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A Prophet's Request

by Ian Pierron on 2/15/2019

Who Do You Love?

by Laura Kolander on 2/10/2019

175 Days Until Launch

by Rebecca Gutierrez on 2/6/2019

your WHAT? and my reason WHY!

by Jewel Macauley on 2/5/2019

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Ian Pierron on 2/5/2019

How The Lord Revealed My Calling

by Jake Lanferman on 2/5/2019

hands & feet

by Kati Simpson on 2/4/2019

Big game

by Tristen Everett on 2/3/2019

When You Meet Me

by Sarah Pierce on 1/25/2019

Here's Why

by Aspen Kelley on 1/22/2019

What is the World Race? (My first blog!)

by Jake Lanferman on 1/17/2019


by Rebecca Gutierrez on 1/14/2019

Why me

by Tristen Everett on 1/13/2019

Awaking Passion

by Laura Kolander on 1/3/2019

Leaving My Comfort Zone

by Laura Leigh Armstrong on 1/3/2019

The Call

by Elijah Arns on 12/31/2018

The Big F Word

by Rebecca Gutierrez on 12/28/2018

My Cup Overflows...

by Hannah Marsh on 12/28/2018

One Step Closer

by Dylan Phelps on 12/27/2018

God's Plan, Not Ours

by Victoria Quinata on 12/8/2018

God's Plan, Not Ours

by John Quinata on 12/8/2018

Why the World Race

by Laura Kolander on 12/1/2018

How I Was Called To The Mission Field!

by Hannah Marsh on 11/25/2018

Why, Because Heart and Hands

by Rebecca Gutierrez on 11/22/2018

Guess what, Mom? I'm quitting my job!

by Sarah Pierce on 11/17/2018

Growth in Every Opportunity

by Laura Leigh Armstrong on 11/17/2018

Testimony and Fundraising

by Tiffany Harsh on 11/9/2018


by Dylan Phelps on 11/6/2018

In the beginning...

by Tiffany Harsh on 10/10/2018

This Is Only the Beginning

by Laura Leigh Armstrong on 10/6/2018

Life before

by Austin Goss on 6/26/2018