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Central America


Mission Trips

The Basics

Nicaragua, they call it “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes,” and trust us, it’s got some insane natural beauty. We’re talking lush rainforests, epic highlands, and beaches that are straight out of a postcard. But for a lot of Nicaraguans, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s more like hopelessness, addiction, poverty, and destitution are in the mix. It’s the poorest nation in Central America. One in four Nicaraguans is either starving or dealing with malnutrition, and some communities are literally scavenging for scraps in city dumps just to get by. But guess what? We’re here to do life alongside these beautiful people and let ’em know they’re seen, loved, and not forgotten by anyone, especially not by God.  We’re teaming up with REAP Granada and local churches to make a real impact. Think sports ministry, community development, reaching out to folks in prison and hospitals, and diving deep into Bible studies. We’re bringing the love, and we want you to be a part of it!


Shaking hands is the customary greeting in business settings in Nicaragua. In casual settings, people may greet each other with a hug and kiss, but foreigners are not expected to do this.

Punctuality is not highly valued in Nicaragua, and most people will often be late by a half hour or more.

Nicaragua has a very traditional culture. Women need to dress very modestly and not hold extended eye contact with men. Christians don’t drink, smoke, use profanity, innuendos, or engage in PDA.


Take a wild sandboard excursion down Cerro Negro Volcano.

Go explore Ometepe Island in southwest Nicaragua.

Spend a day exploring the colonial-era city of Granada. Get a taste for the rich culture and beauty of Nicaragua by trying premium Nicaraguan chocolate at the chocolate museum, going shopping in the local markets, and visiting historical sites.

For a relaxing day off, spend a day on the beach—on either the Atlantic or the Pacific ocean.

Go ziplining over Mombacho Volcano in Granada!

Upcoming Nicaragua Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

Central America | Semesters | January 2025

Now Open
2 countries

January 2025

AGES 17-30

Central America | Semesters | August 2024

Now Open
2 countries

August 2024

AGES 18-30

Gap Year | 9 Months | August 2024

Now Open
4 countries

August 2024

AGES 17-20

Strategic Partners

  • REAP Granada

    REAP Granada serves as our base in Nicaragua which works to build relationships with locals and host and disciple teams that come through. REAP Granada focuses on discipleship and relationship in local neighborhoods. They use different “touch points” as ways to build valuable relationships in the community which include sports leagues, jail ministry, Bible studies, hospital visits, working on farms and at the local community center. Teams will participate in these activities and help cultivate a strong, sustainable community by integrating faith into every aspect of life.

  • Cicrin

    Meet Cicrin Ministry and the daily host Helen! Cicrin is both a children’s home and a school. Helen has worked with the children of Nicaragua for many years. Her vision is to support the children on the island of Ometepe through providing for their basic needs and education. The teams who join Cicrin live on the base and help with various activities and programs.

  • Lovepala

    Palacaguina Christian Academy is a bilingual Christian school nestled in a small, green mountainside, on the northeast side of Palacaguina, Nicaragua. As the only bilingual school in the region, PCA prepares their students for better employment and opportunities for the future. Palacaguina Christian Academy is also home to a library and serves the community through events, Bible studies, and college courses.

  • Light and Salt Ministries

    Meet Tara and her husband, Alex! Tara and Alex run a supplementary education program for boys in their mountain town. The goal of the program is to disciple, train, and empower young Nicaraguans to break their cycle of mental, spiritual, and physical poverty. The program includes Bible study, devotionals, prayer, breakfast and lunch, computer skills, homework tutoring, educational activities, fine arts, educational field trips, sports, poverty relief missions, morals and ethical mentorship, and more.

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