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by Emma Pelletier on 1/23/2020

Tell A Friend

by Emma Pelletier on 1/23/2020

It's 2020!

by Annie Bingham on 1/23/2020

A letter to my teammates

by Abbey Vaughn on 1/23/2020

Big Updates!!!

by Quincy Ingersoll on 1/22/2020

Trust and Obedience

by Corryn Scharff on 1/21/2020

Why the World Race?

by Theo Ruzicka on 1/21/2020


by Mackenzi Sandberg on 1/21/2020

Why Did I Choose the World Race?

by Elizabeth Doty on 1/21/2020

The One with the 3 Lessons

by Chelsie Ruff on 1/21/2020

if the wind goes where you send it so will i

by Lydia Allen on 1/20/2020

God-centered, Others-focused, Kingdom-minded

by Chiara Vestrini on 1/20/2020

Send Me

by Mackenzie Tkach on 1/20/2020

First Blog Post: First Thoughts

by Tull White on 1/20/2020

"And the Greatest of These is Love"

by Ashton Bussard on 1/20/2020

Why I mourn my haircut

by Emily McCann on 1/19/2020

Finding him

by Abigail Akin on 1/19/2020

About me

by Mason Gibbs on 1/19/2020

My Support Letter

by Hannah Hutchinson on 1/18/2020

He before Me

by Sydney Spears on 1/18/2020

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Sarah Mounts on 1/18/2020

Blog 4 WR Details

by Whitney Holmes on 1/18/2020

Where is the FEELING?

by Tony Kruithoff on 1/17/2020

Where is the FEELING?

by Tony Kruithoff on 1/17/2020

I Vow

by Andrea Pittman on 1/17/2020

Where God Guides, He Provides

by Abby Rakus on 1/17/2020

Living a Public Life

by Monte-Angel Richardson on 1/17/2020

About me!

by Kate Rockwood on 1/16/2020


by Gretchen Waters on 1/16/2020

The potter & the clay

by Angelina Torres on 1/16/2020

Why I Am Going

by Abbi Dean on 1/16/2020

Isaiah 61:1

by Yeshaya Strychalski on 1/16/2020


by Hailey Tucker on 1/16/2020

The vision for my blog!

by Kennedy Patch on 1/16/2020

New year, new route, new squad, new goals

by Michelle Young on 1/16/2020


by Graceyn Halabicky on 1/15/2020

The Water's fine.

by Grace Peek on 1/15/2020

Fundraising Support Letter

by Zachary Dudley on 1/15/2020

Round 2

by Andrea Hellier on 1/15/2020
Team summer2019caribbeanteam

11 countries

by Taylor Reed on 1/15/2020

World Race: My Story

by Rachel Kiger on 1/15/2020


by Reagan Grant on 1/14/2020

Change is a good thing

by Abbey Vaughn on 1/14/2020

Why I chose this path

by Emma Neal on 1/13/2020


by Elijah Shelton on 1/13/2020

What I Will Be Doing & Why I Need Your Help

by Raina Henderson on 1/13/2020

2020. A Year of Intentionality.

by Hannah Jones on 1/13/2020

We Are World Changers

by Jamie Schroeder on 1/13/2020

New Year. New Route. New Plans!!

by Benito Figueroa on 1/13/2020

The Right Moves

by Micah Torgerson on 1/13/2020

Why/Where/When I’m Going on the World Race!

by Kaylin Stanley on 1/12/2020

My Support Letter:)

by Madeline Doyle on 1/12/2020


by Chloe Fornoff on 1/12/2020

Starting this journey

by Isabelle Witteveen on 1/12/2020

Make a joyful noise, friend.

by Elijah McGrail on 1/11/2020


by Kaitlyn Clarkson on 1/11/2020

A Thorny Issue

by Dalton Hyko on 1/11/2020


by Madeline Doyle on 1/11/2020

Support Letter

by Emma Evans on 1/11/2020

New year

by Abigail Kidd on 1/10/2020

a good thing

by Lily Bowser on 1/10/2020

Where have I been?

by Rebekah Sartain on 1/10/2020

I moved to Dallas!!

by Scout Grace Lauderdale on 1/10/2020

Why? Why? Why?

by Andrew Carlburg on 1/10/2020

Specifics of Support: What is the World Race?

by Monte-Angel Richardson on 1/10/2020

More Than a T-shirt

by Brooklyn Dilley on 1/9/2020

Beauty in Brokenness

by Andrea Gallina on 1/9/2020

support letter

by Jen Opdahl on 1/9/2020


by Clayton Camp on 1/9/2020

Support Letter (How you can help!)

by Kennedy Patch on 1/9/2020

Get to know me and my trip !

by Belle Hoese on 1/8/2020


by Ben Bigcraft on 1/8/2020

growing n' going

by Abigail Akin on 1/8/2020

growing n' going

by Abigail Akin on 1/8/2020

Let's Talk About This TRIP!

by Tony Kruithoff on 1/8/2020

Putting Your Trust in the Lord's Plan

by Katie White on 1/8/2020

The Adventure Begins!

by Elizabeth Kelley on 1/8/2020

My Word for 2020: Release

by Lauren Johnson on 1/8/2020

The Battle

by Taylor Reed on 1/8/2020

The Priority of Fundraising

by Kourtney Vitera on 1/7/2020

comparison trap

by Morgan Applegate on 1/7/2020

New years!

by Sam Dupuis on 1/7/2020

New years!

by Sam Dupuis on 1/7/2020

New years!

by Sam Dupuis on 1/7/2020

New years!

by Sam Dupuis on 1/7/2020

Not My Words

by CJ Prather on 1/7/2020

Dua Etmek

by Jacken Holland on 1/7/2020

2020 Vision

by Alicia Crist on 1/6/2020

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Madison Stephenson on 1/6/2020

How Jesus spoke through my Dog

by Delaney Bonfield on 1/6/2020

Why the World Race?

by Madeline Doyle on 1/6/2020

Why the World Race?

by Zachary Dudley on 1/6/2020


by Abby Wallace on 1/6/2020

Pray Effectively

by Micah Torgerson on 1/6/2020

Why the world race?

by Kylee Shallan on 1/5/2020

God is in control

by Evie Corcoran on 1/5/2020

A Look into Life

by Brooklyn Dilley on 1/5/2020