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It's been fun, Romania!

by Sarah Snyder on 7/24/2016
Team fullthrottle

TWR 6.1- TWR 6.9 ukraine

by dani izac on 7/23/2016
Team girl

Tea with Jesus

by Kimmy Laumann on 7/23/2016
Team gentle but fierce

100 miles per minute

by Olivia Collier on 7/23/2016

Exciting Updates!

by Michelle Cupp on 7/23/2016

The End?

by Rebecca Keys on 7/22/2016
Team intrepid

The End.

by Ashley Cook on 7/22/2016
Team steadfastpursuit


by Hannah Lin on 7/22/2016
Team onehope

On the horizon

by Nina McNerlin on 7/22/2016

God Set My Red Pants on Fire

by Nicole Wolf on 7/22/2016
Team team 1

MY Plans Aside.

by Erin Waggoner on 7/22/2016
Team the seven

Confirmations + Curveballs

by Kelsey Nerland on 7/22/2016

Being obedient isn't always easy..

by Mel Mayse on 7/22/2016

Why I Chose The World Race Over Grad School

by Christa Diaz on 7/22/2016

Video Update

by Becca Bronson on 7/22/2016

The "Why"

by Cristin Ratkowski on 7/22/2016

The "Why"

by Brad Ratkowski on 7/22/2016

Run Your Race

by Jordan King on 7/22/2016


by Kelli Wymore on 7/22/2016

Seated With Christ: Part 3

by David Hamilton on 7/21/2016
Team hungry

I'm Coming Home (Part 2)

by Kelly Thompson on 7/21/2016
Team proclamation

Through Miles of Missions

by Abel Ballew on 7/21/2016
Team pow

Malaysia - Month 8!

by Katie Needles on 7/21/2016
Team steadfastpursuit

Thailand/Cambodia - Month 7!

by Katie Needles on 7/21/2016
Team steadfastpursuit

Finishing Well.

by Courtney Cosgrove on 7/21/2016
Team steadfastpursuit

i have this fear.

by Libby Gray on 7/21/2016
Team tetelestai

I was blind, but now I see

by Jared Brundage on 7/21/2016

When God speaks through Disney movies.

by Emily Reutener on 7/21/2016

Finding Purpose

by Molly Rushmeyer on 7/21/2016

Mexico Flexico

by Kate Johnston on 7/21/2016


by Gurt Hoglund on 7/21/2016

Dear sweet child,

by Kylee Hall on 7/21/2016

New Route...

by Isaac VanDyk on 7/21/2016

Fundraising Update and Church Camp Experience

by Jared Celosse on 7/21/2016

"I am Stragado!"

by Tanner Hudson on 7/21/2016
Team newzion

6 Months Later (Whoops.)

by Kayla Moseley on 7/21/2016
Team prism

Pushing past impossible

by Pamela Christian on 7/21/2016
Team spinningarrow

Faces of the Crisis

by Lucie Vanderpyl on 7/21/2016
Team huzzah

My Long Lost Soul Sister

by Morgan Pratt on 7/21/2016
Team cubs of judah

The Hardest Goodbye

by Alicia Lannom on 7/21/2016
Team kintsu

Love Needs No Translation

by Irene Miniard on 7/21/2016
Team ethereal flames

$4,000 in 3 weeks?!

by Jennie Kate Clark on 7/21/2016

Two Roads Diverged

by Jonathan Hogue on 7/21/2016

Fair Trade and Fundraising

by Ally Hongkham on 7/21/2016

A Few Updates

by Allison Kennelly on 7/21/2016

That I May Rely On Your Faithfulness

by Eric Musil on 7/21/2016

Led by Feelings

by Kelsey Shears on 7/21/2016

Led by Feelings

by Jonathan Shears on 7/21/2016

"You are a Cageless Bird"...

by Megan Czerwinski on 7/20/2016
Team childlikeprophets

The Bad News

by DESTINY TROTTER on 7/20/2016
Team teampilgrim

The Beard

by Drew Steverson on 7/20/2016
Team rasqls

What's Next?

by Kenneth Martens on 7/20/2016
Team squad leaders

It is Finished

by Lindsay Anderson on 7/20/2016
Team eden

Not Fear, but Love

by Lupita Hernandez on 7/20/2016
Team no ragrets

WATER(balloon) WARS

by Victoria Rogers on 7/20/2016
Team tetelestai

Accidentally Gave My Heart Away

by Michelina Cozzetto on 7/20/2016

God's Perfect Plan

by Lindsay Makens on 7/20/2016

praises & provision

by Elizabeth Harper on 7/20/2016

A New Season

by Abigail Mullis on 7/20/2016

Come Deeper

by Emily Foor on 7/20/2016

Praise & Courage

by Megan Williamson on 7/20/2016
Team prism

How a trek in Nepal changed my perspective

by Megan Williamson on 7/20/2016
Team prism

My Questions About Adventure

by Luke Garmon on 7/20/2016
Team pup n suds

Keep Saying 'YES!'

by Emily Mills on 7/20/2016
Team rooted

Reality Check

by Reyna Smith on 7/20/2016
Team daughters undaunted

Brain Freeze

by Reyna Smith on 7/20/2016
Team daughters undaunted

Scariest Day of My Life

by Hannah Reynolds on 7/20/2016
Team hinematov

The soul-sister I never knew I had

by Hannah Beth Whitaker on 7/20/2016
Team qadashians

I Am Not Afraid, I Was Born To Do This

by Chrissy Casazza on 7/20/2016
Team 3125

21 days till training camp... Oh my gosh

by Sarah Roccaforte on 7/20/2016

Not I, But Us

by Katie Ogle on 7/20/2016


by Hannah Reid on 7/20/2016