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June 2019 Route 1   Meet the Squad


by Hannah Harris on 4/18/2019

The Clock is Ticking...

by Jo Lowry on 4/16/2019

$1,000 in a few days

by Jo Lowry on 4/12/2019

The Unexpected

by Shelby Gilbert on 4/12/2019

009 Life Update!

by Rachel Preston on 4/10/2019


by Kristin June on 4/9/2019


by Jo Lowry on 4/9/2019

5k hope

by Jamie Hart on 4/7/2019

WE WERE ON A BREAK !! or so I thought..

by Kristin June on 4/7/2019


by Ana Bates on 4/6/2019

Ready, Set... Go!

by Catherine Choquette on 3/31/2019

008 Baptism & Prayer

by Rachel Preston on 3/29/2019

Luke 10 Mindset

by Bradley Leichter on 3/29/2019

Swimming Against the Current

by Catherine Choquette on 3/27/2019

70 days til launch - update on fundraising

by Lauren Higbee on 3/25/2019

Do you trust me?

by Brie Odom on 3/25/2019

And I believe, I'll see You do it again.

by Ashley Spickler on 3/25/2019

I Don't Know What I'm Doing

by Jo Lowry on 3/22/2019

Let Go of the Pen

by Rachel Quest on 3/19/2019

24 Things To Know About Mackenzie Ropka

by Mackenzie Ropka on 3/19/2019

Fundraising Update

by Heather Stokes on 3/19/2019

Fear, Surrender, and God's Provision

by Megan Krivsky on 3/17/2019

Gaining Support

by Jeffery Fain on 3/16/2019

raising $19,200? no problem!

by Madeleine Burkholder on 3/12/2019

Mourning Into Dancing!

by Ana Bates on 3/10/2019

Fun facts about me

by Jamie Hart on 3/7/2019


by Kelsey Kindall on 3/4/2019

Bourbon Street

by Erika Smith on 3/3/2019

The State I'm In

by Michelle Dudley on 3/2/2019

Counting Down

by Tess Leeder on 2/28/2019

Surprised with Gladness

by Candace Williams on 2/27/2019

I don't have to!

by Destiny Rentsch on 2/26/2019

Like a Lion

by Tiffiny Durham on 2/24/2019

It's Not a Countdown (100 Days)

by Catherine Choquette on 2/24/2019

100 Days and Counting

by Tiffany Stewart on 2/24/2019

007 Pushing Margins

by Rachel Preston on 2/24/2019

Praying While I'm Waiting

by Rachael Santaniello on 2/23/2019

T-Minus 100 Days

by Erika Smith on 2/20/2019


by Mackenzie Ropka on 2/18/2019

Do you know what February 17 is?

by Kristin June on 2/17/2019

I can't do this...

by Ana Bates on 2/17/2019

The Journey

by Jamie Hart on 2/17/2019

What is this World Race???

by Ana Bates on 2/12/2019

Dreaming with God

by Lan Ngo on 2/10/2019

God is Alive + He is Good.

by Candace Williams on 2/9/2019

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

by Rachel Quest on 2/8/2019

I Gave up Music for 21 Days...

by Catherine Choquette on 2/4/2019

Inconvenience or Opportunity?

by Destiny Rentsch on 2/4/2019

To my Team (before the race)

by Heather Stokes on 2/4/2019

006 4 Months! Prayers Please!

by Rachel Preston on 2/4/2019

The Middle

by Tee Nguyen on 2/3/2019

let the countdown begin: four months until departure

by Madeleine Burkholder on 2/3/2019

Learning to say "No"

by Heather Stokes on 1/31/2019

Slow Down

by Destiny Rentsch on 1/31/2019

Deadlines Got Me Like...

by Cassandra Holbrook on 1/31/2019

Image of God .. CHC Style

by Kristin June on 1/30/2019


by Tiffiny Durham on 1/25/2019

God took my obedience + prayers and multiplied

by Lauren Higbee on 1/25/2019

I got a Scriptural Punch

by Jo Lowry on 1/24/2019

Embracing the Gift of Singleness

by McKenzie Alexander on 1/23/2019

What On Earth Have I Been Doing???

by Tiffany Stewart on 1/22/2019

Save Early, Save Often

by Catherine Choquette on 1/19/2019

005 New World Race Friends!

by Rachel Preston on 1/18/2019

Q&A Time

by Ashley Spickler on 1/16/2019


by Kelsey Kindall on 1/15/2019

Erika Smith | World Race

by Erika Smith on 1/12/2019


by Cassandra Holbrook on 1/11/2019

My word for 2019 is BOLDNESS

by Rachel Quest on 1/9/2019

New Year, Same God

by Cassandra Holbrook on 1/9/2019

check out a rough picture of me testing my tent

by Madeleine Burkholder on 1/6/2019

Pray for Me...I Can't Find

by Mackenzie Ropka on 1/6/2019


by Jamie Hart on 1/6/2019

comfort zone

by Jamie Hart on 1/6/2019

There is a CLOUD.

by Kristin June on 1/5/2019


by Michelle Dudley on 1/5/2019

Change Me.

by Ashley Spickler on 1/3/2019

A New Year Brings New Adventures

by Michelle Dudley on 1/3/2019

My Open Letter to 2018

by Catherine Choquette on 12/31/2018

It's A Wonderful Life

by Candace Williams on 12/30/2018

Doing My Best to Choose Faith Over Fear

by Shelby Gilbert on 12/30/2018

004 Family Christmas Celebrations

by Rachel Preston on 12/29/2018

What is the World Race?

by Megan Krivsky on 12/26/2018

Gratefully Getting Equipped!

by Tiffani McCormick on 12/26/2018

Our Legacy of Light

by Cassandra Holbrook on 12/24/2018

My Story (so far)

by Megan Krivsky on 12/23/2018

Oh Christmas Tree

by Mackenzie Ropka on 12/18/2018

Doing Coffee

by Tess Leeder on 12/17/2018

Where I Am

by Bradley Leichter on 12/16/2018

Well, Hello There!

by Gabby Badagliacco-Cabrera on 12/14/2018

Life Update!

by Destiny Rentsch on 12/14/2018

Fundraising Update

by Bailey Spenlau on 12/13/2018

6 Highlights of Finals Week

by Catherine Choquette on 12/13/2018

003 "Hello!" in 11 Countries

by Rachel Preston on 12/10/2018

Full-Time for God?

by Tee Nguyen on 12/9/2018

Preparation and What I'm Learning

by Hannah Harris on 12/9/2018

What’s Been Happening Since I Decided to Go

by Rachael Santaniello on 12/8/2018

Follow the Prompt

by Lauren Higbee on 12/7/2018


by Catherine Choquette on 12/5/2018

002 Facing Fears

by Rachel Preston on 12/5/2018