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The "Why"

by Annalise Garfield on 4/19/2019

My Plans vs. His Plans: Round 1!

by Lexie Weber on 4/19/2019

How I was found, and where I'm going next

by Nathan Chandler on 4/19/2019

Trusting, Seeking, Finding

by Gracie Gaston on 4/19/2019

Love of Christ

by Cauy Reeder on 4/19/2019

I Am Judas

by Autum Clark on 4/19/2019

A year ago today...

by Hannah Marsh on 4/19/2019


by Hannah Harris on 4/18/2019

dos amigos

by Hannah Primm on 4/18/2019


by Kalee LaPointe on 4/18/2019

25 Random Facts about Me

by Josiah Stilwell on 4/18/2019

Choosing Your Response

by Hollyn Bedford on 4/18/2019

When God Moves

by Emily Davis on 4/17/2019

we all matter .

by Jo Vides on 4/17/2019


by Megan Roper on 4/17/2019

Why Am I Doing The World Race?

by Sydney Eskridge on 4/17/2019

broken lulabies

by Essie LaRocque on 4/17/2019

What on Earth is Support Raising?

by Caitie Olson on 4/17/2019

a two-handed fighter

by Jessa Wylie on 4/16/2019

New Fundraiser!

by Emily Jones on 4/16/2019

The Clock is Ticking...

by Jo Lowry on 4/16/2019

Southeast Asia Breakdown.

by Erin Johnson on 4/16/2019


by Ethan Patenaude on 4/16/2019

Follow me, He says

by Lycia Mathis on 4/16/2019


by Katie Peterson on 4/16/2019

The First Thank You of Many

by Sabrina Wegner on 4/16/2019

Not Just For Me

by Morgan Fangman on 4/16/2019
Team sozo

Healing for the Calloused Heart

by Casie Dingman on 4/16/2019

Supports are awesome

by Blake White on 4/15/2019

Supports are awesome

by Blake White on 4/15/2019

Supporters are awesome

by Blake White on 4/15/2019

Bluebonnet festival!

by Kinze Campbell on 4/15/2019

Embracing my inner Jesus freak

by Reagan Polcyn on 4/15/2019

My Path to Christ and The World Race

by Jeff Allsbrooks on 4/15/2019

Members of His Household

by Emily Schmalz on 4/15/2019

Expectativas // Expectations

by Valeria Gomez Villalobos on 4/14/2019

Starting the Journey

by Emily Davis on 4/14/2019

What In Carnation?!

by Sienna Bigelow on 4/14/2019

Being Healed So I Can Lead

by Madison Taylor on 4/14/2019

Prayer works

by Joe Harty on 4/14/2019


by Shea Hancock on 4/14/2019

voice of truth

by Leanna Murphy on 4/13/2019

The Airport Experience

by Taylor Smith on 4/13/2019


by Victoria Quinata on 4/13/2019


by John Quinata on 4/13/2019

My Partner in Serving the Kingdom

by Sabrina Wegner on 4/13/2019

The First Month of Preparation

by Isabel Harrison on 4/13/2019

Ain’t No Grave

by Morgan Miller on 4/12/2019

$1,000 in a few days

by Jo Lowry on 4/12/2019

The Unexpected

by Shelby Gilbert on 4/12/2019

The Benefits of Counseling

by Laura Franklin on 4/12/2019

On Fear and Abundant Life

by Kearstin Cantrell on 4/12/2019

Finding Significance

by Anna Duckstein on 4/12/2019

Leaning on Love

by Miranda Merrill on 4/12/2019


by Cassi Davis on 4/11/2019

Miracle Snow

by Ellie Williams on 4/11/2019

Why the heck am I going on the world race?!

by Ella Gonzalez on 4/11/2019

What is the world race/what I will be doing.

by Ella Gonzalez on 4/11/2019

Fundraising & Humility

by Hayden Banks on 4/11/2019

Hey There!!!

by Rachel Rose on 4/10/2019

green light

by Sarah Goodwin on 4/10/2019

So what is World Race?

by Amelia Oberg on 4/10/2019

009 Life Update!

by Rachel Preston on 4/10/2019

remain / rejoicing in persecution

by Kati Simpson on 4/10/2019

All I can say is WOW!

by Shauny Gordon on 4/10/2019

The Beginning of the Race

by Casie Dingman on 4/10/2019

4 months explained in 6 hours

by Bailey King on 4/9/2019

The beginning

by Grant Holdeman on 4/9/2019


by Emily Jones on 4/9/2019

My Boys

by Cauy Reeder on 4/9/2019

Growing Pains

by Eva Helf on 4/9/2019


by Kristin June on 4/9/2019


by Jo Lowry on 4/9/2019

Why It's Two "EE's"

by Bailee Thomas on 4/9/2019

A Glance At Where I Am Going

by Ian Pierron on 4/9/2019

How God led me to The Race

by Lycia Mathis on 4/9/2019

No matter what

by Ddog Howard on 4/9/2019

Raising the Funds

by Jesse Srader on 4/8/2019

my testimony, His story

by Regan Martin on 4/8/2019

Just an update

by Logan Williams on 4/8/2019

Four Months until Launch

by Brandi Griffith on 4/8/2019

Look up, Child! (BIG NEWS)

by sammiera Long on 4/8/2019
Team young royalz

Contentment leads to World Racer

by Claire Christenson on 4/8/2019

Discovering the World Race

by Josiah Stilwell on 4/8/2019

A Family Reunion in Quito, Ecuador

by Morgan Fangman on 4/8/2019
Team sozo

important update

by Alaina Clayton on 4/7/2019

5k hope

by Jamie Hart on 4/7/2019

WE WERE ON A BREAK !! or so I thought..

by Kristin June on 4/7/2019


by Michaela Ward on 4/7/2019

Dear Younger Me

by Jason Keeran on 4/7/2019

Dear Younger Me

by Jason Keeran on 4/7/2019

The Origin

by Hannah Sahatoo on 4/7/2019

-The Heart of a Father-

by Colby Smith on 4/7/2019