Discover Your Calling to
Impact God's Kingdom
Introducing World Race: Gap Year
In September 2019, you could be among 270 missionaries ages 18-20 invited to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and serve others with passion around the world.

Your mission for the following nine months: Travel to three continents, share the Gospel among the unreached and live as a modern-day missionary.
Apply to be a part of a World Race: Gap Year 2019 route by May 7th

Discover Your Calling to
Impact God's Kingdom
World Race: Gap Year
One year from today, you could be among 330 missionaries ages 18-20 deployed to strategic spots around the world.

Your mission for the following 9 months across 3 continents: share the Gospel among the unreached and live like a modern-day missionary.

September 2019 Routes are coming soon!

Are you a good fit for the World Race?

You Are Moments Away from Getting Access to EVERYTHING You Need to Travel on World Race: Gap Year INCLUDING…

Exposure to the Greatest Needs in the World
You'll no longer just read about the world's problems and feel powerless to help. You'll see poverty, hopelessness, addiction, and destitution firsthand. You'll bring awareness and action by being the tangible hands and feet of Jesus.

11-Day Intensive Training
Training Camp takes place at the World Race headquarters in Gainesville, Georgia, in July 2019 and helps Racers prepare for the next 9 months on field.
9 Months of Travel and Accommodations
Explore the world while serving local ministries. The fundraising goal amount includes food, lodging, air, land, and sea travel.*
International Traveler’s Insurance
Every Racer will have a medical insurance plan through MissionSafe. This covers new accidents and illnesses when traveling outside your home country, protects you from the cost of medical care, and provides emergency medical services if you need them.
Training, Tools, and Skills

From Training Camp to on-field trainings, debriefs, and leadership development weekends, You’'ll receive hands-on teaching in cross-cultural ministry, personal development, spiritual growth, and leadership tools—as well as further development of your natural skills, abilities, gifts, and talents.

Clarity and Direction

From your identity in Christ to direction for the future, You’'ll explore your purpose in Him and better define your spiritual gifts. You'll gain clarity on how to use the gifts God has given you to live out the Great Commission as a follower of Jesus.


You’'ll travel and live closely with a group of like-minded individuals, diving deep into the Word of God and discovering together what it means to be the Church.

Spiritual Discipline

As you live and travel in community like the early Church did, you’'ll go deeper into spiritual disciplines like worship, prayer, and fasting. As you're immersed into new cultures, you'll take what you've experienced and dive into scripture to see what God says about life.

Complimentary Admission to Project Searchlight
Project Searchlight is a four-day post-Race alumni summit at the World Race headquarters, designed to help you process your experience and transition to a life of missions at home.
NEW! Potential College Credit

A new opportunity for 2019 Gap Year Routes - participants can now apply to qualify for college course credit through Truett McConnell University. We are excited to offer nine college credits through three online courses that reflect existing Gap Year teachings and core values. Access application and full details here.
*Fundraising goal amount does not include personal spending money, travel to training camp, travel to the start point,
return travel home from a major U.S. city at the conclusion of the Race, or vaccinations.
Apply for World Race: Gap Year
Preparing Now to Launch in September 2019
Guatemala, Ethiopia, Thailand
Romania, Costa Rica, Ecuador
Thailand, India, Guatemala
Costa Rica, Cambodia, Swaziland
South Africa, Ecuador, Cambodia
Swaziland, Thailand, Nicaragua
*Race routes are subject to change

Introducing a new program launching September 2019
Build real-world skills in entrepreneurship, software development, and ministry while serving in South Africa, Guatemala, and Spain. Global U is a gap year for innovators and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference through business and technology in the name of Jesus. Sound like you?

World Race Quiz

Is living on mission around the world while sharing the Gospel and living in Christ centered community right for you? Is spending 11 months away from comfort, living simply, and embracing challenges something you are up for? Take this quick quiz to find out if the World Race should be the next step in your faith journey.

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Explore ALL World Race programs!

An Open House is the chance for you and your family to join us at the World Race Headquarters in Gainesville, Ga for either full day or half day experiences. You will hear from our leadership, meet the staff and alumni, and learn all about the World Race, World Race: Gap Year, World Race: Semesters, and Global U.

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Featured In:
USA Today
The Christian Post
Christian Broadcasters Network
Have You Been Asking Yourself, "Isn't There MORE?"
If only you had a way to grow in your relationship with God in ways other than just studying the Bible and listening to sermons.
You long to do something tangible that will allow you to explore who God created you to be, to walk alongside other Christians authentically living out their faith, which is so central to who you are.

You’'d rather BE the church than just go to church. You long to go, like Jesus commanded.

You’'re tired of just talking and dreaming about it.
Hi, I’'m Hope.
I am on staff at Adventures in Missions and lead World Race: Gap Year. After graduating, I spent time in the slums of India and went on the World Race. These were life-changing experiences that deepened my conviction to minister to the poor.

I am convinced that passionate youth will change the world, and it starts with a desire to walk confidently in your faith and live a life that matters.
Founder and President of Adventures in Missions and the World Race
Gap year manager
You want to walk confidently in your faith and live a life that matters. But what does that look like?

You’ attend church and maybe a student ministry. You may even sponsor a child, give to organizations or missionaries, or support those in need.

You’’ve read about all the things Jesus and His disciples did, but have you experienced all of it yourself?

You’’re at the point of making some big decisions that will set the stage for the rest of your life.

You may want to go to college, but aren’’t sure if it’’s the right time or if God has something else for you to do first. You know there is more to walking as a disciple of Jesus than you’’ve had a chance to experience.

You feel like mission work could be the answer, but it’s difficult to know if you’’re really called, if you could really raise the support needed to go, or if it will really do any good.

You feel stuck – with the expectation to go to college and get a good job. You want to be successful, but want to make sure you’’re following God’’s path first and foremost.

As a disciple of Christ, the single most important thing you need is the confidence to hear and follow God’’s voice –to the ends of the Earth.

• How different would your life be if you felt led by the Holy Spirit?
• If you felt freedom to be who God has called you to be?
• If you no longer wondered if you’’re doing the will of God?

Here'’s the reality:

It’’s easy to make our faith journey about ourselves rather than God… or to mold God into our own image.

Sometimes we base our personal definition of right and wrong, of what grace is, of what leads to salvation and what doesn’’t, on what we think it should be – rather than what God says.

Here’’s what it boils down to…:

The starting point of Christian belief is that we are all broken and need a Savior.

It’’s universal…. This is the message of the Gospel, and it’’s for everyone on the planet. And as believers, it’’s not a matter of if you’’re called – rather, how you will respond.

Actively be the hands and feet of Jesus….

Imagine investing nine months” to do just that. Imagine traveling the world to explore who you are and who God has called you to be, while caring for the lost and the hurting.

To follow the actual model Jesus set for His disciples.

Would’n’t that be amazing?

But as anyone who has traveled on or known someone who has traveled on short-term missions can tell you...

It’’s not that simple.…

Short term mission and service trips can often do more harm than good in local cultures.

So many people who intend to help others, and share the Gospel, often come back home disappointed, jaded, and worse off spiritually than before they left.

The reason this happens boils down to three biggest, but most common mistakes people who travel on missions make…...

! What Not To Do !
3 Biggest Mistakes Missional World Travelers Make
Mistake 1
Choosing an inexperienced agency.
Some estimates state as many as 4 million people a year go on mission-focused trips, but 75% of them do not meet the standard benchmarks for excellence outlined by the U.S. Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission. Those agencies are sending people ill-prepared for the field, and it calls into question how they are investing their resources.
Mistake 2
Waiting to feel “called” to go.
Every Jesus follower is called to “go and make disciples”; World Race: Gap Year is just one of many vehicles to do that. So the question is not if you are called to go, the question is how? And that question is only answered through prayer. Proverbs 16:9 says a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. This means you have to step out and take steps toward what you believe God has for you.
Mistake 3
Questioning how to help and serve.
Many people travel with a genuine heart to help others. Their desire isn't born out of arrogance. But their attempts to minister can come across as misguided or fraught with misunderstandings in some cultures unless they come alongside actual local ministries who need and want help.
But What If You Could....
  • Travel the world with a mission organization that’s sent over 115,000 people into the mission field over the past 29 years with extensive safety and security protocols in place.
  • Use your gifts and talents to make a tangible difference in the world.
  • See and explore some of the most beautiful places on earth with a community of like-minded believers.
  • Experience a deeper relationship with God while you live as a modern-day disciple, traveling throughout the world sharing the hope and love of Jesus.
And When You Do This, You Have:
  • Impact: You’'ll stop wishing you could make a difference and witness the impact of your life dedicated in 9-month service to God. More than any other experience, you will be the change you want to see in the world.
  • Invaluable Life Experience: 9 months of experiences and memories will leave you telling stories for decades.
  • Direction: Time to think, pray, and discern who God made you to be and discover His calling on your life.
  • Powerful Faith: You’'ll go deeper in your relationship with God and develop a powerful faith as you explore and live out your identity as a child of God.
  • Community like the Early Church: You’'ll travel with up to dozens of like-minded young adults with similar desires and passion as you, living as the Early Church did in Acts, developing relationships that will last a lifetime.
  • Legacy: You’'ll be part of planting churches so ministry can live on and influence generations to come.
Here's What Partners Are Saying
“It's so encouraging what the World Race does in terms of life transformation to the Racers and our communities that they reach out to. It's not affecting the Racers only, but the partners and communities.”
–Adventures in Missions, Swaziland
A World Race Partner Location
“So why Gap Year? It is always great to serve the Lord and His disciples. In our Christian life we have a lot to do and a lot of growing up to do. Hosting Gap Year is a great opportunity to see God working on them, maturing, equipping, pouring His spirit and passion for others and for His kingdom.”
Inca Link International Ministries in Quito, Ecuador
A Word From The Founder
“If we never get out of our comfort zones we can’t grow into the places God has prepared for us.”
–Seth Barnes
founder & ceo

Founder and President of Adventures in Missions and the World Race
Who We Are
Adventures and World Race: Gap Year Staff have years of ministry and leadership experience.
Hope Mendola-Wong
Gap Year Manager
Clint Bokelman
Worship and Discipleship Director
Bob Mudd
Steve Dupree
Director of Operations
Courtney Knoff
Admissions Senior Manager
Deon Vanstaden
Coaches Manager
About The World Race
People have gone on the World Race.
Since the World Race began years ago, more than 5,000 people ages 18-35 have said “yes” to the radical adventure of living out their faith.
People sent on missions.
The World Race is a program of Adventures in Missions, an established 501(c) (3) non-profit missions organization that has sent more than 115,000 people on mission trips around the world since 1989.
Ministry partners in 79 countries.
Adventures has 1,280 ministry partners in 79 countries. Host evaluations boast a 97% satisfaction rate. There are 446 approved partners ready to receive upcoming teams.
Gap Year 2019 Route Destinations
Catch a glimpse of all the destinations that each of the six routes will be visiting.

Feel free to click on a destination to see a close-up of that country.

With this interactive Google map, you can also:

  • See photos of each country
  • Get a close look at your future route destinations
  • Learn about the countries you will be serving
Changed Lives
World Race: Gap Year is transformative and can result in any number of "Aha!"
experiences for travelers. Here are several ways Racers describe their journeys:
Abigail's Story
Abigail didn’'t feel worthy to be a daughter of God. Throughout her journey, she grew and learned to be who the Lord had made her to be. She met others around the world who felt the same way, and she was able to tell them “Yes, you are a child of God.”

Abigail says, “Now I know I have this calling to tell the world that they are worthy.”

Taylor’s Story
In high school, Taylor didn'’t have the community she wanted. She wanted to be challenged in her relationships with the Lord and with others. Community wasn’t easy on the race, but it was exactly what she wanted.

Taylor says, “It was a beautiful season of community and actually getting to have a group of sisters who really did invest, and really did care.”
Anna's Story
While serving orphans, and families Anna’'s heart was broken, and changed. She was empowered to continue to care for orphans even after the race.

Anna says, “The Lord changed my heart and told me I can make a difference in people’'s lives that don’'t have families.”
Josh's Story
Josh had the opportunity to serve in tribal villages in the Amazon, and there he became fully alive. He experienced more than he could have ever expected.

Josh says, “The World Race was a time for me to step aside, and let God guide my life and direct me.”
What The Racers Have to Say
These Racers share how God began rewriting their story
through the World Race:
World Race Alumna:
Kate Campbell
Kate was looking for a springboard toward a life in missions. She didn'’t expect her picture of God to expand and grow so much.
World Race Alumnus:
Wayne Mask
Wayne was looking to grow closer to God. He didn'’t realize he would learn his self worth is rooted in Christ himself and not in his abilities or strength.
World Race Alumna:
Rashidat Odeyemi
Rashidat was looking for direction and big dreams to pursue. She didn'’t realize God would equip her to start a missional business.
The World Race Process
Adventures in Missions has spent 12 years developing a process to develop modern-day missionaries after the model Jesus set. This program combines spiritual development, hands-on ministry, and world travel in a 9-month experience unlike any other.
Step 1: Apply
  • Start your application by clicking APPLY NOW button below and complete your profile (it will take 30 seconds).
  • Complete your application overview. This questionnaire portion of the application should only take about 40 minutes to complete. There are no wrong answers!
  • Schedule your interview, this is a 30-40 minute phone conversation with an admissions advisor. You’ll hear back within a week or two regarding your acceptance.
  • By completing a profile or application, you are not committing to go on the Race yet—although we hope you will! However, by completing these steps, you’'ll gain better understanding along the way if the Race is for you.
Step 2: Acceptance
  • After acceptance, you’'ll gain access to an admissions advisor who will help you with planning, fundraising ideas and all the logistical information you need to prepare.
  • You’'ll also pay a $200 deposit to secure your spot. We’ll begin to share with you a plan for fundraising. The goal to raise the full amount varies by trip but is usually by the end of month 4. (A fear of not being able to raise the funds holds some people back from applying -- sometimes for years! Don't let this be you.)
  • You’'ll begin to prepare emotionally, physically and spiritually for your upcoming trip as well as begin to share your story on a blogging platform we provide.
Step 3: Preparation
  • You will join your team, leaders and training staff for an 11-day preparation camp approximately 6 to 8 weeks before your race begins.
  • You’'ll receive evangelism and cross-cultural ministry training, learn how to share your stories, and how to live in close community while you adapt to the unknown.
  • You will most likely experience worship styles, Bible teachings, and community different than you’ve previously experienced. We’ll encourage you to dig into Scripture and have conversations about these.
  • You’'ll also meet your Squad and be placed into teams at Training Camp.
  • Finally, you return home to prepare and fundraise until launch.
Step 4: Launch
  • Your squad will join up in Atlanta, Georgia for training, worship, and prep before launching!
  • Parents will be invited for a special parent launch where they can meet other parents and ask questions to staff.
  • You’'ll launch! Full training will take place in month one. After that, every day on the Race will look a little different. Every day will be focused on being a part of God's Kingdom work.
  • The World Race has built-in adventure days into each week, when you get to experience the local culture or sightsee.
  • Debriefs happen several times throughout your Race to look back to learn from and celebrate what God has done through ministry.
Begin Today by Starting an Application

Are you a good fit for the World Race?

World Race Extras
Along With Everything Else, Your Experience on the Race Includes:
We have a plan, a process, and tools to help you fundraise.

We take every Racer through our fundraising process built around relationship building. We give each Racer a fundraising coach who will equip you with practical tools to help you set and achieve your fundraising goals.

Following Jesus is not the easy path. We’ll help you step into the Kingdom life.

Through the years and as thousands have gone on this journey, we have identified some key factors that will help set you up for success.

Adventures offers a full-fledged ministry to World Race parents.

In addition to providing a platform to answer your parents' questions, we support and encourage the parent journey by connecting them to Adventures in Missions, to each other, and to the work of God around the world. You'll have the opportunity to invite your parents to join you for a few days on the field for a "Vision" trip.
Our safety package includes several safety and risk management teams —

both internal and external — who constantly monitor and manage risks in the regions where we minister and creates contingency plans.

With our program, you are covered by a strong travel insurance policy and the insurance company works closely with us to ensure you will receive the care you need.
Your experience on the World Race begins right away -- no matter where you are.

You’'ll gain access to free live coaching calls by our admission advisors and squad mentors and leaders. These calls will include inspiration, prayer, insight, and focus as you begin journeying together toward launch.

Get admission to our private alumni Facebook group with over 3,300 members.

This is the official group for all World Race Alumni. Join the Alumni network and stay connected to Alumni throughout the world. Share your story, stay involved in missions, and catch up with your squadmates and all other Racers.

Gap Year participants can now apply to qualify for college course credit through Truett McConnell University.

We are excited to offer nine college credits through three online courses that reflect existing Gap Year teachings and core values.

What Other Racers Are Saying
The World Race is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on Facebook by Racers who share their reviews:
“Truly life-changing year abroad...we grew immensely.”
–Brian Corder

Former World Racer
“A year full of adventure, dying to self, messing up, redemption, laughter, tears, heartache, joy, and love.”
–Julia Bird

Former World Racer
“One of the greatest pieces of my spiritual journey yet”
–Kate Campbell

Former World Racer
“Toughest, yet best year of my life”
–Jamie Lee Villante

Former World Racer
“God used The World Race to bring about an abundance of transformation and freedom to my life.”
–Ryan Bentch

Former World Racer
World Race: Gap Year at a Glance
To sum it all up…

The World Race: Gap Year is a fully fundraised 9-month adventure across 3 continents for ages 18-20.

For less than the daily cost of living in the U.S.*, Racers immerse themselves in each culture they visit by serving the local community alongside more than 100 ministry partners around the globe.

Adventures in Missions, the parent organization, has safely taken over 115,000 people on mission trips around the world since 1989.

Since 2006, the World Race has made it possible for more than 5,000 people to say yes to Jesus' invitation to the adventure of a lifetime.
*The average daily cost to live in the Southeastern U.S. is $65/day. The funds raised to go on the Race equals less than $55/day.
September 2019 Trips Include:
  • 6 Entirely New Routes
  • 5 Different Continents
  • 11 Unique Countries across Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia
  • Only 270 spots available!

Join more than 5,000 people who have said “yes” to the radical adventure
of living out their faith while on the World Race.
Apply for World Race: Gap Year
Preparing Now to Launch in September 2019
Guatemala, Ethiopia, Thailand
Romania, Costa Rica, Ecuador
Thailand, India, Guatemala
Costa Rica, Cambodia, Swaziland
South Africa, Ecuador, Cambodia
Swaziland, Thailand, Nicaragua
*Race routes are subject to change

Change of Plans? No Problem
We get it. Sometimes plans change.
Here'’s the reality of applying to the Race: No one is going to force you to get on a plane, and you are not obligated to go. If you decide not to go after you apply, you're always welcome to reapply if God leads you back! This won't affect your eligibility for any of our trips in the future.

Unfortunately, because of federal rules and regulations, the money donated toward your trip cannot be returned, and must be used for the World Race in order for us to retain our non-profit status. That money will be added to the general fund, allowing more racers to go on the Race.

However, we recently added the option of deferring your application to a later date. By proactively communicating with us, we can have our finance team look into your options to move your funds to a future launch window.

FAQ About World Race: Gap Year
Why take a Gap Year?
It's important to bring God to the center of your life while making big decisions. Taking an intentional year off from school can actually propel you into making the most of your college experience, or whatever you may decide to do.

We've seen the fruit of students making wise decisions and doing great things, in college and afterwards, because they took a season to seek after God's heart while serving His people.

World Race: Gap Year gives you a chance to discover what passions, gifts, and talents God has given you to pursue for the Kingdom of God.

What makes World Race: Gap Year different?
The World Race currently serves in dozens of countries, spanning from the tip of South America to the vast wild of Mongolia, and focuses on three main areas: mission, discipleship, and adventure. The World Race is different because it’s the only mission program that allows you to go to more countries than the average gap year program covering 3 continents in 9 months. And you'll learn by doing.

Jesus taught His disciples by having them pray for the sick, evangelize, and numerous other things they didn'’t study for. They were just normal people, who stepped out in boldness, allowing God to use them for extraordinary things.

What do we actually “do” on the Race?
Every day on the World Race: Gap Year looks a little different. Some days will be packed full with construction, VBS, building relationships with orphans, or praying for the sick at a hospital.

Some days could be slower — shopping for groceries at the market, cooking for your team, and spending time praying for the community you walk through. Much depends on our ministry partner’s needs in each country, and specifically during your team's month with them! Regardless of the pace or the activity, every day will be focused on being a part of God's Kingdom work.

Do I have what it takes?
We are looking for Racers with good attitudes and a willingness to grow. We are looking for people who are passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom come to life in the world. While ministry and travel experience are helpful, they're not a requirement for World Race: Gap Year. In fact, any lack of ministry experience, or your experiences / struggles do not disqualify you from becoming a Racer.

How old do you have to be to go?
World Race: Gap Year encompasses ages 18 to 20. Age range is based on the launch window. For example, a Racer launching in September 2019 must turn 18 by September 1, 2019.

If you are over age 20 and want to go on the World Race, visit this page for details.

Can I afford it?
We understand raising money can be intimidating, which is why we pair you with an admissions advisor who will guide you through the support raising process. And we only require a portion of the money to be raised before you leave; the rest can be raised while you're on the field. If you're worried about finances, don't be. Over the years, we've learned time and time again that when God calls, He provides.

Here'’s a closer look at the numbers:
Only 4.6% of participants who start the Race have raised 100% of their funds by training camp, 20.8% typically raise their funds by the launch.

You will need to meet the following deadlines for your trip:
4 weeks prior
to training camp
3 weeks prior
to launch
end of 2 months
on the field
end of 4 months
on the field
The trip fundraising amount now includes an estimated $800 to cover the cost of a required MissionSafe medical insurance plan, and $300 to cover your entrance to Project Searchlight, a month 10 debrief for your squad. It focuses on re-entry and will take place at our headquarters one month after you return home.

When you look at the trip’s fundraising amount, the amount needed for the World Race averages to less than $62 a day – and you’ll be fundraising that money! The average cost of living in the U.S. is $65 a day.

We have a plan, a process, and tools to help you fundraise. We take every Racer through our fundraising process built around relationship-building. We give each Racer a fundraising coach who will equip you with practical tools to help you set and achieve your fundraising goals.
What if the route I want fills up?
Because we offer a variety of routes for each launch window, these routes will fill up unevenly. We can only launch a limited number of Racers on each route. Although we will allow routes to exceed capacity, we do expect some people to drop before training camp.
If routes remain unbalanced, we may ask some Racers to switch routes within the same launch window prior to training camp.
What happens when the route fills up while I'm in the middle of applying?
Your route reservation is determined by the date you pay your $200 trip deposit.
This happens when your application is completed, you've had your interview, your acceptance has been confirmed by admissions, and your first deposit of $200 has been made.
Applying for a route does not guarantee there are or will be available spots by the time you pay your deposit.
Routes will be marked "Join Waitlist" when we reach capacity but are still accepting applications in lieu of anticipated drops. If you are accepted after the route is full, you will still have a spot on a route leaving the same month.
Routes will be marked "Full" when we are no longer accepting applications.
If you have these questions and still aren’t satisfied, could we ask you a question?
Will you regret not pursuing this opportunity?
Only you can answer that.

Here'’s what we know: We’ll be here to guide you through every step.
You will never be alone on this journey.

You Are Just Moments Away from Taking a Step of Faith
that Can Change Your Life and the Lives of Others...
*Don't Worry. All Your Information is 100% Secure
Dear Gap Year Parent,

World Race: Gap Year is an amazing adventure. We've seen incredible transformations in the lives of young men and women who choose to face the hardships, the joys, the growth, the community and the discipleship of the Race.

It is also a journey for parents. You may have questions or fears or concerns. We want you to get to know us. We want you to have a glimpse into how and why we do what we do. We want you to hear our heart for your sons and daughters. You may have spent their lives praying that they would grow up and wholeheartedly follow Jesus. They may be ready to implement at a new level the trust you have talked about and modeled. Or they may sense a pilgrimage related to their destiny. You are a part of them getting there. And they want your support.

When your child applies for Gap Year, we'll connect you with our parent resources. It will give you some of the “big picture” of the World Race: Gap Year as well as answer a lot of the most common questions.

You'll discover a richness of resources within the full-fledged ministry we have for you as World Race parents – ways for you to connect to each other and to us, and opportunities for your Racer to invite you into the process. As the Parent Liaison, I’'m also happy to talk with you about the Race.

You can feel secure knowing your child is choosing a missions organization that has sent over 115,000 people into the mission field over the past 29 years with extensive safety and security protocols in place.

You have access to a parent resource site (, including a downloadable Parent Guide.
In Him,

–Betty Means
Director, Parent Ministry
What Parents Are Saying
“If you're a parent out there and you're even considering the WR Gap year program, I would say let go. First of all, ask God. If God is saying yes in any sort of way, then absolutely let go. Your kids are gonna grow so much from this experience.”
–Todd McVicker

World Race: Gap Year Parent
“God is going to use [this experience] to move you, Mom and Dad, where He wants you to be.”

World Race Parent
“Our daughter had an experience on World Race: Gap Year that really changed her forever, and out of that experience she feels like the Lord is calling her into helping women get out of human trafficking.”
–David & Lisa Hyde

World Race: Gap Year Parent
Ways to Support Your Child During Gap Year
When your child goes on the Race, You’'ll have the opportunity to cheer them on
from the sidelines with a host of extra experiences, including:
Parent Facebook Group

This is the place where parents can support one another, post prayer requests, and celebrate what God is doing through your children and each other together. Invitations for you will be sent shortly before your Racer's Training Camp.

Parent Launch

This special time of launch allows you to join us in sending Racers off covered in prayer. Registration information (including location and schedule) will be sent to your Racer at the end of their Training Camp. You must be invited by your Racer in order to attend this event, so please wait for their invitation before making plans.
Parent Vision Trips

This is a chance for your Racer to invite you out on the field with them for five days while they are on the World Race. Official invites to the Racers typically go out around month two.

Listen to some words of encouragement from a World Race: Gap Year mom:
Have a question? Call 1-877-811-0210

©2018 World Race | All rights reserved
Have a question? Call 1-877-811-0210

©2018 World Race | All rights reserved