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Christian Mission Trips to

Serving Communities in
Central America for Jesus

Guatemala Ministry

Mission Work & Impact

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Your days in Guatemala will often feel full of purpose and rich community as you live alongside our Adventures staff members at the Guatemala Base. The Base buzzes with excitement as we disciple and mobilize local Guatemalans to take the Gospel to the nations – and you’ll get a front row seat in the process! Their fire and passion is contagious and you’ll leave forever changed.

From the Soccer Academy to village visits, each day is filled with intention and relationship building. It’s a favorite spot for Racers, so if the Lord is highlighting Guatemala, join us!

Life on a Guatemala Mission Trip

What does community look like on the Race?

One Alumni shared: Our Squad is coming together in miraculously fast ways. Walls are falling down and there is a sense of love and comfortable camaraderie amongst us. We’ve created a culture of community. We eat, sleep and breathe our neighbor. If something bothers us, we hash it out. If something blesses us, we speak it.

The honesty is both supernatural and foreign to many.

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Here’s what ministry in Guatemala could look like:

  • Spreading the Word
    Partner hand in hand with devoted local believers who desire to see the name of Jesus made known among the nations!
  • Youth Outreach
    Build impactful connections with local youth, contributing to initiatives that combat gang violence, while developing friendships with the families connected to our soccer academy outreach.
  • Community Initiatives
    Join our efforts in church planting, join in on intimate worship with the Lord, and inspiring mentorship, all working together to tackle the challenge of fatherlessness and create lasting impact.
  • Social Welfare
    You’ll not only participate in feeding programs and maybe even help plant a prayer garden, but you’ll also venture into the heart of remote villages to serve and love folks!
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Straight from the field

“As we were hiking down a trail today with the women of the ministry, the ladies started a water fight where I quickly sacrificed the water in my water bottle so that the game could go on. As we continued the hike back to the car, I had a thought: I never thought that this is what ministry could look like. For the remainder of the hike, I reflected on the question, “What is ministry?”

The result? This blog post:

Giving away my water for a water fight, this is ministry.
Playing “don’t let the balloon touch the floor,” this is ministry.
Learning Spanish, this is ministry.
Helping the ladies pick mangoes from random trees on the street, this is ministry.
Teaching English, this is ministry.
Planning 6:30am workouts, this is ministry.
Sorting the produce donations on Monday mornings, this is ministry.
Handing out aguapanela con pan, this is ministry.
Leading the women’s ministry lesson, this is ministry.
Eating raw potatoes with a new friend, this is ministry.
Playing no hands in the back of the cargo truck, this is ministry.
Hugging people good morning, this is ministry.
Dancing with kids, this is ministry.
Anything you do to love and live like Jesus, this is ministry.

Your ministry is where you are, it’s how you represent Jesus, it’s how you love others, it’s how you treat others, your life is ministry- if you let Jesus work in you and through you.

Let every moment of your life be a moment to serve Jesus and serve others. 

Let your life be a ministry that reflects Jesus and the salvation He offers each one of us.”

Eutiva, D Squad (Mission)

Meet our partners in Guatemala

Throughout the years, we’ve worked alongside key partners who are making a huge impact in Guatemala. Here are a few that you may meet while serving with us.
  • Adventures Guatemala Base

    Adventures Guatemala Base

    The Adventures Base in Guatemala works to build relationships with locals and host and disciple teams that come through. Adventures Guatemala has a passion for reaching local villages with the empowering message of Jesus Christ. They aim to activate the Guatemalan Church to reach their community and send their own missionaries to the world. The Adventures Base sends teams to come alongside men and women of God in local villages to teach English, disciple children and families, pray for the sick, empower women, evangelize in homes and on the street, and provide basic needs for the very poor.

  • New Generation Centroamerica

    New Generation Centroamerica

    Meet Juan! He is 100 percent Mayan and now serves the indigenous Mayan people in his home community in Chichi. As Chichi is a major tourist destination, Juan has a thriving ministry with the tourist police, teaching them English and doing Bible study with them. Juan also runs a soccer ministry and has a large presence in local schools teaching English and Biblical values.

  • YWAM Guatemala City

    YWAM Guatemala City

    The staff at Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Guatemala City are passionate about training and discipling followers of Christ to make their own disciples and live like Jesus. They are active in their community doing Bible distributions, serving at safe homes, doing kids ministry and outreach, ministering to women, and serving the poorest areas of their city.

Upcoming Guatemala Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in Guatemala by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

Expedition Routes to Guatemala

Currently No Expedition Routes are Launching to This Country.

Gap Year Routes to Guatemala

Semesters Routes to Guatemala

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Guatemala Country Overview

Known as “The Land of Eternal Spring”, Guatemala is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in Central America. Tourists travel from all over the world to climb its volcanoes, drink its coffee, and zip line through the rainforest. However, the true beauty of Guatemala is its people. Gripped by poverty, the people of Guatemala hunger for the Kingdom of God. The majority of Guatemalans practice a form of Catholicism, and it’s estimated many also mix in ancient tribal religions and cultural traditions into their faith. Will you share the beautiful truth that there is so much more to this life with people in Guatemala?
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Shaking hands is the customary greeting in business settings for both men and women. Women may shake hands, alternatively patting one another on the left arm instead and air-kissing on both cheeks. In casual settings, people may greet each other with a hug and kiss, but foreigners are not expected to do this.

Although most Guatemalans pay little attention to punctuality in daily living, it is expected from foreigners.

Guatemalans often cast their eyes downward during conversation as a sign of respect, especially when a man is addressing a female stranger.
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Hike the Pacaya volcano and go ash boarding down.

Depending on the time of year, Antigua is famous for festivals, celebrations, parades, and events. Go shopping at the Artisan Market, walk up to the cross overlooking the city, or just hang out in the Plaza Central.

Go explore real Mayan ruins near Guatemala City called “Tecpan”.

Visit the beautiful Santo Domingo monastery in Antigua.
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16.58 million
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Roman Catholic
Protestant Christian
Non-Religious Mayan Beliefs

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