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by Tristen Everett on 6/11/2019

Not Today

by Alayna Wood on 6/8/2019

Typical Doesn't Satisfy

by Lauren Munson on 6/7/2019

The World Race?!!

by Jackie Ivarsson on 6/7/2019

There's Been a Slight Change of Direction...

by Claire Christenson on 6/6/2019

Come with Me

by Keelee Boudreaux on 6/5/2019

Love is Blind?

by Shea Hancock on 6/5/2019

Racing for India

by Jerome Beers on 5/29/2019

The Father's Endless Love... He Reunited Me With...

by Krystina Holquin on 5/28/2019

Something Tangible

by Lauren Munson on 5/26/2019

The Harvest of Discipline

by Scott Tinsley on 5/24/2019

Trusting the Impossible

by Casie Dingman on 5/22/2019

Will You Go?

by Victoria Groves on 5/20/2019

It is all an identity crisis.

by Joe Harty on 5/19/2019

A New Chapter

by Jenn Paris on 5/18/2019

Happy Endings

by Shea Hancock on 5/17/2019

God's calling at a young age

by Lene Melchi on 5/17/2019

Restore Us Oh God!

by Scott Tinsley on 5/8/2019

Growing Where We're Planted

by Casie Dingman on 5/4/2019

The First of Many

by Scott Tinsley on 4/22/2019

Beyond the Horizon

by Jenn Paris on 4/22/2019

More Than A Servant

by Casie Dingman on 4/21/2019

Choosing Your Response

by Hollyn Bedford on 4/18/2019

Healing for the Calloused Heart

by Casie Dingman on 4/16/2019

Members of His Household

by Emily Schmalz on 4/15/2019

Prayer works

by Joe Harty on 4/14/2019


by Shea Hancock on 4/14/2019

The Beginning of the Race

by Casie Dingman on 4/10/2019

No matter what

by Ddog Howard on 4/9/2019

Contentment leads to World Racer

by Claire Christenson on 4/8/2019

The Golden Key

by Krystina Holquin on 4/5/2019

The Journey Begins...

by Jac Ritzman on 4/1/2019

Opening day

by Tristen Everett on 3/31/2019

Frogs?, prayer, and missionaries

by Tristen Everett on 3/15/2019

When healing happens.

by Joe Harty on 3/7/2019

What in the world is the World Race?

by Alayna Wood on 2/26/2019

Wold race October 2019

by Jared Nash on 2/13/2019

When God radically shifts your direction

by Joe Harty on 2/6/2019

Eyes Opened Wide

by Victoria Groves on 2/5/2019

Big game

by Tristen Everett on 2/3/2019

A Resignation Letter and an Identity Crisis

by Jami McConnell on 1/27/2019

Why me

by Tristen Everett on 1/13/2019

Becoming Vulnerable

by Ddog Howard on 1/11/2019

New year

by Ddog Howard on 1/5/2019

6 months to the world race

by Ddog Howard on 12/6/2018

Am I Willing to Give It All Up?

by Jami McConnell on 12/1/2018

Hostage or warrior

by Ddog Howard on 11/11/2018

Where are you sending me now?

by Esther Kim on 11/1/2018

Humble yourself and let God do his thing.

by Ddog Howard on 10/13/2018

Rise From the Fire Within

by Jami McConnell on 10/10/2018

Living My Best Life Full of Reckless Abandon

by Jami McConnell on 9/1/2018

I Cannot Do This Alone

by Jami McConnell on 8/26/2018

So You're Leaving Teaching? Pt. 1

by Jami McConnell on 8/6/2018

So You’re Leaving Teaching? Pt. 2

by Jami McConnell on 8/6/2018