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Eswatini Ministry

Mission Work & Impact

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You won’t want to miss what God is doing in this tiny but mighty country. It’s hard, but it’s good and He is moving.

With the world’s highest HIV/AIDS rate, Eswatini faces significant challenges, leaving thousands of children orphaned. Our parent company, Adventures in Missions established a lasting presence in Eswatini over 20 years ago, and operates a base with over 50 CarePoints to feed hungry children, encourage families to dive into God’s word, support community leaders, and uplift these families who are the future of Eswatini. 

PS – Ugali may also become one of your favorite foods too – no lie.

Life on a Eswatini Mission Trip

What do the Eswatini CarePoints do?

Great question! Their impact is long reaching, but here’s a quick recap!

  • Care for local children and their families. You can find out about our Child Sponsorship opportunities here.
  • Participate in educational and feeding programs through strategically placed CarePoints distribution centers throughout Eswatini
  • Contribute to community projects aimed at empowering children and fostering leadership development
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Here’s one Racers take on their time in Eswatini:

  • I’ve sat and stared a lot this month. There’s been a lot to contemplate. It’s not the poverty that grips me—it’s not the stinky potties or the cold—it’s not the smiles or the laughter. But there’s just something that is terribly different than other countries we’ve been to.
  • There’s an absence of innocence here.
    This country simply breaks your heart. As sickness continues to ravage the bodies and minds of the locals, it’s hard not to catch the hopelessness bug. The nation is disappearing before my eyes. If HIV continues like it is right now, there will be no Eswatini by 2030.
  • Sobering. Sickening. Reality.
    But despite the disease, the sadness, we want more. More of Jesus, craving His presence like children wanting popsicles on a warm summer afternoon.
  • That desperation for more of Him is back.
    The feeling and better yet, knowing, that my next breath depends on the Jesus inside of me and nothing else is something that I can’t explain. I can’t contain it and I can’t control how much He adores me.
  • And there’s no place I would rather be.

    Maybe, just maybe, it’s not about me or my team. Perhaps it’s not what we can do to serve God but rather what God can wreck through us as kingdom is brought here on earth as it is in heaven.

    So that Jesus’ name is shouted from the rooftops. So that He is honored, cherished, worshiped and revered. And if that’s just a tiny reason why, then I’m ok with that.

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Here’s what ministry in Eswatini could look like:

You’ll work alongside local Eswatini communities and ministries, uplifting and supporting them as they take point walking with God to breathe life into their country and its future – providing education, caring for the disabled, strengthening families, and more. Check out Adventures Eswatini to learn more!

A Day In the Life Might Look Like:

  • Empowering disadvantaged families: partner with CarePoint Ministry to provide food for hungry children, a safer environment for them to learn and play, and a platform to elevate the voices of their families among their communities.
  • Disability outreach: work alongside a ministry called Labaligugu, or “Treasured Ones,” to serve Eswatini’s vulnerable population of disabled children and their caregivers.
    School programs: help the future of Eswatini by working with ministries that provide access to education for children from disadvantaged families
  • Bringing hope through music: Partner with music programs that help children who have experienced immense hardship to learn new skills, express their emotions and experience, and find healing through engaging in the art of song.
  • Sports programs: Stand in the gap for the fatherless through sports-based outreach that provides encouragement, structure, mentorship, and a rich sense of belonging to young adults who have experienced deep loss and hardship.
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Empowerment & Community Impact

Here at the World Race, our hearts beat to be the hands and feet of Jesus – wherever He calls us. Whether we’re helping teach life skills classes, teaching English, children’s ministry, feeding programs, evangelism, or hospital visits, it’s all aimed at meeting the needs of those impacted by poverty. Our heart’s desire is to help restore hope in the community.

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Straight from the field

“I’ve quickly fallen in love with this ministry. In all honesty, I feel like they are ministering to me more than I am to them. These kids know how to love, and how to love WELL. The crinkle of their noses and sparkle of their eyes is where I see Jesus. And even so, the intense passion and joy gleaming in their eyes radiates how much the Lord loves His little children.” – Rachel Farner, World Race 2023

Giving away my water for a water fight, this is ministry.
Playing “don’t let the balloon touch the floor,” this is ministry.
Learning Spanish, this is ministry.
Helping the ladies pick mangoes from random trees on the street, this is ministry.
Teaching English, this is ministry.
Planning 6:30am workouts, this is ministry.
Sorting the produce donations on Monday mornings, this is ministry.
Handing out aguapanela con pan, this is ministry.
Leading the women’s ministry lesson, this is ministry.
Eating raw potatoes with a new friend, this is ministry.
Playing no hands in the back of the cargo truck, this is ministry.
Hugging people good morning, this is ministry.
Dancing with kids, this is ministry.
Anything you do to love and live like Jesus, this is ministry.

Your ministry is where you are, it’s how you represent Jesus, it’s how you love others, it’s how you treat others, your life is ministry- if you let Jesus work in you and through you.

Let every moment of your life be a moment to serve Jesus and serve others. 

Let your life be a ministry that reflects Jesus and the salvation He offers each one of us.”

Eutiva, D Squad (Mission)

Meet our partners in Eswatini

Throughout the years, we’ve worked alongside key partners who are making a huge impact in Eswatini. Here are a few that you may meet while serving with us.
  • Adventures Eswatini Base

    Adventures Eswatini Base

    The Adventures Base in Eswatini works to build relationships with locals and host and disciple teams that come through. Adventures Eswatini is our longest standing, largest, and strongest international base. We come alongside local Swazi communities to meet the needs of 8,000 plus orphans, have 72 graduates from our leadership training program, and have 75 local Swazis on staff across our 40 plus care points. The base strategically places our teams with their ministries to help achieve their vision in Eswatini. Our teams typically are involved in the care point ministry, children’s ministry, discipleship, feeding programs, evangelism and home visits.

Upcoming Eswatini Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in Eswatini by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

Expedition Routes to Eswatini

Currently No Expedition Routes are Launching to This Country.

Gap Year Routes to Eswatini

Semesters Routes to Eswatini

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Eswatini Country Overview

The AIDS pandemic has shattered families. It’s a tough situation with a promiscuous culture and the acceptance of some really messed up stuff like rape and abuse. And get this – a whopping 40% of Swazi kids are now orphans.  That’s why we’re partnering with Adventures in Missions Care Points, where you’ll get to feed hungry kiddos, dive into God’s word, support community leaders, and uplift these amazing children and families who are the future of Eswatini.  Join us and let’s be a part of creating a bright and hopeful future for this kingdom!
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Freedom of religion was only established in 2006. The government generally respects freedom of religion in practice. Although indigenous religions are not widely practiced, traditional Swazi culture remains strong, and important ceremonies, such as the Incwala and Umhlanga have religious overtones.

It is considered highly offensive to fart in public.

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Take an excursion to Execution Rock outside Manzini for some hiking and gorgeous views.

If the weather is warm, go swim at Mantenga Falls outside of Mbabne. There are small cliffs you can jump from, as well as swim near the falls.

Care to see lions, elephants, white rhinos, or giraffes? For an overnight safari excursion, check out Hlane Royal National Park.

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