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Gap Year 2018 Route 3   Meet the Squad

Cheers to new beginnings!

by Ashley Haire on 2/15/2019

the journey starts here

by Alaina Clayton on 2/11/2019


by Kenni Edwards on 2/11/2019

Power in the Name of Jesus

by Sarah Goodwin on 2/11/2019

There is Power in Jesus’ Name

by Sam Putnam on 2/11/2019

Things Are Going Well!

by Izac Grooms on 2/10/2019

Sinking Deep

by Sarah Goodwin on 2/8/2019


by Kenni Edwards on 2/8/2019

Dares and Verses!!

by Madison Welton on 2/7/2019

What I'm learning this season

by Katelyn Jackson on 2/7/2019

Provision vs Procrastination

by Alyson Weaver on 2/7/2019

Back 2 Work

by Sam Osuna on 2/6/2019

who am i?

by Noelle Parker on 2/3/2019

What To Do, What To Do. . .

by Madison Welton on 1/31/2019

Be a Stranger

by Abby Neu on 1/31/2019

The Lord Is In This Place

by Molly Miller on 1/30/2019

The Desert

by Zoe Ann Behnken on 1/30/2019


by Claire Burton on 1/27/2019

God Gives me Rest

by Sam Putnam on 1/23/2019

A Brief Update

by Lexi Hatten on 1/22/2019

embracing change.

by Miranda Fox on 1/22/2019

this love

by Noelle Parker on 1/22/2019

What in the World am I Doing??

by Sarah Goodwin on 1/21/2019

Tees !

by Hannah Hennings on 1/18/2019

First Post.. It's a long one

by Sam Putnam on 1/18/2019

From Running Away to Chasing After

by Kylee Hernandez on 1/17/2019

So Much Bigger

by Sydney Warther on 1/17/2019

Take my hand, Daughter

by Hannah Hennings on 1/16/2019

why my idea of growth is toxic

by Noelle Parker on 1/15/2019

Something More

by Aaron Burgess on 1/11/2019

it's just the beginning!!

by Miranda Fox on 1/5/2019

He Moves

by Deven Jackson on 1/5/2019

This is His year. This is our year.

by Avery Mumm on 1/4/2019

A New Beginning

by Ruby Herrera-Pulido on 1/3/2019

The Beginning of It All

by Kenni Edwards on 1/1/2019

New Year, Same Loving God

by Heather Stewart on 1/1/2019


by Sydney Warther on 12/31/2018

Why the World Race?

by Adriana Churness on 12/31/2018

Gods Timing

by Victoria Mattis on 12/28/2018

This is really happening !

by Grace Johnson on 12/27/2018

New plans

by Sam Osuna on 12/26/2018

misguided idolization

by Noelle Parker on 12/24/2018

A Note to Myself

by Molly Miller on 12/24/2018

God is so cool

by Katelyn Jackson on 12/21/2018

A Little Update

by Ariauna Bison on 12/18/2018


by Noelle Parker on 12/17/2018

Peace Be Still

by Sydney Warther on 12/13/2018

Woahhh This is Happening

by Lexi Hatten on 12/12/2018

what I am learning from samuel

by Noelle Parker on 12/10/2018

A Blog Post About Decisions

by Alyson Weaver on 12/10/2018

An Update

by Kylee Hernandez on 12/7/2018

beauty from the ashes, yall

by Noelle Parker on 12/5/2018

My First Post

by Deven Jackson on 12/3/2018

Who Am I?

by Molly Miller on 12/2/2018

a dream becomes a reality

by Madison Hardy on 12/2/2018

And so it begins!

by Regina Bourbonnais on 12/1/2018


by Ash Huffine on 11/28/2018

Let it Rain

by James Geither on 11/24/2018

Shattered Routines Turned into a Mosaic of His Love

by Heather Stewart on 11/23/2018

Taking a Leap of Faith

by Abby Neu on 11/19/2018

a dream come true!

by Caroline Knudsen on 11/18/2018

for such a time as this.

by Taylor Morgan on 11/11/2018

How I Found the World Race

by Ariauna Bison on 11/10/2018

Surely not me

by Sydney Warther on 11/10/2018

This is Becoming Really Real

by Avery Mumm on 11/6/2018

a change of plans...

by Taylor Morgan on 11/4/2018

What ?? Why? Where?? How??

by Sam Osuna on 11/3/2018

The Start

by Sydney Warther on 10/29/2018


by Ash Huffine on 10/25/2018


by Kylee Hernandez on 10/22/2018

"Remember My Promise"

by Katelyn Jackson on 10/20/2018

"I will go."

by Lexi Hatten on 10/13/2018