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Christian Mission Trips to
South Africa

Serving Communities in
Subsaharan Africa for Jesus

South Africa Ministry

Mission Work & Impact

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If there’s a passion that burns deep within your soul for your Maker, then come with us to South Africa. You’ll see God move and you’ll experience His love for the South African People – a love stronger than anything you can imagine. This love overcame death and that same love is coursing its way through the hearts of the people. It’s a powerful thing to witness.

Following Jesus to the ends of the earth might feel a little scary, but hey friend, there is safety in this relationship with Him! The trust is impenetrable. Will you join us?

Life on a South Africa Mission Trip

What does community look like on the Race?

One Alumni shared: Our Squad is coming together in miraculously fast ways. Walls are falling down and there is a sense of love and comfortable camaraderie amongst us. We’ve created a culture of community. We eat, sleep and breathe our neighbor. If something bothers us, we hash it out. If something blesses us, we speak it.

The honesty is both supernatural and foreign to many.

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Here’s what ministry in South Africa could look like:

  • Home Evangelism
    Build relationships when you visit local homes in the community.
  • Bible Studies
    Dive into the Word with faith building study and powerful worship.
  • School Programs
    Support innovative programs that leave a lasting impression.
  • Baby Rescue Program
    Extend a lifeline through heartwarming baby rescue outreach.
  • School-based evangelism
    Fuel inspiration in students that combines sports, life skills, and academic assistance.
  • Life skills teaching
    Equip and empower people with life-changing programs.
  • Academic assistance programs
    Come alongside young students and offer encouragement and help with their coursework.
  • Community projects
    Join our partners to build a legacy of change.
  • Coffee Outreach
    Sip coffee and share stories at our coffee shop ministry, where every cup brews connection and compassion.
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Straight from the field

“REVIVAL. That’s the only word that could describe the last 3 days for me. There’s a revival happening here in South Africa and I got to see it with my own eyes. Back home in America, there’s such a push for religion and prayer and Jesus out of our schools. But here, I’m encouraged to see South Africa’s younger generations pushing for the complete opposite.” – Allison Ngo

Giving away my water for a water fight, this is ministry.
Playing “don’t let the balloon touch the floor,” this is ministry.
Learning Spanish, this is ministry.
Helping the ladies pick mangoes from random trees on the street, this is ministry.
Teaching English, this is ministry.
Planning 6:30am workouts, this is ministry.
Sorting the produce donations on Monday mornings, this is ministry.
Handing out aguapanela con pan, this is ministry.
Leading the women’s ministry lesson, this is ministry.
Eating raw potatoes with a new friend, this is ministry.
Playing no hands in the back of the cargo truck, this is ministry.
Hugging people good morning, this is ministry.
Dancing with kids, this is ministry.
Anything you do to love and live like Jesus, this is ministry.

Your ministry is where you are, it’s how you represent Jesus, it’s how you love others, it’s how you treat others, your life is ministry- if you let Jesus work in you and through you.

Let every moment of your life be a moment to serve Jesus and serve others. 

Let your life be a ministry that reflects Jesus and the salvation He offers each one of us.”

Eutiva, D Squad (Mission)

Meet our partners in South Africa

Our partners in South Africa are what make Racers experiences so impactful. Here are a few that you may meet while serving with us.
  • Impact Africa

    Impact Africa

    Impact Africa’s mission is to serve, educate, and rescue individuals while provoking them toward a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ through socially relevant outlets of ministry service. This deeply impacts individuals, communities, and nations. We are compelled to use every opportunity, gift, and talent entrusted to us to fulfill this mission! Our teams are typically involved with house-to-house evangelism, Bible studies, school programs, and baby rescue programs.

  • Global Leadership Academy

    Global Leadership Academy

    Global Leadership Academy is passionate and determined to see that every child in their care discovers and realizes their God-given potential. They aim to develop authentic leaders who will impact their school, community, country, and eventually the world. Our teams are typically involved with school ministry, children’s ministries, and beach outreach.

  • BEAM Africa

    BEAM Africa

    BEAM Africa sees a future where the poor are afforded the opportunity to improve their quality of life and pursue their dreams. Their mission is to be instrumental in facilitating broad-based inclusion of marginalised people in social, economical, and educational activities. Our teams are typically involved with their life skills classes, teaching English, and children’s ministry.

  • Love Story

    Love Story

    Love Story is a relief organization that seeks to meet the needs of the poor and marginalized. They aim to restore hope through feeding schemes, education programs, clothing distribution, and poverty alleviation. Love Story believes in building families and sow into the community in various ways such as support groups, bible studies, soup kitchens, clothing distribution, hospital visits, volunteer participation and community revamps. Our teams are typically involved with the feeding programs, evangelism, and hospital visits.

Upcoming South Africa Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in South Africa by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

Expedition Routes to South Africa

Currently No Expedition Routes are Launching to This Country.

Gap Year Routes to South Africa

Semesters Routes to South Africa

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South Africa Country Overview

South Africa is well known for soccer, safaris, and a beautiful coast line. It’s a land of adventure and a land of diversity. A variety of people groups live here and 11 official languages. After years of apartheid, the South African church is reaching out to others in their communities and throughout the country to meet the needs of their neighbors and to share the Gospel. Will you join the South African church in their efforts?
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A handshake while maintaining eye contact is the most common greeting in South Africa. Some women will not shake hands, so wait for them to extend a hand first. Men may kiss women they know on the cheek in place of a handshake.

Most urban South Africans wear casual clothing, including jeans. However, tennis shoes are rarely worn unless the person is exercising or on the beach. Fashionable shoes or sandals are normally worn.

In some ethnic groups it is not polite to gesture or give and receive objects with the left hand. Receiving objects with cupped hands is considered polite.

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South Africa is one of the world’s premier surfing destinations. If you are near the coast in Cape Town or Jeffreys Bay for surfing be sure to give it a shot!

Take a hike up Table Mountain in Cape Town and survey one of the most breathtaking views in the world.

Leap off of the highest bungie jump in the world off of Bloukrans Bridge. It is located at the border between the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape in the Tsitsikamma area.
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59.3 Million
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IsiZulu, Afrikaans, and English
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Protestant 73%
Catholic 7%
None 15%
Muslim 2%
Other 3%

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