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Gap Year 2019 Route 4   Meet the Squad


by louisa Currie on 6/25/2019

Why I Am Going On The World Race

by Jane Kantarevic on 6/25/2019

this one's for YOU (fully funded!)

by susan jones on 6/24/2019

The Ups And Downs

by Justin Seibert on 6/24/2019

Do you know me?

by Logan Williams on 6/23/2019

Why I Am Going On The World Race

by Nicole Stepp on 6/18/2019

the good in goodbyes

by Cassi Davis on 6/18/2019


by Katie Pasteur on 6/18/2019

On The Search For Donations! (Video)

by Justin Seibert on 6/14/2019

Why I Am Going On The World Race

by Justin Seibert on 6/14/2019

big updates

by Brittney Dean on 6/5/2019

Sharing My Story! (Video)

by Justin Seibert on 6/4/2019

"Don't be afraid; just believe."

by Justin Seibert on 6/3/2019

The WHY?

by Brandon Munoz on 6/2/2019

i have been living with liars

by susan jones on 5/28/2019

Welcome to my Blog!

by Justin Seibert on 5/27/2019

Update on life & FUNdraising

by Cassi Davis on 5/26/2019

The Big Question

by Logan Williams on 5/23/2019


by Kinze Campbell on 5/23/2019

Lessons in Preparation

by Anna Zuga on 5/16/2019

Overcoming Fear

by Katie White on 5/15/2019

This Isn't a Curtain Call, This is a Wake Up Call

by Jane Kantarevic on 5/10/2019

long time no talk

by Gemma Folsom on 5/10/2019

A good ol' cry

by Cassi Davis on 5/3/2019

About Me

by Brandon Munoz on 5/1/2019

Finding my why again

by Syd Jacobsen on 4/28/2019

How I Was Called to the World Race

by Anna Zuga on 4/24/2019

the before series: molly

by susan jones on 4/21/2019

How I was found, and where I'm going next

by Nathan Chandler on 4/19/2019

Trusting, Seeking, Finding

by Gracie Gaston on 4/19/2019

When God Moves

by Emily Davis on 4/17/2019

Bluebonnet festival!

by Kinze Campbell on 4/15/2019

Starting the Journey

by Emily Davis on 4/14/2019

Being Healed So I Can Lead

by Madison Taylor on 4/14/2019


by Cassi Davis on 4/11/2019

So what is World Race?

by Amelia Oberg on 4/10/2019

Just an update

by Logan Williams on 4/8/2019


by Gracie Gaston on 4/3/2019

the before series: sydney

by susan jones on 3/27/2019

Abundant Love

by Syd Jacobsen on 3/26/2019

Why I Chose The World Race

by Kinze Campbell on 3/25/2019

to Jeff.

by Brooklyn Dahmer on 3/23/2019

Less doing, more being

by Cassi Davis on 3/4/2019

The Beginning

by Syd Jacobsen on 3/1/2019


by Gracie Gaston on 2/24/2019

The Hard Times

by Logan Williams on 2/21/2019

The Power of Peace

by louisa Currie on 2/21/2019

living boldly

by Brittney Dean on 2/18/2019

Feet Swingin'

by Cassi Davis on 2/15/2019

Love Outside The Lines

by Kimberlyn Porter on 2/14/2019

the big 4

by susan jones on 2/11/2019

feed my sheep

by susan jones on 2/5/2019

One Step Closer

by Logan Williams on 1/28/2019

Why Now?

by Cassi Davis on 1/27/2019

Answering your questions

by Kayla Dozier on 1/27/2019


by Madison Taylor on 1/26/2019

Always More

by Brooklyn Dahmer on 1/7/2019

What The New Year Has To Offer

by Katie White on 1/4/2019

Happy New Year

by Kayla Dozier on 1/1/2019

All About Me...

by Tati Gomez on 12/29/2018

Christmas Time Perspective

by Madison Taylor on 12/24/2018

Big News!!

by Gavin Carson on 12/10/2018

So I guess I'm a blogger now

by Kayla Dozier on 12/3/2018

one foot in front of the other

by Gemma Folsom on 12/2/2018

How I Was Called To The Mission Field

by Katie White on 11/30/2018


by Nicole Stepp on 11/28/2018

The Mission

by Kendel Fenton on 11/27/2018

The Start of Something Beautiful

by louisa Currie on 11/25/2018

I have decided...

by Katie Pasteur on 11/25/2018

the beginning

by Brittney Dean on 11/20/2018

music for my soul

by Gracie Gaston on 11/19/2018

Answering a Call

by Kimberlyn Porter on 11/12/2018

Walking on Water

by Gracie Gaston on 11/10/2018

While I'm in the waiting

by Madison Taylor on 11/4/2018