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5 Years

by Ashley Smith on 4/22/2018

grief to joy

by Suze Rinks on 4/22/2018

A gift of ease and hope

by Oscar Romo on 4/22/2018

Hindsight: A letter to my High School self

by Bonnie Bakewell on 4/22/2018

Too Stressed To Be Blessed?

by Caroline Jenkins on 4/21/2018

La Gozadera (South American Route)

by Frieda Renee on 4/21/2018

Why the World Race?

by Mort Mortensen on 4/21/2018


by Mollie Jewett on 4/21/2018

For Mommom

by Connor Gaul on 4/21/2018

Wake Up and Do Something

by Michael Bussey on 4/21/2018

Fearless or Fearful?

by Brooklynn Graybill on 4/21/2018

God Sustains Me

by Whitney Munro on 4/21/2018

Taking the path less traveled!

by Acacia Sachs on 4/20/2018

Find Your Fundraiser!

by Jordan Conley on 4/20/2018

Questions Answered

by Carrie Grace Henley on 4/20/2018

Cloudy With a Chance of Bread From Heaven

by Emily Olsen on 4/20/2018

Prayer for the Nations

by Kaylin Starbuck on 4/20/2018

Memory Lane

by Brynna Hilton on 4/20/2018


by Michael Bussey on 4/20/2018

Walking Billboard

by Ashley Butterfield on 4/20/2018

Why World Race?

by Vanessa Donnamaria on 4/20/2018

When I

by Kenzi Johnson on 4/19/2018

My obsession with music is healthy I promise

by Katie Ericks on 4/19/2018


by Zach Gregory on 4/19/2018

spiritual warfare:: why it's good

by Eliza Diamondidis on 4/19/2018

Letting Go...and Letting God

by kat Diel on 4/19/2018

Perfection is My Enemy

by Marah Kittelson on 4/19/2018

Neon Batman is a GOAT

by Bonnie Phillips on 4/19/2018

The Bucket List

by Meagan Kennedy on 4/19/2018

Eleven Thoughts for 11n11

by Re` Hollingsworth on 4/19/2018

Support Letter

by Michael Williams on 4/19/2018

A New Chapter

by Landon Mullins on 4/18/2018

God Incomprehensible

by Ethan Sherrell on 4/18/2018


by Gracie Chase on 4/18/2018

If you really knew me

by Chooch Robinson on 4/18/2018

What I'm looking forward to

by Chooch Robinson on 4/18/2018

Go. Do. Good.

by Taylor Stamp on 4/18/2018

The Person NOT the process

by Dylan Mathis on 4/18/2018
Team atlas

Fundraising for the Kingdom

by Flick Flickinger on 4/18/2018

Proverbs 11 and Gods character

by Dustin Maclay on 4/18/2018


by Sharon Mosley on 4/18/2018

Second Continent: Africa!!

by Ashley Collins on 4/18/2018

Ways To Donate!

by Ryan O'Keefe on 4/18/2018


by Ashley Jones on 4/18/2018

Support Letter!

by Elisabeth Sage on 4/18/2018

Costa Rica!

by Shay Hamilton on 4/17/2018

32,000 to 300

by Jesse Smothers on 4/17/2018

The Joy of the Lord Is My Strength

by Ethan Sherrell on 4/17/2018

Joy will always win

by Emmy Shepherd on 4/17/2018

Closer Every Day

by Megan Small on 4/17/2018
Team j crew


by Zack Sharp on 4/17/2018

Less Is More

by Nicole Murray on 4/17/2018

Brief introduction about me.

by Paxton Grayer on 4/17/2018

Why I blog.

by Lauren Kelly on 4/17/2018


by Martha Kuhn on 4/17/2018

Starting Lineup 4/11: Vietnam

by Bonnie Bakewell on 4/17/2018

QUICK!!! Your Transparency is Showing!

by Meagan Thompson on 4/17/2018

18 year old Isiah.

by Isiah Smith Smith on 4/17/2018

Why the World Race: Go

by Maddie Groff on 4/17/2018

The Why

by Katie Hammond on 4/17/2018

Support Letter

by Lindsey Duncan on 4/17/2018

He Needs Jesus Too

by Callie Aultman on 4/17/2018

I Was Baptized!

by Susanna Bekedam on 4/17/2018

What I have been thinking about Blog #2

by Kyle Chapman on 4/16/2018

Becoming Uncomfortable to Save the Lost

by Gabby Raatz on 4/16/2018

Walking the Narrow Road

by Cindy Swenson on 4/16/2018

A living Palace

by Emily Baumgartner on 4/16/2018

"So Will I"

by Liz Slager on 4/16/2018


by AspenRayne Elkins on 4/16/2018

To the children (Best Friends) in my life.

by Amber Wright on 4/16/2018

Comfort against the wind

by Pele Buika on 4/16/2018

My Times Abroad

by Angie Moore on 4/16/2018

Living hell on Earth

by Gisele Buenaventura on 4/16/2018

Eight Years Old

by Emily Ann Burger on 4/16/2018

i'm so in love

by Hadassah Tillotson on 4/16/2018

Hello, I’m new to this…

by Mallory Garrett on 4/16/2018


by Jacinta Magwood on 4/16/2018


by Hannah Latone on 4/16/2018


by Isiah Smith Smith on 4/16/2018

Welcome To My Crib

by Mallory Price on 4/16/2018

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

by Aundraya Wynne on 4/16/2018

The Honored Guest

by Marissa Morales on 4/16/2018

Waiting Well

by Em Blomberg on 4/16/2018

Life Update!

by Lillian Eddy on 4/15/2018

Fundraising Over Halfway Complete

by Justin Shaner on 4/15/2018

The Day I Saw Jesus.. Again!

by Shelby Hollowell on 4/15/2018

Baby Steps

by Josie Wenner-Foy on 4/15/2018

Power in perspective!

by Taylor Brisebois on 4/15/2018

That Pizza Shop

by Tyler LeBeau on 4/15/2018


by Kayla Burgess on 4/15/2018

4/15 Blog: Together Sacrifices

by Hannah Neel on 4/15/2018

You'll Be Okay

by Haley Lowe on 4/15/2018

Scars to Your Beautiful

by Sarah Oliver on 4/15/2018

Resting = Productive?!

by SAMUEL SAUCEDO on 4/15/2018

Ramblings, transparency, money, and God

by Hailey Huffman on 4/15/2018

The Craft Fair

by Brooklynn Graybill on 4/15/2018