World Race: Gap Year is More than a Missions Trip.

You're invited to a life changing journey to help you grow with God, love others, and make a difference in the world.

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Why take a Gap Year?

It's important to bring God to the center of your life while making big decisions. Taking an intentional year off from school can actually propel you into making the most of your college experience, or whatever you may decide to do.

We've seen the fruit of students making wise decisions and doing great things, in college and afterwards, because they took a season to seek after God's heart while serving His people.

World Race: Gap Year gives you a chance to discover what passions, gifts, and talents God has given you to pursue for the Kingdom of God.

Gap Year Training Camp

The world needs Jesus, so the world needs you to become more like Jesus.



The Great Commission commands us as Christians to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” We send out hundreds of World Racers each year seeking to fulfill the great commission wherever they go.



We send Gap Year Racers to serve 3 Continents in 9 months, all while living out of a backpack. Racers experience how others live as they are immersed into new cultures, forming lasting relationships with people who bring fresh perspective. Not to mention Racers get to see breathtaking natural and manmade wonders.



Jesus discipled his followers, and it is His model we desire to follow. Through mentors, coaches, and fellow racers, we disciple Racers while they serve and disciple others. After the World Race, we hope Racers are better trained to make a lasting impact in their local communities.

Top Five Reasons to take a Christian Gap Year

gap year testimonial

"My favorite part of my race is what God did in my heart, He burst out of the small box I had put Him in and showed me how big He is and showed me His loving, compassionate, bold, just, and merciful character."
— Katie Knoblauch, Gap Year Alumni

gap year testimonial

"Over the last 9 months God has taken me to incredible places. I've been able to see and experience brokenness. I've noticed that heaven is all around us, not necessarily just in the beauty of His creation, but also the people."
— Diego Galvão, Gap Year Alumni

A Day on the World Race Gap Year

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We're calling you out of your comfort zone to experience what God is doing in the world.

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