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I am a Jesus loving teacher!

by Kara Thompson on 4/26/2017
Team abba's chosen

Eggs with Spinach

by Paul Mendola on 4/26/2017
Team liberateddragons

Month 7: Nicaragua

by Carmen Schakel on 4/26/2017
Team joyfulawakening

Malawi Recap Video

by Hannah Erickson on 4/26/2017
Team clutch

I need to be needed...

by Kayce Clodfelter on 4/26/2017
Team god'smagnolias


by Alisha Allen on 4/26/2017
Team god's magnolias

Thank YOU!

by Emily Madden on 4/26/2017
Team diamonds

Drum Roll Please...

by Jackie Hall on 4/26/2017
Team deep wells

Love hurts.

by Casey Cappa on 4/26/2017
Team lionheart

MY Gentle Warriors

by Jessica Scherb on 4/26/2017
Team gentle warriors

On the race..

by Agnes Willems on 4/26/2017
Team deeper


by Matthew Coyle on 4/26/2017
Team six pack

Please Don't Share This

by Courtney Hubbard on 4/25/2017
Team zion

Guaté Heck?!?!

by Clarisse Eldridge on 4/25/2017
Team further up and further in

No Longer Dependent On God

by Monica Barbour on 4/25/2017
Team river wild

Amazing grace.

by Jill Schinzing on 4/25/2017
Team wildfire

Good Father

by Sarah Edwards on 4/25/2017
Team tableturners

Groovin' in Central America

by Darcy Callaway on 4/25/2017
Team squad leader

I Was The Construction Project

by Brittni Wisner on 4/25/2017
Team cartographers

No I'm Not a White Missionary

by Bliz Ballesteros on 4/25/2017
Team saltyandbright

Where is Home?

by Julia O'Keefe on 4/25/2017
Team parkour

What Missions Is (And What It Isn't)

by Jonathan Hogue on 4/25/2017
Team parkour

Forsaken by God

by Denea Allman on 4/25/2017
Team fuerte

The Broken Expectation: Part 1

by Kristen McLaughlin on 4/25/2017
Team fuerte

Update month 4/5

by Jessie Sheneman on 4/25/2017
Team firebrands

A letter to my fellow man

by Kevin Crow on 4/25/2017
Team manna

How I ended up in BALI

by Katie Hurley on 4/25/2017
Team firebrands

Saying Goodbye to Madagascar

by Dana Karpinski on 4/25/2017
Team ignite

Swazi Ministry 3/3 The Combes

by Kevin Crow on 4/25/2017
Team manna

5 Reflections: Madagascar

by Felicia Bergman on 4/25/2017
Team daughter's of grace

No religion

by Mariah Dunkin on 4/25/2017
Team diamonds

To Stand Where You Stood

by Courtney Neigh on 4/25/2017
Team hesed

Prayer Request

by Kaiti Navarrete on 4/25/2017
Team hesed

People Are Saying WHAT about me?

by Leah Broughton on 4/25/2017
Team ahavachara


by Anna Beth Cook on 4/25/2017
Team joyful fortitude

This Blog Was Not Written By Joanna

by Joanna Sorensen on 4/25/2017
Team themelios

What Makes a Healthy Team?

by Sylvia Barrett on 4/25/2017
Team unsoundables

Ode to Home

by Hannah Gund on 4/25/2017
Team rhemas

This Blog Was Not Written By Danielle

by Danielle Farina on 4/25/2017
Team themelios

Going Home Early

by Janet (Lou) Heismann on 4/25/2017
Team itisgoode

A Peak Into Our Ministry This Month

by Kierstin Foltz on 4/25/2017
Team hesed

Moment by Moment Miracles

by Rachel Wenger on 4/25/2017
Team gentle warriors


by Alex Tumminello on 4/24/2017
Team sherpas

I have nothing left

by hannah Powers on 4/24/2017
Team lumineers

I Have Decided My Future

by Olivia Dabbs on 4/24/2017
Team conquistadoras

Love. Forgiveness. Compassion.

by Hannahmarie Heismann on 4/24/2017
Team tenacious

When is it okay to not be okay?

by Clare Bailey on 4/24/2017
Team shindig

Month 9 VLOG: Jamaica

by Emily Knox on 4/24/2017
Team wildfire

Jamaican highlight video!

by Jill Schinzing on 4/24/2017
Team wildfire

Update: Ask the Lord

by Kimberly Armentrout on 4/24/2017
Team living well

A Letter to My 11 Month Self

by Elisabeth Chauncey on 4/24/2017
Team eden

Swazi Photos

by Kimberly Armentrout on 4/24/2017
Team living well

A letter to my month 11 self

by Kimberly Armentrout on 4/24/2017
Team living well

Update from Swaziland

by Hillarie Sweeney on 4/24/2017
Team selah

This is Garbage

by Julia O'Keefe on 4/24/2017
Team parkour

Hello My Name is Homeless

by Courtney Vlaun on 4/24/2017
Team 7-11

Gracias Papi y Mami

by Karla Pineda on 4/24/2017
Team fuerte


by Lauren Doyle on 4/24/2017
Team diamonds

When I am weak

by Jenna Baus on 4/24/2017
Team joyfulfortitude

Say Goodbye

by Becca Bronson on 4/24/2017
Team ahavachara

Hope Unending

by Leah Broughton on 4/24/2017
Team ahavachara

Science on the Race!

by Michelle Cupp on 4/24/2017
Team ahavachara

A New Type of Heart

by Paige Lindner on 4/24/2017
Team hesed


by Kimmy Whittington on 4/24/2017
Team unsoundables


by Bryce Whittington on 4/24/2017
Team unsoundables

Blessing From Home

by Mikayla Pearson on 4/24/2017
Team ahavachara

When I Grow up I Want to Be . . .

by Jessica Ganci on 4/24/2017
Team ahavachara

S Squad, Best Squad

by Allie Redding on 4/24/2017
Team unsoundables

coming home

by Lincoln Grwinski on 4/23/2017
Team the breakfast club

Where Heaven Meets Earth

by Brielle Becker on 4/23/2017
Team victory

Awaken, Child

by Olivia Visnic on 4/23/2017
Team 12 12

Zawngeklien and the Anglican Fix

by Robbie Sanderson on 4/23/2017
Team the forge


by Chloe Green on 4/23/2017
Team tenacious

Do I?

by Nick Sandschafer on 4/23/2017
Team thebigcats


by Doug Morse on 4/23/2017
Team aspen

Case of the Mondays

by Steph Lang on 4/23/2017
Team soultribe

Joy, Junk, and Jesus

by Rashidat Odeyemi on 4/23/2017
Team saltyandbright