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Gap Year 2018 Route 5   Meet the Squad

Growing Pains

by Ellen Johnson on 6/26/2019

Why I'm doing The World Race

by Morgan McCrary on 6/23/2019


by Courtlan Howell on 6/22/2019

18 days until training camp

by Karson Calaway on 6/20/2019

Dear Squad A,

by Ashlyn Shickley on 6/19/2019

Get to Know South Africa!

by Hannah Gillen on 6/19/2019

Will you help me?

by Alex Duncan on 6/19/2019

Shatie Keng

by Emily Sheng on 6/17/2019

Why I am World Racing

by William Pridmore on 6/17/2019

He is there

by Emma Robertson on 6/17/2019

Fundraising Journey

by Jo Vides on 6/17/2019

Just Show Up

by Grace Creed on 6/12/2019

Why Am I Doing The Worldrace?

by Blaize Smoot on 6/11/2019


by Maggie McDonough on 6/9/2019


by Courtlan Howell on 6/7/2019


by Mason Summerhill on 6/7/2019

Fundraising + Prayer

by Colby King on 6/6/2019


by Mason Summerhill on 6/5/2019


by Mason Summerhill on 6/5/2019

The Start to this Journey

by Anna Scott on 6/4/2019

a huge thank you.

by Karson Calaway on 6/1/2019

and a special thank you to dad!

by Karson Calaway on 6/1/2019

The Climb

by Ariel Fernandez on 5/23/2019

About Me and Why I Chose the World Race

by Jack Coyle on 5/21/2019

What the Race Really Means to Me

by Arielle Sargent on 5/21/2019

What home looks like!

by Emma Robertson on 5/20/2019

I Think Red Birds Are Watching Me

by Ellen Johnson on 5/20/2019

The Countdown Begins: T-4 months!!!!

by Colby King on 5/20/2019


by Caroline Roser on 5/18/2019

Why I am going on the World Race?

by Luke Hayes on 5/18/2019

why i'm going on the world race

by Mason Summerhill on 5/16/2019

Why the World Race?

by Cassidy Hammerberg on 5/16/2019

where I'm at:

by Karson Calaway on 5/16/2019

God The Artist~ Thoughts by Em

by Emily Sheng on 5/16/2019

Why I'm Going on The Race

by Braeden List on 5/15/2019

Excuse Me- Did You Say the WORLD?!?

by Harleigh McNulty on 5/15/2019

Why I'm Going On The Race

by Hannah Dilday on 5/15/2019

Why I’m going on the race

by Anna Wilkerson on 5/15/2019

Why I'm going on the Race

by Anna Scott on 5/15/2019

Why I Am Going

by Hannah Gillen on 5/15/2019

Why I am Going on The World Race

by Shelby Norder on 5/15/2019

Why I'm Going on the World Race! Whoop!

by Emma Robertson on 5/15/2019

Fundraising update, Jesus Update!

by Emma Robertson on 5/15/2019

Why I chose World Race?

by Bella SANICOLA on 5/15/2019

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Skylar Edmonds on 5/14/2019

why I'm going on the world race

by Morgan Crowley on 5/14/2019

Why I am Going on the World Race...kinda

by Julia Herrmann on 5/14/2019

The Mission Before the Trip

by Drew Davidson on 5/13/2019

A Path Change

by Hannah Gillen on 5/13/2019

Why I Race

by Maggie McDonough on 5/13/2019

Why I'm going on the World Race

by Reagan Polcyn on 5/12/2019

About me

by Bella SANICOLA on 5/12/2019

Why I am going on the World Race- Gap Year

by Julia Washburn on 5/10/2019

Learning to Breathe

by Sarah Barnes on 5/9/2019

I Don't Wanna Go

by Grace Creed on 5/8/2019

Why I'm going on the Race

by Jo Vides on 5/3/2019

The Truth About the Race

by Emma Robertson on 5/2/2019

in His love

by Caroline Roser on 5/1/2019


by Emma Robertson on 4/29/2019

The Countdown Begins: T-5 months!!!!

by Colby King on 4/29/2019

It's been a while ;)

by Anna Wilkerson on 4/28/2019

why I am going on the Race

by Karson Calaway on 4/27/2019

Dear me,

by Emma Robertson on 4/24/2019

we all matter .

by Jo Vides on 4/17/2019

Embracing my inner Jesus freak

by Reagan Polcyn on 4/15/2019

The Significance of March 31st

by Colby King on 4/1/2019

dying to self in an age of self-love

by Karson Calaway on 4/1/2019

I never imagined this....

by Jo Vides on 4/1/2019

This is How I'm Sure Love Has a Name

by Ellen Johnson on 3/30/2019

New Paths

by Maggie McDonough on 3/28/2019

Restless, in a good way!

by Reagan Polcyn on 3/26/2019

The Countdown Begins: T-6 months!!!!

by Colby King on 3/23/2019

Taking the Step

by Grace Creed on 3/21/2019

It's Been A While...

by Harleigh McNulty on 3/19/2019

The lion and the lamb

by Blaize Smoot on 3/15/2019

No Doubt

by Ashlyn Shickley on 3/12/2019

show up:

by Madison Sammons on 3/12/2019

There's a Plan

by Anna Scott on 3/11/2019

all things FUNDRAISING!!

by Karson Calaway on 3/7/2019

The moment you’ve been waiting for

by Blaize Smoot on 3/5/2019

187 days to go... but who's counting?

by Reagan Polcyn on 3/1/2019

Jesus is moving and He won't stop

by Karson Calaway on 2/27/2019

Fundraising:: Here's Where I'm At!

by Emma Robertson on 2/24/2019

New Beginnings!!

by Arielle Sargent on 2/21/2019

Seasons Change

by Drew Davidson on 2/19/2019

THIS is the day that the Lord has made

by Hannah Dilday on 2/13/2019

Proverbs 3:5-6

by Blaize Smoot on 2/10/2019

The Countdown Begins: T-7 months!!!!

by Colby King on 2/8/2019

Why The World Race?

by Emily Sheng on 2/7/2019

What I'll be doing

by Luke Hayes on 2/2/2019

An Amazing Race

by Julia Herrmann on 1/30/2019

8 Months To Go!

by Sam Hughes on 1/28/2019

Well they say there's a first for everything!

by Blaize Smoot on 1/24/2019

The start of something BIG!

by Reagan Polcyn on 1/22/2019


by Karson Calaway on 1/18/2019

The Hardest Post Yet.

by Emma Robertson on 1/16/2019

half way there!

by Morgan Crowley on 1/15/2019

The Countdown Begins: T-8 months!!!!

by Colby King on 1/9/2019

Baking for Bucks

by Harleigh McNulty on 1/1/2019

Thy Will

by Ashlyn Shickley on 12/29/2018