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by Annalise Garfield on 6/25/2019

Why I Am Going On The World Race

by Jane Kantarevic on 6/25/2019


by louisa Currie on 6/25/2019

Why Training Camp Left me Burdened

by Jordan Jones on 6/25/2019
Team wild

Am I Beautiful?

by Marianna Harris on 6/25/2019
Team hks

I caught the Holy Ghost...?

by Jewel Macauley on 6/25/2019
Team seal team 6

i'm not going to college???

by Gretchen Waters on 6/25/2019

God has been teaching me about community

by Ryan Breakfield on 6/25/2019

Surrendering to the Call

by Zackary Alexander on 6/25/2019

30 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

by Madison Welton on 6/24/2019

The Ups And Downs

by Justin Seibert on 6/24/2019

this one's for YOU (fully funded!)

by susan jones on 6/24/2019

God is real, so so real.

by Kenz Meadows on 6/24/2019
Team hks

training camp!!!!!

by Annie Harris on 6/24/2019
Team wild

World Race Training Camp

by Brieanne Kluck on 6/24/2019


by Kaitlynn Heil on 6/24/2019

Who's your Super Hero?

by Hannah Cushman on 6/24/2019

Embracing Change

by Hannah Sombeck on 6/24/2019

5 Reasons Why I Like...(Part Two!)

by Lexie Weber on 6/23/2019

Do you know me?

by Logan Williams on 6/23/2019

Why I'm doing The World Race

by Morgan McCrary on 6/23/2019

Exciting new route change

by Haley Vaughan on 6/23/2019

World Race Training Camp

by Victoria Quinata on 6/23/2019
Team seal team 6

World Race Training Camp

by John Quinata on 6/23/2019
Team seal team 6

The Same Mission...

by Jenn Paris on 6/23/2019

30 Interesting Facts About Thailand

by Madison Welton on 6/22/2019


by Courtlan Howell on 6/22/2019

Being Faithful in Everything

by Hannah Upkes on 6/22/2019

The One About Training Camp

by Averie Armbrust on 6/22/2019

Why the World Race?

by Jamie Fletcher on 6/22/2019

Why I'm in Myrtle Beach

by Alyssa Trembly on 6/22/2019

Life update!

by Valeria Gomez Villalobos on 6/21/2019

let's catch up.

by Ana Westhoff on 6/21/2019

How did I get here?

by Valerie Maddox on 6/21/2019

lollipop moment

by Lexi Spurlock on 6/21/2019

is being generic okay?

by Kate Rolffs on 6/21/2019

Fundraiser: The Giving Back Baskets

by Khurry Bullard on 6/21/2019

How I Found Out About The World Race- Guatemala 2018

by Kenzie Vogelsang on 6/21/2019

Love for All

by Alicia Cano on 6/21/2019

"It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done."

by Krystina Holquin on 6/21/2019

Training camp is getting closer!!

by Blake White on 6/20/2019

30 Interesting Facts About India

by Madison Welton on 6/20/2019

Why am I going on the World Race?

by Katelyn Jackson on 6/20/2019

t-shirts, stickers & more

by Regina Bourbonnais on 6/20/2019

18 days until training camp

by Karson Calaway on 6/20/2019

Opening, the Holy Spirit is here

by Essie LaRocque on 6/20/2019
Team ohana

Training Camp... A Game Changer to Say the Least.

by Nicole Mitchell on 6/20/2019

Fully funded, GOD IS GOOD!

by Ian Pierron on 6/20/2019
Team lost and found

Gollum's Ministry

by Sarah Pierce on 6/20/2019
Team sweet n sour pork


by Sabrina Funes on 6/20/2019

why I'm going on the World Race

by Maddie Chase on 6/19/2019

Radical for Christ

by Madison Welton on 6/19/2019

5 Reasons Why I Like... (Part 1!)

by Lexie Weber on 6/19/2019

Fundraising Update!

by Sam Putnam on 6/19/2019

Dear Squad A,

by Ashlyn Shickley on 6/19/2019

Get to Know South Africa!

by Hannah Gillen on 6/19/2019

Will you help me?

by Alex Duncan on 6/19/2019

Speak Life

by Abby Bender on 6/19/2019

The Truth Is...

by Katrina Carter on 6/19/2019
Team wild

It's finally starting to feel real!!

by Layne Seland on 6/19/2019

adopt-a-box fundraiser

by Kati Simpson on 6/19/2019
Team daughters

"I wouldn't want to be doing anything else"

by Emily Schmalz on 6/19/2019

Why I Am Going On The World Race

by Nicole Stepp on 6/18/2019

the good in goodbyes

by Cassi Davis on 6/18/2019


by Katie Pasteur on 6/18/2019

Keep It Up!

by Madison Green on 6/18/2019

11 QTNS for 11 DAYS of Training Camp

by Essie LaRocque on 6/18/2019
Team ohana

My Squad, My Team, My Family.

by Ash SPRINGER on 6/18/2019
Team reckless

11 Days

by Kenzie Bell on 6/18/2019
Team reckless

Where am I?

by TJ Capps on 6/18/2019
Team ohana

Let's Talk About Training Camp

by Caitie Olson on 6/18/2019
Team ohana

I met the love of my life

by Kenz Meadows on 6/18/2019
Team hks


by Eric Swiger on 6/18/2019
Team ohana

Training Camp Trials

by Laura Franklin on 6/18/2019
Team hks

Training Camp

by Jason Keeran on 6/18/2019
Team agape

Training Camp in a Nutshell

by Carley Travis on 6/18/2019

How to Win a War

by Brandi Griffith on 6/18/2019


by Bowen Terrill on 6/18/2019

Drowning Out Doubt At Training Camp

by Jeff Allsbrooks on 6/18/2019

Rejection is a lie

by Hannah Sahatoo on 6/18/2019
Team seal team 6


by Laura Leigh Armstrong on 6/18/2019
Team sweet n sour pork

Answers to Your Questions

by Maia Ehrgott-Jenkins on 6/18/2019

Setting Up For Goodbye

by Niecey Odom on 6/18/2019

Where Faith meets the Grain

by Lycia Mathis on 6/18/2019

Last But Not Least

by Morgan Fangman on 6/18/2019
Team santacruz

This Is Me.

by Paige Canova on 6/17/2019

Garage Sales

by Kylee Hernandez on 6/17/2019


by Deven Jackson on 6/17/2019

Shatie Keng

by Emily Sheng on 6/17/2019

Why I am World Racing

by William Pridmore on 6/17/2019

He is there

by Emma Robertson on 6/17/2019

Fundraising Journey

by Jo Vides on 6/17/2019