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Bitter Sweet Endings, New Beginnings

by Rachael Villafane on 8/30/2016
Team atc frat

Month 12

by Rosie Schneider on 8/30/2016
Team snapcracklepop

Wait, I can grow after the Race?

by Emily Richardson on 8/30/2016
Team squad leaders


by Rachel (Rach) Nehring on 8/30/2016
Team daughtersofdignity

Unknown - Update from Albania

by Silas Westers on 8/30/2016
Team the edge

overwhelmed by Him

by Janie Wise on 8/30/2016
Team wildflowers

The Waiting Room

by Emily Reutener on 8/30/2016
Team uknighted

911 At Savannah's House

by Savannah Pearson on 8/30/2016

Training Camp

by Isaac VanDyk on 8/30/2016

Rancing in an Open Field

by Zoe Torres on 8/30/2016
Team hinematov

The Reality

by Savannah Joyal on 8/30/2016
Team beloveds

Freedom: an inconvenient misconception

by Braham Miller on 8/30/2016
Team meraki

Life in Lesotho

by Matt Chisenhall on 8/30/2016
Team encounter

The One With the Two Keys

by Katie Johnston on 8/30/2016
Team empowher

An Update on Abidjan

by Elizabeth Freeman on 8/30/2016
Team empowher

Wrapping it up in Cote D'Ivoire

by Pat Jarratt on 8/30/2016
Team nos amis

And it's only just begun!

by Amy Brule on 8/30/2016
Team fernweh

Training Camp

by Jenny Diaz on 8/30/2016

T-Shirts! T-Shirts! T-Shirts!

by Sarah Hopkins on 8/30/2016
Team joymeetsworld

Complacency is not an Option

by Harmony Houston on 8/30/2016
Team ele

FUNdraising isn't so FUN

by Emily Madden on 8/30/2016

Sowing Seeds Fundraiser

by Alisha Allen on 8/30/2016

Who am I and whats the World Race

by Klancy Baker on 8/30/2016


by Lexi Williams on 8/29/2016
Team nittygritty

The Job I Hate

by Keighty Patton on 8/29/2016
Team mensajeras

A Global God

by Max Scheffer on 8/29/2016
Team sojourners

Adios Antigua

by Mallory Hrehor on 8/29/2016
Team united pursuit

Join Me In Prayer

by Kyndal Cody on 8/29/2016
Team illuminators

So, why?

by Abbey Wyatt on 8/29/2016
Team wildflowers

Training Camp Pt. 1

by Abigail Mullis on 8/29/2016
Team junayuh

A hard week REDEFINED

by Alexis Guy on 8/29/2016

As If The Miracle Has Already Happened

by Taylor Camplin on 8/29/2016

Training Camp and Fundraising

by Tucker Stevens on 8/29/2016


by Abby McCane on 8/29/2016

Training Camp Broke Me

by Alyssa Hammett on 8/29/2016

"Dancing in Africa"

by Tanner Hudson on 8/29/2016
Team newzion

Part 2: "Adriano, It Was Jesus."

by Hayley Lundgren on 8/29/2016
Team squad leader


by Caitlin Rankins on 8/29/2016
Team squad leader

Give Grace.

by Ashlie Watson on 8/29/2016
Team abounding joy

BBQ or 5-Course Meal?

by Catie Sundberg on 8/29/2016
Team centurion

The book that was left behind.

by Abbigail Lambert on 8/29/2016
Team ao1

Meet Team Encounter

by Cara Lutes on 8/29/2016
Team encounter

Life Lessons in Lesotho

by Mary Cox on 8/29/2016
Team cubs of judah


by Lindsay Sullivan on 8/29/2016
Team qadashians

No more complaints

by Amy Larson on 8/29/2016
Team one pulse

We Live in an Orange House

by Katie Horst on 8/29/2016
Team gentle embers

You're Not Invited.

by Morgan Stewart on 8/29/2016
Team one pulse

Sealed in Christ

by Tera Bradham on 8/29/2016
Team 3125

A Man for the People - Alex Rocha

by Chrissy Casazza on 8/29/2016
Team 3125

I Am Learning To Be A Woman

by Kaitlyn Squanda on 8/29/2016
Team 3125

Ohana Means Family...

by Laura Webb on 8/29/2016
Team anchordepths

I ate a Cricket

by Crysahna Suarez on 8/29/2016
Team querencia

My Voice

by Marlin Jones Foster on 8/29/2016
Team tolmirós

Training Camp

by Donovan McCloskey on 8/29/2016
Team tolmirós

Training Camp Breakdown

by Katie Sadowski on 8/29/2016

As Your Child Claiming Peace

by Ali Thornton on 8/29/2016

Not today Satan.

by Delaney Bondi on 8/29/2016

for the weary

by Emily Allen on 8/29/2016

Mountainside Update

by Anna Beth Cook on 8/29/2016


by Lindsey Welch on 8/29/2016

A Billion Miles From Home.....

by Katie Sparks on 8/29/2016

Rest is all I need

by Agnes Willems on 8/29/2016

A year since the Year

by Anna Dubnow on 8/28/2016
Team riptide

Hamburgers and Migraines

by Crystal Avery on 8/28/2016
Team squad leaders

City on a hill: A Cambodia reflection

by Sarah Michel on 8/28/2016
Team august


by Lindsay Anderson on 8/28/2016
Team eden

Brothers and Sisters

by Kyle Petersen on 8/28/2016
Team edifly

Guat Life

by Joey Rhoden on 8/28/2016
Team illuminators

So Very Thankful

by Olivia Lyle on 8/28/2016
Team anthos

Training Camp

by Lindsey Denton on 8/28/2016

Training Camp

by Paul Duesing on 8/28/2016

Why am I really here?

by Alissa Van Arnam on 8/28/2016
Team relevantlove

A Letter to Month 1 Me

by Lindsey Moore on 8/28/2016
Team thunderbirds

Seek His Face

by Jess Aeppli on 8/28/2016
Team team 2