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Best Christian Gap Year Programs for 2022

School has looked much different this year, but the pressure to enjoy the moment while also making huge decisions about your future is still very real. If that’s you, you’re at a pivotal point in your life. You want to discover who God created you to be and base your choices on what He wants for you. Maybe you have a pretty good understanding already, or maybe it’s something you’re still trying to figure out. Either way, a Christian gap year could be a great stepping stone. That’s why World Race: Gap Year exists. Should I take a Christian gap year? A gap year isn’t...

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How to Hear God’s Voice in Your Daily Life

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus, but struggle to actually feel connected to Him? Does your prayer life seem like a one-sided conversation? How often can you honestly say that you hear God’s voice? Too often, we view prayer as a one-way conversation where we report our wants and apologies to God, and we miss out on all that He has for us. The good news is that God wants to speak to His children. He wants to have a two-way conversation. We just need to create the time and space to listen to God’s voice. How does God speak to us? God has spoken throughout time and continues to speak...

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How God Used the World Race to Change My Life

Like many young adults graduating from high school, Shanan Zavocki was bombarded with decisions about the future. Do I want to go to college? Where do I want to go to college? What do I want to do as a career? What job do I want? What’s God’s plan for my life? What should I do next? What’s the right path? So much opportunity at her fingertips, and so much stress on her shoulders. She thought about taking a Christian gap year for a long time. But even choosing a gap year program felt like another big decision to make. She heard about the World Race: Gap Year, but originally...

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3 Hard Truths About the World Race

adapted from Emma Austin. Maybe you’ve been scrolling through the website or even an Instagram profile, trying to understand what the World Race really is. The truth about the World Race is it’s a mission trip for you to serve others and hear the voice of God. But it’s also so much more than your average mission trip. It’s a step outside of what you know. It’s a chance to be part of what God is doing and to understand who He is beyond your own life and culture. The reality is that once you do that, you’re also going to learn some things about yourself as well.   After...

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What do you do on Gap Year?

So you’re graduating from high school…what now? With the way the world, and especially education, has changed recently, making decisions about the next steps of your life are even more complicated than usual. The path you have envisioned for yourself over the past few years—graduating from high school, going to college, and landing your dream job—may no longer be the best path to where God wants you to be. It’s not too late to take a gap year. Maybe you’ve considered a gap year before, but are unsure how it would affect the plans you know God has put on your heart. You’re...

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