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A Walk to the Well

by Gracie Greer on 12/9/2018

Loving Every Moment

by Abby Bender on 12/5/2018

the what, the why, and the calling

by Jessa Wylie on 12/5/2018

This is Me!

by Carissa Taylor on 12/2/2018

Big God

by Emily Jones on 12/2/2018

Christmas Time... ALREADY??

by Sydney Stubrich on 12/2/2018


by Gemma Folsom on 12/2/2018


by Julia Garcia on 12/2/2018

just listen...

by Lexi Spurlock on 11/30/2018

Finding Contentment in the Lord

by Joy Mullins on 11/30/2018

Glory to the Highest

by Lilly Holley on 11/29/2018


by Megan Roper on 11/29/2018

The Journey Begins

by Dustin Rupp on 11/28/2018

Technical Difficulties

by Eva Helf on 11/28/2018

Dave Ramsey approved

by Sadie Mishler on 11/28/2018

Power of Communication

by Sydney Eskridge on 11/27/2018

Better than the Birds

by Cauy Reeder on 11/27/2018

some thoughts and feelings

by Megan Roper on 11/27/2018

the "yes" ripple effect

by Kate Rolffs on 11/26/2018

two towns from me

by Elisa Dodge on 11/26/2018

In God's Eyes

by Gracelyn Anderson on 11/26/2018

Jesus is enough.

by Maggie O'Bryan on 11/26/2018

Calling Testimony Video

by Taylor Smith on 11/24/2018


by Abby Bender on 11/23/2018

Time To Share My Story

by Samantha Barnhart on 11/19/2018


by Gracie Greer on 11/19/2018

Why Me?

by Madison Green on 11/15/2018

Good Pain

by Taylor Smith on 11/12/2018

Why Did I Choose Gap Year?

by Emily Turoff on 11/10/2018

Fundraising & Prayer

by Taylor Wilwerding on 11/7/2018

The Big "Yes"

by Taylor Smith on 11/6/2018

God > Tea

by Sadie Mishler on 11/6/2018

Spiritual Battles

by Taylor Wilwerding on 11/6/2018

arms wide open

by brooke Libby on 11/5/2018

Dangg God.. I see you

by Sydney Eskridge on 11/4/2018


by Megan Roper on 11/2/2018


by Taylor Wilwerding on 11/2/2018

overwhelmed by Your goodness

by Maggie O'Bryan on 10/30/2018

You Said to Follow

by Abby Elam on 10/30/2018

in search of the perfect wave

by Emily Turoff on 10/29/2018

what happens next?

by Lexi Spurlock on 10/28/2018

Wherever You Would Call Me

by Abby Bender on 10/27/2018

Let’s do this Thing!!

by Lilly Holley on 10/26/2018

Exciting News!!

by Sydney Stubrich on 10/25/2018


by Samantha Barnhart on 10/25/2018


by Emily Jones on 10/24/2018

Our Amazing God!!

by Gracelyn Anderson on 10/24/2018

Future Plans!!

by Joy Mullins on 10/23/2018

love through symbolism

by Emily Turoff on 10/22/2018

Get to know me!

by Sadie Mishler on 10/22/2018

start of somethin' new ;)

by Hailey Harrington on 10/22/2018

The beginning of a beautiful journey

by Maggie O'Bryan on 10/21/2018

in case you were wondering..

by brooke Libby on 10/19/2018

What's going on?

by Emily Jones on 10/19/2018

establishing my steps

by Emily Turoff on 10/16/2018

to the ends of the earth

by Sydney Eskridge on 10/12/2018


by Abby Bender on 10/10/2018

Financial/Prayer Support Letter

by Gracelyn Anderson on 10/9/2018

Answering the Call

by Matthew Rodriguez on 10/9/2018