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And I Will Walk 370 Miles

by Katie Freeman on 7/22/2019
Team sharkbait

Misfit’s Have Power

by Sarah Oliver on 7/22/2019
Team sharkbait

Ethiopia Recap Video

by Denae Simpson on 7/22/2019
Team 5.7.9.

I’m Not Going Home.

by Meagan Thompson on 7/22/2019
Team 5.7.9.

What is a Christian?

by Michelle Jamison on 7/22/2019
Team 5.7.9.

what i never knew i always needed

by Bailey King on 7/22/2019
Team unity

Training Camp

by Kenni Edwards on 7/22/2019

Post-Training Camp Journal Entry

by Zoe Rowland on 7/22/2019

Training Camp: A Rollercoaster

by Julia Washburn on 7/22/2019

Four Months in Asia

by Bethany Carter on 7/22/2019
Team rhodashians

I named a baby?

by Carly Moniz on 7/22/2019
Team branded

Don't Pray

by Jake Ormonde on 7/22/2019
Team olive tree

Final Blog

by Kaileigh Martin on 7/21/2019
Team testify

Face to Face

by Sydney Freed on 7/21/2019
Team huzzah

The Man Who Holds God's Hand

by Trevor Regan on 7/21/2019
Team oikonomos

What's Next

by Liz Slager on 7/21/2019
Team joy

Peru Update!

by Jordan Harrington on 7/21/2019
Team 19s07pe

Reflections of my Heart Part 2

by Gisele Buenaventura on 7/21/2019
Team tetelestai

the meaning of ministry

by Cami Chickonoski on 7/21/2019
Team squad leader

What do you want to know?

by Sharon Mosley on 7/21/2019
Team level up

Q&A: Help me, help you ;)

by Lauren Kelly on 7/21/2019
Team lss


by Rachel Miller on 7/21/2019
Team 3.2

meet my team!

by Chelsea Adamson on 7/21/2019
Team esther

Back from Training Camp

by Caden Boutwell on 7/21/2019

i survived 2 weeks of camping

by Emily Patton on 7/21/2019

who knew 10 days could change so much

by Nathan Mullis on 7/21/2019

All About Training Camp!

by Molly Miller on 7/21/2019

Humility from Humidity

by Lexi Hatten on 7/21/2019

Training Camp!!

by louisa Currie on 7/21/2019

Stretched for the Kingdom

by Grace Creed on 7/21/2019


by Jonathan Thorstad on 7/21/2019
Team lit

I Have Toenails

by Vanessa Donnamaria on 7/21/2019
Team spice girls

Thank You for the Fleas

by Jessica Akland on 7/21/2019
Team squad leaders

Reign in Me

by Jen Summy on 7/21/2019
Team fly

Love like never before

by Jacob Kane on 7/21/2019
Team corpus christi

Livin' la Pura Vida

by Jeffery Fain on 7/21/2019
Team mtvalor

Sweet Spot

by Shelby Gilbert on 7/21/2019
Team stream


by Jamie Hart on 7/21/2019
Team groot

Updated Support Letter

by Calla Rae Wier on 7/21/2019
Team overflow

The Good Father Provides

by Hayden Banks on 7/21/2019

Dodging Fiery Arrows

by Ryan Breakfield on 7/21/2019

I've Been Hiding Something from You

by Andrew Galea on 7/21/2019
Team fly

Wrapping up the Philippines

by Courtney Jackson on 7/20/2019
Team 19p01phi


by Emily Adams on 7/20/2019
Team squad leader

a fisherman and the carpenter

by Philip Wilson on 7/20/2019
Team silverback

Same Journey, New Season

by Rachel Cavender on 7/20/2019
Team lady bees

My 8th Favorite Thing

by Allie LaMalfa on 7/20/2019
Team bammm

My favorite day of the race

by Court Yerkes on 7/20/2019
Team tater tot

2 Magpies

by Kaylin Starbuck on 7/20/2019
Team splash

Coming Home

by Stacy Vega on 7/20/2019
Team egg

this is for you!

by Ashley Collins on 7/20/2019
Team level up

Life Today After the Genocide in Rwanda

by Jasmine Jaurigue on 7/20/2019
Team titan

Don't Be Selfish

by Marissa Morales on 7/20/2019
Team phoenix

Eye of the Tiger

by Bonnie Bakewell on 7/20/2019
Team titan

Our Split-Second Miracles

by Jaxson Bailey on 7/20/2019
Team men of god


by Paige Mattingley on 7/20/2019
Team p31

Training Camp General Debrief

by Hannah Sullivan on 7/20/2019
Team esther

Beauty of Delays & Missed Flights

by Kate Anderson on 7/20/2019

Training Camp

by Izac Grooms on 7/20/2019

My Training Camp Experience!

by Justin Seibert on 7/20/2019

Fully Funded!

by Ashlyn Shickley on 7/20/2019

eating crickets was NOT the craziest part

by Brooke Nantz on 7/20/2019


by Abby Bender on 7/20/2019

Last Country In Asia

by Tiffany Huss on 7/20/2019
Team rhodashians

Asia! What a Journey!

by Danie'lla Patterson on 7/20/2019
Team squad leaders

Average Day

by Ben Skaar on 7/20/2019
Team deepa

What's Wrong With Your ARMS?!?

by Whitney Munro on 7/20/2019
Team torch

I'm Ready To Quit

by Kylie Cain on 7/20/2019
Team torch

Roaming the Streets!

by Kelly Fahnestock on 7/20/2019
Team soar

to my Ohana

by Essie LaRocque on 7/20/2019
Team ohana


by Corryn Scharff on 7/20/2019

My Past and Present

by Alicia Cano on 7/20/2019

Joyous Day

by Fifina Lawrence on 7/20/2019

137 Blessings & Counting

by Alexandria Klimkoski on 7/19/2019
Team worldraceamerica

You are invited to story time!

by emili Silcox on 7/19/2019
Team saahas

Life back in the USofA

by Laney Culp on 7/19/2019
Team santacruz

An unexpected surprise!

by Mallory Garrett on 7/19/2019
Team tatertot

A Romanian Recap!!

by Meagan Thompson on 7/19/2019
Team 5.7.9.

I almost let myself get robbed!!!!

by Aundraya Wynne on 7/19/2019
Team 5.7.9.

Where’s The Bathroom?!

by Lauren Dean on 7/19/2019
Team blonde bond