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Support Letter

by Daniel Vrooman on 3/23/2017

Perfectly Flawed

by Emma Donahue on 3/23/2017

She Died

by Mel Ray on 3/23/2017

Stepping Out

by Brandi Teeney on 3/23/2017

WARNING: Proceed With Caution

by Kenadi Burford on 3/23/2017

Intro Video!

by Chandler Whidden on 3/23/2017

My Spiritual Journey

by Chandler Whidden on 3/23/2017

31 31 31 31 31 31

by Oriolyne Lubin on 3/22/2017

For the Nations

by Zac Calderon on 3/22/2017

On a mission...

by Sam Hotchkiss on 3/22/2017

Christian and Afraid

by Kim Pierce on 3/21/2017


by Juliana Grinols on 3/21/2017

What is Next?

by Shelby Scott on 3/21/2017

I am weak

by Kat Wilder on 3/21/2017

My Story

by Cristina Gavaziuc on 3/21/2017

How Can I Keep From Singing?

by Mary Beth Byers on 3/21/2017

How Can I Keep From Singing?

by Mary Beth Byers on 3/21/2017

We are on time!

by Chandler Whidden on 3/21/2017

Financial Goal #1 is in view!

by Rachael Thearin on 3/20/2017

At the brink of a NEW season

by Diane Velasquez on 3/20/2017

T-Shirt Fundraiser

by Sara Graham on 3/19/2017


by Abby Eades on 3/19/2017

I am better one

by Emmy Hendrix on 3/19/2017

Stuffin' Away Sin

by Jessica Bundy on 3/19/2017

God Showed Up!

by Brittany Smith on 3/19/2017

Sharing is Caring

by Megan Small on 3/19/2017

Lord Willing..

by Ramesha Haskins on 3/19/2017

Footprints of Hope!

by Kimbra Thomas on 3/19/2017

Thank you to everybody who supported!

by Kya Douglas on 3/18/2017

Support update

by Kayla Strickler on 3/18/2017

The Impossible.

by Caitlin Carpenter on 3/18/2017

Wars, Famines, Heartache OH MY!!!

by Mallory Poole on 3/18/2017

Love Without Permission

by Rachel Pischke on 3/18/2017

Three Answers for Every Question

by Haley Lowe on 3/18/2017

Abundant Provision

by Melanie Morgan on 3/17/2017

A Special Place in My Heart

by Chelsea Bouknight on 3/16/2017

Millennial Eyes

by Shea Greaves on 3/16/2017

I bought my backpack today!

by Katie Haughwout on 3/16/2017

In the Presence of the Holy #Overwhelmed

by Hakeem Helmy on 3/16/2017

The one with a couple quick updates:

by Sarah Landsman on 3/16/2017

Busy Days & Sabbath Ways

by Tiffany King on 3/16/2017

Peace in my heart during fundraising!

by Susan Moreland on 3/16/2017

Why Do I Want to go on the World Race?

by Jessica Leonhardt on 3/16/2017

A Handful of "Who am I?!" Moments

by Ashley Hable on 3/16/2017


by Oriolyne Lubin on 3/15/2017

How did I get here?

by Kristen Poljansek on 3/15/2017


by Kat Wilder on 3/15/2017

In Battle

by Allina Robie on 3/15/2017

Seeing Beauty #Overwhelmed

by Hakeem Helmy on 3/15/2017

I was not called to do the World Race

by Kim Lewis on 3/15/2017

3…2…1…LIFT OFF!

by Rashelle Newkirk on 3/15/2017


by Ashley LeCoq on 3/15/2017

You Are Doing What?!

by Chloe Clendinning on 3/15/2017


by Jenna VanderHaar on 3/14/2017


by Juliana Grinols on 3/14/2017

Forgiveness Forgotten - Our Buried Treasure

by Nathan Singleton on 3/14/2017

The Only Dead End is a Shortcut

by Nathan Singleton on 3/14/2017

The Battle Beneath the Sheets

by Nathan Singleton on 3/14/2017

Give Me One Good Reason

by Nathan Singleton on 3/14/2017

For the sake of Love: The Cause of Christ

by Dylan Mathis on 3/14/2017

March Madness

by Rachel Pritchard on 3/14/2017

Wow! It happened!

by Carolyn Miller Miller-Lopez on 3/14/2017

Shatter the Silence

by Emily Adams on 3/14/2017

7 Months

by Wade Wiita on 3/14/2017

Boasting in My Weaknesses

by Jessica Torres on 3/14/2017

6 Reasons why #HaitiChangedMe

by McKenzie Kuhn on 3/13/2017

The Biggest Challenge.

by Lynna Scarborough on 3/13/2017

Squad Adventures - ATL Edition

by Devon Carothers on 3/13/2017

Squad Adventures - ATL Edition

by Jonathan Carothers on 3/13/2017

Meet my people…well some of them! :)

by Heather Russell on 3/13/2017

I Hope This Works

by Nathan Singleton on 3/13/2017

Taste the Goodness

by Carmen Eby on 3/12/2017

Coffee Breath

by Jenn Nibbe on 3/12/2017

God WILL Conquer Your Giants, Just Let Him!

by Jenny Kordelski on 3/12/2017


by Zach Lambert on 3/12/2017

She was called to go...

by Kasie Osborne on 3/12/2017

And she needs your help

by Kasie Osborne on 3/12/2017

Trust and Obey

by Naomi Trout on 3/12/2017

My Fundraising Letter

by Naomi Trout on 3/12/2017


by Kimberly Matthews on 3/12/2017

What In The World Are You Doing?

by Kristy Keprta on 3/12/2017

The 15-6 Challenge

by Bethany Dameron on 3/11/2017

The 15-6 Challenge

by Derek Dameron on 3/11/2017


by Kiana Yingst on 3/11/2017

The World Race!

by Emma Donahue on 3/10/2017

Why am I doing this?

by Ryan Tovias on 3/10/2017

Facing My Fears

by Paige Deur on 3/10/2017

Am I Really This Crazy?

by Caleb Callaway on 3/10/2017

Big Prayers and Mathematics

by Marissa Anderson on 3/10/2017

11 Lessons for the Next 11 Months

by Vivi Oliveira on 3/10/2017

And so the journey begins

by Ashley Hewitt on 3/10/2017

Unashamed Vulnerability

by Brittany Nichols on 3/9/2017

a seat at the table

by Carly Miers on 3/9/2017


by Heather Blumenfeld on 3/9/2017

SOS I have an FOF!

by Bethany Grayczyk on 3/9/2017

Is My Faith Strong Enough to Go?

by Bethany Dameron on 3/9/2017