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Southern Europe


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The Basics

Macedonia, once part of socialist Yugoslavia, is part of the Balkan Peninsula. The country gained independence in 1991, but its history is riddled with conflict over its territory. Once part of ancient Greece, Paul himself preached in Macedonia. Mother Teresa was born here. Today, Macedonia is 65% Eastern Orthodox, and the rest pretty much Muslim, Macedonia has the 5th largest Muslim population in Europe. Will you live the Gospel in the same land where Paul once preached it?


Handshakes and kisses on the cheek are common in Macedonia, in non-Muslim areas.

Macedonians tend to be more indirect when asking for favors, but will be direct when speaking about less serious matters. Do not be surprised if an inquisitive Macedonian asks you how much money you make; they are quite curious about other cultures.

Time is viewed pretty loosely in Macedonia. Buses usually run late. Timeliness is not heavily valued, and meals usually tend to go on for hours.


Macedonia is extremely complex and has a lot of unique flavors to be explored. Balkan, Greek, and Roman history and architecture can be found all over the place.

Be sure to take time to go see the lakeside wonders in Ohrid. While there you should check out Tsar Samuil’s Fortress, dating back to the fourth century!

Skopje is a fascinating and beautiful city of ancient and modern complexity. One of the hillside towns in Skopje, Čaršija, is full of history from the Ottoman Empire.

Upcoming Macedonia Mission Trips

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