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I want 150 warriors by my side

by Carolyn Miller Lopez on 9/19/2017
Team agua viva

Sneak Peak Into Month One

by Hannah Voros on 9/19/2017
Team flamestofire

Trials and Seasons

by Vickie Statler on 9/19/2017

I Will NOT Wave My Little White Flag

by Preston Robinson on 9/19/2017

Preparations & Vaccinations

by Vanessa Gerig on 9/19/2017

Lessons in Obedience: What My Niece Has Taught Me

by Melissa Longoria on 9/19/2017

This is NOT fun

by Akelea Wallace on 9/19/2017

Walking Disciple

by Alex Goad on 9/19/2017

3, 2, 1, Jump.

by Megan Oliver on 9/19/2017

I'm coming for ya, World Race!

by Amy Johnson on 9/19/2017

The beginning of it all

by Abby Maston on 9/19/2017

The Beginning of the Story

by Zack Sharp on 9/19/2017

I'm Sorry For My Prideful Heart

by Lindsey Kappler on 9/18/2017
Team anchors


by Kimberly Matthews on 9/18/2017

Why the World Race?

by Lauren Luttrell on 9/18/2017

Calling fear out.

by Krista Jenkins on 9/17/2017

What I learned from working at a pool

by Brandi Teeney on 9/16/2017
Team united

THE DAY I ATE A MOUSE. (recipe inside!)

by Chelsy Smoak on 9/16/2017

Leave room for Jesus

by Vielka Fajardo on 9/16/2017

The moment I find myself relating to Justin Bieber...

by Amber LaChappelle on 9/16/2017

I'm Going on The World Race!

by Amber LaChappelle on 9/16/2017

One Year+Two Bags

by Becca Clark on 9/15/2017
Team radiate

I Was Baptized in a Swimming Pool

by RJ Taylor Jr on 9/15/2017
Team ablaze

I Was Baptized in a Swimming Pool

by Kayla Taylor on 9/15/2017
Team ablaze

Color With Him!

by Kristie McFadden on 9/15/2017
Team undivided

Title-wave... get it?!

by Elle Luly on 9/15/2017

2 More

by Elizabeth Hahn on 9/15/2017

I don't know how I got here.

by Cassie Dunning on 9/15/2017

Fundraising Update

by Anna Fasl on 9/15/2017

I Made a Fundraising Film!

by Alyssa Gammelgaard on 9/15/2017

Worth Doing Badly

by Janele Tating on 9/14/2017
Team united

Adopt-a-Box Fundraiser

by Anna Gilbery on 9/14/2017
Team daughterzion

The World is On Fire

by Saylah Leu on 9/14/2017

A New Adventure

by Megan Bueche on 9/14/2017

A New Adventure

by Ryan Bueche on 9/14/2017

Dream big/ Sueña en grande

by B Mendez on 9/14/2017

Outside the Lower 48

by Leah Stoeckel on 9/14/2017

Jesus' team

by Vielka Fajardo on 9/14/2017

The Haunt of Yeses and Nos

by Vivi Gouvea De Oliveira on 9/13/2017
Team radiate

Meet My Team: WILD FIRES

by Allison Miller on 9/13/2017
Team wildfires

Meet My Team

by Hannah Voros on 9/13/2017
Team flamestofire

I will Fight For You

by Shea Greaves on 9/13/2017
Team flames to fire

Many Thanks!!!

by Brigitte Cooper on 9/13/2017

"We can't be transformed in our Own backyards"

by Heather Fuller on 9/13/2017

One inspirational Facebook quote away from crazy

by Amanda Cadenhead on 9/13/2017

I've been running

by Erin Stephens on 9/13/2017

My Call to the World Race

by Alyssa Gammelgaard on 9/13/2017

$3900 left of $5000!!!

by David Torres on 9/13/2017

Today I Honor My Sister

by Jaivie Robles on 9/12/2017
Team aguaviva

Two Pennies

by Brigitte Cooper on 9/12/2017

World Race Prep and Finishing College

by Laura Kibler on 9/12/2017


by Shelby Robinson on 9/12/2017

What makes your heart sparkle?

by Lindsay Davis on 9/12/2017

The Cinderella Effect

by Heidi Gray on 9/12/2017

Who Am I?

by Joshua Lett on 9/12/2017

What it is!

by Tim McWilliams on 9/11/2017
Team unwavering

I know what you did while I slept.

by Carolyn Miller Lopez on 9/11/2017
Team agua viva

The Final Countdown

by Meg Arahill on 9/11/2017
Team ablaze

Crickets & Tears (Training Camp)

by Calli Bigham on 9/11/2017
Team 7 tens

Training Camp

by Rebecca Runyon on 9/11/2017
Team wild fires

God's Smuggler

by Heidi Gray on 9/11/2017

Light, Salvation, & Strength.

by Tyler Hamblin on 9/11/2017

An Open Letter to 2|42

by Becca Clark on 9/10/2017
Team radiate


by Lindsey Kappler on 9/10/2017
Team anchors

Highlights from Training Camp

by Elyssa Ranck on 9/10/2017
Team flames to fire

Saved to Suffer

by Margaret Pulley on 9/10/2017

Adopt Me

by Wamweni Shamambo on 9/10/2017

Blessed Suffering

by J or JD Simmons on 9/10/2017

About Me

by Katy Riquelmy on 9/10/2017

A New Ride Just Opened Up...

by Haley Westerkamp on 9/10/2017

it's not about me.

by Taylor Schmidt on 9/9/2017
Team divine roots

A Brief Summary of Training Camp

by Shannon Sears on 9/9/2017
Team 7tens

ADOPT A BOX Fundraiser

by Jordan Wallace on 9/9/2017


by Brigitte Cooper on 9/9/2017

Becoming Interruptible

by Kristy Keprta on 9/9/2017


by Nashiely "najelly" Aguilar on 9/9/2017

I Need $5000 in 15 Days!!!

by David Torres on 9/9/2017

Adopt A Country

by Kasey Dunlap on 9/9/2017


by Dylan Mathis on 9/9/2017
Team atlas

a sad but true video

by Carolyn Miller Lopez on 9/8/2017
Team agua viva

All for One and One for All

by Maria Beiler on 9/8/2017
Team ablaze

HIS Possible

by Madi Friend on 9/8/2017
Team radiate


by Miranda Landsman on 9/8/2017
Team radiate

Dawn of the Holy Spirit

by Kristie McFadden on 9/8/2017
Team undivided

Lets Sit and talk

by Amber Wright on 9/8/2017