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The Last One

by Jen Olson on 9/21/2018
Team fun bunch

Week One

by Trevor Pierce on 9/21/2018
Team relentless

Dios estaba aquí

by Jesse Smothers on 9/21/2018
Team relentless


by Alex Olson on 9/21/2018
Team relentless


by Andrew Serumgard on 9/21/2018
Team relentless

¿Qué es la "Pura Vida"?

by Logan Jackson on 9/21/2018
Team relentless

Old Memory

by Tikki Martinez on 9/21/2018
Team boz

This is Not a Vacation

by Annika Smith on 9/21/2018
Team kaleo

"Why Do You Love God?"

by Gracie Cottrill on 9/21/2018
Team grafted

week 1: we made a cooking show

by Grace DiGioia on 9/21/2018
Team kaleo


by Blake Sellers on 9/21/2018
Team band of brothers

First week in Ecuador

by Elijah Cordero on 9/21/2018
Team silverback

Life on the Back Hills of Ephesus

by John David Goins on 9/21/2018
Team squad leaders

Acts in Turkey

by Kathryn Moore on 9/21/2018
Team dreamworks

25 to life

by Makayla Barlow on 9/21/2018
Team vathos

machu picchu

by Ashton Mueller on 9/21/2018
Team strategicallyplaced

‘america cookie’

by Kelsey Weener on 9/21/2018
Team daughters of the light

coffee club

by Hadassah Tillotson on 9/21/2018
Team joy riders

Storyteller [video]

by Joelle Urquhart on 9/21/2018
Team daughters of the light

Heart Still Pounding

by Gina Marie Stull on 9/21/2018
Team daughtersofthelight

Head Above Water

by Tyler Burke on 9/21/2018
Team joy riders

Banana Pancakes [video]

by Joelle Urquhart on 9/21/2018
Team daughters of the light

Being Interrupted

by Oscar Romo on 9/21/2018
Team lit

Here's To Poppop

by Connor Gaul on 9/21/2018
Team lit


by Meagan Thompson on 9/21/2018
Team magictreehouse

Time is flying

by Debora Roethlisberger on 9/21/2018

Should I Do The World Race or Not?

by Zachary Larson on 9/20/2018
Team squadleader

The Best Defense

by Luke Troyanek on 9/20/2018
Team alumni team leader

Miracle Week!

by Alyssa Muntz on 9/20/2018
Team squad leaders

Last Recap!

by Megan McKinley on 9/20/2018
Team hot tamales

I am the Pinky Toe

by Natalie Edwards on 9/20/2018
Team mosaic

A Letter to Home

by McKenna Flood on 9/20/2018
Team mosaic

My New Home!

by Sky Grady on 9/20/2018
Team united t.ot.s.

Video: Week One

by Gracie Cottrill on 9/20/2018
Team grafted

Dish Duty

by Moriah Whitlow on 9/20/2018
Team kaleo

A look inside the days

by Elena De La Paz on 9/20/2018
Team grafted

Mama I Made It

by Marguerite San Martino on 9/20/2018
Team grafted

Giving From a Full Plate

by Jordan Kouri on 9/20/2018
Team band of brothers

It's Time for Africa!!!

by Heidi Wise on 9/20/2018
Team thegamechangers

Introducing Team FUEGO

by Hannah Gustafson on 9/20/2018
Team fuego

Meet Team Fuego [queso]

by Amanda Cadenhead on 9/20/2018
Team fuego

This New Team is on FIRE

by Kristy Keprta on 9/20/2018
Team fuego

I Put the "I" in Single

by Shelby Downing on 9/20/2018
Team squad leaders

Wait, the Early Church Started Here?

by Taylor Mastin Mastin on 9/20/2018
Team dreamworks

A super nice surprise

by Kailey Mattarella on 9/20/2018
Team taza

Uncle Brent

by Leah Stoeckel on 9/20/2018
Team half and half

"What Is Your Life?"

by Melissa Longoria on 9/20/2018
Team dreamworks


by Marah Kittelson on 9/20/2018
Team kintsugi

"Who are You?"

by Lakota Koller on 9/20/2018
Team kintsugi

Cusco, Peru

by Shelby Ross on 9/20/2018
Team burrito

I Hiked to Machu Picchu

by Mollie Jewett on 9/20/2018
Team agapevita

Why God... Why?

by Christy Gray on 9/20/2018
Team burrito

And in a instant, He spoke...

by Allison Bodle on 9/20/2018
Team joyriders


by Talia Stoddart on 9/20/2018
Team redeemed

Live in the Light

by Farrah Soliman on 9/20/2018
Team tercules

$5 Goes a Long Way!!

by Miguel Gonzalez on 9/20/2018
Team tercules

11 Months in 11 Days: Colombia

by Miguel Gonzalez on 9/20/2018
Team tercules

11 Months in 11 Days: Ecuador

by Miguel Gonzalez on 9/20/2018
Team tercules

Trust God Will Come Through

by Britt Lara on 9/20/2018
Team ahava


by Meagan Thompson on 9/20/2018
Team magictreehouse

Too much to put into words

by Meagan Kennedy on 9/20/2018
Team agape

Gearing Up!

by Kelly Fahnestock on 9/20/2018

Anti-bucket list

by Caleb Dawson on 9/20/2018

Why I Gotta Go

by Nathan Wasnich on 9/20/2018

How I Raised $1,000 in a Day (part 2)

by AshleyE Smith on 9/20/2018

Complete Abandonment or Settle for Comfortable?

by Zachary Heald on 9/20/2018

Trust in the Waiting

by Brittany Brackbill on 9/20/2018

One Month In

by Mackenzie Ropka on 9/20/2018

Divine Intervention

by Kearsten Frusti on 9/20/2018

Future World Racer

by Heaven Albritton on 9/20/2018

I'm Leaving America for 11 Months. Here's Why.

by Erin Johnson on 9/20/2018

My Jehovah Jireh

by Kearstin Cantrell on 9/20/2018


by Nick Richardson on 9/19/2018
Team guac

Cusco, Peru

by Alyssa Muntz on 9/19/2018
Team squad leaders

Dear Justin Bieber

by Bethany Grayczyk on 9/19/2018
Team 18p09afx

I'm Home

by Katie Mathews on 9/19/2018
Team son shine

fighter of the sea

by Morgan Wadsworth on 9/19/2018
Team alithenos

The Kickoff

by Tatyana Blair on 9/19/2018
Team soulwarriors

Life Here

by Cammy Thompson on 9/19/2018
Team yeet

6 days into a new life...

by Braiden Chalemin on 9/19/2018
Team yeet

How'd I get here?

by Anna Pentermann on 9/19/2018
Team yeet

The Family House

by Claire Hilton on 9/19/2018
Team yeet

i'm here. like, what?

by Sydney East on 9/19/2018
Team yeet

Thailand, Baby

by abbie Dickerson on 9/19/2018
Team soulwarriors


by Hannah Butkus on 9/19/2018
Team soulwarriors


by Gabby Raatz on 9/19/2018
Team n'sync

I'm here!

by Emma Krone on 9/19/2018
Team towdah

Meet Team Huzzah and Our Ministry

by Hannah Key on 9/19/2018
Team huzzah


by Gracie Chase on 9/19/2018
Team huzzah


by Gracie Chase on 9/19/2018
Team huzzah