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The Basics

Surrounded by India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Burma, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and the 8th most populated nation on earth. A land of rich history and culture, it is the birthplace of microfinance and amongst the leading exporters of textiles, garments, fish, seafood, and jute—yet it has a surprisingly low literacy rate. With 89% of the population Muslim and 10% Hindu, it is also a nation without the hope of the Gospel. Will you share the love of Christ in a land where He is virtually unknown?


Bangladesh’s Muslim class system has a small upper class that is determined by historical wealth and influence. In rural areas, class is connected to the amount of land owned, occupation, and education.

Women cannot leave their neighborhoods unaccompanied, so their lives are centered on their homes. Men do the shopping for the households and worship at the mosques. Women observe their religion from home. Marriages are arranged, and a woman’s father, brother, and husband have authority over her.

Staring is not impolite in Bangladesh.

Instead of standing in line, people push to the front of a crowd until they reach the front.


If you’re in Dhaka, the capital, spend a day exploring the streets of Old Dhaka. From the fort to the markets and the 10th largest mosque in the world, there are plenty of things to see to learn about the culture and history of Bangladesh.

Spend a day on a water safari in Sundarbans National Park, on the border shared with Myanmar, and search for Bengal tigers.

Head up to Kaptai Lake and immerse yourself in the Buddhist hill tribe culture.

Tea drinkers will love the region of Sylhet, where some of the best Indian teas are grown.

Upcoming Bangladesh Mission Trips

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