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The Basics


15.76 Million




Buddhist 97%
Muslim 2%
Other 1%
From the charming city of Siem Reap to the wondrous temples of Angkor Wat, the Kingdom of Cambodia fascinates and inspires. As you ride a tuk-tuk down dusty village roads surrounded by flooded rice paddies, you might see houses built on stilts or crumbling Buddhist temples. Even after a devastating genocide wiped out a generation, the Cambodian people are moving forward with a hopeful outlook and a generous heart.


While the traditional greeting is a slight bow with palms pressed together in front of one’s body, shaking hands is widely practiced as well.

Visitors should not point their feet at someone or touch a Khmer person on the head.

Public displays of anger, irritation, or impatience should be avoided. Khmer culture places great importance on politeness and respect.

In traditional homes, Khmer will sit on floor mats when eating; men sit with their legs crossed, and women sit with legs tucked to one side.


Try to make it to the ancient Angkor Wat in time for sunrise. You won’t be disappointed by the view.

Take an awe-inspiring cave tour of Ship Mountain, which is about a 30 minute tuktuk ride from Battambang.

If you get the chance, go to Santuk Mountain. It’s beautiful! Beware of the monkeys—they may try to steal your food and your phone.

Take a Khmer cooking class! Traditional Khmer food is delicious and fun to make.

Upcoming Cambodia Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

  • Adventures Cambodia Base

    Adventures Cambodia Base

    The Adventures Base in Cambodia works to build relationships with locals and host and disciple teams that come through. The base runs a public guesthouse, works to teach English and life skills to their Khmer staff, and works daily to pour into the community of Siem Reap.

  • Ezra Ministries

    Ezra Ministries

    Meet Sharelle and Stephan of Ezra Ministries in Battambang, Cambodia. Sharelle and Stephan run a school where they teach English to more than 200 children in the community. They have also opened their own library and cafe where they build relationships with customers and surrounding businesses to share the Gospel.

  • Mission Development Center

    Mission Development Center

    Meet Sok Eng and the Mission Development Center. This team has focused their time on planting churches in their community and teaching English and life skills to the Khmer people.

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