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On earth as it is in heaven.

by Meg Arahill on 5/27/2017


by Brandi Teeney on 5/27/2017

Faith at Square One

by Keefer Keefer on 5/27/2017

FUNNNNdraising!! Let the Games begin!

by Ariel Wingard on 5/27/2017

God kept me sober for 730 days

by McKenzie Kuhn on 5/26/2017

Training for Training Camp and World Race

by Kendra Winnick on 5/26/2017

Leaf in a Windstorm

by Kayla Strickler on 5/26/2017

Moved Out and Moving On

by Sarah Schultz on 5/26/2017

Changing Routes & Departure Date!!

by Austin Lear on 5/26/2017


by Amanda Cadenhead on 5/26/2017

A Few Updates!

by Emma Parker on 5/26/2017

Route Change!

by Shannon Brown on 5/25/2017

Fully Funded!!!

by Susan Moreland on 5/25/2017

What are you running from?

by Ross Garrett on 5/25/2017


by Lauren Nelson on 5/25/2017

What Type of Ministry Will You Be Doing?

by Jonathan Shears on 5/25/2017

What Type of Ministry Will You Be Doing?

by Kelsey Shears on 5/25/2017

I Hate Athens

by Lynden Huffman on 5/25/2017

How the World Race affected Graduation

by Monica Elder on 5/25/2017

I'm a thriving Fanny Packer

by Amanda Cadenhead on 5/25/2017

What Actually Matters Isn't the Amount

by Paige Deur on 5/24/2017

I'm Going on the WORLD RACE!!!

by Kelsey Yonnie on 5/24/2017

Some Changes

by Naomi Trout on 5/24/2017


by Naomi Trout on 5/24/2017

What in the WORLD will I eat? And other important...

by Amanda Cadenhead on 5/24/2017

Dear Friends,

by Amanda Cadenhead on 5/24/2017

Kingdom Over Everything

by Brittany Harden on 5/24/2017

Kingdom Over Everything Shirts!

by Brittany Harden on 5/24/2017


by Jenna VanderHaar on 5/23/2017

Yard Sale Ministry

by Allina Robie on 5/23/2017


by Nettie Clawson on 5/23/2017

And then there was a change...

by Kasie Osborne on 5/23/2017

What's Up, Doc?

by Melissa Jordan on 5/23/2017

I almost quit.

by Megan Bustinger on 5/23/2017


by Leandra Palmer on 5/23/2017


by Gabbie Ueberroth on 5/22/2017

Spiritual Surgery

by Trisha Ladd on 5/22/2017


by Brittany Smith on 5/22/2017

Moving On and 5 Steps to Preparation

by Nathan Streyle on 5/22/2017

Walking On Water

by Averi Wing on 5/22/2017

Post Grad Thoughts

by Rachel Pischke on 5/22/2017


by Jessica Wolf on 5/22/2017

My Sweet Mormon Missionaries

by Rebecca Runyon on 5/22/2017

"You look happy"

by Emmy Hendrix on 5/21/2017

I feel like a turtle.

by Diane Velasquez on 5/21/2017

Do you hate your life?

by Talya Taylor on 5/21/2017

When Times Are Tense(s)

by Nichol Crose on 5/21/2017


by Rebecca Klaas on 5/21/2017

A Month Later and Still I Say: THANK YOU!!

by Ramesha Haskins on 5/21/2017

Adopt A Box!

by Elise Bauer on 5/21/2017

God even provides a yellow fever shot!

by Maria Beiler on 5/21/2017

Support letter

by Lucas Hultgren on 5/21/2017

Starbucks, Pedis, and Talking to Myself

by Amanda Cadenhead on 5/21/2017

Am I Unworthy?

by Alex Goad on 5/21/2017

Get over yourself

by Oriolyne Lubin on 5/20/2017

Through Gideon's Eyes

by Rachael Thearin on 5/20/2017

Divine Timing & Scary Unknowns

by Tiffany King on 5/20/2017

11 Months, 11 Countries

by Jaivie Robles on 5/20/2017

Uh Oh! The Plans are Changing Already

by Kaydan Field on 5/20/2017

Uh Oh! The Plans are Changing Already

by Katherine Field on 5/20/2017

World Race Support Letter

by Jamilyn Cummings on 5/20/2017

Greater Than or Equal To

by Nathan Singleton on 5/19/2017

Speed Walkin' to Gregory

by Zachery Calderon on 5/19/2017

Snap, Crackle, Pop

by Amanda Cadenhead on 5/19/2017

What have I gotten myself into.....

by Oriolyne Lubin on 5/18/2017

I am Extremely in Love

by McKenzie Kuhn on 5/18/2017


by Juliana Grinols on 5/18/2017


by Samantha Serrano on 5/18/2017

The Noise in Life Has a Name… It’s Fear

by Kayla Taylor on 5/18/2017

Where God guides, God provides.

by Alyssa Smith on 5/18/2017


by Miranda Landsman on 5/18/2017

Tell Fear Who Your Daddy Is

by Emily Adams on 5/18/2017

The one with exciting news!

by Sarah Landsman on 5/18/2017

Back to Fishing...

by Elise Bauer on 5/18/2017

My Route has CHANGED (But God has NOT!)

by Jessica Torres on 5/18/2017

When God uses your pain to bring blessing

by Amanda Cadenhead on 5/18/2017

Why the Race?

by Brianna Johnson on 5/18/2017

God's Monument

by Caleb Leppert on 5/17/2017

I am a College Graduate

by Sam Hotchkiss on 5/17/2017

Time may fly but God keeps me grounded

by Jonathan Anthony on 5/17/2017

Why Race?

by Amanda Cadenhead on 5/17/2017

My Heart Runs

by David Torres on 5/17/2017

When Death = Life

by Brittany Harden on 5/17/2017

Dear Me, Stop Depending on Me.

by Daniel Vrooman on 5/16/2017

End of an Era

by Caleb Callaway on 5/16/2017

Wish List.

by Kristen Poljansek on 5/16/2017

You are called

by Kat Wilder on 5/16/2017

3 Should Be My Lucky Number

by Melissa Jordan on 5/16/2017

Answer to Prayer; Start to World Race

by Angie Looney on 5/16/2017

187 people

by Erin Stephens on 5/16/2017

Why the World Race

by Nora Cox on 5/16/2017

Trusting God in a new way

by Nora Cox on 5/16/2017

Pest Control!

by Ryan Tovias on 5/15/2017


by Ashley Guinn on 5/15/2017

It's Been My Pleasure!

by Emily Lincoln on 5/15/2017