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1 week

by Drew Doyle on 5/26/2018
Team sol

A Letter to Home : Final Blog

by Caroline Johnson on 5/26/2018
Team free people

I've Changed

by Emry Brandenburger on 5/26/2018
Team sol

Last world race blog??

by Rodrigo Ariceaga - Obregon on 5/26/2018
Team d.i.v.a.s.


by Tori Bulgier on 5/26/2018
Team groovy crew

Dances With Wolves

by Marissa Urias on 5/26/2018
Team wolf pack

What's next.

by Bry Veith on 5/26/2018
Team relentless

I love/hate America

by Averi Wing on 5/26/2018
Team relentless

Dear Asia

by Averi Adams on 5/26/2018
Team fuerte all day

Dear B-Squad Ladies...

by Megan McKinley on 5/26/2018
Team fuerte all day

I Didn't Really Understand This Week

by Carole Chamberlin on 5/26/2018
Team fab

Pray Without Ceasing

by Johan Nevlida on 5/26/2018
Team squad leader

I Hate Myself.

by Amber Mannion on 5/26/2018
Team sevenwonders

Secret Agent Style

by Shelby Robinson on 5/26/2018
Team sevenwonders


by Kailey Mattarella on 5/26/2018
Team summit

Whats At Your Core

by Anna Fasl on 5/26/2018
Team squad leaders

No More Surprises

by Grace OHara on 5/26/2018
Team vivid

I saw angels

by Haley Walker on 5/25/2018
Team selah

God’s Poem

by Connor Quick on 5/25/2018
Team selah

What Do I Love about Jesus?

by Nicholas Hesselgesser on 5/25/2018
Team 389

Walking, Talking, Breathing Love

by Kyla Calderon on 5/25/2018
Team abundance

The Walk To Walking Street

by Hailey Grimm on 5/25/2018
Team agape


by Courtney on 5/25/2018
Team d.i.v.a.s.

Thank You Jesus

by Courtney on 5/25/2018
Team d.i.v.a.s.

The End?

by Brooke Van Eyk on 5/25/2018
Team thrive

My Comrade the Communist

by Daniel Vrooman on 5/25/2018
Team man

Three Lessons in Three Years

by McKenzie Kuhn on 5/25/2018
Team testify

Goodbye, Ecuador.

by Grace Koerner on 5/25/2018
Team serendipity

Taking off the shell

by Mikayla Hartel on 5/25/2018
Team serendipity

Kind words about Brittany from Ephraim & Isaac

by Brittany Dykstra on 5/25/2018
Team 153


by Brittany Smith on 5/25/2018
Team dior

Let's See How Far We've Come

by Bry Veith on 5/25/2018
Team relentless

Whoops...! Here's that Q&A we promised.

by Sarah Landsman on 5/25/2018
Team summit


by Rachel Pischke on 5/25/2018
Team summit

A Treat from Greece

by Taylor Schmidt on 5/25/2018
Team summit

It's time for AFRICA

by Miranda Landsman on 5/25/2018
Team relentless

Sorry not Sorry

by Vivi Gouvea De Oliveira on 5/25/2018
Team summit


by Elise Bauer on 5/25/2018
Team relentless

How Far We've Come

by Averi Wing on 5/25/2018
Team relentless

You're Gonna Wanna See This

by Taylor Ryals on 5/25/2018
Team relentless

Lets see how far we've come! :)

by Megan Vanlandeghem on 5/25/2018
Team relentless

Team Changes Ahead

by Rhianna Miller on 5/25/2018
Team relentless

World Race Q&A

by Kayla Taylor on 5/25/2018
Team squad leaders

World Race Q&A

by RJ Taylor on 5/25/2018
Team squad leaders

Sofia, Bulgaria

by Alyssa Smith on 5/25/2018
Team summit


by Edna Stoltzfus on 5/25/2018
Team summit

No Story for Today

by Ashlyn Hermann on 5/25/2018
Team fuerte all day

The truth about the race.

by Brandi Teeney on 5/25/2018
Team common grounds

Adventures on an island

by Melanie Stoll on 5/25/2018
Team empower rangers

A Week in Malaysia!

by Jonathan Anthony on 5/25/2018
Team fuerte all day

The 4th Quarter

by Mack Brunney on 5/25/2018
Team fuerte all day

Pride & Privilege

by Chloe Clendinning on 5/25/2018
Team squadleader

Heaven Will be a Freakshow

by John David Goins on 5/25/2018
Team squad leaders

Unity in Family

by Alex Goad on 5/25/2018
Team 4319

My Top 10 Favorite Adventures

by Chessie Jackson on 5/24/2018
Team mixd

I Shaved My Face

by Connor Quick on 5/24/2018
Team selah

Sweet smiles and silver rings

by Alexis Ballard on 5/24/2018
Team dawn

God is ENOUGH!

by Sara Roberts on 5/24/2018
Team luna

Much Last Day Of Ministry

by Caitlyn Morrison on 5/24/2018
Team woke

I am not a failure (day 30)

by Melody Stone on 5/24/2018
Team 461

fear the Lord

by Katie Plank on 5/24/2018
Team semperfortis

Wipe Every Tear Testimonies

by Catherine (Cat) Webb on 5/24/2018
Team hephzibah

12 Days.

by Alyssa McGrail on 5/24/2018
Team abundance

Goodbye Covi

by Tara Lynch on 5/24/2018
Team d.i.v.a.s.

Sports, Seniors, and Stomachs

by Caleb Leppert on 5/24/2018
Team man

Running in the Rain

by Caleb Leppert on 5/24/2018
Team man

Let go and let God

by Derek Dameron on 5/24/2018
Team 153

Let go and let God

by Bethany Dameron on 5/24/2018
Team 153

Teeth Marks and Answers

by Matt Kane on 5/24/2018
Team squad leaders

Month 8 Video Recap

by Nettie Clawson on 5/24/2018
Team commongrounds

Am I Good Enough?

by Averi Adams on 5/24/2018
Team fuerte all day

Q and A - part 3 - the finaleee

by Ashley Hewitt on 5/24/2018
Team fab

Hello from Vietnam

by Mia Cohen on 5/24/2018
Team wailua

An Ode to Mothers...

by Kierra Miles on 5/24/2018
Team frontline

You Ruined My Life

by Kristy Keprta on 5/24/2018
Team valor

What Kathmandu to Me?

by Ashley Hable on 5/24/2018
Team she-brews

In the waiting

by Kristine Riden on 5/24/2018
Team summit

India Pies!!!

by Tyler Hamblin on 5/24/2018
Team squad leaders

Recapturing my Heart . INDIA .

by Leah Stoeckel on 5/24/2018
Team she-brews

My Broken Walls

by Joey Badinger on 5/24/2018
Team kingdom soujourners

Do It Now

by Alyssa Gammelgaard on 5/24/2018
Team summit

Check What I’ve Been Learning

by Joshua Lett on 5/24/2018
Team 4319

The things I’ve seen

by emma Dollyhigh on 5/23/2018
Team fuego

Time To Process Blog Series: Nepal

by Cole Pehote on 5/23/2018
Team woke

im weird! so what!

by Grace Venning on 5/23/2018
Team kingdombringers