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Step Into & Steward

by Bri Stump on 9/27/2016
Team daughters of zion

Long Time No See

by Evan Fisher on 9/27/2016
Team illuminators

Moses McNuggets

by Janelly Chavez on 9/27/2016
Team conquistadoras

Better Late Than Never

by Micah Cain on 9/27/2016
Team speedriders

Better Late Than Never

by Micah Cain on 9/27/2016
Team speedriders

Walking in Freedom

by Elizabeth Rowland on 9/27/2016
Team beloveds

Don't Go to Work

by Chandler McKinney on 9/27/2016
Team qadashians

Lesotho: Oh, the people you'll meet

by Braham Miller on 9/27/2016
Team meraki

Shoes of a Missionary

by Dylan Weaver on 9/27/2016
Team cubs of judah

Notice Me! Please?

by Dantastic Sprando on 9/27/2016
Team cubs of judah

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

by Steph Lang on 9/27/2016
Team onepulse

Choosing Hope For a Hopeless Country

by Kaitlyn Squanda on 9/27/2016
Team 3125

I Went on the Race With the Wrong God

by SarahCatherine Jones on 9/26/2016
Team the edge

I Can Do The Race Without God

by Silas Westers on 9/26/2016
Team the edge

Why am I still doing this?!?

by Mikkala Jackson on 9/26/2016
Team united pursuit


by Austin Kirk on 9/26/2016
Team the toolbox

What Has God Taught Me?

by Kourtney Bartel on 9/26/2016
Team kingdom seekers


by Leigh Anne Westra on 9/26/2016
Team united pursuit

Enjoy Me

by Ellen Wood on 9/26/2016
Team redeemed

The Power of Prayer

by Mark Dewar on 9/26/2016
Team hishands

Whats been going on

by Bailey Huffman on 9/26/2016
Team hishands

Sorry I Made Your Kid Cry

by Michelina Cozzetto on 9/26/2016
Team papa'sgirls

Everyone has a Story - Ethiopia Part 2

by Lindsey Argue on 9/26/2016
Team meta

God Loves Multiplication

by Lila Capps on 9/26/2016
Team manifold

I have a lot of Muslim friends.

by Abbie Brandhagen on 9/26/2016
Team team 2

An ATM Broke My Heart.

by Emily Holland on 9/26/2016
Team twined by the vine

I Have a Choice to Make

by Alicia Lannom on 9/26/2016
Team kintsu

Invitiation to Discovering my Identity

by Mariah Brammer on 9/26/2016
Team shalom


by Lindsay Sullivan on 9/26/2016
Team qadashians

Finding My Voice in Swaziland

by Caitlin Buzbee on 9/26/2016
Team shalom

Literal Beauty For Ashes

by Hannah Ault on 9/26/2016
Team misfits

Ministry in Guyana

by Tera Bradham on 9/26/2016
Team 3125

How To Save A Life: Part 2

by Tiara Menjivar on 9/26/2016
Team salty

the 411 on missionaries

by Lauren Emily Tysdal on 9/25/2016
Team edifly

Ava Cunningham

by Kole Purdy on 9/25/2016
Team hishands

The Face of Evil

by Alex Keeley on 9/25/2016
Team estabien

Dear Anonymous

by Victoria Finlay on 9/25/2016
Team speedriders

Little Blessings

by Sarah Sharp on 9/25/2016
Team glencoco

Testing Your 'Yes'

by Heather Swan on 9/25/2016
Team legion of boom

|| I was visited by a demon

by Jason Love Albano on 9/25/2016
Team ao1

Carrying Our Burdens

by Emily Quint on 9/25/2016
Team kintsu

Hello Ghana….

by Stephanie Prinz on 9/25/2016
Team nos amis

This Place.

by Teagan MacKnight on 9/25/2016
Team one pulse

My second home

by Tyler Ambrose on 9/24/2016
Team tetelestai

A boy and his goats

by Kelsey Eiles on 9/24/2016
Team manifold

Ask Me Questions!

by Catherine DeBerry on 9/24/2016
Team conquistadoras

The Cost of Missions

by Amy Meade on 9/24/2016
Team team 3

I Crave Death

by Bailey Swartzenberger on 9/24/2016
Team beloveds


by Joni Wiley on 9/24/2016
Team empowher

My heart might stay in GHANA

by Jenna Watson on 9/24/2016
Team worthy warriors

Is The Honeymoon Stage Over?

by Kelsey Robertson on 9/24/2016
Team worthy warriors

Follow the red dirt road….

by Bethany Hawk on 9/24/2016
Team worthy warriors

People Tried To Warn Me

by Kelsey Gallimore on 9/24/2016
Team worthy warriors

Dare to Choose

by Kelsey Troutman on 9/24/2016
Team sweetheat

Are you going to show up?

by Jess Beltran on 9/24/2016
Team sweet heat


by Raychel Lotspeich on 9/24/2016
Team redeem

Dear End-of-Race Patrick

by Patrick Ryan on 9/24/2016
Team salty

I Have No Talent

by Maddy Hammer on 9/23/2016
Team eshet chayil

Choosing In(timacy)

by Kyndal Cody on 9/23/2016
Team illuminators

Different Views on the Same Jesus

by Max Scheffer on 9/23/2016
Team sojourners

His Hands

by Josh Grabow on 9/23/2016
Team hishands

Life Learned: Peru Edition

by Dee Dee Peters on 9/23/2016
Team r.a.m.s.

11 Things: Peru

by Michelle Mason on 9/23/2016
Team r.a.m.s.

[Newsletter] Videos from Latvia!

by Sang Park on 9/23/2016
Team boom

My Days in Romania

by Doug Morse on 9/23/2016
Team ao1