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The Basics

Home to over 1,700 linguistic groups, Cameroon has been called “Africa in Miniature”. It has about every type of climate: beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests, and savannas. Compared to the nations surrounding it, Cameroon also enjoys relatively high political and economic stability, even though there are large pockets of people who live on subsistence farming. The nation has the highest school attendance rates in Africa, despite the prevalence of child labor. With around 60% of the population being Christian, there are still many who don’t know of God’s love for them. Will you share the hope of Jesus in Cameroon?


Cameroon has 10 provinces with over 250 ethnic groups.

The north is mostly populated by Muslims, while the south is more heavily Christian.

With so many cultures and traditions, there is general tolerance between groups. Cameroonians tend to ask where someone is from within the country rather than what they believe (similar to how Americans will ask if someone is from the North or the South, or the East Coast, Midwest, or the West Coast). This gives a better snapshot of a person who may be visiting another part of the nation.


Just north of Bamenda is the massive Fon’s Palace. The palace compound consists of numerous buildings, including the houses of the Fon’s 150-or-so wives.

Visit the Limbe Wildlife Centre, it contains rescued chimpanzees, gorillas, and other primates.

Also in Limbe, go to the second-oldest botanical gardens in Africa, where you will find cinnamon, nutmeg, and mango.

Bear witness to the incredible architecture of Palais Royal in Foumban, currently home to the 19th sultan of the Bamoun dynasty.

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