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Team ABC (Awakened by Choice)

Why I Do What I Do...

by Kayla Dawnn House on 6/25/2014
Team squadleaders


by Melissa Diehl on 10/22/2013

So You're Still in Georgia?

by Penny Penny on 9/21/2013

Halfway in Nicaragua

by Penny Penny on 6/27/2013

Carpe Diem

by Kayla Dawnn House on 6/21/2013
Team squadleaders

Smiles, Plagues & Beauty in Nicaragua

by Penny Penny on 6/10/2013

Island of Orphans

by Penny Penny on 5/9/2013

What Does Living In Abundance Look LIke?

by Penny Penny on 5/3/2013

Are You Listening to the Whisper?

by Penny Penny on 3/21/2013

You're Worth Fighting For

by Penny Penny on 3/6/2013

Film Friday- Adventures

by Penny Penny on 2/1/2013

Film Friday - Landfill Harmonic

by Penny Penny on 1/11/2013

When Passion Isn't Enough

by Penny Penny on 1/10/2013

Film Friday [Monday] - Dry Bones

by Penny Penny on 1/7/2013

Film Friday

by Penny Penny on 12/28/2012

The Blog I Didn't Want to Write

by Penny Penny on 12/21/2012

End of Year Resolutions

by Penny Penny on 12/11/2012

What's next?

by Adrea Ross on 11/21/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Every Day Adventure

by Penny Penny on 11/16/2012

My Naked Self.

by Kayla Dawnn House on 11/12/2012
Team squadleaders

I Pledge Allegiance to a Lantern...

by Penny Penny on 11/5/2012

Busy, busy, but I love it.

by Penny Penny on 10/12/2012

Travel. Journey. Contend.

by Penny Penny on 9/28/2012

It's Only Just Begun!

by Penny Penny on 9/15/2012

New Adventures

by Penny Penny on 9/10/2012

sitting & listening

by Penny Penny on 8/22/2012

Cost of Discipleship

by Penny Penny on 8/17/2012

Updates & Deadlines!

by Penny Penny on 8/17/2012

Distant Shores (VIDEO)

by Lacee Peloquin on 8/17/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

There and Back Again

by Scott Cangemi on 8/16/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Faith over Fear

by Lacee Peloquin on 8/10/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

I'm Giving Up

by Penny Penny on 8/6/2012

What's Next?

by Penny Penny on 8/1/2012

11 Photos - 11 Months - 11 Words

by Penny Penny on 7/27/2012


by Penny Penny on 7/25/2012

What's Next?: Part Two

by Scott Cangemi on 7/13/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

[re]Entry - I'm Not a Super Christian Yet?

by Penny Penny on 7/12/2012

Moldova + Cribs

by Penny Penny on 7/9/2012

What's Next?: Part One

by Scott Cangemi on 6/28/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)


by Adrea Ross on 6/24/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

11 Countries, 11 Months, 11 Pictures.

by Melissa Diehl on 6/20/2012

prayer requests

by Adrea Ross on 6/17/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

World Race Resume

by Lacee Peloquin on 6/4/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Boiled down to this.

by Lacee Peloquin on 6/1/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

I'm Home

by Melissa Diehl on 5/28/2012

words from jess

by Adrea Ross on 5/20/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Mountain Tops and Low Vallies

by Melissa Diehl on 5/19/2012

I'm Still Running

by Scott Cangemi on 5/19/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Spiritual Warfare

by Penny Penny on 5/9/2012

I Am Here

by Scott Cangemi on 5/2/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Cribs: Ukraine

by Penny Penny on 4/25/2012

My 22nd Year

by Penny Penny on 4/20/2012

New Videos...

by Penny Penny on 4/19/2012

video blogs

by Adrea Ross on 4/19/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Malaysian Healing

by Lacee Peloquin on 4/19/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

The Sasha Project

by Adrea Ross on 4/18/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Open Arms

by Lacee Peloquin on 4/18/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Video Update: Ukraine

by Penny Penny on 4/15/2012

Video Update: China

by Penny Penny on 4/12/2012

Young Life Work Crew.....

by Melissa Diehl on 4/8/2012

Good Night, I Love You

by Melissa Diehl on 3/22/2012

My New Team

by Kayla Dawnn House on 3/21/2012
Team squadleaders

Chinese babies!!

by Kayla Dawnn House on 3/19/2012
Team squadleaders

Lost in the Wilderness

by Lacee Peloquin on 3/6/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Falling off the Grid...

by Melissa Diehl on 2/25/2012

Malaysia Videos!

by Penny Penny on 2/25/2012

Heading to China tonight!

by Penny Penny on 2/25/2012

elephant video

by Adrea Ross on 2/20/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

My Apologies

by Lacee Peloquin on 2/20/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Malaysia thus far!

by Penny Penny on 2/15/2012

wake up church..

by Adrea Ross on 2/15/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Etched in a Tombstone

by Lacee Peloquin on 2/12/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

Super Quick Update....

by Melissa Diehl on 2/9/2012