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Middle East


Mission Trips

The Basics

In Lebanon, you’ll uncover layer upon layer of ancient and modern history, from the crumbling ruins of Biblical times to the liberal city of Beirut. Encompassed by towering cedars, jagged mountains, and rocky shores, you’ll discover a country marked by conflict, and witness the deep tradition of Christianity colliding with the growing influence of Islam. You will sit amongst the Syrian refugees who have fled from war, listen to their stories of tragedy, and offer them an encounter with the God who can give them eternal peace.


The Lebanese are very sociable. They love being in groups and hanging out. Markets are always crowded for this reason; shopping is the ultimate social activity. When at a restaurant, they sit close together and have lively conversations.

There is a marked French influence on Lebanese culture. It’s very evident in their style of dress, eating, and how they address each other—even using some French words of greeting.

Hospitality is very important in Lebanese culture. Foreigners are treated with respect and welcomed into their country and homes.


Take a bus from Beirut to Tyre and spend the day wandering around the souks (markets), seeing the Christian quarter, and exploring the ruins of this ancient city.

Spend a fun day at a public beach on the Mediterranean Sea!

Check out Byblos, the oldest city in the world, that was built by the Phoenicians. It also has a castle!

While in Beirut, go to the Jeita Grotto caves and explore their beauty. Be sure to eat some excellent Lebanese food!

Upcoming Lebanon Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

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