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The Basics

Zambia boasts one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World: Victoria Falls. This entirely landlocked nation touches eight countries and is home to 73 tribes who speak 20 different languages. Since becoming an independent nation after years of British colonial rule, Zambia’s economy has grown, but its people still suffer from poverty, short life expectancy, malnourishment, lack of clean water, and the HIV/AIDS crisis. Christianity is the official religion in Zambia, but the local church needs support for a solid Biblical foundation to raise up the next generation. Will you join the work God is doing in Zambia?


If you are a woman, you will often be asked if you are married or engaged. This is a way of determining whether you are single, for others it helps them to assess how to relate to you (for example, a single woman with no kids will be addressed more informally than a married woman married with kids or grandkids. Respect is related to age.

Be prepared to shake hands every time you meet a Zambian as a sign of goodwill. Women tend to shake hands with fellow women. Generally, men and women keep quite separate from each other.

Both men and women like to look sharp, although men can get away with being a little more casually dressed. Very rarely do you see people wearing shorts. The common standard is business casual.


So you feel like hanging out with lions, giraffes, and elephants, huh? Zambia is full of those! You might try the Marula Lodge about two hours outside of Chipata.

For a mind blowing view of nature, go to Chishimba Falls in Kasama.

Victoria Falls is a must Zambia! Make sure you not only go look around on the falls trails, but go to the one that takes you to the bottom, where the white water rafts take off from. You can jump in down there.

There is also a really awesome view of the falls from the rocks at the bottom. You can also go up to the edge of the falls to an area called “Devil’s Pool.”

Upcoming Zambia Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

No trips are launching to this country currently. Here are some trips we're running this season.
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