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Central South America


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The Basics

Known as the “Heart of South America”, Paraguay is home to swampland and vast wilderness. Paraguayans are still highly influenced by their indigenous language and culture, but there is a huge divide between the rich and the poor classes of the nation. Among the indigenous people, social issues like literacy, clean drinking water, and immunizations, only accentuate the difference between classes. In fact, 1% of the population owns 77% of the land. Will you share the good news of God’s all-encompassing love and hope for everyone—no matter their social status—in Paraguay?


Because it was once a Spanish colony, Paraguay is still heavily influenced by Europe. The culture is more conservative than some of its neighboring countries. Over 93% of Paraguayans are direct descendants of Spanish settlers and indigenous tribes.

There is a big divide between social classes in Paraguay, even though most of the population belong to the lower class. Customs and practices differ according to each one. Men always shake hands in formal situations, but women in the upper classes greet with the Latin beso, or kiss, on each cheek, even if they just met.


Head over to the Triple Frontera, which is where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet at Iguazu Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

For less crowded—but still beautiful—falls, check out Monday Falls outside of Presidente Franco.

Zip line through the rainforests on a canopy tour.

Explore the capital city of Asunción, which sits on the Paraguay River, and spend a day in the colonial-era old town.

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