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Team Lighthouse

How a Syrian man changed my view of refugees

by Hannah Midgett on 3/8/2016

Why My Heart's Not Broken for Lesvos

by Alice Sudlow on 2/2/2016

What I learned from the girl in the green jacket

by Hannah Midgett on 1/30/2016

I've avoided blogging about Greece

by Hannah Midgett on 1/8/2016

Why I'm baring my insecurities

by Hannah Midgett on 12/14/2015

When fear gets in the way of love

by Hannah Midgett on 11/22/2015

Jesus Healed My Stuffy Nose

by Alice Sudlow on 10/16/2015

What now?

by Hannah Midgett on 8/31/2015

Breaking Free From Mediocrity

by Hannah Midgett on 8/20/2015

the fellowship: my next adventure in faith

by Alice Sudlow on 8/8/2015

Don't Go On the World Race

by Brooke Conn on 7/26/2015
Team lighthouse

Now What?

by Brooke Conn on 7/26/2015
Team lighthouse

Dear Month 1 Me

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 7/22/2015
Team lighthouse

A week in the Life: Vietnam

by Brooke Conn on 7/21/2015
Team lighthouse

The Month 12 Setup Sheet

by Alice Sudlow on 7/19/2015

Twilight on My Last Night

by Brooke Conn on 7/18/2015
Team lighthouse

The Advocate

by Shannon Marshall on 7/5/2015
Team lighthouse

Contentment in discontentment

by Hannah Midgett on 6/28/2015

finding Jesus in the bad days

by Alice Sudlow on 6/28/2015

A Word On Charleston

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 6/21/2015
Team lighthouse

I am a Child

by Brooke Conn on 6/20/2015
Team lighthouse

Until Her Vindication Shines

by Shannon Marshall on 6/13/2015
Team lighthouse

Faithful in Little

by Brooke Conn on 6/9/2015
Team lighthouse

The Twin Sister I Didn't Know I Had

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 6/2/2015
Team lighthouse

Love the Broken Ones

by Brooke Conn on 5/31/2015
Team lighthouse

Fully Funded and Fully Grateful

by Alice Sudlow on 5/31/2015


by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 5/21/2015
Team lighthouse

Dear john

by Hannah Midgett on 5/18/2015

Just getting started

by Hannah Midgett on 5/12/2015

Yes WE Can

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 5/11/2015
Team lighthouse

J-squad: Strangers to Warriors

by Brooke Conn on 5/5/2015
Team lighthouse

A Week in the Life: Zimbabwe

by Brooke Conn on 5/4/2015
Team lighthouse

When Team Changes Make You Cry

by Brooke Conn on 5/2/2015
Team lighthouse

Trust in the Depths

by Brooke Conn on 4/25/2015
Team lighthouse

The Day I Learned to Walk (in authority)

by Alice Sudlow on 4/24/2015

Octopus Attack

by Shannon Marshall on 4/14/2015
Team lighthouse

Intense Love

by Brooke Conn on 4/8/2015
Team lighthouse

I'm Done Being Safe!

by Brooke Conn on 4/5/2015
Team lighthouse

Set a fire.

by Brooke Conn on 4/1/2015
Team lighthouse

What Am I Gonna Do?

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 3/27/2015
Team lighthouse

Wanna Make Me Eat A Snake?

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 3/25/2015
Team lighthouse

I don't like the term "preacher"

by Shannon Marshall on 3/25/2015
Team lighthouse

Get On Ya Knees & Tell Me Ya Love Me

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 3/22/2015
Team lighthouse

This Isn't A Vacation

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 3/22/2015
Team lighthouse

It's Month Seven, and I'm done.

by Alice Sudlow on 3/22/2015

What jumping off stuff taught me

by Hannah Midgett on 3/22/2015

I Traded in my Big Pack

by Shannon Marshall on 3/16/2015
Team lighthouse

When God does cool stuff

by Hannah Midgett on 3/13/2015

The Least Of These

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 3/8/2015
Team lighthouse

A Week in the Life: Zambia

by Brooke Conn on 2/28/2015
Team lighthouse

Introducing: Team HULK!

by Alice Sudlow on 2/27/2015

You Asked...

by Brooke Conn on 2/15/2015
Team lighthouse

I Went Home Halfway Through The Race

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 2/14/2015
Team lighthouse

A Week in the Life: Malawi

by Brooke Conn on 2/11/2015
Team lighthouse

Let Go...of What?!

by Brooke Conn on 2/5/2015
Team lighthouse

God Built Me To Last

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 2/2/2015
Team lighthouse

Forget my Other Blog

by Shannon Marshall on 1/31/2015
Team lighthouse

Is it over yet?

by Hannah Midgett on 1/30/2015

Call Me Shannon Rose

by Shannon Marshall on 1/22/2015
Team lighthouse

I Will Say Yes

by Shannon Marshall on 1/22/2015
Team lighthouse

Life in Color

by Shannon Marshall on 1/22/2015
Team lighthouse

When the race isn't satisfying

by Hannah Midgett on 1/20/2015

when God makes you retake a class

by Alice Sudlow on 1/19/2015

Morning Glory

by Brooke Conn on 1/16/2015
Team lighthouse

WANTED: Current Catholic, former race.

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 1/16/2015
Team lighthouse

Bibles Needed

by Brooke Conn on 1/13/2015
Team lighthouse

Ride the Lion

by Brooke Conn on 1/12/2015
Team lighthouse

An Unsung Hero: Bob and Lori Leek

by Brooke Conn on 12/29/2014
Team lighthouse

Heaven's Anticipation

by Brooke Conn on 12/27/2014
Team lighthouse

Lessons From Roses

by Shannon Marshall on 12/22/2014
Team lighthouse

Questions Anyone?

by Brooke Conn on 12/20/2014
Team lighthouse

Peace & Purpose in Peru

by Shannon Marshall on 12/16/2014
Team lighthouse

Locked Up Abroad

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 12/16/2014
Team lighthouse

An Unsung Hero: Paz y Esparanza

by Brooke Conn on 12/13/2014
Team lighthouse

On getting robbed

by Hannah Midgett on 12/12/2014

He Had Better

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 12/7/2014
Team lighthouse

Giving Tuesday

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 12/2/2014
Team lighthouse

when God wastes a month of ministry

by Alice Sudlow on 12/2/2014