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5 Reasons You Should Do the World Race: Gap Year

As a young adult just graduating from high school, you have a lot of decisions to make. The decisions you make now will set the foundation for your future, and you want to make sure you are doing it right. That’s why we created the World Race: Gap Year program. It’s a 9-month Christian gap year program designed for young people like you.  Taking a gap year, especially a Christian gap year, will help you discover more of who God created you to be. It will also impact the choices you’re making for the rest of your life. By stepping away from the classroom, intentionally serving...

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What is a Christian Gap Year?

You’re at a pivotal point in your journey. As you graduate from high school and make significant decisions for the rest of your life, you want to discover who God created you to be and how that should impact your choices. You’re not alone. That’s why we created World Race: Gap Year, a life-changing Christian gap year program. A Christian gap year is an opportunity to intentionally discover more of God, yourself, and your calling. World Race: Gap Year is a 9-month Christian gap year program of Adventures in Missions that allows you to serve missionary bases and ministry partners in 3 different...

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Best Ways to Fundraise for a Mission Trip

Whether you’ve fundraised for a Christian mission trip before or are starting the process for the first time, you can feel confident that God can and will provide everything you need. Fundraising for short-term mission trips, a Christian gap year program, or World Race missions is not just about the money. While money is necessary to make any Christian mission trip possible, fundraising is also about building a team to join in the Great Commission to share Jesus with the world. A Christian mission trip isn’t a vacation. This is Kingdom work!

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Should I Take a Gap Year in 2021?

Is taking a college gap year right for you? Taking a gap year can help you understand your identity and discover your calling while you’re also focused on serving others and making an impact. World Race: Gap Year is an incredible opportunity for young adults to experience mission trips! In the span of 9 months, you’ll spend time living at our international bases and serving with our long-term missionary partners in 3 different countries. Especially in 2021 with so much changing in the world, is taking a college gap year even possible? Current World Race: Gap Year participant, Ellie Zeller, shows...

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Serving with Local Missions in Costa Rica

World Race, World Race: Gap Year, and Semesters by World Race mission teams are currently on the field serving alongside long-term strategic ministry partners. Our participants are using their God-given gifts and passions to partner with local ministries, serve others and share the love of God. This week, Paula Johnson shows us what it looks like to partner with Ocean’s Edge and Horizon Church in Jaco, Costa Rica. They are serving others through art, worship, youth and children’s programs, surf club, and the recycling center. Check it out! Painting Jaco We have been in Jaco, Costa...

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The Best Way to Serve the People Around You

If you’re like us, you have a heart to love and serve others like Jesus. When we serve others, we know we are ultimately serving God, the only one who can truly transform people’s lives. So how do we serve others, whether we are overseas or in our own hometown? On today’s blog, Tymon Aguilar reveals what he has found is the best way to serve the people of Jacó and a challenge for how you can serve the people you encounter everyday. How We Serve the People of Jacó If I’ve learned anything from my time in Jacó is a smile goes a long way. Learning the barista’s name...

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