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World Race September | 2023

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime.
Application Deadline: June 15, 2023
World Race September | 2023
6 countries
Duration: 11 Months Age Range: 21-30 Fundraising Amount: $19700 Training Camp: September 2 - 18, 2023

Where You’ll Go - What You’ll Do

Central America

Guatemala Hub



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Location: Antigua
Ministry: Adventures in Missions Guatemala Base
Focus: Community Outreach & Development, Children's Ministry, Sports Ministry

Land of Eternal Spring,” a country where we have an established base and some of our longest-standing partnerships. Guatemala, which is often called the “New Jerusalem,” is one of the most evangelical countries in the world. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside local believers who are working to bring the Word of Christ to a new generation. You might spend your days building relationships with youth who are at risk for falling into gang violence, but you could also teach English or kick a soccer ball around in the lush rainforest terrain with volcanoes dotting the skyline. Life in Guatemala is slow and focused around hospitality, and it’s a truly stunning place where God is raising up a generation to serve His Kingdom.
As a long-standing Adventures in Missions base, the staff in Guatemala places a focus on these three principles: serve, disciple, send. They seek to empower locals through community development by meeting physical needs with water filters and stove installation, creating discipleship opportunities, and ultimately, having the goal of sending Guatemalans to the nations.
In a country with a high rate of malnutrition, meeting physical needs remains an important part of the ministry. Join the base staff in their efforts to see locals empowered.

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Eastern Europe

Romania Hub



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Location: Craiova
Ministry: Hope Church
Focus: Relationship Evangelism, College Ministry, Community Outreach, Local Church

Embark on a wild journey down the path less traveled through the cobblestone streets and sunflower fields of Romania. At the heart of Eastern Europe, many in this nation still live with the fear that came from its communist past. Alongside Hope Church, one of our ministry partners, you can reach this country with the hope that Jesus brings!

There are over 30,000 college students in Craiova, and you’ll spend your days building meaningful relationships with them. As you share your life with them, they will see Jesus in you. You’ll be able to connect people interested in knowing about who Jesus is with Hope Church for mentorship and community. Through partnering with local churches, you’ll minister to youth groups, join in worship, and share testimonies of what God is doing. You’ll get the opportunity to empower college students to reach the rest of the Balkans for years to come, and you may even travel to other countries in the region to help with short-term projects!

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Southern Europe

Albania Hub



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This nation is still working to find its identity after communist rule. One effort to emerge that you'll notice is many colorful buildings. Race teams will help our partners spread the Gospel and plant churches in local communities through building relationships with locals. This month there will be a focus on reaching predominantly Muslim communities through English education. Teams will also get the opportunity to visit prisons and share the Gospel through teaching English as well. No matter where you are this month, you will get the opportunity to share your hope in Christ by joining people in their daily lives.

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Levant Region

Turkey Hub



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Middle East

Jordan Hub



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South Asia

South Asia Hub

South Asia

South Asia

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Your journey will conclude in South Asia. Most Racers live and serve in the northeast region of South Asia, where the villages are bustling with activity. You’ll experience South Asia with all your senses as you walk through the sea of colors and take in all the spices wafting through the air. South Asian people might seem stern, but their hearts are incredibly warm and relational. Expect to be invited into someone’s home and offered chai often as people invite you to simply sit and talk.

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*Routes may change if unforeseen issues arise.

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Route Details

11 Months


September 2, 2023—July 20, 2024

*Dates are approximate and subject to change
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Age Range

June 15, 2023

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September 2, 2023—September 18, 2023

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Training Camp

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Price Breakdown

$1790.9090909091 per month will cover:

The average cost of living per month in the United States is around $2300 for a single person. On the World Race, we work hard to steward the funds God provides so you can experience a deeper life with Jesus, live in authentic community, serve others and share the love of Jesus around the world.

Training for sustainable international and domestic missions
Discipleship through our experienced coaches
Leadership from high-quality mentors
Debriefing throughout World Race and transition coaching
International flights across 3+ continents
Local transportation within 11+ countries
Budget for all meals for 11 months
Arranged lodging within 11+ countries
Health insurance through a comprehensive plan
Logistical set-up for travel, finances, and accommodations
Ministry support, supplies, and set-up with strategic partners
International travel and adventure all over the world

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