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The Lord Called Me

by Christal Kendall on 1/17/2017
Team tetelestai

Is It Really Picture Perfect?

by Madeline Jackson on 1/17/2017
Team ohana

Stranded In Kenya

by Lauren Stephens on 1/17/2017
Team ohana

A quick update

by Ashleigh Paul on 1/16/2017
Team daughters of dignity


by Rebekah Bouma on 1/16/2017
Team teamtied


by Jason Gebhardt on 1/16/2017
Team the edge

I'm still human

by Claudia Haak on 1/16/2017
Team team tied

When You Give God Room

by Katie Seratt on 1/16/2017
Team reckless abandon

Setting Captives Free

by Leigh Anne Westra on 1/16/2017
Team reckless abandon

When God calls you higher

by Naomi Conner on 1/16/2017
Team joyfulawakening

Take Me To Church

by Katie Crofford on 1/16/2017
Team unshakenfoundation

I Hated My Name

by Cara Lutes on 1/16/2017
Team bfgs(boldfearlessgiants)

The Start of My 24th Year

by Elizabeth Chapman on 1/16/2017
Team ruachchayil

Let's set the world on fire

by Natalie Staniewicz on 1/16/2017
Team auroara

Focus Fox! In a Life of Distractions

by Rashidat Odeyemi on 1/16/2017
Team valor

Who am I?

by brooke Cope on 1/16/2017
Team riverdancers

What a Difference a Year Makes

by Rashidat Odeyemi on 1/16/2017
Team valor

The First Step

by Elise Swepston on 1/16/2017
Team anchordepths

The Makings of Genocide

by Brooke Morton on 1/16/2017
Team wildroots

Strangers in the Park

by Becca Oakley on 1/16/2017
Team branches of peace

El Salvador

by Rou Bernard on 1/16/2017
Team 431influence

Central America Summed Up

by Megan Spain on 1/16/2017
Team 431influence

Missionary Status

by Brittany Foster on 1/16/2017
Team 431influence

How Have You Experienced God?

by Shara Seetaram on 1/16/2017
Team 431influence

Colombian Daze

by Emma Flaming on 1/16/2017
Team kindred bow

It's Only Day 1!

by Calvin Herrmann on 1/16/2017
Team los mensajeros

India, Land of the Head Bobble

by Anna Beth Cook on 1/16/2017
Team joyful fortitude

Saying Yes to the Waters

by Joanna Sorensen on 1/16/2017
Team themelios

Traveling to Manila for Debrief

by Danielle Parks on 1/15/2017
Team eshet chayil

A Life Worth Living

by Tyler Ambrose on 1/15/2017
Team tetelestai

no turning back

by Callie Harmon on 1/15/2017
Team edifly

My Race

by Jared Brundage on 1/15/2017
Team team captain america

Crazy for Cambodia

by Jessie Dotson on 1/15/2017
Team refinedanddivine

The Time Is Now

by Matt Chisenhall on 1/15/2017
Team bfgs(boldfearlessgiants)

What the mirror can't tell me

by Lindsay Sullivan on 1/15/2017
Team rooted

Jesus? The Christmas Baby?

by Brittni Wisner on 1/15/2017
Team gallistry

What the World Race is...

by Madi Copeland on 1/15/2017
Team 7 wonders

Halfway Home and Wholeheartedly Away

by Brittni Wisner on 1/15/2017
Team gallistry

Challenges and testimonies!!

by Daiva Martino on 1/15/2017
Team riverdancers

One Year Ago

by Erinn Hampton on 1/15/2017
Team riverdancers

Heart to Head

by Toni Cheney on 1/15/2017
Team tolmirós


by Taylor Becvar on 1/15/2017
Team meekandmighty

A Tribute to #408

by Paige Harris on 1/15/2017
Team sisterhood

Finding Home in Cambodia

by Betsy Gottsacker on 1/15/2017
Team sisterhood

Resilient in Hope

by Clarissa Johnson on 1/15/2017
Team sisterhood

Look Away!

by Alyssa Stapley on 1/15/2017
Team enabled

Africa...I'll Be Back!

by Kelly Habecker on 1/15/2017
Team freetobe

Spirit Lead Me

by Hope Ogle on 1/15/2017
Team ele

Sweeter than Honey

by SaraLou Neville on 1/15/2017
Team kindred bow


by Dara Kolar on 1/15/2017
Team los mensajeros

The Captain and His Son

by Gabby Melcher on 1/15/2017
Team firebrands

There is a Battle...

by Ethan FitzRandolph on 1/14/2017
Team team hulk

Christmas in Cambodia

by Emily Browning on 1/14/2017
Team tango charlie juilet

The Change Up

by Crysahna Suarez on 1/14/2017
Team querencia

Cambodia Ministry

by Chris Zemple on 1/14/2017
Team korban

A message with Hope!

by Chris Zemple on 1/14/2017
Team korban

Purity Brings Intimacy with God

by Jonathan Clark on 1/14/2017
Team enabled

A Father's Love

by Chelsea Gehring on 1/14/2017
Team power house


by Kelsey Nerland on 1/14/2017
Team soulsisters

Colombia: Month One

by Kayleigh Richards on 1/14/2017
Team hazaq

Mozambique: Month 1

by Ariane Utley on 1/14/2017
Team god's magnolias

First Days in Africa

by Tyler Nash on 1/14/2017
Team deep wells

Made it to Mozambique!

by Rebecca Frantz on 1/14/2017
Team god's magnolias

The Adventure Beings in 3.2.1!

by Sara Santiago on 1/14/2017
Team rhemas

Indonesia and Morning Prayers

by Sam Watson on 1/14/2017
Team khesed

Reading more than just Harry Potter

by Victoria Rogers on 1/13/2017
Team tetelestai

On The Streets

by Madeline McJunkin on 1/13/2017
Team the edge


by Jason Love Albano on 1/13/2017
Team valor

10 Seconds a Day - Zambia

by Jon Bryant on 1/13/2017
Team valor

Update from Cambodia Video

by Katie Crofford on 1/13/2017
Team unshakenfoundation

Back when I was in Nam...

by Mariah Weingarten on 1/13/2017
Team oakgrove

What's The Point?

by Bailey Pittman on 1/13/2017
Team refinedanddivine

A girl named Yana

by brooke Cope on 1/13/2017
Team riverdancers

The One Who Stole Our Hearts

by Kayla Krynski on 1/13/2017
Team valor

156 Hours: Part 2

by Sequoi Phipps on 1/13/2017
Team fernweh

Keep Your Eyes Open

by Danielle Portfleet on 1/13/2017
Team korban

What Do I Say Now!?

by Gracie Fueston on 1/13/2017
Team soul sisters