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June 2019 Route 1   Meet the Squad

New Pair of Glasses

by Cole Latimer on 12/11/2018

003 "Hello!" in 11 Countries

by Rachel Preston on 12/10/2018

Preparation and What I'm Learning

by Hannah Harris on 12/9/2018

Full-Time for God?

by Tee Nguyen on 12/9/2018

What’s Been Happening Since I Decided to Go

by Rachael Santaniello on 12/8/2018

My Testimony

by Brianna Rice on 12/7/2018

Follow the Prompt

by Lauren Higbee on 12/7/2018

6 months to the world race

by Ddog Howard on 12/6/2018


by Catherine Choquette on 12/5/2018

002 Facing Fears

by Rachel Preston on 12/5/2018

Merry Christmas

by Tiffiny Durham on 12/4/2018

The State of my Spirituality

by Kearsten Frusti on 12/4/2018

Where Has the Time Gone? (Report about Peru)

by Cassandra Holbrook on 12/3/2018

Am I Willing to Give It All Up?

by Jami McConnell on 12/1/2018


by Erik Trogdon on 12/1/2018

Six Months to Go

by Jo Lowry on 11/30/2018


by Sabella Kuehn-Gafford on 11/26/2018

Staying Focused

by Cole Latimer on 11/26/2018

Just Say Yes

by Rachel Quest on 11/25/2018

God's Presence > anxiety

by Elizabeth Ham on 11/23/2018

Am I (Doing) Enough?

by Catherine Choquette on 11/22/2018

How Can I Help?

by Tess Leeder on 11/19/2018

11 Things I learned about Guatemala!

by Brianna Rice on 11/19/2018

Time flies!

by Alyssa Powell on 11/17/2018

The Start of the Journey. The Next Chapter.

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 11/17/2018

Commitment & Assurance

by Casee Yarborough on 11/16/2018

Called Out of Darkness

by Olivia Russell on 11/15/2018

Why I Am Not Going on the Race.

by Heather Stokes on 11/15/2018

Fallon on tough times!

by Nick Nunes on 11/12/2018

Unraveling, unravel me.

by Candace Williams on 11/11/2018

God's Heart for You

by Catherine Choquette on 11/11/2018

Hostage or warrior

by Ddog Howard on 11/11/2018


by Jamie Hart on 11/11/2018

Fundraising Letter

by Kearsten Frusti on 11/8/2018


by Mackenzie Ropka on 11/7/2018


by Tiffiny Durham on 11/6/2018

It is not our job to ask how but to trust in Him.

by SaVanna Boerner on 11/6/2018

001 Wow! What are you doing???

by Rachel Preston on 11/6/2018


by Jamie Hart on 11/6/2018

11/11 Challenge

by Tiffany Stewart on 11/4/2018

Faithful is the Lord God Almighty

by Elizabeth Ham on 11/4/2018

Reckless Love.

by Ashley Spickler on 11/3/2018

Where are you sending me now?

by Esther Kim on 11/1/2018

Rejection > Acquiescence

by Catherine Choquette on 10/26/2018

A Birthday Wish!

by Destiny Rentsch on 10/25/2018

Scatter Seeds

by Lauren Higbee on 10/25/2018

Life can be full of Unknowns sometimes

by Sabella Kuehn-Gafford on 10/17/2018

My First Time "Preaching" in America!

by Catherine Choquette on 10/16/2018

A Leap of Faith

by Ashley Spickler on 10/16/2018


by Kelsey Kindall on 10/16/2018

In Over My Head

by Abbi Wray on 10/16/2018

Beauty for Ashes

by McKenzie Alexander on 10/16/2018

Going Afraid: Why I Feel Called to the World Race

by Tiffani McCormick on 10/14/2018

Above All

by Denae Sisler on 10/14/2018

Humble yourself and let God do his thing.

by Ddog Howard on 10/13/2018

The simple things

by Tiffiny Durham on 10/12/2018

Taking me back

by Sabella Kuehn-Gafford on 10/11/2018

Rise From the Fire Within

by Jami McConnell on 10/10/2018


by Greer Huss on 10/9/2018

To Be a Living Sacrifice

by Catherine Choquette on 10/6/2018

A Lesson in Forgiveness, 70 x 7

by Tess Leeder on 10/3/2018

Prayers for Indonesia

by Tiffany Stewart on 10/2/2018

I See You in Everything.

by Ashley Spickler on 10/2/2018

Family, Friends, Faithful Supporters..

by Kristin June on 10/1/2018

Life with a Puppy

by Mackenzie Ropka on 10/1/2018

Willing To Go!

by Destiny Rentsch on 9/30/2018

Don't Worry (doodoo!) Be at Peace

by Cassandra Holbrook on 9/30/2018


by Jamie Hart on 9/30/2018

Some Updates from My CrAzY Busy Life

by Catherine Choquette on 9/28/2018

Where my mind has been lately

by Greer Huss on 9/27/2018

Meet My Journey!

by Denae Sisler on 9/26/2018

It Can Get Better

by Katlin Loftus on 9/24/2018

World Race Q&A... FINALLY lol

by Catherine Choquette on 9/21/2018

Trust in the Waiting

by Brittany Brackbill on 9/20/2018

One Month In

by Mackenzie Ropka on 9/20/2018

Divine Intervention

by Kearsten Frusti on 9/20/2018

I surrender all: Part Twenty Five

by Kelsey Kindall on 9/19/2018

Looking for the Rainbow in the Storm

by Brie Odom on 9/19/2018

Journey Key Fundraiser!

by Tiffany Stewart on 9/18/2018

World Race June 2019!

by Destiny Rentsch on 9/18/2018

worth it

by Emma Dinardo on 9/18/2018

A Changing Perspective: Not where, but who

by Megan Krivsky on 9/17/2018

I Wrote My Family a Letter

by Casee Yarborough on 9/14/2018

God is SO Good

by Brittany Brackbill on 9/13/2018

Be Bold

by Jess Templeton on 9/11/2018

Why on Earth am I doing this?

by Nick Fain on 9/10/2018

Go Tell it On the Mountain!

by Kelsey Kindall on 9/9/2018

I said yes.

by Ashley Spickler on 9/8/2018

Lies I've Believed, and the Truth That Set Me Free

by Catherine Choquette on 9/8/2018

Senior Year has Begun

by Jo Lowry on 9/7/2018

Introduction to My World Race Experience!

by Miriam Griffith on 9/7/2018

Beauty from Ashes

by Kearsten Frusti on 9/6/2018

When God Jacks Your Plans

by Abbi Wray on 9/2/2018

Living My Best Life Full of Reckless Abandon

by Jami McConnell on 9/1/2018

Me and The Journey: Before the Mission

by Nick Nunes on 8/30/2018

What are you thinking...???

by Mackenzie Ropka on 8/30/2018