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Gap Year 2019 Route 1   Meet the Squad

the winning team

by Elisabeth Miller on 12/10/2018


by Mallory Sailer on 12/9/2018

we are seeds

by Carson Campbell on 12/2/2018

The power in a song

by Alexis Simmons on 12/2/2018

The power in a song

by Alexis Simmons on 12/2/2018

to brokenness and back

by Madelyn Smith on 11/29/2018

laying it down

by Mallory Sailer on 11/25/2018

My heart for missions

by britt Powers on 11/18/2018

Why I am doing the World Race

by melaniea Wells on 11/18/2018

First blog- best blog- :)

by britt Powers on 11/17/2018

About Me

by melaniea Wells on 11/16/2018

See a Need, Fill a Need

by Eva Gomez on 11/13/2018

Surrender and Serve

by Emily Hallock on 11/13/2018

send me.

by Maegan Comer on 11/11/2018

send me.

by Sarah Engel on 11/9/2018


by Skylar Barbee on 11/7/2018

To Beginnings

by Alexis Simmons on 11/6/2018

New Journey Begins Here!!!

by Chelsey Wiers on 11/6/2018

God is SO SO good!!!!

by Aliyah DeCook on 11/5/2018

guess what? I GOT ACCEPTED

by Elisabeth Miller on 11/4/2018

be a prisoner to it.

by Charlie Breda on 11/3/2018

Threads of Hope

by Kaya Mullen on 10/30/2018


by KJ White on 10/28/2018


by Kaya Mullen on 10/28/2018

wow & welcome

by Leanna Murphy on 10/28/2018

here i am.

by Charlie Breda on 10/27/2018

For Such A Time As This

by Kaya Mullen on 10/26/2018

What in the world, the World Race Gap Year?

by Rachel Miller on 10/25/2018

freedom in surrender

by Mallory Sailer on 10/17/2018

KJ's World Race Gap Year

by KJ White on 10/5/2018