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"You've been ACCEPTED!!!!!"

by Natasha Raines on 2/19/2019

Seasons Change

by Drew Davidson on 2/19/2019

Wondering, Waiting, and Why the World Race

by Megan Maloney on 2/19/2019

freely receive, freely give

by Noelle Parker on 2/18/2019

living boldly

by Brittney Dean on 2/18/2019


by Mackenzie Ropka on 2/18/2019

Perfection Is The Enemy

by Logan Gee on 2/17/2019

You can't run from God

by Ashley Haire on 2/17/2019

My Testimony

by Kate Mullis on 2/17/2019

Do you know what February 17 is?

by Kristin June on 2/17/2019


by Lauren McNamara on 2/17/2019

I can't do this...

by Ana Bates on 2/17/2019

The Journey

by Jamie Hart on 2/17/2019

Discovering a New World

by Dylan Phelps on 2/17/2019

Ready, Set, Go!

by Kaci Larick on 2/17/2019

a crazy year

by Paige Mattingley on 2/16/2019

A little random but worth the read

by Regina Bourbonnais on 2/16/2019

Like A Flood

by Payton Lothman on 2/16/2019

The Mustard Seed Mindset

by Carley Travis on 2/16/2019

God's Plan Prevails

by Kristen Duguay on 2/16/2019


by Michael Kennedy on 2/16/2019

Cheers to new beginnings!

by Ashley Haire on 2/15/2019

Feet Swingin'

by Cassi Davis on 2/15/2019

A Prophet's Request

by Ian Pierron on 2/15/2019

Love Outside The Lines

by Kimberlyn Porter on 2/14/2019

Oh The Love

by Khurry Bullard on 2/14/2019

The Great World Race

by Ashlee Gordon on 2/13/2019

THIS is the day that the Lord has made

by Hannah Dilday on 2/13/2019

First Blog!

by Desiree Ownbey on 2/13/2019

Live Undignified

by Ethan Patenaude on 2/13/2019

Wold race October 2019

by Jared Nash on 2/13/2019

Why in the world am I doing this?

by Niecey Odom on 2/13/2019

reckless abandon

by Ana Westhoff on 2/12/2019

Authentic love

by brooke Libby on 2/12/2019

What is this World Race???

by Ana Bates on 2/12/2019


by Kenni Edwards on 2/11/2019

the journey starts here

by Alaina Clayton on 2/11/2019

Power in the Name of Jesus

by Sarah Goodwin on 2/11/2019

There is Power in Jesus’ Name

by Sam Putnam on 2/11/2019

the big 4

by susan jones on 2/11/2019

Again + Again

by Nichola Lyons on 2/11/2019

26: A Year of CHANGE

by Eric Swiger on 2/11/2019

What Is There To Look Forward To?

by Averie Armbrust on 2/11/2019

Africa Breakdown.

by Erin Johnson on 2/11/2019

Resounding Yes

by Natalie Koppendrayer on 2/10/2019

Things Are Going Well!

by Izac Grooms on 2/10/2019

Proverbs 3:5-6

by Blaize Smoot on 2/10/2019

Dreaming with God

by Lan Ngo on 2/10/2019

My Struggles With Body Image

by Laura Franklin on 2/10/2019

The Man at Passion

by Hannah Baird on 2/10/2019

Praise Jesus! (plus a fundraising update)

by Haley Vaughan on 2/10/2019

Who Do You Love?

by Laura Kolander on 2/10/2019

God is Alive + He is Good.

by Candace Williams on 2/9/2019

Living Bold

by Alexis Simmons on 2/8/2019

Sinking Deep

by Sarah Goodwin on 2/8/2019


by Kenni Edwards on 2/8/2019

The Countdown Begins: T-7 months!!!!

by Colby King on 2/8/2019

Lost + Found

by Hannah Upkes on 2/8/2019

Robe Rant #1

by Miriam Griffith on 2/8/2019

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

by Rachel Quest on 2/8/2019

new beginnings

by Ana Westhoff on 2/7/2019

Threads of Hope!!!

by Madi Carter on 2/7/2019

Dares and Verses!!

by Madison Welton on 2/7/2019

What I'm learning this season

by Katelyn Jackson on 2/7/2019

Provision vs Procrastination

by Alyson Weaver on 2/7/2019

you might be wondering how this happened.

by Brooke Nantz on 2/7/2019

God spoke to me through a girl named Gabby

by Lauren Kobe on 2/7/2019

Buckle It

by Joy Mullins on 2/7/2019


by Tiina Parlas on 2/7/2019

Like a Bluebird in Winter

by Marianna Harris on 2/7/2019

Back 2 Work

by Sam Osuna on 2/6/2019

175 Days Until Launch

by Rebecca Gutierrez on 2/6/2019

When God radically shifts your direction

by Joe Harty on 2/6/2019

feed my sheep

by susan jones on 2/5/2019

Racing Towards My Calling

by Parker Wilhelm on 2/5/2019

Why the World Race?

by Ford Hiller on 2/5/2019

Life in Thailand

by Anna Duckstein on 2/5/2019

Preparation Update

by Ally Roeda on 2/5/2019

Preparation Update

by Austin Roeda on 2/5/2019

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Ian Pierron on 2/5/2019

your WHAT? and my reason WHY!

by Jewel Macauley on 2/5/2019

How The Lord Revealed My Calling

by Jake Lanferman on 2/5/2019

Eyes Opened Wide

by Victoria Groves on 2/5/2019

I Gave up Music for 21 Days...

by Catherine Choquette on 2/4/2019

Inconvenience or Opportunity?

by Destiny Rentsch on 2/4/2019

To my Team (before the race)

by Heather Stokes on 2/4/2019

006 4 Months! Prayers Please!

by Rachel Preston on 2/4/2019


by Michaela Ward on 2/4/2019

hands & feet

by Kati Simpson on 2/4/2019

how I got here

by Chelsea Adamson on 2/3/2019

who am i?

by Noelle Parker on 2/3/2019


by Karson Calaway on 2/3/2019

The Middle

by Tee Nguyen on 2/3/2019

let the countdown begin: four months until departure

by Madeleine Burkholder on 2/3/2019

Big game

by Tristen Everett on 2/3/2019

Taking a Leap of Faith With Your Help

by Sienna Bigelow on 2/2/2019

What I'll be doing

by Luke Hayes on 2/2/2019

First things first

by Olivia Johnson on 2/2/2019