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A Little Update

by Ariauna Bison on 12/18/2018

living with expectancy but no expectations

by Maggie O'Bryan on 12/18/2018

Marriage On The Race

by Kalyn Ledford on 12/18/2018
Team rapha

Marriage On The Race

by Matthew Ledford on 12/18/2018
Team rapha

Fully Fundraised!!!!

by Katelyn Webb on 12/18/2018
Team young royalz

the golden state

by Carolyn Miller on 12/18/2018
Team cool wise guys that are cool

Oh Christmas Tree

by Mackenzie Ropka on 12/18/2018


by Noelle Parker on 12/17/2018


by Sam Hughes on 12/17/2018

FAQs Part Two:

by Jessica Velez on 12/17/2018
Team rak pak


by Caitlynn Bruscher on 12/17/2018
Team c3

I Never Could Have Asked for More

by Colby Wayenberg on 12/17/2018
Team resurgent


by Michael Williams on 12/17/2018
Team resurgent

God Told Me To Be Creative

by Daniel Kiraly on 12/17/2018

Doing Coffee

by Tess Leeder on 12/17/2018

What I've Learned About Fundraising...

by Bailee Thomas on 12/17/2018

Where I Am

by Bradley Leichter on 12/16/2018

adopt a box for Christmas

by Annie Harris on 12/16/2018


by Erin Johnson on 12/16/2018

God, prepare my heart

by Chelsea Vaglica on 12/15/2018
Team lowin warriors

Lifting my Face

by Joanna Phillips on 12/15/2018
Team americanos

God is Dead and We Killed Him

by Nathan Wasnich on 12/15/2018
Team rahkma rua

The battle with Satan

by Erika DeBruyn on 12/15/2018

To Camp

by Caitlynn Bruscher on 12/14/2018
Team c3

Pray for Me!

by Susanna Bekedam on 12/14/2018
Team wabisabi

Life at a glance

by America Lascano on 12/14/2018


by Ronny Sison on 12/14/2018

Fully Funded!

by Hunter Beck on 12/14/2018

Well, Hello There!

by Gabby Badagliacco-Cabrera on 12/14/2018

Life Update!

by Destiny Rentsch on 12/14/2018

Rocked and ready to rock

by Caden Boutwell on 12/13/2018

Peace Be Still

by Sydney Warther on 12/13/2018


by Emma Robertson on 12/13/2018

You Can't Write This One

by Annie Cluff on 12/13/2018
Team talitha koum

What do your parents think about this?

by Whitney Munro on 12/13/2018
Team valor

Fundraising Update

by Bailey Spenlau on 12/13/2018

6 Highlights of Finals Week

by Catherine Choquette on 12/13/2018

Joy Through Pain

by Autum Clark on 12/13/2018

Woahhh This is Happening

by Lexi Hatten on 12/12/2018

things fundraising has taught me

by Morgan Crowley on 12/12/2018

therefore GO and make disciples

by Anni Burgdorf on 12/12/2018

"Are You Excited?!"

by Jordan Allen on 12/12/2018
Team radiance

A Humble Appeal

by Jessica Akland on 12/12/2018
Team rakpak

challenge accepted?

by Anna Horst on 12/11/2018

The Adventure Begins

by Sumer Furlong on 12/11/2018

head to the heart

by Karson Calaway on 12/11/2018

The Countdown Begins: T-9 months!!!!

by Colby King on 12/11/2018

Dealing With Spiritual Warfare

by Sam Hughes on 12/11/2018

When the Leaves Change

by MORGAN Penshorn on 12/11/2018
Team radiance

I Need You More

by Sarah Zlibut on 12/11/2018
Team valor

Goodbye Big Rapids.

by Courtney Shackle on 12/11/2018
Team valor

Just Trust Me

by Laurie Mcneilly on 12/11/2018
Team poiema

Why I’m going on the World Race

by Lauren Kenley on 12/11/2018
Team young royalz

New Pair of Glasses

by Cole Latimer on 12/11/2018


by Michaela Ward on 12/11/2018

My Story

by Chandler Adams on 12/11/2018

the winning team

by Elisabeth Miller on 12/10/2018

Focus Your Energy on Yourself not Others

by Paige Canova on 12/10/2018

A Blog Post About Decisions

by Alyson Weaver on 12/10/2018

what I am learning from samuel

by Noelle Parker on 12/10/2018

Big News!!

by Gavin Carson on 12/10/2018

And so it begins...

by Ashlyn Shickley on 12/10/2018

my heart:

by Madison Sammons on 12/10/2018


by Tiffany Huss on 12/10/2018
Team sweet'n'low

Jesus is Lord

by Joseph Cronin on 12/10/2018
Team rahkma rua

Burn the Ships

by Lauren Bell on 12/10/2018
Team papoula fogo

003 "Hello!" in 11 Countries

by Rachel Preston on 12/10/2018

Seeing in Color

by Brandi Griffith on 12/10/2018


by Mallory Sailer on 12/9/2018

A Walk to the Well

by Gracie Greer on 12/9/2018

Full-Time for God?

by Tee Nguyen on 12/9/2018

Preparation and What I'm Learning

by Hannah Harris on 12/9/2018

Support Letter

by Khurry Bullard on 12/9/2018

Reasons I am NOT Going On the World Race

by Zachari Bultman on 12/9/2018

Dear Freshman-Year Me

by Shelby Kaplan on 12/8/2018
Team poiema

What Does God Say?

by Ben Skaar on 12/8/2018
Team rahkma rua

What’s Been Happening Since I Decided to Go

by Rachael Santaniello on 12/8/2018

Here I go!

by Ellie Williams on 12/8/2018

Finding Joy in the Journey

by Lacy Vollmuth on 12/8/2018

God's Plan, Not Ours

by John Quinata on 12/8/2018

God's Plan, Not Ours

by Victoria Quinata on 12/8/2018

An Update

by Kylee Hernandez on 12/7/2018

He is my: Refuge

by Emma Tew on 12/7/2018

Cheap Substitutes

by Alyssa Boss on 12/7/2018
Team sweet 'n' low

How many times have we been over this?

by Michaela Card on 12/7/2018
Team c3

Training Camp

by Jennifer Sweitzer on 12/7/2018
Team rak pak

The Art of Vulnerability

by Tyler Inman on 12/7/2018
Team rahkma rua

Faith, Hope, and Love

by Aaron Williams on 12/7/2018
Team invictus

My Testimony

by Brianna Rice on 12/7/2018

Follow the Prompt

by Lauren Higbee on 12/7/2018

December Truths

by Nikki Jacobson on 12/6/2018
Team manununu

Don't Make Deals with God

by Jordan Allen on 12/6/2018
Team radiance

Happy Birthday!

by MORGAN Penshorn on 12/6/2018
Team radiance

Where for Art Thou?

by Aleesa Byrne on 12/6/2018
Team papoula fogo

Training Camp: Part 1 - God

by Ashley Smith on 12/6/2018
Team wabisabi

A Heart for the Homeless

by Ana Verduzco on 12/6/2018