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R Squad (Jan '17)   Meet the Squad


by Christa Diaz on 4/3/2019
Team team azucar

A Peak into Jungle Life

by Jenny Walsh on 2/9/2019
Team squadleader

Kevin y Andrea

by Jenny Walsh on 1/26/2019
Team squadleader

Meet the Team: Peace of Freedom

by Jenny Walsh on 11/17/2018
Team squadleader

Mine is Safer than Yours

by Jenny Walsh on 10/30/2018
Team squadleader


by Dana Karpinski on 10/26/2018

First two weeks in Colombia

by Jenny Walsh on 10/24/2018
Team squadleader

Jonah 5

by Jenny Walsh on 10/12/2018
Team squadleader

generation 42

by Britt Nompleggi on 9/28/2018

World Race Q&A

by Jenny Walsh on 9/25/2018
Team squadleader

Coming Home and Going Back Out

by Jenny Walsh on 8/28/2018
Team squadleader

Mission Impossible

by Gabby Melcher on 5/29/2018
Team team africa

I’m Moving To Africa!!!!

by Dana Karpinski on 5/27/2018

This Time Last Year...

by Christa Diaz on 5/15/2018
Team team azucar

God in a coffin

by Greg Hall on 5/14/2018
Team alumni squad leaders

A Prayer

by Alisha Allen on 5/11/2018


by Alisha Allen on 4/26/2018

Goodness and Grace

by Alisha Allen on 4/19/2018


by Alisha Allen on 4/16/2018

Now introducing...

by Greg Hall on 4/10/2018
Team alumni squad leaders

G42 Leadership Academy

by Alisha Allen on 4/6/2018

Missionary Life Updates

by Alisha Allen on 4/5/2018


by Dana Karpinski on 3/31/2018

10 Things I Appreciate About Haiti

by Dana Karpinski on 3/21/2018

Goodness and Grace

by Alisha Allen on 3/20/2018

A Heart of Thanks

by Alisha Allen on 3/17/2018

I care but He cares more

by Haley Wubs on 3/12/2018

Meet My Team!

by Naomi Hannon on 3/10/2018

What You Do When Your In the Trenches

by Dana Karpinski on 3/10/2018

The Daily Jot Pt. 2

by Haley Wubs on 3/9/2018

empty hands

by Britt Nompleggi on 3/9/2018


by Dana Karpinski on 3/8/2018


by Alisha Allen on 3/4/2018

World Race Round 2

by Anna Strickland on 2/28/2018

Class is in Session

by Haley Wubs on 2/28/2018

Reasons To Praise You!

by Dana Karpinski on 2/27/2018

A Grateful Heart

by Christa Diaz on 2/26/2018
Team team azucar


by Alisha Allen on 2/18/2018

The Daily Jot

by Haley Wubs on 2/16/2018

Meet my TEAM!

by Gabby Melcher on 2/12/2018
Team team africa

Haití Unexpected

by Alisha Allen on 2/9/2018

My God is Bigger Than You!

by Dana Karpinski on 2/9/2018

Haiti Days

by Naomi Hannon on 2/8/2018

I'm Back and I'm Broken

by Christa Diaz on 2/3/2018
Team team azucar

dear Granny

by Britt Nompleggi on 2/2/2018

Island Time

by Alisha Allen on 1/30/2018

She Did What?!?!

by Dana Karpinski on 1/28/2018


by Alisha Allen on 1/27/2018

Round 2

by Greg Hall on 1/20/2018
Team alumni squad leaders

chasing daisies

by Britt Nompleggi on 1/20/2018

World Race 2.0

by Haley Wubs on 1/19/2018

The Struggle at Home

by Hannah Reid on 1/19/2018
Team elemental

Hopping to Haiti

by Alisha Allen on 1/15/2018

Launch 2.0

by Naomi Hannon on 1/15/2018


by Dana Karpinski on 1/15/2018

The Choice (Part 2)

by Dana Karpinski on 1/15/2018

it's fun to fundraise!?!

by Haley Wubs on 1/10/2018


by Emily Madden on 1/10/2018
Team juandirection

I’m Not Buying It

by Molly Farmer on 1/4/2018
Team team azucar

Transitioning back home.

by Mariah Dunkin on 1/2/2018
Team sourpatch kids

11 Reflections for 11 Months

by Felicia Bergman on 12/23/2017
Team f.r.i.e.n.d.s

God Doesn't Take Away

by Hannah Reid on 12/20/2017
Team elemental

The World Race is Over

by Baileigh Millender on 12/18/2017
Team juan direction

Now what?

by Taylor Dunn on 12/18/2017
Team sourpatch kids

Roaming Coyote

by Emily Madden on 12/18/2017
Team juandirection


by Kirsty Marshall on 12/14/2017
Team storyleader

"There and Back Again" USA

by Ariane Utley on 12/12/2017
Team sourpatch kids

FUN FACTS: El Salvador

by Emily Madden on 12/11/2017
Team juandirection

What's next?

by Katie Hurley on 12/6/2017
Team juan direction

5 Reflections: El Salvador

by Felicia Bergman on 12/5/2017
Team f.r.i.e.n.d.s

5 Reflections: Nicaragua

by Felicia Bergman on 12/5/2017
Team f.r.i.e.n.d.s

SQUAT-A-BLOG: El Salvador

by Emily Madden on 12/4/2017
Team juandirection

Baby is home.

by Emily Madden on 11/28/2017
Team juandirection


by Emily Madden on 11/28/2017
Team juandirection

Giving Tuesday

by Dana Karpinski on 11/28/2017

Hook 'Em All Over the World

by Baileigh Millender on 11/25/2017
Team juan direction

a day that will live in imfamy

by Emily Madden on 11/25/2017
Team juandirection

the next season

by Britt Nompleggi on 11/24/2017

There and Back Again

by Alisha Allen on 11/23/2017

Endings and Beginnings

by Anna Strickland on 11/22/2017

A List of Littles: Burrito Brothers

by Alisha Allen on 11/21/2017


by Naomi Hannon on 11/18/2017

When God told me I am not going home yet...

by Haley Wubs on 11/16/2017

11 Tips When Meeting a World Racer

by Felicia Bergman on 11/16/2017
Team f.r.i.e.n.d.s