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East Africa


Mission Trips

The Basics


45.02 Million


English and Luganda


Protestant Christian 45%
Roman Catholic 40%
Muslim 14%
Other 1%

Because of its location in the Nile River Basin, Uganda’s lush jungle, flowing rivers, and diverse wildlife have earned the country the nickname the “Pearl of Africa”. Much of Northern Uganda was hurt by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army, which heavily recruited child soldiers. Today, the country is home to refugees from surrounding nations. Will you partner with the local church and ministries who are raising up the next generation of leaders through community development and education?


Ugandan people are very friendly and hospitable. If someone stops by a home during meal time, they are expected to join the meal. This culture highly values respect, especially for elders. During meals, children are only allowed to talk if they are answering a question.

Ugandan cuisine consists of traditional meals with some English, Arab, and Indian influences. Many dishes include Ugali (a maize-meal porridge) or Chipati (an Asian flatbread), meat such as beef or goat, and seasonal vegetables.


For one of the best safaris in Africa, head out to Murchison Falls. You can camp nearby, see lions, elephants, African buffalo, giraffes, baboons, and impala. You can also take a boat up the Nile to the falls while watching hippos and crocodiles, and then get out to climb the falls.

If you are near Jinga or Lake Victoria, you can raft the Nile, go kayaking in certain areas, and go bungee jumping!

Go shopping at craft markets near tourist areas.

Upcoming Uganda Mission Trips

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