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The Basics


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Greek and Turkish


Cyprus is an island split down the middle into two nations, both ethnically and spiritually, where Northern Cyprus is predominantly Turkish and Muslim and the south part of the island is predominantly Greek Orthodox. Once a destination of Paul’s missionary journeys, this Mediterranean island will enchant you with its diverse landscape of glittering beaches and lush meadows. Here you will disciple local believers, participate in street outreaches, or conduct radio evangelism to the Muslim world.


The Northern half of Cyprus is owned by Turkey, and predominantly Muslim. Here you’ll find mosques, kebab stands, and old hamams.

The Southern portion of Cyprus is owned by Greece, and is much more European in feel. Here you’ll find churches, beaches, and old archeological sites.

There is a middle strip of land owned by the UN that both physically and culturally separates the North from the South.


Many beaches, harbors, and resort towns line Cyprus’ coast, while the oldest boat in the world, once sailed by Alexander the Great, can be found in the north.

Despite being a coastal country with a moderate climate, you can find snow-capped mountains and ancient castles in the country’s center.

A Turkish bath house, converted from an old church, can be found in Nicosia.

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