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Life on the Field Q&A

by Bonnie Bakewell on 6/1/2019
Team schondraggey connection

the world race didn’t fix me

by Anna Katherine Massey on 5/26/2019
Team testify

Sweetest of Seasons

by Destiny Brubaker on 5/26/2019
Team testify

World Race Highlight Reel

by Jesse Smothers on 5/26/2019
Team relentless

We Are Victory

by Emmy Davis on 5/26/2019
Team testify

what's next for moriah?

by Moriah Whitlow on 5/26/2019
Team kaleo

Swazi, you will be missed

by Nicole Riske on 5/26/2019
Team boulders


by Nicole Riske on 5/26/2019
Team boulders

How was your trip?

by Maggie Strubhar on 5/26/2019
Team boulders

Staying Present in the End

by Anna Goward on 5/26/2019
Team saahas

Jesus Freak: The Untold Story

by John David Goins on 5/26/2019
Team squadleaders

Take Care of My Creation

by Claire McIntosh on 5/26/2019
Team squadleader

I need you to sit with me.

by Megan Gabrielse on 5/26/2019
Team zolaish

Parental Guidance

by Caitlin Casey on 5/26/2019
Team aloha

Tattoos & Testimonies: Hope, Love, Faith

by Vickie Pantle on 5/26/2019
Team lss

Update: Life in Nicaragua!

by Farrah Soliman on 5/26/2019
Team lss

My Time in Costa Rica!

by Calin Medeiros on 5/26/2019
Team aloha

Lessons from the Garden.

by Lauren Kelly on 5/26/2019
Team lss

PVT: all the feels &more

by Mallory Price on 5/26/2019
Team vibe tribe

Update on life & FUNdraising

by Cassi Davis on 5/26/2019

Home is Where My Heart Is

by Jessica Akland on 5/26/2019
Team rakpak

So, I Heard You Went Camping?

by Katie Hammond on 5/26/2019
Team radiance

Of hiking and orphans

by Caleb Dawson on 5/26/2019
Team olive tree


by Emilie McNatt on 5/26/2019
Team deepa

Let Me Introduce You

by Colby Wayenberg on 5/26/2019
Team olive tree

Apologies for the Silence

by Tyler Inman on 5/26/2019
Team fly

Courage- Facing Fear of Public Speaking

by Katelyn Webb on 5/26/2019
Team fly

Wait!! What!? Wow.

by Ben Skaar on 5/26/2019
Team deepa


by Aleesa Byrne on 5/26/2019
Team fresh


by Arianna McMonagle on 5/26/2019
Team squad leaders

I Wrote a Blog Sam!!!

by Matthew Morris on 5/26/2019
Team guarder of heartz

10 Days til Training Camp

by Caitie Olson on 5/26/2019

The Trouble With Waiting

by Averie Armbrust on 5/26/2019

Something Tangible

by Lauren Munson on 5/26/2019

He not I

by Luis Lam on 5/25/2019
Team squad leader

what I have learned on the race!

by Hallie Moffitt on 5/25/2019
Team sisters

I’m not finishing the race.

by Hannah Acevedo on 5/25/2019
Team clo

I’m not finishing the race.

by Hannah Acevedo on 5/25/2019
Team clo

what’s next?

by Jaynna Strong on 5/25/2019
Team grafted

How the world race changed my life

by Grace DiGioia on 5/25/2019
Team kaleo


by Elli Gerber on 5/25/2019
Team selah

i’ll write a book one day

by Iggs Jaquette on 5/25/2019
Team to the wind

An open letter to J Church

by John Veal on 5/25/2019
Team squadleader

UPDATE : Serbia

by Claire McIntosh on 5/25/2019
Team squadleader

Sustained Relationships

by Riley mchenry on 5/25/2019
Team dragon's breath

Being Vulnerable

by Megan Gabrielse on 5/25/2019
Team zolaish

Pura Vida!

by Amanda Gillespie on 5/25/2019
Team aloha


by Jonathan Thorstad on 5/25/2019
Team lit

It Takes 7 to Tango

by Vanessa Donnamaria on 5/25/2019
Team spice girls

In My Humble Opinion

by Liv Moncrief on 5/25/2019
Team c3

More about me: Life as a Recovery Coach

by Benito Figueroa on 5/25/2019

My Trip to Cuba

by Benito Figueroa on 5/25/2019

The World Race: Before & After

by Natalie Edwards on 5/24/2019
Team mosaic

A Final Blog...

by Sarah Cartee on 5/24/2019
Team sisters

A Peculiar Habit

by Anna Pentermann on 5/24/2019
Team yeet

happy birthday jace !!!

by Paige Langley on 5/24/2019
Team towdah

How God Used the World Race to Change My Life

by Marguerite San Martino on 5/24/2019
Team grafted

All American Roadtrip

by Cindy Swenson on 5/24/2019
Team towdah

Tronos de Dios

by Cindy Swenson on 5/24/2019
Team towdah

The Neon Mountain

by Cindy Swenson on 5/24/2019
Team towdah


by Savanna Thomas on 5/24/2019
Team tribe

bye team BoB

by Caitlyn Buell on 5/24/2019
Team santacruz


by Kathryn Hamilton on 5/24/2019
Team adulam

I Call Him Papa

by Rachel Osmundson on 5/24/2019
Team tmi

The Joy of the Lord

by Megan Gabrielse on 5/24/2019
Team zolaish

An Open Letter to Beulah Baptist

by Jada Charlton on 5/24/2019
Team zolaish

J O flipping Y

by Megan Staten on 5/24/2019

The Familiarity of the Wilderness

by Mady Riedlinger on 5/24/2019
Team radiance