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Northern South America


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The Basics

The smallest country in South America, Suriname is the only country outside of Europe where Dutch is a primary language. The Surinamese are ethnically very diverse, tracing their heritage back to Africa, Europe, and India, and politics are often racially charged. Even with so many different people groups and ethnic backgrounds, Christianity is growing in this Caribbean culture. God is at work in Suriname, bringing His Church together in a way politics, culture, and national pride cannot. Serve in Suriname and be part of God’s work of unifying His Church for His glory.


Suriname’s culture is very casual and relaxed. A common phrase in the cities is “no span,” which means “keep cool; don’t worry”.

Surinamese are very hospitable. They are quick to shake hands with strangers and hug good friends. Guests to a home are usually expected to share a meal.

Children are taught to respect adults through being quiet when adults are speaking and using a formal address when talking with an adult.


If you get a chance to explore Paramaribo, the capital, its colonial-era British, Dutch, French, and Spanish architecture will be something you never forget.

Since 80% of Suriname is covered with rainforest, you can take various tours to see the local wildlife—including a riverboat to see crocodiles, anacondas, boa constrictors, and piranhas in the swamplands.

Onafhankelijkheidsplein is a real city (meaning “Independence Square”), with beautiful architecture and a palace. Check out its waterfront districts; then go shopping for souvenirs as the local market.

Upcoming Suriname Mission Trips

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