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Don't you forget about me....

by Carly Owen on 3/20/2018
Team haven

Where Am I?

by Hailey Grimm on 3/20/2018
Team agape

Many Coastlands

by Kate Paulson on 3/20/2018
Team kairos

Rice in my belly, Dirt on my feet

by Shelby Downing on 3/20/2018
Team free fall

Psalm 1991

by Ashley Hable on 3/20/2018
Team shameless audacity

Love Deeply, Hold Loosely

by Heidi Gray on 3/20/2018
Team crossfit


by Joel Larson on 3/19/2018
Team haven

God showing me His heart

by Kyla Sill on 3/19/2018
Team semperfortis

God, What’s Next?

by Emma Donahue on 3/19/2018
Team ronelsisters

The Road to Bolivia

by Carla Dunn on 3/19/2018
Team holycliqua

Hot Seat: Team Delta

by Shannon Brown on 3/19/2018
Team delta

I got a tattoo last month

by Alli Burnison on 3/19/2018
Team happy feet

I love, LOVE!

by Kimbra Thomas on 3/19/2018
Team happy feet

The Glamour Has Worn Off

by Chelsea Casady on 3/19/2018
Team tnt

A Fight to the Death

by Lynden Huffman on 3/19/2018
Team squadleaders

ATL Saturdays

by Vanessa Gerig on 3/19/2018
Team seekers

Business is Ministry

by Logan Hovanec on 3/19/2018
Team lovestorm


by Holly Rogers on 3/19/2018
Team thevoyagingdaughters

I'm fully funded!!!

by Cassie Dunning on 3/19/2018
Team lovestorm

11 Things I Learned In Month 2

by Hannah Gustafson on 3/19/2018
Team beloveddaughters

You are my Beloved

by Hannah Gustafson on 3/19/2018
Team beloveddaughters


by Lindsay Davis on 3/19/2018
Team beloveddaughters

First Debrief in Sri Lanka!

by Taylor Mastin Mastin on 3/19/2018
Team g-pod

Simple beautiful life

by Lennie Flowers on 3/19/2018
Team g-wop

Banos, Ecuador part 2

by Jesse Martinez on 3/19/2018
Team phillyphilly

Quito, Ecuador

by Jesse Martinez on 3/19/2018
Team phillyphilly

Banos, Ecuador

by Jesse Martinez on 3/19/2018
Team phillyphilly

And then the LoRd...

by Haley Westerkamp on 3/19/2018
Team phillyphilly

His Are Better.

by Jordan Harrington on 3/19/2018
Team vivid

Buttered Toast and Butterfiles

by Bernadette Beacham on 3/18/2018
Team mixd

12 days in nicaragua

by Lissie Butler on 3/18/2018
Team woke

On homesickness

by Bree Anne Rubel on 3/18/2018
Team tetelestai


by Hunter Miller on 3/18/2018
Team abundance


by Shane Clardy on 3/18/2018
Team agape

Goodness In The Land Of The Living

by Kylie McKenzie on 3/18/2018
Team semperfortis

David the uber driver

by Elisabeth Medina on 3/18/2018
Team thrive

Meet Loice

by Sara Brown on 3/18/2018
Team bandb


by Sydney Williams on 3/18/2018
Team livingwater


by Sydney Williams on 3/18/2018
Team livingwater

Holy S***it

by Hannah Klassen on 3/18/2018
Team starwarriors

It all Fits

by Jessica Dabich on 3/18/2018
Team oaksofrighteousness

This is it

by Oriolyne Lubin on 3/18/2018
Team oaksofrighteousness

14: Event Update

by Kayla Strickler on 3/18/2018
Team bloom

Ministry Work is Hard.

by Mary Claire Brogden on 3/18/2018
Team bloom

It Never Gets Easier

by Heather Blumenfeld on 3/18/2018
Team holycliqua

BIG NEWS: Fully funded AND we’re moving!

by Bethany Dameron on 3/18/2018
Team 153

Confidence and Lists

by Lyndsee Landon on 3/18/2018
Team hessedjoy

Wrong Question

by Madison Moore on 3/18/2018
Team hessed joy

Parents Are Cool.

by Zachery Calderon on 3/18/2018
Team freedom

And now we're in Europe:

by Sarah Landsman on 3/18/2018
Team summit

My Heart’s Pursuer.

by Taylor Schmidt on 3/18/2018
Team summit

Art is a wonderful thing.

by Vivi Gouvea De Oliveira on 3/18/2018
Team summit

Woah, We're Half Way There

by Amy Cook on 3/18/2018
Team 5inthefire

Whoa, We're Halfway There...

by Melissa Jordan on 3/18/2018
Team fab

The Body Shame Game. Part II.

by Mary Beth Byers on 3/18/2018
Team fivemultiplied

Philippines In Review

by Coleman Beddingfield on 3/18/2018
Team hispride

There's beauty in the ashes

by Katie Bouchie on 3/18/2018
Team hispride

2 Months and 3 Days In

by Kimberly Matthews on 3/18/2018
Team the voyaging daughters

Finding Joy in the Hard Places (Video)

by Amber Mannion on 3/18/2018
Team emunah

Month 2: Philippines

by Elizabeth Hahn on 3/18/2018
Team lovestorm

Highly Unlikely

by Justin West on 3/18/2018
Team hispride

Highly Unlikely

by Tessie West on 3/18/2018
Team hispride

The Trilogy of Comfort (Part 2)

by Lucas Hultgren on 3/18/2018
Team hispride

Calling All Angels

by Rebecca Bannister on 3/18/2018
Team haven

2 Outfits and a Floating Village

by Viktoriya Matveyeva on 3/18/2018
Team daughtersofeduth

Mercy’s corner!

by Chelsy Smoak on 3/18/2018
Team daughtersofeduth

The Man On The Streets

by Jon Ames on 3/18/2018
Team uprooted


by Nora Cox on 3/18/2018
Team free fall

My Wallet Got Stolen

by Shelby Downing on 3/18/2018
Team free fall

Unveiling the Mask

by Heidi Gray on 3/18/2018
Team crossfit

Let me say thank you

by Rodolfo Santos Ramirez on 3/18/2018
Team phillyphilly

What am I, but dust?

by Brenton Bicknell on 3/17/2018
Team greaterworks

The future is now!

by Noah Rogers on 3/17/2018
Team kingdombringers

Tiny Humans Bring JOY

by Julia Repaal on 3/17/2018
Team oaksofrighteousness

India, I love you.

by Abby Eades on 3/17/2018
Team tidalwave

Lessons from Orphans

by Carmen Eby on 3/17/2018
Team squadleader

And It's Gold!

by Ashley Guinn on 3/17/2018
Team gospeljuice

Who is the Holy Spirit?

by Regan Smith on 3/17/2018
Team holycliqua

Meeting Happiness

by Bethany Dameron on 3/17/2018
Team 153