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by Bonnie Bakewell on 8/30/2019
Team titan

Freedom Fighters

by Bonnie Bakewell on 8/25/2019
Team titan

Give Away My Word

by Sarah Oliver on 8/21/2019
Team caminocinco

tearin’ up my heart

by Vickie Pantle on 8/21/2019
Team lss

thailand: my friend joe

by Ashley Collins on 8/21/2019
Team level up

“This is UGANDA”

by Ashley Butterfield on 8/21/2019
Team blonde bond

The Hands Project: Africa

by Bonnie Bakewell on 8/21/2019
Team titan


by Meagan Kennedy on 8/21/2019
Team titan

Uganda be kidding me...

by Emilie McNatt on 8/21/2019
Team deepa

Kenya Month 8

by Em Blomberg on 8/21/2019
Team deepa

Finish Strong

by Dosson Stubblefield II on 8/21/2019
Team worldraceamerica

El Camino De Santiago Part 1

by Tanner Albright on 8/21/2019
Team americanos

Wax on, wax off

by Tee Nguyen on 8/21/2019
Team groot


by Tiffiny Durham on 8/21/2019
Team groot


by courtney Cabrera on 8/21/2019
Team reckless

Mongolia ~ Enjoy Cafe

by Annie Harris on 8/21/2019
Team wild

A Piece of My Heart

by Laura Leigh Armstrong on 8/21/2019
Team sweet n sour pork

Training Camp and the Baggage Claim

by Madison Goforth on 8/20/2019
Team squadleader

What Happened This Year?

by Hannah Busch on 8/20/2019
Team phoenix

Uganda Miss This

by Mallory Price on 8/20/2019
Team alawei

Zimbabwe by the Numbers

by Lyle Durham on 8/20/2019
Team lit

"I've Got Nothing Left"

by Ben Skaar on 8/20/2019
Team deepa

From 60 to 29: Happy Birthday Mom

by Nicole Rowe on 8/20/2019
Team branded


by Rachael Santaniello on 8/20/2019
Team stream

Month 1: Perfect to a "T"

by Jordan Jones on 8/20/2019
Team wild

What is a Mission Trip

by Lacy Vollmuth on 8/20/2019
Team hks

ashley's guide to world travel (:

by Ashley Collins on 8/19/2019
Team level up

World Race isn’t a cure.

by Lauren Kelly on 8/19/2019
Team lss

On Pride and Humility

by Mallory Price on 8/19/2019
Team alawei

Final Debrief

by Bonnie Bakewell on 8/19/2019
Team titan

Rebel Revealing Ministry

by Katie Hammond on 8/19/2019
Team brushed with glory

Striking a Chord

by Hailey Dallas on 8/19/2019
Team wild

You Cannot Deny

by Jeff Allsbrooks on 8/19/2019
Team kindle

First Week in JBay

by Chandler Adams on 8/19/2019
Team blondetourage

Home Sweet South Africa

by Liesl Carlson on 8/19/2019
Team tribeofjudah

Imperfectly Perfect

by Nicole Mitchell on 8/19/2019
Team shine

Now I’m About It

by Rebecca Gutierrez on 8/19/2019
Team sweetnsourpork

Hope has a Name

by Laura Kolander on 8/19/2019
Team daughters

Jesus, Kung Fu Master

by Jake Lanferman on 8/19/2019
Team sweet n sour pork

What’s my Purpose?

by Dylan Phelps on 8/19/2019
Team lost and found

Too Good At Goodbyes

by Connor Gaul on 8/18/2019
Team squad leader

dearest manhattan

by Vickie Pantle on 8/18/2019
Team lss

Seasons come, seasons go

by Sharon Mosley on 8/18/2019
Team level up

Ecuador Vlog

by Ashley Collins on 8/18/2019
Team level up

To Be Held

by Sarah Ann Allen on 8/18/2019
Team titan

I Saw a Muzungu Today

by Brooklynn Graybill on 8/18/2019
Team alawei

The Last Stretch

by Allyson Miller on 8/18/2019
Team ohana


by Aleesa Byrne on 8/18/2019
Team fresh

A Cross For A Boy

by Aleesa Byrne on 8/18/2019
Team fresh

Are you a Child of God?

by Aleesa Byrne on 8/18/2019
Team fresh

Mistaken Identity

by Catherine Choquette on 8/18/2019
Team groot

From Manicures to Manure

by Alyssa Powell on 8/18/2019
Team unknown heights

Meet my Panamanian Parents

by Rachel Quest on 8/18/2019
Team unknownheights

homeless & hopeless at a bus station

by Madeleine Burkholder on 8/18/2019
Team vessel

Dream-Walking (Part 1)

by Grant Kaestner on 8/18/2019
Team agape

A birthday sent from Heaven

by Allison Crasi on 8/18/2019
Team tribe of judah

Following the Arrows

by Mallory Garrett on 8/17/2019
Team camino uno

Dear Home

by Amanda Gillespie on 8/17/2019
Team aloha

Best Day EVER

by Michelle Jamison on 8/17/2019
Team 5.7.9.

To the Girl Addicted to Porn

by Brooklynn Graybill on 8/17/2019
Team alawei

Chapter 29

by Danie'lla Patterson on 8/17/2019
Team squad leaders

Dear Future World Racer...

by McKenzie Murdock on 8/17/2019
Team fresh


by Nathan Wasnich on 8/17/2019
Team deepa

The Homestretch

by Tyler Inman on 8/17/2019
Team fly

Loneliness But Not Homesickness

by Kelly Fahnestock on 8/17/2019
Team soar

Chicken Poop and Abundant Life

by Cassandra Holbrook on 8/17/2019
Team unknown heights

Hey, I'm in Mongolia

by Jo Lowry on 8/17/2019
Team ohana

The Ways HE Shows Up!

by Erika Alvarez on 8/17/2019
Team agape

You want me to do what?!?

by Jason Keeran on 8/17/2019
Team agape

Mattresses and Ministry

by Carley Travis on 8/17/2019
Team tribe of judah

I'm a Teacher in Africa, Say Whaaa?!

by Brieanne Kluck on 8/17/2019
Team kindle

Just the Beginning

by Autum Clark on 8/17/2019
Team overflow


by Tiffany Romeos on 8/17/2019
Team overflow

South Africa in a few words

by Hannah Baird on 8/17/2019
Team shine

Debsaster Relief Team

by Sarah Oliver on 8/16/2019
Team caminocinco


by Vickie Pantle on 8/16/2019
Team lss