You’ve probably felt it. That nagging sense that there must be more to this Christian life than you’re experiencing. It can’t just be saying a prayer, going to church on Sunday, and striving to be a good person, can it? The World Race offers you an incredible opportunity to make an impact on the world while also having your eyes opened to the reality of who God is and all that He has for you. So why go on the World Race?

Why Go?

To Experience God and grow in your relationship with Him.

We live in a culture that is so noisy and our lives are so full that it’s hard to hear God’s voice or to prioritize relationship with Him on a daily basis. The Race provides you an opportunity to step away from it all and go deep with Him.

To love and serve the neglected and marginalized of the world.

We partner with a variety of ministries that address the tangible needs of God’s children around the planet. And as you serve and love them, you will also learn from them. Both your life and theirs will never be the same!

To reach a broken and hurting world that doesn’t know Jesus.

People are waiting for somebody to show up and display the love of Jesus through their actions and words. You can help them see that they have value because they have a loving Father who wants a relationship with them. Jesus called us to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:18). You can join our partners and us in living out that calling.

To learn how to come together with other believers and BE the church.

Not just a place you go on Sunday, but rather the family of God using their gifts and talents to serve each other and spread His love everywhere they go. On the World Race, you’ll learn how to dive into authentic community and realize there’s more there than you ever imagined!

To discover your God-given identity as a beloved child of God who was created with a purpose.

When you settle some foundational questions with the Lord about why He created you and why He loves you so much, it changes everything. We’ve walked that journey with thousands of others, and we’d like to walk it with you too!

What Racers are saying:

93% of participants say they grew in intimacy with God
100% grew in their confidence to share their faith
100% of people say they made an impact on the kingdom of God through ministry

What you can expect from us:

Training in Christ-centered leadership
Mentorship and coaching throughout your journey
Equipping for effective cross-cultural ministry
Logistical and practical support
Regular debriefing and processing
Biblical teaching and encouragement
An opportunity to experience the move of God around the world

Check out what some of our ministry partners say about the impact our Racers have in their communities:



Sounds pretty awesome, right? So what’s stopping you? Here are the most common concerns we hear:


"I have to raise HOW MUCH MONEY?"

Yeah, it sounds like a lot. We’ve led thousands of people on this journey of fundraising, and even though it’s hard work, it’s totally possible. And we’ll guide you through the process! We’ve helped over 10,000 people successfully raise funds for their trips, and we can help you too! Don’t let this fear stop you from pursuing the Lord’s call on your life!

“I’ve heard mission trips and evangelism can be harmful to the communities.”

Yeah, we’ve heard that too! And sometimes, it’s true. We’re committed to doing mission trips well. Here’s an excerpt from our founder, Seth Barnes’ blog on this topic:

“In truth, both the long-term missionary and the STM team bring a gift to the throne of our Lord. Long-term missionaries bring direction. Short-term missionaries bring velocity. Often our long-term partners are greatly encouraged by the infusion of life and resources into their ministry. For example, I led a project where the Haitian pastor was thrilled with the injection of growth and life that our short-term team brought to his congregation. He implored us to come back with even more help next year. We did so and saw even greater fruit result. We have the kind of partnership in the gospel which enriches all involved. It is the person with a long-term commitment to a community who plants a church and disciples its members. The relationships and vision they provide are essential. They are like the rudder on the ship, providing direction, steering the course. Short-term missionaries can be the wind in the sails which give velocity and thrust to the enterprise. They bring with them resources, a prayer base, and tremendous enthusiasm.”

Read his two-part series on the case for short term missions:



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