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rollercoaster rides & longer goodbyes

by Mackenzie Larsen on 8/24/2019
Team hygge


by Paul Lanier,V on 8/24/2019
Team selah

World Race FAQs

by sammiera Long on 8/24/2019
Team selah


by Katlyn Benton on 8/24/2019
Team valiant

Money, Money, Money

by Annie Harris on 8/24/2019

The Courage to Move Forward

by Stephanie Gilbreath on 8/24/2019

Awareness of a Love that never fails

by Brent McGill on 8/24/2019

Questions bring me closer to the Fathers' heart

by Omega Weisser on 8/24/2019


by Evelyn Simmons on 8/23/2019
Team p31


by Valerie Maddox on 8/23/2019
Team hygge

Glory to Glory

by Molly Miller on 8/23/2019
Team ahava

the in-between

by Brittney Dean on 8/23/2019
Team xapa


by Amanda Young on 8/23/2019
Team amazed by you


by Carissa Taylor on 8/22/2019
Team selah

Training Camp- To Be Loved

by Anna Duckstein on 8/22/2019
Team j walkers

Wedding VS Marriage

by Kaila Smith on 8/22/2019

What God's Teaching Me About Sacrifice

by Rachel Mayforth on 8/22/2019

16 Miles, 15 Days

by Mary Eastland on 8/21/2019
Team capable

sharing a bit of my walk

by Rachel Rose on 8/21/2019
Team capable

Bucket Shower Bonding

by Syd Jacobsen on 8/21/2019
Team hineni

Fallin to your knees kind of worship

by Syd Jacobsen on 8/21/2019
Team hineni

a crazy journey home

by Syd Jacobsen on 8/21/2019
Team hineni

He Met Me On The Hill

by Niecey Odom on 8/21/2019
Team selah

Healing Happens

by Katlyn Hodges on 8/21/2019
Team agua

Training Camp

by Erika Stauffer on 8/21/2019
Team agua

My Week at Fat Camp

by Janie Neill on 8/21/2019
Team valiant

A leap of steps

by Katie Bales on 8/21/2019

It is all about TRUST!!!

by Delaney Bronosky on 8/21/2019

the art of saying goodbye

by Elisabeth Miller on 8/20/2019
Team ekklesia

to my supporters

by Mallory Sailer on 8/20/2019
Team unity

something brief.

by Hannah Hennings on 8/20/2019
Team ahava

A Girl Gets Baptized

by Kaci Larick on 8/20/2019
Team jwalkers

Currently Processing

by Lycia Mathis on 8/20/2019
Team scelte

Angels in the Airport

by ADrianna Daniels on 8/20/2019
Team selah

Walking in Boldness

by Zachari Bultman on 8/20/2019
Team amazed by you

Training Camp!

by Courtney Satterfield on 8/20/2019
Team agua

Guard Your Hearts

by Benito Figueroa on 8/20/2019

Update :) August 2019!

by Lauren Carpenter on 8/20/2019

The First Day of My Journey

by Austin McBride on 8/20/2019


by Brent McGill on 8/20/2019

From Nikki

by Morgan Miller on 8/19/2019
Team parameno

I needed that shower

by Mackenzie Larsen on 8/19/2019
Team hygge


by Megan Roper on 8/19/2019
Team abundance

August Training Camp

by sammiera Long on 8/19/2019
Team selah

a joyful heart !!

by Gretchen Waters on 8/19/2019

The Mission

by Aaron Strother on 8/19/2019

The In-between

by Nathan Chandler on 8/18/2019
Team sovereign sons


by Karson Calaway on 8/18/2019
Team avodah

Training camp gainz

by Hannah Kraus on 8/18/2019
Team team

The Good News

by Lauren Watts on 8/18/2019

happy to be here

by Leanna Murphy on 8/17/2019
Team capable

Dream Chasing?

by Angelica Ortiz on 8/17/2019
Team anthem

Triple T

by Katelyn Jackson on 8/17/2019
Team orah

To the Church that Built Me:

by Lily Hambrick on 8/17/2019
Team selah

Rooted in Love + Walking in Light

by Grace Creed on 8/17/2019
Team avodah

Get Comfy

by Julia Garcia on 8/17/2019
Team selah


by Zack Coward on 8/17/2019

Healing is now 2019

by Michelle Young on 8/17/2019


by Emily Patton on 8/16/2019
Team hygge

What I Learned at Training Camp

by Kylah Umbarger on 8/16/2019
Team hygge

meet team orah

by Noelle Parker on 8/16/2019
Team orah

***Fundraising Deadline***

by Izac Grooms on 8/16/2019
Team j walkers

i love scuba diving

by Emily Turoff on 8/16/2019
Team auxano

Here's How I Feel About Not Returning to School

by Jami McConnell on 8/16/2019


by Brent McGill on 8/16/2019

Here We Go!

by Susan Ludlam on 8/16/2019

Training camp...

by Emily Sheng on 8/15/2019
Team halal

somethin crazy

by Kate Rolffs on 8/15/2019
Team yes


by Megan Roper on 8/15/2019
Team abundance

Eyes on the Prize

by Hollyn Bedford on 8/15/2019

My Why

by Amelia Oberg on 8/14/2019
Team hineni

How Can You Help?

by Liv Yoder on 8/14/2019

Gods will be Done

by Marta Riel on 8/14/2019

They Put the SOUL in SoulTeam

by Andrew Galea on 8/14/2019
Team fly

The In-Between

by Alicia Young on 8/13/2019
Team 3.2

Training camp recap

by Alex Duncan on 8/13/2019
Team abide

Overcoming Exhaustion

by Emily Schmalz on 8/13/2019


by Bridget Mirizio on 8/13/2019

Capable !!

by Alexis Simmons on 8/12/2019
Team unity

Saying, "See You Later"

by Paige Canova on 8/12/2019
Team hygge

A New Understanding

by Abby Neu on 8/12/2019
Team arise

New Fundraising Idea!

by Hannah Asher on 8/12/2019
Team selah

This Girl is on FIRE from/for CAMP

by Lexie Weber on 8/12/2019
Team sonrisa

Training Camp Snapshot

by Mason Ruark on 8/11/2019
Team men of god

it's not up to me

by Maddie Chase on 8/11/2019
Team anthem

training camp and the time since

by Caroline Knudsen on 8/11/2019
Team selah