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Guard Your Hearts

by Benito Figueroa on 8/20/2019

Gardening… How God Has Shown Me So Much!

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 8/11/2019


by Sabrina Wegner on 8/11/2019

Friday 8/9/2019 Prayer

by Benito Figueroa on 8/9/2019

Thursday 8/8/2019

by Benito Figueroa on 8/8/2019

Wednesday 8/7/2019

by Benito Figueroa on 8/7/2019

Tuesday Morning Prayer

by Benito Figueroa on 8/6/2019


by Rebekah Basily on 8/6/2019

Pray. Pray. Pray.

by Benito Figueroa on 8/5/2019

A Short Update

by Sabrina Wegner on 8/5/2019

Giving everything for the greatest treasure

by Ryan Breakfield on 7/23/2019

We Wont Always Reside On The Mountain Top

by Benito Figueroa on 7/22/2019

Dodging Fiery Arrows

by Ryan Breakfield on 7/21/2019

2020 Vision

by Ryan Breakfield on 7/18/2019

11 in 11: Nicaragua-Turkey

by Hannah Sombeck on 7/16/2019

T-shirts are in!

by Benito Figueroa on 7/16/2019


by Ryan Breakfield on 7/15/2019

Family & Friends !

by Benito Figueroa on 7/13/2019

Flying to training for FREE!

by Ryan Breakfield on 7/9/2019

T shirt fundraiser to pay for SHOTS!

by Ryan Breakfield on 7/7/2019

How Did I Get Here?

by Kellie Schlangen on 7/7/2019

Selling your Possessions

by Erica Jenkins on 7/7/2019


by Bethaney Sjoquist on 7/4/2019

Adopt a Box

by Kellie Schlangen on 7/1/2019

God has been teaching me about community

by Ryan Breakfield on 6/25/2019

Embracing Change

by Hannah Sombeck on 6/24/2019


by Kellie Schlangen on 6/10/2019

Chreaster to Christian

by Connor McGough on 6/10/2019


by Sabrina Wegner on 6/4/2019

Here I Am, Send Me!

by Hannah Sombeck on 5/31/2019

Be where your feet are

by Angie Becerra on 5/31/2019

Countdown to Change

by Erica Jenkins on 5/27/2019

My Trip to Cuba

by Benito Figueroa on 5/25/2019

First Gear Donation!

by Ryan Breakfield on 5/23/2019

Let this journey begin!

by Rebekah Basily on 5/20/2019

Weekly update

by Benito Figueroa on 5/20/2019

Why Missions?

by Benito Figueroa on 5/20/2019

Where are You Sending Me Again?

by Sabrina Wegner on 5/20/2019

Who He Made Me To Be

by Kristen Middleton on 5/16/2019


by Ryan Breakfield on 5/12/2019

Preparing for World Race

by Benito Figueroa on 5/12/2019

Some Photos!

by Benito Figueroa on 5/10/2019

About Me

by Ryan Breakfield on 5/10/2019

Answer the Call

by Connor McGough on 5/7/2019

The Great Commission

by Sabrina Wegner on 5/4/2019

About The World Race

by Isaac Wold on 4/22/2019

Remembering His Promises, He Is Risen!!

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 4/21/2019


by Katie Peterson on 4/16/2019

The First Thank You of Many

by Sabrina Wegner on 4/16/2019

My Partner in Serving the Kingdom

by Sabrina Wegner on 4/13/2019

Learning and Growing

by Kristen Middleton on 3/24/2019

Change of Plans!

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 3/19/2019


by Katie Peterson on 3/15/2019


by Kellie Schlangen on 3/2/2019

Why it is Hard to Go, But Why I Listen

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 1/10/2019

Merry Christmas!

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 12/26/2018

Thank you and Prayer Requests!

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 12/19/2018

The Start of the Journey. The Next Chapter.

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 11/17/2018