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August 2019 Route 1   Meet the Squad

dos amigos

by Hannah Primm on 4/18/2019

broken lulabies

by Essie LaRocque on 4/17/2019

What on Earth is Support Raising?

by Caitie Olson on 4/17/2019

The Benefits of Counseling

by Laura Franklin on 4/12/2019

Miracle Snow

by Ellie Williams on 4/11/2019

Why It's Two "EE's"

by Bailee Thomas on 4/9/2019


by Michaela Ward on 4/7/2019

Dear Younger Me

by Jason Keeran on 4/7/2019

Dear Younger Me

by Jason Keeran on 4/7/2019

i am a fool

by Essie LaRocque on 3/24/2019

You Yo Daddy's Son

by Jordan Jones on 3/22/2019

Mourning and Dancing

by Marianna Harris on 3/21/2019

Ministry Within Fundraising

by Gabriela Gil on 3/18/2019

Caitie n' Christ

by Caitie Olson on 3/16/2019

What I Would Tell My 13-Year-Old Self

by Bailee Thomas on 3/12/2019

Dear Teenage Me

by Laura Franklin on 3/12/2019

Jodi + Our Heart for Africa

by Nichola Lyons on 3/11/2019

Support Raising: What, Why, How?

by Macky Edwards on 3/11/2019

Embracing Change

by Kenzie Meadows on 3/11/2019

My Fundraising Letter

by Emily Scott on 3/8/2019

Faithful Timing

by Katrina Leigh Carter on 3/3/2019

March Update

by Lacy Vollmuth on 3/3/2019

150 Days.

by Caitie Olson on 3/3/2019


by Jason Keeran on 2/27/2019


by Gabriela Gil on 2/25/2019

Nobody Special

by Marianna Harris on 2/25/2019


by Macky Edwards on 2/24/2019

HOOVES in my passport

by Essie LaRocque on 2/21/2019

Again + Again

by Nichola Lyons on 2/11/2019

26: A Year of CHANGE

by Eric Swiger on 2/11/2019

My Struggles With Body Image

by Laura Franklin on 2/10/2019

Like a Bluebird in Winter

by Marianna Harris on 2/7/2019


by Tiina Parlas on 2/7/2019


by Michaela Ward on 2/4/2019

the unexpected journey of a hobbit

by Essie LaRocque on 1/28/2019


by Tiina Parlas on 1/24/2019


by Kenzie Bell on 1/23/2019

numero uno

by Hannah Primm on 1/22/2019

Why Not?

by Tiina Parlas on 1/20/2019


by Ash SPRINGER on 1/17/2019

Adventure Awaits -FAQ-

by Caitie Olson on 1/16/2019


by Michaela Ward on 1/15/2019

About Me!

by Jen Giraldo on 1/14/2019


by Jen Giraldo on 1/14/2019

Deciding to Grow

by Katrina Leigh Carter on 1/12/2019

You too can change the world

by Jason Keeran on 1/6/2019


by Michaela Ward on 1/1/2019


by Jordan Jones on 12/31/2018

Looking into 2019

by Laura Franklin on 12/31/2018

Merry Christmas :-)

by Annie Harris on 12/25/2018

Fundraising: Selfish or Selfless?

by Eric Swiger on 12/21/2018

What I've Learned About Fundraising...

by Bailee Thomas on 12/17/2018

adopt a box for Christmas

by Annie Harris on 12/16/2018


by Michaela Ward on 12/11/2018

Here I go!

by Ellie Williams on 12/8/2018

Finding Joy in the Journey

by Lacy Vollmuth on 12/8/2018

2018 In Review

by Laura Franklin on 12/6/2018

Rise up like a lioness//

by Essie LaRocque on 12/2/2018

Rivers & Wells

by Jordan Jones on 11/29/2018

a little update :-)

by Annie Harris on 11/28/2018

Why The World Race?

by Erika Alvarez on 11/27/2018

First Blog Post-- Finding Jesus in the Spiral

by Marianna Harris on 11/26/2018


by Essie LaRocque on 11/26/2018


by Kenzie Bell on 11/24/2018

First Vlog

by Eric Swiger on 11/19/2018

I thank God for you

by Annie Harris on 11/13/2018

yay stickers :-)

by Annie Harris on 11/4/2018

God said YES!

by Essie LaRocque on 10/31/2018

Why I decided to let go, and GO

by Ash SPRINGER on 10/29/2018

So, what is this all about anyway?

by Bailee Thomas on 10/24/2018

God's Perfect Timing

by Laura Franklin on 9/30/2018

why the world race?

by Annie Harris on 9/26/2018

Not in my plans

by Kenzie Bell on 9/22/2018

Where my life is going.

by Gabriela Gil on 9/22/2018

Go On Ahead & Ask Me

by Jordan Jones on 9/19/2018

A Brief Hiatus

by TJ Capps on 9/1/2018

Progress Report

by TJ Capps on 2/5/2018

Running away

by TJ Capps on 10/30/2017