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Dive into the untamed beauty of lesser-known Togo, a culture that is deeply tied to its African heritage and its French colonial roots. Situated on the stunning coastline is the capital city Lome, pulsing with music and nightlife. There you may wander through dark mystic markets where locals can buy charms and other items to practice their Voodoo. Yet you will stand with the local churches who are proclaiming the truth of Jesus in a country where nearly half the population practices indigenous religions.


Dancing is a large part of Togolese culture. You might find many different traditional dances performed depending on where you are.

As a Francophone country, Togo has a large French influence, resulting in an abundance of cafes, patisseries, and French bakeries.


Though its coastline is small, there are numerous small beaches and an inland lake called Lake Togo.

Togo’s capital Lome, boasts many large markets. There are large produce markets, general markets, and even Voodoo markets. Wander through the busy alleys to get the local feel.

There is a modest coffee growing region, with a cooler climate and nice hikes.

Though remote and hard to get through, the country’s north is home to the Tamberma Valley, known for its unique “tower-houses” built of mud and straw.

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