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Gap Year 2018 Route 3   Meet the Squad

30 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

by Madison Welton on 6/24/2019

5 Reasons Why I Like...(Part Two!)

by Lexie Weber on 6/23/2019

30 Interesting Facts About Thailand

by Madison Welton on 6/22/2019

30 Interesting Facts About India

by Madison Welton on 6/20/2019

t-shirts, stickers & more

by Regina Bourbonnais on 6/20/2019

Why am I going on the World Race?

by Katelyn Jackson on 6/20/2019

Radical for Christ

by Madison Welton on 6/19/2019

5 Reasons Why I Like... (Part 1!)

by Lexie Weber on 6/19/2019

Fundraising Update!

by Sam Putnam on 6/19/2019

Garage Sales

by Kylee Hernandez on 6/17/2019


by Deven Jackson on 6/17/2019

Fight Club

by Molly Miller on 6/16/2019

How was Summit?

by Hannah Asher on 6/15/2019


by Sarah Goodwin on 6/14/2019

A = G, C = S

by Lexie Weber on 6/12/2019

updated fundraising letter

by Sarah Goodwin on 6/12/2019

"Don't Go Without Me"

by Natasha Raines on 6/11/2019

Being Transformed

by Sydney Warther on 6/8/2019


by Noelle Parker on 6/6/2019

a new perspective & lessons from Seamless

by Caroline Knudsen on 6/5/2019

why i'm going on the world race

by Miranda Fox on 6/4/2019

Now I am Spinning While My Hands Up

by Hanna Wilson on 6/4/2019

why the world race?

by Sarah Goodwin on 5/23/2019

Why am I going on the World Race?

by Taylor Morgan on 5/22/2019

Why Am I Going On the World Race?

by Kenni Edwards on 5/22/2019

doubting sarah

by Sarah Goodwin on 5/19/2019

Why I am doing the World Race

by Jesse Srader on 5/16/2019

Why I Am Going On The World Race:Gap Year

by Logan Gee on 5/16/2019

Why I am going on the World Race

by Aaron Burgess on 5/16/2019

Why Gap Year?

by Madison Welton on 5/15/2019

Why I am going on The World Race

by Sam Osuna on 5/15/2019


by Austin Buckner on 5/15/2019

Why the World Race

by Rosie Ferris on 5/15/2019

Why I’m Going on the World Race

by Hannah Asher on 5/15/2019

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Lexi Hatten on 5/14/2019

why am i going on the world race?

by Alaina Clayton on 5/14/2019

Why I'm Going On The World Race

by Hanna Munsey on 5/13/2019

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Lexie Weber on 5/13/2019

Why I am Going on the World Race

by Ariauna Bison on 5/10/2019

Why I am Going on the World Race

by Grace Johnson on 5/7/2019


by Ruby Herrera-Pulido on 5/5/2019

Yo soy AMADA y estoy ASOMBRADA

by Ruby Herrera-Pulido on 5/5/2019

Fearful and Procrastinating

by Lexie Weber on 5/5/2019

So You May Be Wondering "Why?"

by Natasha Raines on 5/5/2019

Why I am going on the Race!

by Ashley Haire on 5/5/2019

“Why are you going on the World Race??”

by Regina Bourbonnais on 5/4/2019

quick financial update!

by Sarah Goodwin on 5/3/2019

Why Am I Going on The World Race?

by Sydney Warther on 5/2/2019

Why I'm Going On the World Race

by Izac Grooms on 5/2/2019

It's been a long time...

by Hannah Asher on 5/1/2019

Send Me.

by Hanna Munsey on 5/1/2019

Why I am going on World Race

by Kylee Hernandez on 5/1/2019

grace=unmerited love

by Sarah Goodwin on 5/1/2019

Why Am I Going on The World Race?

by Sam Putnam on 5/1/2019

Why am I going on the World Race?

by Claire Burton on 4/30/2019

why im going on the world race

by Noelle Parker on 4/25/2019

I got baptized !!!

by Noelle Parker on 4/21/2019

Why Am I Going On The World Race?

by Molly Miller on 4/21/2019


by Claire Burton on 4/21/2019

My Plans vs. His Plans: Round 1!

by Lexie Weber on 4/19/2019

green light

by Sarah Goodwin on 4/10/2019

Raising the Funds

by Jesse Srader on 4/8/2019

my testimony, His story

by Regan Martin on 4/8/2019

important update

by Alaina Clayton on 4/7/2019

Psalm 23

by Katelyn Jackson on 4/3/2019

my promise and my thank you

by Hanna Wilson on 4/1/2019

End of March update: and BREAKING NEWS

by Sam Osuna on 3/31/2019

march: a month of provision

by Sarah Goodwin on 3/31/2019

Business vs. Fruitfulness

by Abby Neu on 3/31/2019

just for a moment lets be still

by Noelle Parker on 3/31/2019

The Starfish

by Ruby Herrera-Pulido on 3/30/2019

Seasons Change

by Molly Miller on 3/30/2019

Letting Go

by Grace Johnson on 3/25/2019

"As you are going, make disciples..."

by Natasha Raines on 3/24/2019

Fall Seven Times,

by Lexie Weber on 3/22/2019

Fight all division.

by Izac Grooms on 3/20/2019

I bow down in awe and worship

by Regan Martin on 3/19/2019

Satan Feeds on our Lonliness

by Sam Putnam on 3/19/2019

Overwhelmed, but Excited

by Hannah Asher on 3/17/2019

My purpose

by James Geither on 3/17/2019

lonely but thriving

by Noelle Parker on 3/15/2019

Adopt A Box!

by Madison Welton on 3/14/2019

Identity in the Unidentifiable

by Heather Stewart on 3/14/2019

Losing & Learning

by Lexi Hatten on 3/13/2019


by Zoe Rowland on 3/13/2019

News Letter 1!

by Rosie Ferris on 3/10/2019

How I Chose The World Race

by Hannah Asher on 3/10/2019

the send

by Sarah Goodwin on 3/7/2019

like a wildflower.

by Miranda Fox on 3/5/2019

I Hate Blogs

by Austin Buckner on 3/4/2019


by Regan Martin on 3/3/2019

Open The Cage

by Claire Burton on 3/3/2019

Who is YOUR Best Friend?

by Lexie Weber on 2/28/2019

Nebulous Boundaries

by Lexie Weber on 2/26/2019