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Guatemala Trip Video

by Cort Andexler on 2/18/2018

Can He?

by Charity Yoder on 2/18/2018

What LIES Beneath

by Aaron Mathis on 2/18/2018
Team atlas

A Radical Life

by Jada Charlton on 2/18/2018

Divine Discomfort

by Jordan Conley on 2/17/2018

Prayer Journal

by Kim Huffman on 2/17/2018

Here we are, and here we go!

by Abigail Jernigan on 2/17/2018

Just a Pile of Clay...

by Breanna Alverson on 2/17/2018

Not a Coincidence (pt 2)

by Ashley Butterfield on 2/17/2018

A Nation Filled with Fear

by Mackenzie Reid on 2/16/2018

Letting Go

by Mary Grace Curran on 2/16/2018

God made me for so much more

by Julia Piecka on 2/16/2018

Mugs/Plates for Sale (Fundraiser) <3

by Niki Dean on 2/16/2018

Describe yourself in two words: GOOD NEWS!

by Jenny Mejia on 2/16/2018

cancer sucks

by Brynna Hilton on 2/16/2018

Wisdom in the Secret Heart

by Sarah Benavente on 2/15/2018

Thank God for Instagram Ads

by Mary Claude Simons on 2/15/2018

Peace, love, & babies

by Emily Odom on 2/15/2018

Selling Shirts!

by Mikayla Keener on 2/15/2018

Why go?

by Rebecca Harper on 2/15/2018

A Shooting on Ash Wednesday

by Haley Lowe on 2/15/2018

Fundraising Thursday's Vibes

by Emily Froehlich on 2/15/2018

How I Got To Where I Am

by Cae Medeiros on 2/15/2018

Blooming into Lent

by Hannah Busch on 2/15/2018

About Me - From Soccer Fields to Mission Fields

by Elisabeth Sage on 2/15/2018

I'm going on the World Race!

by Brennan Wilson on 2/15/2018

Let the Race Begin

by Carly Moniz on 2/15/2018

The Darkness Cannot Overcome It!

by Lauren Kenley on 2/15/2018

You're doing WHAT

by Jewel Macauley on 2/15/2018

change of plans

by Amber Powell on 2/14/2018

This Love is God’s Love

by Reed Morrison on 2/14/2018


by Cody Bates on 2/14/2018

Come to Me

by Amanda Williams on 2/14/2018

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

by Elizabeth Angier on 2/14/2018

Trust His Timing

by Jenny Feicht on 2/14/2018

A Call To Obedience

by Cody Harvey on 2/14/2018

What is Lent anyway?

by Kristen Haley on 2/14/2018

Just for today

by Ashley Jones on 2/14/2018

the unknown...and transparency

by Maggie Harrell on 2/14/2018

Happy Valentines Day/Ash Wednesday

by Becca Houk on 2/14/2018

What's Going On?

by Colby Wayenberg on 2/14/2018

And the Word was with God

by Jen Summy on 2/14/2018

What makes your heart move?

by sophi Lutz on 2/13/2018

Not Today Satan

by Summer Meche on 2/13/2018

Forgetting My First Love

by Kathryn Hamilton on 2/13/2018

My Valentine's Resolution

by Marah Kittelson on 2/13/2018

Seek First

by Alyxandra Page on 2/13/2018

Why the World Race?

by Brandon Minner on 2/13/2018

I believe there is power behind vulnerability

by Morgan Feldt on 2/13/2018


by Oscar Romo on 2/13/2018

My testimony.

by Lauren Kelly on 2/13/2018

Shirts!!! And Deja Vu

by D.J. Parman on 2/12/2018

this changes everything

by Parker Consolo on 2/12/2018

A Seed like Faith

by Hannah Eichstadt on 2/12/2018

Now I Just Sit In Silence

by Cindy Swenson on 2/12/2018

Blog #1

by Bri Smith on 2/12/2018

Fundraising and FAQs

by Gracie Justice on 2/12/2018

Minor Prophet, Major Impact.

by Annalise Hite on 2/12/2018

Chasing Waves

by Makayla Barlow on 2/12/2018

Sitting in Expectation

by Angie Moore on 2/12/2018

Put me in, Coach!

by Jessie Lirios on 2/12/2018

Fear and Fake Smiles

by Savannah London on 2/12/2018

I'm in

by Paige Holness on 2/12/2018

All In

by Mallory Price on 2/12/2018


by Grace Pettit on 2/12/2018

And so it begins...

by Joshua Correa on 2/12/2018

I am Fearless with Him

by Emily Eggerling on 2/11/2018

Grateful in the Grind

by Maleah Spears on 2/11/2018

Golden Statues and Prayer Wheels

by Lillian Tarantino on 2/11/2018

Happy birthday Jesus

by AspenRayne Elkins on 2/11/2018

T-shirt Fundraiser

by Regan Horn on 2/11/2018


by Ariel Wingard on 2/11/2018

When I Laughed at God

by Amy Johnson on 2/11/2018

I can do this

by Kim Huffman on 2/11/2018

In Between

by Macy Shepard on 2/11/2018

First Fundraiser!!!

by Carsyn Lackey on 2/11/2018

Change of Plans

by Kayla Parmley on 2/11/2018

The Call. The Doubt. The Joy.

by Korie Chapin on 2/11/2018

Starting over.

by Ali Caughron on 2/11/2018

You Say Coincidence I Say God's Plan

by Ashley Butterfield on 2/11/2018

I need a captivating title

by Ahava Lewis on 2/10/2018

The Lord knows no price tag

by Rachel Stacy on 2/10/2018

Here I Am

by Maddie Kuykendall on 2/10/2018

My God is BIGGER

by Ericka Robinson on 2/10/2018

Headed Back to Indiana

by Kaila Shoemaker on 2/10/2018

So Will I

by Allison Bodle on 2/10/2018

Route Destinations

by Breanna Van Dellen on 2/10/2018

It Hasn't Been All Joy

by Kelly FAHNESTOCK on 2/10/2018


by Moncho Villegas on 2/9/2018

What am I going The World Race?

by Kayla Grasak on 2/9/2018

Be Careful What You Wish For

by Ashli Millea on 2/9/2018


by Amy McWilliams on 2/9/2018

Wherever He Leads I'll Go

by Maeci McCullough on 2/9/2018

Greatest Love Story

by Kate Dufour on 2/9/2018

VIDEO || February Announcements

by Krista Booker on 2/9/2018

Why Missions?

by Brooklynn Graybill on 2/9/2018