swazi communities to meet the needs of 8,000 plus orphans, have 72 graduates from our leadership training program, and have 75 local Swazis on staff across our 40 plus care points. The base strategically places our teams with their ministries to help achieve their vision in Eswatini. Our teams typically are involved in the care point ministry, children’s ministry, discipleship, feeding programs, evangelism and home visits.

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