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September 29th, 2016

by Amy Wagner on 9/30/2016
Team shalom

Good Times and Lessons Learned

by Caleb Jones on 9/29/2016
Team the edge

The Blessing of a Swingset

by Devin Withrow on 9/29/2016
Team regnumdei

Sometimes I Talk About It

by Tiffany Castro on 9/29/2016
Team junayuh

I Saw Jesus on the Cross

by Monica Barbour on 9/29/2016
Team rooted

A Letter to my Work Family

by Elizabeth Weber on 9/29/2016
Team charismata

Discontent yet Satisfied

by Taylor Camplin on 9/29/2016
Team relentless

I am strong & full of life.

by Taylor Baker on 9/29/2016
Team eyes of grace

I'm A Witness: Day Eight

by Sydney Newland on 9/29/2016
Team rahab

Dear End of World Race Me, Part 9

by Dee Dee Peters on 9/29/2016
Team r.a.m.s.

Imagine this. . .

by Thomas Ruhland on 9/29/2016
Team team 3

Camp Fire Cooking

by Abbigail Lambert on 9/29/2016
Team ao1

The One where Its Not Easy

by Katie Johnston on 9/29/2016
Team empowher

Sandy Shores

by Tanna Becker on 9/29/2016
Team misfits

I Gave My Bible Away

by Morgan Mahan on 9/29/2016
Team empowher

Sowing Seeds

by Dylan Borst on 9/29/2016
Team misfits

God Answered a Prayer in one day

by Fabian Cortez on 9/29/2016
Team wildabouts

How did I get here?

by Katelyn Earhart on 9/29/2016
Team meek & mighty

No Turning Back

by Christen Brown on 9/29/2016
Team authentic daughters

Thy Will Be Done

by Harmony Houston on 9/29/2016
Team ele

First Goal Met - Training Camp Bound!

by Kalie Stier on 9/29/2016

"Dream Passionately, My Darling"

by Krystal Frias on 9/29/2016

"Dream Passionately, My Darling"

by Eric Frias on 9/29/2016

100 Days Til Launch

by Saraya Stewart on 9/29/2016

Why the World Race?

by Emma Parker on 9/29/2016

Light the path

by Justin Harsdorf on 9/28/2016
Team squadleaders

Thailand Video

by Kelsey Pelletier on 9/28/2016
Team mensajeras

In Three Days: Being Called Higher

by Katie Rhodes on 9/28/2016
Team junayuh


by Clarisse Eldridge on 9/28/2016
Team radiance

best 10 days of my life

by Catie Rogers on 9/28/2016
Team rooted

Money Honey: Day Seven

by Sydney Newland on 9/28/2016
Team rahab

Thailand ups and downs

by Michelle Bond on 9/28/2016
Team the j-walkers

A blog about day to day love

by Ariana Beel on 9/28/2016
Team speedriders

Syrian diaries

by Kelsey Brown on 9/28/2016
Team legion of boom

Far different than expected

by Kendall Brennan on 9/28/2016
Team boom

Choose In

by Kendall Brennan on 9/28/2016
Team boom

Choose Light

by Paige Harris on 9/28/2016
Team sisterhood

The 4-1-1 (Details!)

by Marisa Jacobson on 9/28/2016
Team authentic daughters


by Jessica Taylor on 9/28/2016

Better Late than Never

by William Olds-Benton on 9/28/2016

The Unexpected Beginning

by Cassidy Cassidy on 9/28/2016


by Mel Mayse on 9/28/2016


by Eric Musil on 9/28/2016

This Is What I'm Doing: World Race 2017

by Marie Knudstrup on 9/28/2016

Racing To The Starting Line

by Gina Hafer on 9/28/2016

Racing To The Starting Line

by Aaron Hafer on 9/28/2016

We Cry Out

by Paige Deur on 9/28/2016

G42 Support Needed

by Saraya Lyons on 9/27/2016
Team marrow


by Maggie Barth on 9/27/2016
Team daughters of dignity

Are you salty or nah

by Sydney Johnson on 9/27/2016
Team edifly


by Kylee Hall on 9/27/2016
Team triumph

Safety: Day Six

by Sydney Newland on 9/27/2016
Team rahab

Intentional Choices

by Mikayla Bedward on 9/27/2016
Team triumph

Leaving the country & whatnot

by Taylor Baker on 9/27/2016
Team eyes of grace

Training Camp

by Savannah Bauer on 9/27/2016
Team tetelestai

Moses McNuggets

by Janelly Chavez on 9/27/2016
Team conquistadoras

Better Late Than Never

by Micah Cain on 9/27/2016
Team speedriders

Better Late Than Never

by Micah Cain on 9/27/2016
Team speedriders

Walking in Freedom

by Elizabeth Rowland on 9/27/2016
Team beloveds

Lesotho: Oh, the people you'll meet

by Braham Miller on 9/27/2016
Team meraki

Don't Go to Work

by Chandler McKinney on 9/27/2016
Team qadashians

Shoes of a Missionary

by Dylan Weaver on 9/27/2016
Team cubs of judah

Notice Me! Please?

by Dantastic Sprando on 9/27/2016
Team cubs of judah

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

by Steph Lang on 9/27/2016
Team onepulse

Choosing Hope For a Hopeless Country

by Kaitlyn Squanda on 9/27/2016
Team 3125