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Eastern Europe


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The Basics

The first nation to declare independence from the Soviet Union, Lithuania now has one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. However, despite the nation’s economic success, its history is one of great pain. The nation’s Jewish community, which grew to more than 220,000 at the beginning of World War II, was completely annihilated in the Holocaust. Then, as part of the USSR, communism tore at the foundations of Lithuanian society. Its effects are still evident today—Lithuania currently has the 4th highest suicide rate in the world. Will you share the light and love of Christ in a nation hungry for hope?


Lithuanian culture is very reserved and traditional, emphasizing respect for elders. In general, Lithuanians will not greet strangers or make eye contact with them in public.

Their culture also has some unique taboos: if you give someone flowers, make sure it’s an odd number of flowers—unless it’s for a funeral. Men will never shake hands in a doorway, and whistling indoors is forbidden, because it is believed it will summon demons. Singles should never sit at the corner of a table, because it’s believed they will remain unwed.


Spend a day exploring Vilnius, the capital, which was built in 1323 and has the biggest “Old Town” in all of Europe.

Make sure to go to Gediminas Square and climb the tower. You’ll be able to see the entire city of Vilnius in every direction!

Take a train to Trakai Castle, which dates back to the 1300s. You can go swimming or out on a boat at the lake, too.

Upcoming Lithuania Mission Trips

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