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This is for You

by Johnfrank Dieguez on 2/14/2018

When God Asked Me to Be Homeless

by Johnfrank Dieguez on 4/5/2017

A Better... Bittersweet Symphony

by Matt Blair on 9/24/2015
Team real

When the End is Near

by Matt Blair on 6/26/2015
Team real

Back to... the PHILIPPINES!!!

by Suzanne Bradford on 6/6/2015
Team summit

Let's Catch Up: 2014 in Review

by Johnfrank Dieguez on 2/9/2015

Ecuador Update!

by Austin Ulsh on 12/28/2014
Team squadleaders

Be Thankful: It is Not About Ferguson

by Matt Blair on 11/26/2014
Team real

Blog Change & What Lies Ahead

by Reagan Taylor on 10/14/2014
Team summit

Haiti Here We Come!!!

by Austin Ulsh on 9/8/2014
Team squadleaders

Breaking Good Hearts

by Matt Blair on 8/13/2014
Team real

World Race Round 2

by Austin Ulsh on 7/31/2014
Team squadleaders

New World Race Video!

by Austin Ulsh on 6/25/2014
Team squadleaders

The video that can change your life!

by Kristin Fuller on 6/25/2014

New World Race Promo Video!

by Andrew Holloway on 6/25/2014


by Suzanne Bradford on 4/27/2014
Team summit

Sold For Two Bottles Of Beer

by Sam Walter on 3/29/2014

Juan In A Million: Serving Done Right

by Sam Walter on 3/16/2014

The Reason for my Tattoo

by Kristin Fuller on 3/12/2014

I Did It All Wrong

by Rebecca Burger on 2/27/2014
Team breathe

Fruits of the Labor

by Kristin Fuller on 2/14/2014

Is Cancer the New Flu?

by Suzanne Bradford on 2/7/2014
Team summit

Fear of Her Own Voice

by Suzanne Bradford on 1/29/2014
Team summit

Stepping into the New Year

by Kristin Fuller on 1/29/2014

A Tale of Two Days

by Sam Walter on 1/24/2014

Movers and Shakers and Dreamers

by Sam Walter on 12/13/2013


by Candace Breaux on 12/1/2013
Team gunit

My New Squad And How You Can Help

by Sam Walter on 11/30/2013

Electric Separation

by Suzanne Bradford on 11/23/2013
Team summit

Ummm, You're Doing What Exactly?

by Sam Walter on 11/14/2013

Big Announcement! (No, I'm Not Engaged)

by Sam Walter on 11/8/2013


by Suzanne Bradford on 11/3/2013
Team summit

My Role in the Bigger Picture

by Kristin Fuller on 10/23/2013

I Want Empty Churches

by Sam Walter on 10/20/2013

When the Mountains Don't Move

by Matt Blair on 10/19/2013
Team real

Breaking My Silence

by Suzanne Bradford on 10/9/2013
Team summit

Surprise! I'm Not Moses.

by Sam Walter on 10/6/2013

What The World Race Wasn't Meant To Be

by Michelle Imig on 9/30/2013
Team summit

Is Church Involvement Required for Christians?

by Kristin Fuller on 9/27/2013

Muddy Water

by Kristin Fuller on 9/19/2013

It Is Finished

by Reagan Taylor on 9/5/2013
Team summit

In a word . . . Preparation

by Kristin Fuller on 9/3/2013

I am Still a Missionary.

by Johnfrank Dieguez on 8/31/2013

Wash: 1 Minute 11 Seconds from India

by Johnfrank Dieguez on 8/30/2013

An Update on My Ministry

by Kristin Fuller on 8/27/2013

Heart of a Lion

by Jesse Morris on 8/20/2013
Team bamboo

Living Above the Fog

by Jesse Morris on 8/16/2013
Team bamboo

One Week Left

by Reagan Taylor on 8/3/2013
Team summit

The Starkest of Dichotomies

by Matt Blair on 7/24/2013
Team real

The First Half

by Reagan Taylor on 7/5/2013
Team summit

More Than...

by Sam Walter on 6/4/2013

SSay Yess To The SS

by Matt Blair on 6/1/2013
Team real

A Tale of My Double Life

by Suzanne Bradford on 5/29/2013
Team summit

I'm going back to Africa!

by Austin Ulsh on 5/27/2013
Team squadleaders

Pray (Video)

by Johnfrank Dieguez on 5/27/2013

So It Begins

by Reagan Taylor on 5/27/2013
Team summit

I'm an Adult

by Johnfrank Dieguez on 5/20/2013

Reality-ville vs. Fantasy-land

by Suzanne Bradford on 5/13/2013
Team summit

Fear Addicts Anonymous

by Reagan Taylor on 5/10/2013
Team summit

After the Race

by Jesse Morris on 5/7/2013
Team bamboo

Discipleship and my Future

by Austin Ulsh on 5/6/2013
Team squadleaders

Going .com!

by Reagan Taylor on 5/3/2013
Team summit

This is My Life

by Sam Walter on 5/3/2013

Hey You...Avoid THIS!

by Matt Blair on 5/2/2013
Team real

Supporting a "Missionary-ish"

by Suzanne Bradford on 4/29/2013
Team summit

Discipleship and Me

by Austin Ulsh on 4/28/2013
Team squadleaders

My Calling..

by Austin Ulsh on 4/21/2013
Team squadleaders

Higher Than An Addict in an Attic

by Sam Walter on 4/21/2013

Old Habits May Die Hard, But Die They Will

by Sam Walter on 4/19/2013

I'm Moving!

by Grace Hartmann on 4/15/2013
Team gunit

He KNOWS the plans He has for ME

by Kristin Fuller on 4/14/2013

China Postponed. Going Back on the Race!!!

by Suzanne Bradford on 4/13/2013
Team summit

The Backpack Stays

by Rebecca Burger on 4/11/2013
Team breathe

Calling All Men... (And Women)

by Matt Blair on 4/2/2013
Team real

Global Impact From A Small Town Garage

by Sam Walter on 3/29/2013


by Rebekah Foreman on 3/28/2013
Team squadleaders

Scars on a Healing Heart

by Grace Hartmann on 3/22/2013
Team gunit

App's for World Racer's

by John Wilcoxson on 3/21/2013

Climbing the Stairs

by Jesse Morris on 3/19/2013
Team bamboo

Ring Ring! This Is Your "Calling" Calling

by Sam Walter on 3/12/2013

Haters Gone Hate

by Meagan LaFoy on 3/10/2013
Team real

Thanks From Around The World

by Grace Hartmann on 3/9/2013
Team gunit

I have a dream too, Mr. King

by Leah Malone on 3/8/2013
Team breathe

Bat Cave's & TV Show's

by John Wilcoxson on 3/7/2013

My Year in Video

by Grace Hartmann on 3/5/2013
Team gunit

Some Blogs Are Harder to Write Than Others

by Sam Walter on 3/4/2013

Why it Matters

by Austin Ulsh on 3/1/2013
Team squadleaders

The World in Review (part 1)

by Suzanne Bradford on 2/27/2013
Team summit