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August 2019 Route 3   Meet the Squad

World Race Training Camp - X Squad

by Ben Van Neste on 6/26/2019

World Race Training Camp

by Brieanne Kluck on 6/24/2019

Exciting new route change

by Haley Vaughan on 6/23/2019

The One About Training Camp

by Averie Armbrust on 6/22/2019

Why the World Race?

by Jamie Fletcher on 6/22/2019

Fundraiser: The Giving Back Baskets

by Khurry Bullard on 6/21/2019

Training Camp... A Game Changer to Say the Least.

by Nicole Mitchell on 6/20/2019

It's finally starting to feel real!!

by Layne Seland on 6/19/2019

Training Camp in a Nutshell

by Carley Travis on 6/18/2019

How to Win a War

by Brandi Griffith on 6/18/2019


by Bowen Terrill on 6/18/2019

Drowning Out Doubt At Training Camp

by Jeff Allsbrooks on 6/18/2019

All Things Training Camp

by Autum Clark on 6/17/2019


by Kearstin Cantrell on 6/17/2019

Missionary boot camp

by Haley Vaughan on 6/16/2019

The Ultimate Sacrifice

by Kacie Caudle on 6/5/2019

Why I'm Doing The World Race

by Kearstin Cantrell on 6/5/2019

5 reasons why I am going on the world race

by Tenaya Hazen on 6/5/2019

Why the World Race: X Squad Edition

by Hannah Baird on 6/5/2019

Why I am Going on The World Race

by Liesl Carlson on 6/5/2019

Training Camp and Trials of Life

by Brandi Griffith on 6/5/2019

5 reasons why I am not doing the world race

by Haley Vaughan on 6/5/2019

Training Camp, WHATTTT

by Layne Seland on 6/4/2019


by Khurry Bullard on 6/2/2019

The Trouble With Waiting

by Averie Armbrust on 5/26/2019

Support Letter & Deadlines

by Calla Wier on 5/22/2019

It's getting closer/ Emotions

by Tenaya Hazen on 5/21/2019

"How Do Your Parents Feel?"

by Carley Travis on 5/20/2019

The Time is Here

by Skylar Hubbard on 5/20/2019

ROUTE CHANGE: Where Am I Going?

by Averie Armbrust on 5/19/2019

Two Weeks Away

by Liesl Carlson on 5/18/2019

How Are You Feeling?

by Adam Hickerson on 5/17/2019

Don't Freak Out!!!

by Khurry Bullard on 5/17/2019

My First Mission Trip

by Brieanne Kluck on 5/17/2019

How Do I Pick?!

by Autum Clark on 5/15/2019

Thoughts from a Plane

by Hannah Baird on 5/15/2019

"God, what if I don't want the lemons?"

by Irma Vargas on 5/14/2019

On to the Next Chapter

by Nicole Mitchell on 5/11/2019

In Omnia Paratus

by Kearstin Cantrell on 5/9/2019

The end of an era

by Allison Crasi on 5/9/2019

The final countdown begins...

by Ally Roeda on 5/9/2019

The final countdown begins...

by Austin Roeda on 5/9/2019

Time to Prepare for Training Camp

by Ailie Davidson on 5/9/2019

Show & Tell

by Khurry Bullard on 5/6/2019

One Month Until Training Camp!

by Brieanne Kluck on 5/6/2019

Fundraising in FULL FORCE

by Haley Vaughan on 5/5/2019

Scaredy Cat

by Carley Travis on 5/1/2019

Living Now

by Haley Vaughan on 4/30/2019

Radical Faith

by Chandler Adams on 4/29/2019

He Always Knows

by Jeff Allsbrooks on 4/29/2019

13.1 N 2:18

by Khurry Bullard on 4/28/2019


by Jeevan Vase on 4/22/2019

Savoring Moments: Preparation Update #2

by Austin Roeda on 4/22/2019

Savoring Moments: Preparation Update #2

by Ally Roeda on 4/22/2019

I Am Judas

by Autum Clark on 4/19/2019

Southeast Asia Breakdown.

by Erin Johnson on 4/16/2019

My Path to Christ and The World Race

by Jeff Allsbrooks on 4/15/2019

On Fear and Abundant Life

by Kearstin Cantrell on 4/12/2019

Four Months until Launch

by Brandi Griffith on 4/8/2019


by Elaina Schnelle on 4/6/2019

Thoughts & Fundraising Updates :)

by Autum Clark on 4/1/2019

Trials and Resolutions

by Layne Seland on 3/31/2019


by Bowen Terrill on 3/31/2019

Facing Giants & Walking on Water

by Liesl Carlson on 3/30/2019

Why Is Fundraising So Hard?

by Brieanne Kluck on 3/30/2019


by Bowen Terrill on 3/27/2019

The Run B4 The Race Fundraiser

by Khurry Bullard on 3/25/2019


by Tenaya Hazen on 3/24/2019

Roots in Agriculture

by Carley Travis on 3/21/2019

Here we go

by Layne Seland on 3/18/2019

The best things in life are unforeseen

by Allison Crasi on 3/15/2019

Honesty Hour

by Brandi Griffith on 3/11/2019

The Goodness of God

by Khurry Bullard on 3/8/2019

5 Months till Launch and Africa

by Brandi Griffith on 3/7/2019

middle school girls and me

by Brooke Holt on 3/5/2019

Fear of Rejection

by Irma Vargas on 3/4/2019


by Carley Travis on 2/27/2019

11.39% (Nothing is too big for God. Nothing is...

by Tiffany Romeos on 2/26/2019

A Letter to the Hurt and Healing

by Kearstin Cantrell on 2/25/2019

A Grateful Heart

by Kacie Caudle on 2/25/2019

The Mustard Seed Mindset

by Carley Travis on 2/16/2019

Oh The Love

by Khurry Bullard on 2/14/2019

Is There Anything To Look Forward To?

by Averie Armbrust on 2/11/2019

Africa Breakdown.

by Erin Johnson on 2/11/2019

The Man at Passion

by Hannah Baird on 2/10/2019

Praise Jesus! (plus a fundraising update)

by Haley Vaughan on 2/10/2019

Preparation Update

by Ally Roeda on 2/5/2019

Preparation Update

by Austin Roeda on 2/5/2019

I expect God to close the gap.

by Allison Crasi on 2/2/2019

Wait. You're Leaving!?

by Liesl Carlson on 2/2/2019

Oh SNAP: Six Months Until Launch

by Kearstin Cantrell on 2/1/2019

Set a Fire

by Brandi Griffith on 1/31/2019


by Esther Pinto on 1/30/2019

A 21 year old gave me over $1,000????????

by Erin Johnson on 1/29/2019

Justice and Fundraising, Amiright?

by Kearstin Cantrell on 1/26/2019