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Gap Year 2019 Route 2   Meet the Squad

challenge accepted?

by Anna Horst on 12/11/2018

The Adventure Begins

by Sumer Furlong on 12/11/2018

Focus Your Energy on Yourself not Others

by Paige Canova on 12/10/2018

December Truths

by Nikki Jacobson on 12/6/2018
Team manununu


by Nathan Mullis on 12/1/2018

Support Letter

by Paige Canova on 11/29/2018

Ways to Help a World Racer

by Emily Shearer on 11/23/2018

So a Gap Year huh?

by Nathan Mullis on 11/22/2018

Lets catch up...

by Anna Horst on 11/22/2018

"So What Will You ACTUALLY be Doing?"

by Emily Shearer on 11/11/2018

In the Eyes of Comparison

by Morgan Miller on 11/6/2018

An unexpected journey begins

by Anna Horst on 10/28/2018

God's Call, My Response

by Ashley Nault on 10/17/2018

"Yes Lord, I will go."

by Morgan Miller on 10/15/2018

Why would I want to leave?

by Paige Canova on 10/11/2018

all about route 2.

by Nikki Jacobson on 10/7/2018
Team manununu

flawed. and (still) worthy.

by Nikki Jacobson on 8/18/2018
Team manununu

there is purpose in this season.

by Nikki Jacobson on 8/16/2018
Team manununu