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The Basics


8 million




Roman Catholic 97%
Protestant Christian 3%
From its mountains and Mayan ruins to the Caribbean sea, Honduras offers the history, beauty, and adventure you expect in Central America. However, its people are struggling. Home to over eight million people, 36% of the population is under the age of 14. It’s also the 3rd poorest country in the region, with almost 60% either unemployed or underemployed. Many families struggling to survive send their kids to beg or steal. The youth often join gangs and abuse drugs, such as paint thinner. Will you share the love of Jesus in a country hungry for hope?


Be aware that the acceptable distance for Hondurans is closer than that of most North Americans. Prepare your reaction in advance if a local invades your personal space, so there is no offense taken. As in every culture, your gestures, body language, and facial expressions communicate volumes of information so listen and pay attention to your environment.

Give a firm handshake when greeting a man and less firm when greeting a woman. Establishing eye contact in an inviting way is important.


Take a scuba diving lesson in Utila. You might even spot an elusive whale shark. Or go snorkeling in Roatan!

Visit the extraordinarily well preserved Mayan ruins at Copán.

Take a trip to the coast and enjoy a Caribbean beach.

Visit the breathtaking Pulhapanzek waterfall and enjoy the nearby cliff diving and zip lining.

Go to the Las Cuevas de Talgua, and bring water and a headlamp. The caves are awesome.

Upcoming Honduras Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

Go deeper with God than you ever imagined possible.

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