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I've Waited Six Years to Write This Blog

by Kara Yohan on 7/8/2019

In a Hospital with Jesus

by Sara Shoup on 6/9/2016
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She was 18 and homeless

by Sara Shoup on 5/25/2016
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CGA Adventure Week

by Sara Shoup on 2/5/2015
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I'm not ready to lead.

by Sara Shoup on 12/9/2014
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A New Home

by Sara Shoup on 9/29/2014
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CGA Bound!

by Sara Shoup on 9/11/2014
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Journeys Guatemala- Living Full [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 6/20/2014

Beach Ball Tumor

by Kara Yohan on 5/1/2014

Lil' Guat Update

by Kara Yohan on 4/12/2014

To My WR Supporters...

by Kara Yohan on 3/22/2014

I'm going to Colorado!

by Sara Shoup on 3/22/2014
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I am GOING!!! (Guatemala!)

by Kara Yohan on 3/21/2014 (CGA)

by Kara Yohan on 3/21/2014

Wounds: Just the Beginning

by Kara Yohan on 3/7/2014

So, What's Next?

by Malerie Parenteau on 2/4/2014
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Men are Better

by Sara Shoup on 1/23/2014
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Things Are Not What I Expected

by Malerie Parenteau on 1/9/2014
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11 Months Later... [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 12/19/2013

India [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 12/12/2013

Homecoming with my dog [video]

by Malerie Parenteau on 12/9/2013
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I'm Coming Home

by Sara Shoup on 12/2/2013
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Nepal [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 11/29/2013

Freedom from sickness!

by Malerie Parenteau on 11/16/2013
Team renew

Afraid to Die

by Malerie Parenteau on 11/14/2013
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Kenya [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 11/11/2013


by Gabe Bedford on 11/3/2013
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Uganda [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 10/24/2013

I'm Coming HOME!!!!

by Malerie Parenteau on 10/16/2013
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Getting Ready for Change

by Malerie Parenteau on 10/12/2013
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I Do...NOT.

by Tati Famania on 10/6/2013
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Hundreds with Jiggers

by Kara Yohan on 10/4/2013

Sold! To the Highest Bidder!

by Tati Famania on 10/4/2013
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by Trever Ball on 10/3/2013
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I Broke My...

by Trever Ball on 10/1/2013
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Kenya Belive I'm in Month 9?!

by Kara Yohan on 9/14/2013

You Know You're on the Race WHEN...

by Kara Yohan on 9/14/2013

Jigger Infestation (Hands and Feet)

by Kara Yohan on 9/14/2013

Rwanda [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 8/26/2013

Cute Little Witch Doctor

by Kara Yohan on 8/24/2013


by Tati Famania on 8/17/2013
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The Grass Is Greener On My Side

by Kara Yohan on 8/8/2013


by Kara Yohan on 7/30/2013


by Tati Famania on 7/24/2013
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Did you know.

by Ashley Brady on 7/16/2013
Team renew

I'm Just the Fat Girl

by Malerie Parenteau on 7/15/2013
Team renew

Meeting an angel.

by Ashley Brady on 7/15/2013
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For Those Who Suffer

by Gabe Bedford on 7/12/2013
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by Kara Yohan on 7/11/2013

Cambodia Ministry

by Kara Yohan on 7/8/2013

Cambodia, I hated you.

by Ashley Brady on 7/8/2013
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Precious Women part 1

by Ashley Brady on 7/8/2013
Team renew

Precious women part 2

by Ashley Brady on 7/8/2013
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Jet Noise and Warm Milk

by Malerie Parenteau on 7/6/2013
Team renew

Happy Birthday?

by Gabe Bedford on 7/6/2013
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Malaysia [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 6/25/2013

I <3 Cambodia (Photos!)

by Malerie Parenteau on 6/22/2013
Team renew

A Message For The Lost

by Gabe Bedford on 6/22/2013
Team renew

I have been to Hell

by Malerie Parenteau on 6/21/2013
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by Tati Famania on 6/18/2013
Team renew

Jesus said "NO" to people.

by Sara Shoup on 6/12/2013
Team renew

Cambodia's Genocide

by Tati Famania on 6/12/2013
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Nightmares in Malaysia

by Kara Yohan on 6/11/2013

Thai Never Thought!

by Kara Yohan on 6/6/2013


by Kara Yohan on 6/6/2013

Thailand [Photo Blog]

by Kara Yohan on 6/6/2013

Nicaragua [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 6/5/2013

Honduras [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 6/5/2013

Thailand [Video]

by Kara Yohan on 6/5/2013

The Prayer

by Gabe Bedford on 6/3/2013
Team renew

I Hit the Wall in Malaysia.

by Sara Shoup on 6/3/2013
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by Tati Famania on 5/26/2013
Team renew

Church Pews and Bar Stools

by Trever Ball on 5/21/2013
Team renew

This Kind of Love

by Malerie Parenteau on 5/20/2013
Team renew

A little delayed... And homesick

by Malerie Parenteau on 5/13/2013
Team renew

I Need Your Help

by Gabe Bedford on 5/9/2013
Team renew

Nid The Homeless Man

by Kara Yohan on 5/3/2013

My Night With Prostitutes (Part 2)

by Kara Yohan on 5/3/2013

My Night With Prostitutes (Part 1)

by Kara Yohan on 4/27/2013