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Carepoint Video!

by Haley Wubs on 4/13/2017
Team manna

I Love Ya Sis, I'll See You In Heaven

by Ali Sinclair on 3/25/2017
Team eden

The Pursuit of Jesus

by Katie Meredith on 3/25/2017
Team abundant pursuit

Compassion Projects

by Becca Bronson on 3/25/2017
Team ahavachara

Fun in the Sun

by Lindsey Welch on 3/25/2017
Team themelios

Dear Nepal -

by Mikayla Pearson on 3/25/2017
Team ahavachara

Dear Mom,

by Katie Sparks on 3/25/2017
Team ahavachara

Are you Listening yet?

by Quinn Diaz on 3/25/2017
Team joyfulfortitude

Salt Life: I'm Moving to Utah!

by Kody Adcock on 3/24/2017
Team jubilee

One Month Left??

by Mady Allen on 3/24/2017
Team relentless pursuit

My Not So Luxurious Island Life

by Shania Morse on 3/24/2017
Team sherpas

Halfway gone

by brooke Cope on 3/24/2017
Team agape

A letter worth a thousand tears

by brooke Cope on 3/24/2017
Team agape

The 24 year old freshman

by brooke Cope on 3/24/2017
Team agape

Gang squad on the corner

by brooke Cope on 3/24/2017
Team agape

Stand and deliver

by brooke Cope on 3/24/2017
Team agape

The Kingdom of God

by Ethan Lintemuth on 3/24/2017
Team prism

The F Word

by Laura Webb on 3/24/2017
Team dynamicpursuit

The Race is Always an Adventure

by Michaela Hennagir on 3/24/2017
Team agape

Ohhhhh Ohhhh! We're Half-Way There!

by Michaela Hennagir on 3/24/2017
Team agape

Hello From Zambia!!

by Michaela Hennagir on 3/24/2017
Team agape

Singing in class!

by Michaela Hennagir on 3/24/2017
Team agape

To The Boys Who’ve Hurt Me

by Kristen McLaughlin on 3/24/2017
Team fuerte

The House on the Sand went Splat

by SaraLou Neville on 3/24/2017
Team kindred bow

Breaking Bread

by Dara Kolar on 3/24/2017
Team los mensajeros

Praying in the Prison Yard

by Haylee Butler on 3/24/2017
Team pax vobiscum

Bienvenidos a Peru!

by John Hopkins on 3/24/2017
Team septum parabalani

A hope for the orphans

by Austin Fowler on 3/24/2017
Team doggs of zion


by Alisha Allen on 3/24/2017
Team god's magnolias

Madagascar - First Impressions

by Jenny Walsh on 3/24/2017
Team ignite

Roll Call!

by Baileigh Millender on 3/24/2017
Team deep wells

Swaziland Ministry 1/3: Pool Hall

by Kevin Crow on 3/24/2017
Team manna

Swazi Home Photo Summary

by Kevin Crow on 3/24/2017
Team manna


by Janibel Ramirez on 3/24/2017
Team joyfulfortitude

Snacks and Snarks - Episode 1

by Saraya Stewart on 3/24/2017
Team rhemas

Special Needs, Special Indeed

by Jessica Ganci on 3/24/2017
Team ahavachara

Distribution Day

by Rachel Wenger on 3/24/2017
Team gentle warriors

Simple Obedience, it Changes History.

by Lynna Scarborough on 3/24/2017

Expecting the Expected.

by Savannah Stoker on 3/24/2017

One Chapter closes...The next One has just begun!

by Heather Russell on 3/24/2017

My New Tattoo: A Symbol of God's Guidance

by Austin Lear on 3/24/2017

I am a control FREAK...who knew!

by Jenny Kordelski on 3/24/2017

Our Coffee Conversation: World Race Edition

by Ashlyn Hermann on 3/24/2017

My Life in Cambodia

by Maggie Gibson on 3/23/2017
Team beehive

The Infamous Pit

by Alex LeVasseur on 3/23/2017
Team overflow


by Kerri Klenkel on 3/23/2017
Team the j-walkers

So... What's Next?

by Nichole Rodriguez on 3/23/2017
Team wildflowers

breaking down tents

by Ashleigh Kincade on 3/23/2017
Team arroz y frijole


by Vicky Kaniaru on 3/23/2017
Team squad leader


by Kailaa Heaney on 3/23/2017
Team rooted


by Morgan Simmons on 3/23/2017
Team s.w.e.g.

Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia [photos]

by Kaitlyn Squanda on 3/23/2017
Team free fall

Redefining Femininity

by Chrissy Casazza on 3/23/2017
Team hygge


by SJ Cork on 3/23/2017
Team s.w.e.g.

What an African bus ride is like

by Haley Huckabee on 3/23/2017
Team prism

The Zimbabwe low-down

by Haley Huckabee on 3/23/2017
Team prism

Pray with Me Through Change

by Hillarie Sweeney on 3/23/2017
Team selah

The Thai Breakfast Club

by Jonathan Hogue on 3/23/2017
Team parkour

This Story is COCONUTS!!!

by Kelsey Nerland on 3/23/2017
Team capture

5 Senses of Colombia

by Megan Anderson on 3/23/2017
Team hazaq

Month 2: Ecuador

by Trevor Christianson on 3/23/2017
Team hazaq

The Best Adventure Day

by Nathan Mansuetti on 3/23/2017
Team hazaq

What the Starbucks?

by Stephen Carver on 3/23/2017
Team hazaq

Peruvian Connoisseur

by Joey Hehn on 3/23/2017
Team paxvobiscum

Stripped Away

by Kayleigh Richards on 3/23/2017
Team hazaq

Hearing From the Lord

by Nathan Mansuetti on 3/23/2017
Team hazaq

An Afternoon With 3 Year-Olds

by Alyssa Wesselmann on 3/23/2017
Team pax vobiscum

Toilets of the world

by Amy Bird on 3/23/2017
Team firebrands

A Saxophone in Madagascar

by Jake Mizner on 3/23/2017
Team manna

Route Change!!!

by Jessie Sheneman on 3/23/2017
Team firebrands

3.23.17 Update

by Tyler Nash on 3/23/2017
Team deep wells

The Hero of This Story

by Becky Jackson on 3/23/2017
Team god's magnolias

I Found Him in Her Eyes

by Hannah Reid on 3/23/2017
Team manna