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When Adventure Stops Being Fun

by Jackie Halyard on 5/26/2016
Team thunderbirds

Spontaneous Obedience

by Sara Pfund on 5/26/2016
Team new zion

Spontaneous Obedience

by Sara Pfund on 5/26/2016
Team new zion

Orions Belt

by Aubrey Webster on 5/26/2016
Team huzzah

Piercing the Darkness

by Joshua Gill on 5/26/2016
Team the fellowship

In All Honesty, I'm Terrified.

by Dustin Minter on 5/25/2016
Team suma

When It Hits You

by Laura Berg on 5/25/2016
Team invictus

Following In My Teachers Shoes

by Nikki Arends on 5/25/2016
Team rooted

African Updates:

by Bee Davis on 5/25/2016
Team jubilee

My friends

by Amanda Trenerry on 5/25/2016
Team prism

Is God Enough?

by Rachael Powidzki on 5/25/2016
Team squadleader

Grace is Always Given

by Sarah Brooks on 5/25/2016
Team pup n suds

Life Learned: Thailand Edition

by Dee Dee Peters on 5/25/2016
Team shebrews

I Know What Jesus Felt Like

by Kate Campbell on 5/25/2016
Team arboretum

Feelin Hot Hot Hot

by Sarah Sharp on 5/25/2016
Team aboundingjoy

100 Days

by Ben Towne on 5/25/2016
Team beastmode

An Old Chinese Dream

by Josh Cooper on 5/25/2016
Team food truck

Current Prayer Requests

by Darek Hollis on 5/25/2016
Team wild

You'll Be Missed. I'll Be Back.

by Loren Gambrell on 5/25/2016
Team cosmopolita


by Chris White on 5/25/2016
Team wild

The Night My Heart Broke

by Chelsea Ray on 5/25/2016
Team the fellowship

More Than You Realize...

by Abby Conley on 5/24/2016
Team bab

Malaysia Recap

by Molly Grusenmeyer on 5/24/2016
Team raising the bar

Dear Bolivia.

by Victoria Kuhlman on 5/24/2016
Team huzzah

Total Celebration Time!

by Cadence Railsback on 5/24/2016
Team arboretum

The Month I Fell In Love

by Victoria Finlay on 5/24/2016
Team no ragrets

Half Way Through the Race Newsletter

by Alesha Shatley on 5/24/2016
Team no ragrets

Eres en mi Corazon

by Catherine Dooley on 5/23/2016
Team hot rod

I Hate[d] Public Speaking

by Rachel Witt on 5/23/2016
Team jubilee

God Speaks Through Birds

by Rachel Workman on 5/23/2016
Team 1:13

Guat's up: Guatemala summary

by Annaka Welty on 5/23/2016
Team onehope

The Type A Disciple

by Katie Needles on 5/23/2016
Team steadfastpursuit

Finding Rest in Montenegro

by Paris Winfrey on 5/23/2016
Team ensemble

Vlog #2

by Megan Williamson on 5/23/2016
Team prism

"Roughing it"

by Taylor Kloster on 5/23/2016
Team no ragrets

Life in Vietnam

by Julie Reusser on 5/23/2016
Team blue barracuda

I Want to go Home.

by Ashlie Watson on 5/23/2016
Team abounding joy

How Not To Handle Your Exhaustion

by Carrie Surbaugh on 5/22/2016
Team green harbor

Last Few Months

by Rebecca Keys on 5/22/2016
Team intrepid

A New Beginning

by Austin Draughn on 5/22/2016
Team snap crackle pop

Bolivia Bound

by Jessica Doffing on 5/22/2016
Team huzzah

Acts (The Sequel)

by Erika Paul on 5/22/2016
Team squad leader

Latvian Adventures!

by Sarah Snyder on 5/22/2016
Team palpablepresence

Video - Letonia

by Gabi Rodriguez-Morera on 5/22/2016
Team cosmopolita

Where Joy and Sorrow Meet

by Alexa Kapsalis on 5/21/2016
Team squad leaders

Bring What You Have

by Kirsten Kuhn on 5/21/2016
Team new zion


by Brittany Chaffee on 5/21/2016
Team huzzah