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Support Raising

by Abigail Benedick on 12/13/2019

Why the World Race

by Clayton Addison on 12/13/2019
Team rak chazak

Pancakes & Strawberries

by Kathryn Ryerse on 12/12/2019
Team spring 2020 cep team 1


by Madison Sammons on 12/12/2019
Team spring2020seateam2

About Me and Why Africa?

by Cassie Barrett on 12/12/2019


by Andrea Gallina on 12/11/2019

Pre-Race Update 1

by Sofia Obermaier on 12/11/2019

A Turning Point

by Bella Horrocks on 12/11/2019

I Made a Youtube Channel!

by Kellie Schlangen on 12/11/2019
Team tnt

4 weeks.

by Alyssa Trembly on 12/11/2019

The One with the T-SHIRTS!!

by Chelsie Ruff on 12/11/2019

How God led me to World Race Gap Year

by Jeanine Stewart on 12/10/2019


by Kristen Middleton on 12/10/2019
Team tnt

A Lifetime of Goodbyes

by Sabrina Wegner on 12/10/2019
Team tnt


by Josiah Stilwell on 12/10/2019
Team future vision

Better late than never!

by Tito Torres on 12/10/2019
Team thekooks

Yes Lord;Thank you Lord!

by Scott Tinsley on 12/10/2019
Team rakchazak

All The Questions Finally Answered

by Bridget Mirizio on 12/10/2019
Team blazetrailers


by Shanan Zavocki on 12/9/2019

God is Greater than My Highs and Lows

by Alex Ramirez on 12/9/2019

Count Down!!

by Liv Huff on 12/9/2019
Team spring 2020 afx team

Our God is a AWEsome God

by Katie Peterson on 12/9/2019
Team canvasandclay

one month

by Michael Kennedy on 12/9/2019

Progress Report!

by Nina Albinus on 12/8/2019

Midwestern Culture

by Kellie Schlangen on 12/8/2019
Team tnt


by Hannah Sombeck on 12/8/2019
Team tnt

10 questions, 10 answers

by Megan Widner on 12/8/2019
Team sinha


by Amanda Nearburg Urquides on 12/8/2019
Team blaze trailers

So Wait, Why Are You Doing This Thing?

by Courtney Rodgers on 12/8/2019

Blog 3

by Whitney Holmes on 12/8/2019

50% FUNDED!!!

by Josh Pawlak on 12/7/2019
Team spring 2020 afx team


by Jaci Grachen on 12/7/2019

the name of JESUS

by Abby Hanson on 12/6/2019


by Jalyn Larson on 12/6/2019
Team spring 2020 sea team 1

Into The Unknown

by Hannah Lewis on 12/6/2019


by Lauren Carpenter on 12/6/2019
Team swirlgirls

He's in the waiting

by Lauren Watts on 12/6/2019
Team swirl girls


by Miranda Merrill on 12/6/2019

Holy Spirit: A Better Now

by Allie White on 12/6/2019

Overwhelmed and Overjoyed

by Annie Bingham on 12/5/2019

It's the Climb

by Erica Jenkins on 12/5/2019
Team canvas and clay

"Why are you doing this 'Race' thing?"

by Kayla Yaeckel on 12/5/2019

You are worthy of this Love

by Keelee Boudreaux on 12/5/2019

The Answer

by Laina Vaughan on 12/5/2019

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Cole Petersen on 12/4/2019

oh the place i'll go;)

by ryan Jennings on 12/4/2019

My Time Back in Minnesota

by Isabel Harrison on 12/4/2019
Team sinha

Never Too Late

by Lindsey Pruitt on 12/4/2019
Team black ops


by Kalee LaPointe on 12/4/2019

Support letter!

by Ben Bigcraft on 12/3/2019

Can't We All Get Along

by Dalton Hyko on 12/3/2019

So thankful!

by Gabby Strickler on 12/3/2019
Team spring2020cepteam2

India and Nepal

by Jordan Kuhn on 12/3/2019
Team spring 2020 inp team


by Annie Harris on 12/3/2019
Team fierce five

Serving or Sitting?

by Lauren Johnson on 12/3/2019

Why the World Race?

by Brianna Schwer on 12/2/2019

Themes for the Journey Part 3

by Andrew Galea on 12/2/2019
Team blazetrailers

WHY?- the most asked question.

by Misty Allen on 12/2/2019


by Tianna Pride on 12/2/2019

Sunday Traditions

by Jordan Parham on 12/1/2019

Keys for the Journey

by Kellie Schlangen on 12/1/2019
Team tnt

Fear vs Fearless

by Amanda Nearburg Urquides on 12/1/2019
Team blaze trailers

Breaking Down The Wall

by Bridget Mirizio on 12/1/2019
Team blazetrailers

Don't Be Different Alone

by Micah Torgerson on 12/1/2019

My Story!!

by Gabby Tezaguic on 11/30/2019


by Kristen Middleton on 11/30/2019
Team tnt

Graduation Or The Great Commision

by Fifina Lawrence on 11/30/2019
Team sinha

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Grace Leuschner on 11/28/2019

The First Post- Starting the Journey

by Brett Haas on 11/28/2019

Ma famille, this is for you.

by Elijah McGrail on 11/27/2019

Ready, Set, Grow!

by Mallory Maycock on 11/27/2019


by Jackie Ivarsson on 11/27/2019
Team the kooks


by Michelle Young on 11/27/2019