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Unchanging Love

by Casey Baxter on 12/5/2016
Team go rogue

A Very Late Thanksgiving

by Libby Gray on 12/5/2016
Team tetelestai

I Stand Amazed

by Libby Gray on 12/5/2016
Team tetelestai

Philippines Update!

by Emily Wilson on 12/5/2016
Team steadfast


by Madison BARROWMAN on 12/5/2016
Team recklessabandon

A Drunk's Cry For God

by Michelina Cozzetto on 12/5/2016
Team hosanna

Home is where the Heart is.

by Josiah Harden on 12/5/2016
Team gracealone

Grace like rain

by Liz Bredberg on 12/5/2016
Team adonaiamor

You can have it all

by Anna King on 12/5/2016
Team radiance

I'm getting married!

by Taylor Huffine on 12/5/2016
Team anthos

The 62 Books of My World Race

by Sean Falconer on 12/5/2016
Team fbg

Welcome to Africa

by Elizabeth Rowland on 12/5/2016
Team beloveds

Chosen to choose

by Gabby Wilson on 12/5/2016
Team encounter

India Adventures!!

by Pat Jarratt on 12/5/2016
Team nos amis

Life in India

by Stephanie Prinz on 12/5/2016
Team nos amis


by Cary Shaffer on 12/5/2016

My Letter

by Lynden Huffman on 12/5/2016

Marvel Again, My Darling

by Ashley Miller on 12/4/2016
Team mellow

I'm Going To...

by Haley Gritz on 12/4/2016
Team eden


by Rebekah Bouma on 12/4/2016
Team teamtied

I Should Be Mad at God

by Sydknee Denton on 12/4/2016
Team eshet chayil

Crazy Week

by Tyler Ambrose on 12/4/2016
Team tetelestai


by Annie Jansen on 12/4/2016
Team fruit basket

What is my life?

by Emily Reutener on 12/4/2016
Team hisvoice

I am a Sheep

by Abby McCane on 12/4/2016
Team eyes of grace

Extreme Response International

by Alyssa Neyer on 12/4/2016
Team eyes of grace

Grace and Thanks

by Lauren McLemore on 12/4/2016
Team rahab

A Million Things

by Tucker Stevens on 12/4/2016
Team collectivepursuit

The 11 to 12 Conundrum

by Elizabeth Weber on 12/4/2016
Team collectivepursuit

The Lights Are On

by Katie Crofford on 12/4/2016
Team kintsu

End of India

by Amy Larson on 12/4/2016
Team one pulse

Please, Please Don't Take My Picture

by Rashidat Odeyemi on 12/4/2016
Team valor

A Month of Fighting

by Hannah Erickson on 12/4/2016
Team 7watchers

Meant to be in Thailand...

by Bliz Ballesteros on 12/4/2016
Team 7watchers

My Month In Thailand

by Andy Haak on 12/4/2016
Team valor

Dancing with Anxiety

by Kayla Krynski on 12/4/2016
Team valor

Vietnam & Blog password

by Betsy Gottsacker on 12/4/2016
Team sisterhood

The Name Written in Blue Ink

by Betsy Gottsacker on 12/4/2016
Team sisterhood

A Time for Everything

by Ashley Soto on 12/4/2016
Team tolmirós

Nicaragua Broke My Heart, Part I

by Gracie Fueston on 12/4/2016
Team soul sisters

Hedge of Protection

by Maria Bayles on 12/4/2016
Team power house


by Annie Manning on 12/4/2016
Team ele


by Cary Shaffer on 12/4/2016

Friday Morning Prayers

by Trisha Ladd on 12/4/2016

Right On Time...

by Ramesha Haskins on 12/4/2016

Why to the What

by Kiana Yingst on 12/4/2016

Adopt-A-Box Fundraiser!!!

by Grace Buxman on 12/4/2016

I Really Do Deserve to Go to Hell

by Kay Barton on 12/3/2016
Team mosaic

Come and Listen

by Allison Hencke on 12/3/2016
Team furiouslove(squadleaders)

Unified for His Glory

by Allison Hencke on 12/3/2016
Team furiouslove(squadleaders)

Steep Hills and Lots of Mud

by Silas Westers on 12/3/2016
Team the edge

Reckless Abandon

by Leigh Anne Westra on 12/3/2016
Team reckless abandon

My Dad: A Truly Manly Man

by Devin Withrow on 12/3/2016
Team gracealone

May We Never Lose Our Wonder!

by Clarisse Eldridge on 12/3/2016
Team radiance

The Meaning of a Testimony

by Hannah Jones on 12/3/2016
Team eyesofgrace


by Stephanie Prinz on 12/3/2016
Team nos amis


by Eric Atchison on 12/3/2016
Team lorena

ocean tides and dreams

by Ruby Young on 12/3/2016
Team wildflowers

Don't Let Me Forget

by Donovan McCloskey on 12/3/2016
Team tolmirós

Off to 'nam! (+blog password)

by Ellie Hamstra on 12/3/2016
Team wildroots


by Alyssa Stapley on 12/3/2016
Team enabled

Life in Nepal...

by Victoria Dokter on 12/3/2016
Team meek and mighty


by Taylor Becvar on 12/3/2016
Team meekandmighty


by Taylor Becvar on 12/3/2016
Team meekandmighty

beautiful feet

by Bekah Jackson on 12/3/2016
Team wildroots

To every girl on the race

by Regina Russo on 12/3/2016
Team rover

It All Started With a Napkin

by Lyndsay Markert on 12/3/2016
Team joy meets world

Home Is Where The Heart Is

by Hope Ogle on 12/3/2016
Team ele

listen to the song of creation

by Callie Harmon on 12/2/2016
Team edifly

Life in the Mountain Kingdom

by Brandon Klever on 12/2/2016
Team team revenant

Give us today our daily bread

by Lauren Welsh on 12/2/2016
Team quinoa

The Party in Heaven

by Chloe Green on 12/2/2016
Team rahab

Learning to Love the Painting

by Lauren McLemore on 12/2/2016
Team rahab

Welcome to the Jungle

by Ryan Griffin on 12/2/2016
Team relentless

The T Word

by Jackie Halyard on 12/2/2016
Team suggies

Falling Victim

by Jackie Marquez on 12/2/2016
Team same same, but different

New Teams, New Continent!

by MariClaire Lake on 12/2/2016
Team galilee

To be Known

by Kimmy Laumann on 12/2/2016
Team gentle but fierce

It's Been Rad Hyderabad!

by Joni Wiley on 12/2/2016
Team empowher