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"So, this is the world race"

by Lexi Hatten on 9/21/2019
Team sonrisa

learning to c h i l l

by Alyson Weaver on 9/21/2019
Team ahava

Home Sweet Home

by Olivia Johnson on 9/21/2019
Team auxano


by Olivia Johnson on 9/21/2019
Team auxano

For the Children!

by Jen Summy on 9/21/2019
Team fly/deepagirls

Month 9 - Ethiopia Vlog

by Shelby Kaplan on 9/21/2019
Team torch/freshgirls

Month 8 - Kenya Vlog

by Shelby Kaplan on 9/21/2019
Team torch/freshgirls

Why I Don't Miss Home

by Ben Skaar on 9/21/2019
Team manistrymonth

My Prayers Go Boom!

by Susanna Bekedam on 9/21/2019
Team ohana

We are going to China!

by Macky Edwards on 9/21/2019
Team agape

Obedience Through Transitions

by Erika Alvarez on 9/21/2019
Team agape

Hola Ena

by Ana Walker on 9/20/2019
Team esther

My first day

by Luis Lam on 9/20/2019
Team squad leader

I'm in Guatemala!

by Connaly Akiyama on 9/20/2019
Team capable

o b e d i e n c e

by Lily Hambrick on 9/20/2019
Team selah

thai praise reports

by Noelle Parker on 9/20/2019
Team orah

Intro to Life in Costa Rica!!

by Amanda Baltodano on 9/20/2019
Team xapa

this ones for you gabbi

by Brittney Dean on 9/20/2019
Team xapa

the art of pursuit.

by Bailee Thomas on 9/20/2019
Team agape

2 Weeks Until Launch!

by Christy McFarland on 9/20/2019
Team cafe

Radical Faith

by Macey Hair on 9/20/2019

WHERE I AM GOING! (my route)

by Corryn Scharff on 9/20/2019

The First of Many

by Delaney Rice on 9/20/2019


by Mary Moffett on 9/20/2019

why the heck am i here???

by Mackenzi Sandberg on 9/20/2019

It Starts Now

by Isaac Wold on 9/20/2019

Ask and it shall be given!

by Scott Tinsley on 9/20/2019

A day at Lifestyle Christian University

by Michelle Young on 9/20/2019

Burning the Ships

by Diana Dvorak on 9/19/2019
Team squad leader

My devotional time in the morning!

by Elena De La Paz on 9/19/2019
Team grafted

good morning Swaziland!!

by Grace DiGioia on 9/19/2019
Team auxano

What Happens During Worship

by Liz Slager on 9/19/2019
Team ahava

Costa Rica: Thank You, God.

by Jordan Harrington on 9/19/2019
Team squad leader

Pittsburgh: a city with a mission

by Julia Piecka on 9/19/2019
Team babyaslan

Month 12: USA

by Sharon Mosley on 9/19/2019
Team level up

Changes, Changes, and Changes, Oh My!

by Heather Stewart on 9/19/2019
Team selah

Expectancy without Expectations

by Abby Neu on 9/19/2019
Team arise

traveling to Costa Rica

by Brooklyn Dahmer on 9/19/2019
Team hineni

traveling to Costa Rica

by Brooklyn Dahmer on 9/19/2019
Team hineni

traveling to Costa Rica

by Brooklyn Dahmer on 9/19/2019
Team hineni

I’m in COSTA RICA!!!

by Kayla Dozier on 9/19/2019
Team hineni

Hello from South Africa!

by Karson Calaway on 9/19/2019
Team avodah

Faith during Doubt

by Sasha Lambert on 9/19/2019

Coconut Shakes

by Courtney Jackson on 9/18/2019
Team squadleader


by Dosson Stubblefield II on 9/18/2019
Team worldraceamerica

No I'm Not Leaving Again

by Victoria Schafer on 9/18/2019
Team nsync

How Love has Impacted My Life

by Drew Sequera on 9/18/2019
Team covenant

Welcome To My Last WR Blog!!

by Ris Runnals on 9/18/2019
Team aloha

This Squad... :) - Swaziland

by SAMUEL SAUCEDO on 9/18/2019
Team squad leader

First Steps

by Maddie Bailey on 9/18/2019
Team unity

Seat at His table

by Alexis Simmons on 9/18/2019
Team unity

Beginning of Ministry in Thailand

by Kenni Edwards on 9/18/2019
Team selah

& as she paints

by Gemma Folsom on 9/18/2019
Team jaimasi


by Nathan Chandler on 9/18/2019
Team sovereign sons

first vloggg

by Madison Taylor on 9/18/2019
Team xapa

Bringing Hope!

by Kelly Fahnestock on 9/18/2019
Team torch/freshgirls


by Dosson Stubblefield II on 9/18/2019
Team worldraceamerica


by Jenna Anderson on 9/18/2019
Team americanos


by Ash SPRINGER on 9/18/2019
Team reckless

Movement in the Mundane

by Jordan Jones on 9/18/2019
Team wild


by Haley Vaughan on 9/18/2019
Team overflow

Tibet in Words!

by Victoria Quinata on 9/18/2019
Team seal team 6

Tibet in Words!

by John Quinata on 9/18/2019
Team seal team 6

God as a Father

by Hannah Sahatoo on 9/18/2019
Team seal team 6

A World of Freedom

by Laura Leigh Armstrong on 9/18/2019
Team sweet n sour pork

2 Weeks Until Goodbye

by Kayla Gulley on 9/18/2019
Team j walkers

why the World Race

by Morgan Applegate on 9/18/2019

Prepping for the race

by Rebekah Basily on 9/18/2019

How you can help me on the World Race

by Josiah Stilwell on 9/18/2019

Just Keep Running.

by Angelica Spence on 9/18/2019

In which we join a race…

by Jordyn Thompson on 9/18/2019


by Elizabeth Wagstaff on 9/18/2019

the new thing (thailand pt 2)

by Katie Thompson on 9/17/2019
Team sonrisa

The World Race: Month 13

by Parker Consolo on 9/17/2019
Team covenant

Letter to My Month 1 Self

by Emma Krone on 9/17/2019
Team selah

Standing on Holy Ground

by EmJay Lohnes on 9/17/2019
Team 5.7.9.


by Morgan Miller on 9/17/2019
Team parameno

love breaks down (language) barriers

by Grace Johnson on 9/17/2019
Team arise