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The first story

by Kourtney Vitera on 10/13/2019

I Have Been Blessed

by Kennedy Richardson on 10/13/2019

Just a Big 'Ole THANK YOU!!!

by Mary Moffett on 10/13/2019

Why World Race?

by Abigail Benedick on 10/12/2019

017 Respecting My Plate

by Rachel Preston on 10/12/2019

Waiting on world peace

by Delaney Rice on 10/11/2019

How to Cope with Support

by Jaide Walker on 10/11/2019


by Abigail Kidd on 10/10/2019

Love Everyone Always

by Kellie Schlangen on 10/10/2019

4 Days!!!

by Benito Figueroa on 10/10/2019

Q&A Time!!

by Lauren Carpenter on 10/10/2019


by Kalee LaPointe on 10/10/2019

my route :))

by Rachel Goehner on 10/9/2019

10 y e a r s

by Alyssa Trembly on 10/9/2019

New shirt design with one mission!

by Michelle Young on 10/9/2019

An Intro to Me

by Coryn Zurcher on 10/7/2019

Months 7 through 11: Africa

by Josiah Stilwell on 10/7/2019

Stumble, Fall, & Get Back Up

by Angelica Spence on 10/7/2019

This Little Light Of Mine

by Julita Soriano on 10/7/2019

20 Years Saved- My Testimony

by Julita Soriano on 10/7/2019

Half way there!

by Caroline Smith on 10/6/2019


by Brooklyn Dilley on 10/5/2019


by Angelica Spence on 10/5/2019

What is Most Important

by Jacken Holland on 10/5/2019

How I Got Here...

by Jaide Walker on 10/4/2019

Mind Blown

by Stephanie Gilbreath on 10/3/2019

Buy a Shirt + Cultivate a Conversation

by Jami McConnell on 10/3/2019

Less Than 100 Days

by Brenna Baker on 10/3/2019

I Quit My Dream Job

by Julita Soriano on 10/3/2019

Hair She Goes...Again.

by Kailee Knudsen on 10/3/2019

The One Where Things Start to Get Real

by Chelsie Ruff on 10/3/2019


by Kaitlyn Clarkson on 10/2/2019

And It Begins!!!

by Gabe Montanez on 10/2/2019

Goodness like a Flood

by Susan Ludlam on 10/2/2019

Why World Race?

by Kristen Stockholm on 10/2/2019

The one about the Dream

by Zaiah Henderson on 10/2/2019

Follow You Anywhere

by Ben Bigcraft on 10/1/2019

Practicing Kindess in the Wilderness

by Brent McGill on 10/1/2019


by Abby Hanson on 9/30/2019

Aliens Under the Sun

by Tony Jimenez Jr on 9/30/2019

on earth as it is heaven.

by Anahi King on 9/29/2019

The WHY.

by Mitchel Green on 9/29/2019

where i'm going!!

by Morgan Applegate on 9/28/2019

eswatini, ethiopia, and cambodia

by Gretchen Waters on 9/28/2019

Exciting Things

by Paige Henrickson-Turley on 9/28/2019

Laying down pride, and fear of man

by Michelle Young on 9/28/2019


by Macey Hair on 9/27/2019

The Parable of The Unforgiving Servant

by Isaac Wold on 9/27/2019

The Beginning of my World Race Journey

by Sydney Spears on 9/26/2019

Perserverence and Redemption

by Hannah Sombeck on 9/26/2019

The Joy in Support Raising While Fundraising

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 9/26/2019

How are you feeling about everything???

by Ryan Breakfield on 9/26/2019

The Birds Are Okay

by Lauren Watts on 9/26/2019

Moving in Big Ways

by Isabel Harrison on 9/26/2019

he wrote ONE in the clouds!!

by Delilah Froese on 9/25/2019


by Sabrina Wegner on 9/25/2019

The Heart of the Journey

by Scott Tinsley on 9/25/2019

Exciting News!

by Miranda Merrill on 9/25/2019

Suffer Well for the Glory of God

by Brianna Schwer on 9/24/2019


by John Carothers on 9/24/2019


by Ryan Reynolds on 9/24/2019

Home is Where Jesus is.

by Mary Grace Ervin on 9/24/2019

Preparing for the Race

by David Barnett on 9/24/2019

my route!!!!!

by Mackenzi Sandberg on 9/23/2019

Is this real life?!

by Amelia Tabatt on 9/23/2019

Support Letter

by Kellie Schlangen on 9/23/2019

wonder in the wilderness.

by Em Collard on 9/23/2019

Month Five: Nepal

by Josiah Stilwell on 9/23/2019

More Unknowns, More Trust

by Kylie Day on 9/23/2019

Recognizing His love in all things

by Brent McGill on 9/23/2019

Why The World Race?

by Paighton Roushey on 9/23/2019

hello & welcome !!

by Lily Bowser on 9/22/2019

“Go Back”

by Benito Figueroa on 9/22/2019

Driving in DFW

by Sabrina Wegner on 9/22/2019

Giving up Control

by Erica Jenkins on 9/22/2019

First Fundraiser in the Books + All The Emotions..

by Morgan Gillespie on 9/22/2019

The where, The why!

by Angelina Torres on 9/21/2019

The Real Reason

by Rachel Goehner on 9/21/2019

This Is Just The Beginning...

by Paige Henrickson-Turley on 9/21/2019

To Those Who Want Info

by Paige Henrickson-Turley on 9/21/2019

Hosea and Gomer

by Shea Hancock on 9/21/2019

Radical Faith

by Macey Hair on 9/20/2019

WHERE I AM GOING! (my route)

by Corryn Scharff on 9/20/2019

The First of Many

by Delaney Rice on 9/20/2019


by Mary Moffett on 9/20/2019

why the heck am i here???

by Mackenzi Sandberg on 9/20/2019

It Starts Now

by Isaac Wold on 9/20/2019

Ask and it shall be given!

by Scott Tinsley on 9/20/2019

A day at Lifestyle Christian University

by Michelle Young on 9/20/2019

What I'm Looking Forward to in Eastern Europe

by Sabrina Wegner on 9/19/2019

Faith during Doubt

by Sasha Lambert on 9/19/2019

why the World Race

by Morgan Applegate on 9/18/2019

Prepping for the race

by Rebekah Basily on 9/18/2019

How you can help me on the World Race

by Josiah Stilwell on 9/18/2019

Just Keep Running.

by Angelica Spence on 9/18/2019


by Elizabeth Wagstaff on 9/18/2019

In which we join a race…

by Jordyn Thompson on 9/18/2019