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Central Asia


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The Basics


29.13 Million


Nepali and Maithili


Hinduism 81%
Buddhism 9%
Islam 4%
Other 6%
The small, mountainous country of Nepal is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. Home to Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, Nepal literally sits on top of the world. It’s a backpacker’s paradise. Though Nepal is primarily Hindu and Buddhist, Christianity is on the rise—especially after the earth shook in April 2015. With nowhere else to turn, homes in shambles, and loved ones injured or gone, the hope of Christ is on the move. Churches are growing, and entire families are turning to Him. Will you join the work God is doing in Nepal?


Cows are sacred in Nepal and are allowed to wander the streets. When entering a temple, do not wear leather.

Visitors should dress conservatively, especially women. If encountering a Nepali dressed entirely in white, it means that the person is in mourning.

Ask permission before taking photographs in temples. Do not step over people’s feet or any other parts of their bodies. To sit with feet pointing at someone is insulting, especially toward a monk or llama. It is also insulting to pat children on the head.

The left hand should never be used for eating, handling food, shaking hands. However, presenting or accepting gifts is always performed with both hands.


Nepal is home to one of the most famous hikes in the world: the ascent to Mount Everest Basecamp.

One of the highest swings in the world is located in Nepal. Take a day-long trip outside Kathmandu to a bridge suspended above a scenic valley and experience the heart-fluttering drop down into the valley below.

Make sure to eat a traditional Nepali meal, and drink a cup of chai!

Stock up on all your Nepali style clothing in the Thamel shopping alleys.

Upcoming Nepal Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in this country by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

World Race August | 2023

Now Open
6 countries

August 2023

AGES 21—30

Strategic Partners

  • High Adventure Ministries

    Meet Deepak Tamang! Deepak operates a small trekking company and seeks to live life as ministry. He loves being able to provide a service that furthers the Kingdom in the process. He also spends time in a region called Chitwan and works with local pastors and churches to evangelize and reach the surrounding villages.

  • New Jerusalem Church

    The New Jerusalem Church earnestly seeks to be led by the Spirit. They've been able to plant a church in the heart of Thamel, an area highly trafficked by backpackers in Kathmandu. Since 1990, they've seen 10,000 plus people come to know Jesus and continue to pursue the countryside of Nepal.

  • Agape Mission International

    Meet Brian and Ruth Williams founders of Agape Mission International! They are Spirit led and active in many aspects of the ministry. They constantly seek new ways to reach people for the Kingdom. Agape Mission International is engaged in outreaches to the slums, teaching vocational skills, combating human trafficking, and teaching the art of listening prayer.

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