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by Jessica Dabich on 7/25/2017
Team soulspark

Sincerely, Freedom

by Will Patton on 7/24/2017
Team theambassadors

Happy Monday

by Niki Ables on 7/24/2017
Team vesselofpeace


by Gabbie Ueberroth on 7/24/2017
Team hesed

I Don't Know How to Title This...

by Savannah Stoker on 7/24/2017
Team abidingazar

Watch it ALL!

by Allina Robie on 7/24/2017
Team always before me

What? Where? Why?

by Paxtyn Lotz on 7/24/2017
Team redeemed and remade

What? Where? Why?

by Paxtyn Lotz on 7/24/2017
Team redeemed and remade

"The Famous Question Everyone Ask"

by Brittani Toole on 7/24/2017

There's No Plan B When You're Walking With God

by Tamara Vicovan on 7/24/2017

Goodbyes Are The Worst

by Bradley Costiloe on 7/24/2017

Just the beginning

by Megan McKinley on 7/24/2017

How can you love yourself more?

by Brandi Teeney on 7/24/2017

Why am I going on the World Race?!

by Julie Reynolds on 7/24/2017

Taste and See that the Lord is Good

by Amanda Cadenhead on 7/24/2017

What is Love? Part 1

by Wamweni Shamambo on 7/24/2017

I am asking you to FEEL

by Oriolyne Lubin on 7/23/2017
Team lighthouse


by Lauren Walker on 7/23/2017

A Simple Yes Is Worth The Cost

by Emily Adams on 7/23/2017

Such A Loss

by Zach Lambert on 7/23/2017

Basic Combat Training

by Johan Nevlida on 7/23/2017

What Am I Getting Myself Into?

by Preston Robinson on 7/23/2017

My Faith Is A-Parent

by Brigitte Cooper on 7/23/2017

How did I get here?

by Danielle Schuman on 7/23/2017

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

by Kailey Mattarella on 7/23/2017

An anxious heart and solid promises

by Jess Bundy on 7/22/2017
Team i61

Send HELP!

by Jackie Jimenez on 7/22/2017
Team m5:5

Breathing Deep

by Diana Dvorak on 7/22/2017
Team established in love

Busy, Busy Bee

by Cristina Gavaziuc on 7/22/2017

Tangible Love

by Matt Turner on 7/22/2017

Adopt A Country Fundraiser

by Kelly Dugger on 7/22/2017

Getting Started:

by Brad Zerkle on 7/22/2017

22 Thoughts on the 22nd

by Tyler Hamblin on 7/22/2017

Toilet Water

by Rachael Thearin on 7/21/2017
Team theambassadors

Fourteen Things

by Chelsea Bouknight on 7/21/2017
Team soulspark

I choose...

by Daniel Vrooman on 7/21/2017
Team lighthouse

Emotional Countdowns

by Taylor Stevens on 7/21/2017
Team soulspark

Pre Race Shenanigans

by Ashley Guinn on 7/21/2017
Team establishedinlove

Packing for The World Race (Vlog)

by Juliana Grinols on 7/21/2017
Team liveboldly


by Andre Gonzalez Vargas on 7/21/2017
Team m5:5

Beyond the Shore

by Maryah Fields on 7/21/2017

God truly takes broken things and makes them beautiful...

by Courtney Harrington on 7/21/2017

Support Letter :)

by Jennifer Villa on 7/21/2017

Reaching the Unreached

by Erin Stephens on 7/21/2017

Everything's fine.

by Abby Eades on 7/20/2017
Team lighthouse

Hello and Goodbye

by Emma Donahue on 7/20/2017
Team soulspark


by Kayla Strickler on 7/20/2017
Team hesed

This is not my Heaven

by Stephanie Marsteller on 7/20/2017
Team i61

Life in Pictures

by Gabbie Ueberroth on 7/20/2017
Team hesed

Can tithing really change lives?

by Erica Everett on 7/20/2017
Team abundance

Is That Safe Though?

by Kirsten Overholser on 7/20/2017
Team redeemed and remade

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

by Meghan Murray on 7/20/2017
Team cotton

Becoming One Church

by Jacob Hart on 7/20/2017

This is my story.

by Adrian Riney on 7/20/2017

My Support Letter

by Jordan Harrington on 7/20/2017

Holy Spirit you are WELCOME HERE

by Chandler Whidden on 7/20/2017


by Ryan Tovias on 7/19/2017
Team lighthouse

Crunch Time

by Jenna VanderHaar on 7/19/2017
Team soulspark

Oh my Beloved, what about me?

by Courtney Howard on 7/19/2017
Team theambassadors

What's the Plan, Stan?

by Emily Lincoln on 7/19/2017
Team radiantrubies

The one on The 700 Club:

by Sarah Landsman on 7/19/2017

To Share in Their Suffering

by Madi Friend on 7/19/2017

Wanna see my secret dream buy list?

by Carolyn Miller Miller Lopez on 7/19/2017

Join me dear brothers & sisters

by Meg Arahill on 7/19/2017

Tearing Down the Forest

by Jessica Wolf on 7/19/2017


by Tristan Lensvelt on 7/19/2017

Letter to Me

by Jack Twitty on 7/18/2017
Team plants and pillars

Blowing the Popsicle Stand FAQ

by Sarah Schultz on 7/18/2017
Team estuary

What Does Momma Think???

by Preston Bates Jr. on 7/18/2017

Faith Probs...

by Marissa Urias on 7/18/2017

The God I Know

by Becca Clark on 7/18/2017

But There's Work to Be Done Here...

by Elise Bauer on 7/18/2017


by Kelsey Yonnie on 7/18/2017

Fun raisins letter

by Johan Nevlida on 7/18/2017

Not Qualified

by Johan Nevlida on 7/18/2017

Unpacking Home

by Jordan Harrington on 7/18/2017

Excited, Nervous, Stressed.......AHHH!!!!

by Kelly Dugger on 7/18/2017

Fundraising Update!

by Nicole Wittmann on 7/18/2017


by Haley Lowe on 7/18/2017

22 Wishes

by Kayla Strickler on 7/17/2017
Team hesed

Prepare My Heart//World Race Prep Playlist

by Becca Clark on 7/17/2017

Sorry, but this has to happen...

by Katherine Field on 7/17/2017

Sorry, but this has to happen...

by Kaydan Field on 7/17/2017

I Have to Blog? Okeeeee.....

by Megan Weber on 7/17/2017


by Maggie Cooper on 7/17/2017

The Message

by Wamweni Shamambo on 7/17/2017