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South Asia for Jesus

Indonesia Ministry

Mission Work & Impact

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We’re not just giving out hugs or bowls of soup in Indonesia. Sure, free hugs are great, but it’s bigger than that.

Because when that Carpenter from Nazareth walked out of the grave, everything in this world changed.

Captives were set free and the Gospel got real.

So here’s a call to our generation: it’s time to rise up.

It’s time to choose in, show up and watch God blow our minds.

It’s a ridiculously awesome privilege to be known by our Creator and it’s something worth sharing. Are you ready to take the Gospel to Indonesia?

Life on a Indonesia Mission Trip

One Racer shared about their time in Indonesia:

That month in Indonesia I definitely saw that Jesus’ love led the way. I remember a teammate telling me that I live in such freedom and I need to continue to share that with others.

It isn’t easy though, because I know as humans we tend to be selfish and think inwardly all the time. It is easy for me to fall into that trap daily. But when I remember God’s love is there even when I choose to do right or wrong it is life-changing. God has seen me as a perfect son from the get-go, because of Jesus’s sacrifice. That is what gives me freedom and following Jesus is easy because I know the God He is.

I am loved by God and that love is contagious.

The locals we met in Indonesia, we got to not only share about this love but live it. One of the Couch Surfers we met was named David. David and I got real tight, and we hung out almost every day. Shared meals, played Futsal, cheered on the local soccer team, and ate Nasi Goreng.

David told me “You love differently, I have never experienced a love like this, we are brothers” and in response I said, “the love I have is only what I have received from Jesus”. It is clear that the Kingdom of Heaven came near to the locals we encountered.

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What does ministry look like in Indonesia?

  • You’ll get to actively participate in community outreach through activities like:

    • Food distribution
    • Medical clinics
    • Rural ministry
    • Engaging with local churches
    • Worship services
    • Community outreach
    • Fostering growth
    • Sharing the Gospel access through evangelism and discipleship efforts
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Straight from the field

“During our farewell ceremony l was just about in tears. I never imagined l could fall so in love with a people and place so quick. Their love for God, ridiculous hospitality for us, and constant joy and smiling faces convicted me of so much. They have almost no material possessions but gave us more than any could have asked. They go above and beyond the call of duty in serving our God.” – Josiah Stilwell, World Race 2020

Giving away my water for a water fight, this is ministry.
Playing “don’t let the balloon touch the floor,” this is ministry.
Learning Spanish, this is ministry.
Helping the ladies pick mangoes from random trees on the street, this is ministry.
Teaching English, this is ministry.
Planning 6:30am workouts, this is ministry.
Sorting the produce donations on Monday mornings, this is ministry.
Handing out aguapanela con pan, this is ministry.
Leading the women’s ministry lesson, this is ministry.
Eating raw potatoes with a new friend, this is ministry.
Playing no hands in the back of the cargo truck, this is ministry.
Hugging people good morning, this is ministry.
Dancing with kids, this is ministry.
Anything you do to love and live like Jesus, this is ministry.

Your ministry is where you are, it’s how you represent Jesus, it’s how you love others, it’s how you treat others, your life is ministry- if you let Jesus work in you and through you.

Let every moment of your life be a moment to serve Jesus and serve others. 

Let your life be a ministry that reflects Jesus and the salvation He offers each one of us.”

Eutiva, D Squad (Mission)

Meet our partners in Indonesia

Throughout the years, we’ve worked alongside key partners who are making a huge impact in Indonesia. Here are a few that you may meet while serving with us.

Upcoming Indonesia Mission Trips

These trips help make a difference in Indonesia by serving alongside local ministries. You can join them!

Expedition Routes to Indonesia

Currently No Expedition Routes are Launching to This Country.

Gap Year Routes to Indonesia

Semesters Routes to Indonesia

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Indonesia Country Overview

Composed of over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest island nation on earth. Though it has the fourth largest population in the world, barely a third of Indonesia’s islands are inhabited. The rest are so densely forested that they rival the Amazon jungle in their beauty and inaccessibility. Indonesia’s motto of “many, yet one,” refers to its incredible diversity as a symbol of its unity. Over 700 languages are spoken throughout the country, which is the largest Muslim country in the world. Will you share the unifying love of Jesus in this diverse country?
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“Selamat” (sell-a-mat) means “peace”. This should be said with a handshake and a slow nod. Men should only shake hands with women if they initiate it.

Age is very important to Indonesians. In a group you should always greet the eldest person first. Indonesians do not touch the head, as it is viewed as disrespectful.

It can perceived as hostile if you maintain eye contact for too long. Chewing gum and yawning in public is rude. The left hand is considered unclean, so don’t touch food or people with it. It is also rude to refuse food or drink.
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Indonesia is a land of natural beauty. One can see massive volcanoes, entrancing white-sand beaches, and the deadly Komodo dragon.

Go and explore a coffee plantation in Sumatra.

Delve into the beach food scene in Bali.

Check out the floating market in Lembung.

Witness the colossal magnificence of Borobudur, an ancient Buddhist monument thought to have been built over 1200 years ago, located in Java.

Travel about three hours from Jakarta to Puncak to go paragliding
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273.52 Million
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Indonesian, plus around 700 regional indigenous languages, including Javanese, Sundanese, and Madurese
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Islam 88%
Protestant 5%
Roman Catholic 3%
Hindu 2%
Buddhist 1%

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