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October 2019 Route 1   Meet the Squad


by Kaitlynn Heil on 6/24/2019

Setting Up For Goodbye

by Niecey Odom on 6/18/2019

Answers to Your Questions

by Maia Ehrgott-Jenkins on 6/18/2019

Where Faith meets the Grain

by Lycia Mathis on 6/18/2019

Sometimes, I Don't Want To Go

by Adi Coe on 6/16/2019

Peru to Malaysia

by Kayla Gulley on 6/15/2019

June Update

by AD Daniels on 6/11/2019

God's Promises, Our Faith

by Lycia Mathis on 6/11/2019

The faith of a Mustard Seed

by Lycia Mathis on 6/6/2019

"Take Rest"

by Anna Duckstein on 6/4/2019

Build an Altar

by April Knab on 6/3/2019

Why the World Race?

by Amanda Young on 5/31/2019


by Kayla Gulley on 5/29/2019

The Preparation Process

by Lycia Mathis on 5/28/2019

"What’s this? A self portrait?"-Spy Kids

by Matt Stuart on 5/19/2019

New Life

by Niecey Odom on 5/14/2019

Help me, please!

by Lycia Mathis on 5/14/2019

Leaving Grad School Behind

by Kayla Gulley on 5/13/2019

Why The World Race

by Kayla Gulley on 5/10/2019

What's it worth?

by Matt Stuart on 5/8/2019

October Route 1

by Lycia Mathis on 5/7/2019

Why the World Race?

by Kaitlynn Heil on 5/6/2019

My first Mission trip

by Lycia Mathis on 4/30/2019

T-Shirts and Fundraising!

by Kaci Larick on 4/23/2019

Lost and Found

by Lycia Mathis on 4/23/2019


by Ethan Patenaude on 4/16/2019

Follow me, He says

by Lycia Mathis on 4/16/2019

Finding Significance

by Anna Duckstein on 4/12/2019

All I can say is WOW!

by Shauny Gordon on 4/10/2019

How God led me to The Race

by Lycia Mathis on 4/9/2019

Look up, Child! (BIG NEWS)

by sammiera Long on 4/8/2019
Team young royalz

When The Unthinkable Happens...

by Kaci Larick on 4/6/2019

Support Letter

by Niecey Odom on 4/5/2019

[Fun]draising Update!

by Kristen Duguay on 3/20/2019

Leaving Comfort for Calling

by April Knab on 3/15/2019

Spreading Love to the World

by Zachari Bultman on 3/15/2019

The Heart is The Wick

by Maia Ehrgott-Jenkins on 3/11/2019

The Bittersweet Goodbye

by Anna Duckstein on 3/6/2019

10 Reasons Why

by Kaci Larick on 3/2/2019

There might actually be some running

by Matt Stuart on 3/2/2019

God of Impossibilities

by Jeremiah Coleman on 2/25/2019

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

by Kaci Larick on 2/20/2019

Wondering, Waiting, and Why the World Race

by Megan Maloney on 2/19/2019

Ready, Set, Go!

by Kaci Larick on 2/17/2019

God's Plan Prevails

by Kristen Duguay on 2/16/2019

Live Undignified

by Ethan Patenaude on 2/13/2019

Why in the world am I doing this?

by Niecey Odom on 2/13/2019

Life in Thailand

by Anna Duckstein on 2/5/2019

Staring at a Blank Page

by sammiera Long on 1/16/2019
Team young royalz

Holding On

by AD Daniels on 1/7/2019

Tattoos & Jesus

by AD Daniels on 1/6/2019


by AD Daniels on 1/5/2019

To Tip or Not to Tip

by AD Daniels on 1/4/2019

Commitment to Community

by AD Daniels on 1/3/2019

Car Accident

by Zachari Bultman on 1/3/2019

One Year of Blog Posts

by AD Daniels on 1/2/2019

What is the World Race?

by Catherine Lucas on 1/1/2019

Why The World Race

by AD Daniels on 12/18/2018

Reasons I am NOT Going On the World Race

by Zachari Bultman on 12/9/2018

Adopt A Box

by Zachari Bultman on 12/3/2018

Questions that led to a BIG LEAP OF FAITH

by Anna Duckstein on 12/2/2018

The World What? Why?

by Maia Ehrgott-Jenkins on 12/2/2018

Until all have heard

by Kristen Duguay on 11/30/2018

How Did the Lord Lead Me Here?

by Zachari Bultman on 11/27/2018

Training Camp pt. 2

by sammiera Long on 11/16/2018
Team young royalz

Training Camp Pt.1

by sammiera Long on 11/12/2018
Team young royalz


by sammiera Long on 9/8/2018
Team young royalz

Financial Preparation

by sammiera Long on 8/18/2018
Team young royalz

Spiritual Preparation

by sammiera Long on 7/16/2018
Team young royalz