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Being Faithful in Everything

by Hannah Upkes on 6/22/2019

lollipop moment

by Lexi Spurlock on 6/21/2019

is being generic okay?

by Kate Rolffs on 6/21/2019

Speak Life

by Abby Bender on 6/19/2019

Keep It Up!

by Madison Green on 6/18/2019

your questions, my answers

by Sydney Stubrich on 6/17/2019


by Cauy Reeder on 6/16/2019

Why World Race Gap Year?

by Samantha Barnhart on 6/16/2019

anything I lose is all for this

by Elisa Dodge on 6/16/2019

Why The WorldRace? Freedom is My Birthright.

by Carissa Taylor on 6/15/2019

Why World Race?

by Taylor Wilwerding on 6/14/2019

here's to the high school years

by Megan Roper on 6/14/2019

613// Yahweh Yireh

by Brooke Nantz on 6/13/2019

Why Am I Going?

by Champ Janz on 6/13/2019


by Payton Lothman on 6/13/2019


by Payton Lothman on 6/13/2019


by Payton Lothman on 6/13/2019

Life/Fundraising Update

by Gracelyn Anderson on 6/12/2019

praise report

by Maggie O'Bryan on 6/11/2019


by Joy Mullins on 6/11/2019


by Taylor Smith on 6/11/2019

Power in Alone

by Carissa Taylor on 6/7/2019

The American Dream

by Emily Jones on 6/5/2019

Why I'm Going on The World Race.

by Madison Green on 6/4/2019

Why The World Race

by Cauy Reeder on 5/29/2019

Why The World Race?

by Eva Helf on 5/28/2019

Why World Race?

by Brooke Bigelow on 5/19/2019

Philippians 4:13

by Emily Jones on 5/19/2019

Support from home

by Sadie Mishler on 5/19/2019

¿Por qué? (Why the World Race??)

by Hannah Upkes on 5/18/2019

why i'm going on the world race

by Kate Rolffs on 5/17/2019

why am I going on the race?

by Elisa Dodge on 5/17/2019

Why I am going on the World Race

by Chloe Hoskins on 5/16/2019

Why the World Race?

by Kaitlyn Christiansen on 5/15/2019

why I'm going on the world race

by Jessa Wylie on 5/15/2019

why am i going on the world race??

by Sydney Stubrich on 5/15/2019

Why I'm Going on the Race

by Cecelia Welton on 5/15/2019

Why I'm going on the World Race.

by Payton Lothman on 5/14/2019


by Joy Mullins on 5/14/2019

why world race?

by Lexi Spurlock on 5/14/2019

Why I'm Going on The World Race

by Megan Roper on 5/14/2019

Why in the WORLD am I going on WR???

by Lilly Holley on 5/13/2019

why I'm going on the world race

by Emily Turoff on 5/10/2019

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Gracie Greer on 5/10/2019

A little info about the World Race :)

by Chloe Hoskins on 5/9/2019

million dollar question

by Lauren Kobe on 5/7/2019

Bind My Wandering Heart To Thee

by Eva Helf on 5/7/2019

Why World Race

by Gracelyn Anderson on 5/7/2019

Why World Race

by Matthew Rodriguez on 5/7/2019

Why I am doing the World Race Gap Year

by Abby Bender on 5/4/2019


by Sydney Eskridge on 5/1/2019

Why I Chose World Race Gap Year

by Sadie Mishler on 5/1/2019

Why I'm going on the World Race?

by Taylor Smith on 4/30/2019

Why am I going on the World Race?

by brooke Libby on 4/30/2019

god of dreams

by Lexi Spurlock on 4/30/2019

why world race?

by Maggie O'Bryan on 4/30/2019

living in the moment

by Sydney Stubrich on 4/27/2019

fully feeling, rooted in delight

by Carissa Taylor on 4/24/2019

Kingdom Advancing Mindset

by Joy Mullins on 4/22/2019

HE calls me beloved

by Carissa Taylor on 4/21/2019


by Brooke Nantz on 4/21/2019

Love of Christ

by Cauy Reeder on 4/19/2019


by Megan Roper on 4/17/2019

Why Am I Doing The World Race?

by Sydney Eskridge on 4/17/2019

The World Race? Why?

by Kate Mullis on 4/17/2019

a two-handed fighter

by Jessa Wylie on 4/16/2019

The Airport Experience

by Taylor Smith on 4/13/2019

My Boys

by Cauy Reeder on 4/9/2019


by Emily Jones on 4/9/2019

Growing Pains

by Eva Helf on 4/9/2019

dear diary

by Lexi Spurlock on 4/4/2019

Fundraising Update!

by Sadie Mishler on 4/4/2019

The Secret Place

by Taylor Smith on 4/4/2019


by Joy Mullins on 4/3/2019


by Megan Roper on 4/1/2019

50+ Club!!

by Sydney Eskridge on 4/1/2019

jesus kisses

by Kate Rolffs on 3/23/2019

Dear Courageous One

by Brooke Nantz on 3/23/2019

king of beauty

by Jessa Wylie on 3/20/2019

A Million Little Moments

by Madison Green on 3/18/2019


by Abby Bender on 3/17/2019

it’s been a while

by Maggie O'Bryan on 3/16/2019


by Payton Lothman on 3/14/2019

Anything but a Sacrifice

by Matthew Rodriguez on 3/13/2019

New Things

by Kaitlyn Christiansen on 3/10/2019

Gratefulness over Bitterness

by Gracelyn Anderson on 3/8/2019

Wooaahh, we're halfway there!!!

by Emily Jones on 3/1/2019

A Season Worth Trusting For

by Madison Green on 3/1/2019

Flaming Arrows

by Kate Mullis on 2/27/2019


by Abby Bender on 2/23/2019

My Testimony

by Kate Mullis on 2/17/2019

Like A Flood

by Payton Lothman on 2/16/2019

Authentic love

by brooke Libby on 2/12/2019

Lost + Found

by Hannah Upkes on 2/8/2019

you might be wondering how this happened.

by Brooke Nantz on 2/7/2019

God spoke to me through a girl named Gabby

by Lauren Kobe on 2/7/2019

Buckle It

by Joy Mullins on 2/7/2019