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American Made

by Nathan Streyle on 1/19/2017

2017: The Year of Change

by Tamara Vicovan on 1/19/2017

Kingdom Dreamer

by Alyssa Smith on 1/19/2017

I'm going on The WORLD RACE!!!!!!!!

by Crystal Poston on 1/18/2017

Jesus, we’re listening and responding

by Kayla Taylor on 1/18/2017

On A Roll

by Emily Adams on 1/18/2017

What am I doing?

by Bry Veith on 1/18/2017

Jesus, we’re listening and responding

by RJ Taylor on 1/18/2017

New Year's Resolutions?

by Ashley Guinn on 1/17/2017

Exciting Unknown

by Brittany Dykstra on 1/17/2017

Lord of the Harvest

by Andrew Hershey on 1/17/2017

The Top 10 FAQs

by RJ Taylor on 1/17/2017

The Top 10 FAQs

by Kayla Taylor on 1/17/2017

Run with Endurance

by McKenzie Kuhn on 1/16/2017

What the heck are you doing?

by Kayla Strickler on 1/16/2017

the call

by Carly Miers on 1/16/2017

"What do you need?"

by Shelby Scott on 1/16/2017

Just me being me!

by Adrian Riney on 1/16/2017

A New Adventure

by Sara Graham on 1/15/2017


by Madison Elkins on 1/15/2017


by Andrew Elkins on 1/15/2017


by Alexandria Klimkoski on 1/14/2017

Bringing it to the Light pt 1

by Dylan Mathis on 1/14/2017


by Kat Wilder on 1/14/2017

Planted in my Circle!

by Heather Russell on 1/13/2017

Hi, I'm Taylor!

by Taylor Hendren on 1/12/2017

From Nope to Hope: Joining the World Race

by Cassie Walton on 1/12/2017

A little bit about me

by Monica Elder on 1/12/2017

Caution: Surrender Your Doubts Ahead

by Brittany Nichols on 1/11/2017

Adopt A Day!

by Ian Wray on 1/11/2017


by Trisha Ladd on 1/11/2017

Called to Forgive

by Allina Robie on 1/11/2017


by Kiana Yingst on 1/11/2017

Season of Re

by Oriolyne Lubin on 1/10/2017

but GOD

by Courtney Howard on 1/10/2017

Declaration of Dependence

by Paige Deur on 1/10/2017

Two Years and Counting

by Derek Dameron on 1/10/2017

Two Years and Counting

by Bethany Dameron on 1/10/2017

New Year, New Route

by Meghan Murray on 1/10/2017
Team cotton

God, I see you.

by Kim Pierce on 1/9/2017

Doing... Nothing

by Kya Douglas on 1/9/2017

God Bless this Hot Mess

by Janine Brannis on 1/8/2017

Here it is, 2017!

by Katie Haughwout on 1/8/2017

Cherishing Our Sufferings

by Melanie Morgan on 1/8/2017

My New Year

by Sierra Price on 1/8/2017

Story's Beauty Mark

by Emily Adams on 1/8/2017

Be still

by Kat Wilder on 1/7/2017

I Lost My Joy

by Roxanne Bailey on 1/6/2017

Unashamed- Just do it!

by Adrian Riney on 1/6/2017


by Allina Robie on 1/6/2017

The Beginning... So here we go!

by Brittani Toole on 1/6/2017

Okay, God!

by Heather Blumenfeld on 1/5/2017

Bring it on 2017!

by Vivi Oliveira on 1/5/2017

Racing Around the World for Jesus!

by Sam Hotchkiss on 1/5/2017

no fear in love

by Haley Ferguson on 1/4/2017

He is Us-Part 1

by Derek Dameron on 1/4/2017

He is Us-Part 1

by Bethany Dameron on 1/4/2017

Millennials are the worst. Right?

by Kat Wilder on 1/4/2017

My Testimony

by Vic Fadool on 1/3/2017

Ways you can support me! :)

by Megan Vanlandeghem on 1/3/2017


by Jaclyn McAlester on 1/3/2017

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

by Taylor Schmidt on 1/3/2017


by Jenna VanderHaar on 1/2/2017

Love Remains in 2016

by McKenzie Kuhn on 1/2/2017

Am I Doing This Right?

by Kayla Strickler on 1/2/2017

goodbye, 2016

by Mikayla Hartel on 1/2/2017

What Freedom Really Means

by Amaris Duryea on 1/2/2017

Recap on 2016

by Ashley Guinn on 1/2/2017

Journey To The World Race

by Calli Bigham on 1/2/2017


by Shea Hendry on 1/2/2017
Team sourpatchkids

Around the World in 335 Days

by Emily Adams on 1/2/2017


by Niki Ables on 1/1/2017

Happy World Race Year

by Janine Brannis on 1/1/2017

Hello New.

by Regan Smith on 1/1/2017

Why I don't have many friends...

by Marissa Anderson on 1/1/2017

How did I get here?

by Caleb Callaway on 1/1/2017


by Dylan Mathis on 1/1/2017

New Year's Resolution

by Alyssa Smith on 1/1/2017

Post 1 - This Journey of Mine

by Taylor Long on 12/31/2016

And so it begins...

by Carla Dunn on 12/31/2016

Celebrate 2016

by Carmen Eby on 12/31/2016

Set Free

by Kim Pierce on 12/31/2016

How did this race thing come up?

by Marissa Anderson on 12/31/2016

Resolve... With a Touch of Grace

by Thomas Bennage on 12/31/2016

Another Birthday, Another New Year!

by Leah Van Someren on 12/31/2016

How did I get here?

by Averi Adams on 12/31/2016

A Beautiful Gift

by Kayla Norwood on 12/30/2016

OTB: Obey The Bush

by Diana Dvorak on 12/30/2016

in review..

by Kat Wilder on 12/30/2016

My Heart Says Yes

by Maryah Fields on 12/30/2016

How Am I Doing?

by Taylor Ryals on 12/30/2016

Figuring out what to blog post...

by Megan Weber on 12/29/2016

Who Am I and How Did I Get Here?

by Kyle Drury on 12/29/2016