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Spiritual Heaviness in Vietnam

by Ashlie Watson on 5/3/2016
Team karatt

Ushering in a New Season

by Hope Bowman on 4/30/2016
Team restore

Livin that greek life

by Lynzie Willett on 4/30/2016
Team umbrella

TWR: 3.13 - 3.17

by dani izac on 4/30/2016
Team kimberlite

If You Can Dodge A Wrench...

by Sam Limon on 4/30/2016

Music on the Race: Agony

by Corinne Hurlbert on 4/29/2016
Team comotellamas

Three Weeks

by Mary Catherine Grant on 4/29/2016
Team change

What Haiti Really Needs

by Eric Belair on 4/29/2016
Team new harvest

Month 8 Thailand Recap (Video)

by Mason Smith on 4/29/2016
Team 1:13

Finish Strong.

by Stephanie Below on 4/29/2016
Team unreserved pursuit

An Angel in the Airport

by Morgan Woods on 4/29/2016
Team unwritten

Moses, I Suposes

by Jason Gebhardt on 4/29/2016

Leap of Faith

by Maddy Lee on 4/29/2016

A Seed Being Planted

by Molly Cox on 4/29/2016
Team spinningarrow

When goodbyes are hard ...

by Victoria Kuhlman on 4/29/2016
Team tharseo

Dear End of World Race Me, Part 4

by Dee Dee Peters on 4/29/2016
Team freebirds

Sometimes on the Race...

by Anna Lauren Meeks on 4/29/2016
Team asianzing

When Ministry Isn't Really Ministry

by Catherine DeBerry on 4/29/2016
Team dauntless

Video - Indonesia

by Gabi Rodriguez-Morera on 4/29/2016
Team cosmopolita

a letter to God

by Alexis Burrmann on 4/29/2016

So you wanna know what else I need!!!!

by Jarren Templeton on 4/29/2016

The Little Details Of His Plan

by Desiree Pfeiffer on 4/29/2016

Pre-Race News & Updates

by Bethany Hawk on 4/29/2016


by Kimberly Matthews on 4/29/2016

The Face I Can't Forget

by Chrissy Casazza on 4/29/2016

How to live a life of comfort

by Koral Daniel on 4/29/2016

The slow but steady race

by Ashlyn Brady Aycock on 4/29/2016

Blessed Beyond Belief

by Chelsea Gehring on 4/29/2016

It's just stuff

by Elizabeth Rowland on 4/29/2016

Time to freak out!? Yes!? No!?

by Daniel Ingalls on 4/29/2016

Momentary Living

by McKenzie Tritt on 4/29/2016

Defining Home

by Jen or Jenny Boeve on 4/28/2016
Team blaze

Behind The Scenes

by Sarah German on 4/28/2016
Team deeplyloved

So Close, Yet So Far

by Courtney Goddard on 4/28/2016
Team restore

I'm Going Back On The World Race!

by Casey Roberts on 4/28/2016
Team restore

Promises of Swaziland

by Sarah Michel on 4/28/2016
Team august

A love like Christ's

by Lexi Johnson on 4/28/2016
Team august

Month 7 in Swaziland: A Video Recap

by Victoria Croy on 4/28/2016
Team atcfrat

A Letter to Mr.&Mrs.,

by Cassidy Cook on 4/28/2016
Team raising the bar

Label Me

by Laura Warren on 4/28/2016

A Season to Serve!

by Kit Patterson on 4/28/2016

Nearly Sanctified, Nearly Broken

by Katie Rhodes on 4/28/2016

Learning to Lay Down My Pride: Asking for Support

by Tucker Stevens on 4/28/2016

We are ALL called to go or to give.

by Cassie Alexander on 4/28/2016


by Jess Aeppli on 4/28/2016
Team asianzing

P2 in Latvia!!

by Sarah Snyder on 4/28/2016
Team palpablepresence

100 (ish)

by Hannah Reynolds on 4/28/2016

100 questions in a racers eyes...

by Hana Chronister on 4/28/2016

Pre-Race: Revival in LA

by Chelsea Van Eck on 4/28/2016

I Miss My Squad

by Laura Webb on 4/28/2016
Team willingwanderers

Why the World Race????

by Leslie Burge on 4/28/2016

Humility Brings Gratefulness

by Kara Faber on 4/28/2016

These 11 months are Yours Jesus

by Cherish KIBLER on 4/28/2016

Until we meet again.....

by Johnny Russell on 4/28/2016

T-shirt fundraiser

by Jordan King on 4/28/2016

Change will come

by Allison Kennelly on 4/28/2016

The First of the Fundraising

by Jessica Scherb on 4/28/2016

Eight Down. One to Go.

by Hannah Hastings on 4/27/2016
Team daddy'sgirls

And Then it Rained

by Laurie King on 4/27/2016
Team be

Bolivia Video Recap!

by Anna Norman on 4/27/2016
Team favor

Everybody's Got a Loretto

by Natalie Gale on 4/27/2016
Team casaroca

"I see dead people..."

by Cameron Marshall on 4/27/2016
Team lospicantes

Trapped on the other side

by Aaron Moyer on 4/27/2016
Team empowered


by Hannah Bentley on 4/27/2016
Team kylo

Go Joyfully!

by Emily Platt on 4/27/2016

My Date and Time

by Brenna Gentzel on 4/27/2016

T- 157 Days 12 hours 7 minutes and 13 seconds

by Jazlyn Gonzalez on 4/27/2016

It costs HOW much??

by Ali Sidoran on 4/27/2016

|| Deceased: Jason Love Albano (Born April 27, 1994)

by Jason Love Albano on 4/27/2016

T-shirt Orders!

by Morgan Foldes on 4/27/2016