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Why? (It's been a while, but here's a 3 minute video.)

by Jill Jones Dennard on 6/25/2014

Joy Amongst Grief

by Emily Adkisson on 3/4/2014

Merry Christmas I'm Moving Again

by Savannah Rowland on 12/13/2013

The Burden the Philippines

by Emily Adkisson on 9/5/2013

Not My Words, But Yours (Photo Blog)

by Emily Adkisson on 8/30/2013

A Child-Like Love....

by Emily Adkisson on 8/25/2013

Time For a Happy Blog

by Taryn Neurohr on 8/22/2013

Thoughts of a Doubting Believer

by Taryn Neurohr on 8/2/2013

It Happened Again

by Savannah Rowland on 7/24/2013

I'm going back...

by Emily Adkisson on 7/1/2013

Back to Dallas

by Savannah Rowland on 6/11/2013

My Life as an Urban Missionary

by Taryn Neurohr on 5/23/2013

The Whisperer

by Taryn Neurohr on 5/1/2013

It's been a year

by Emily Adkisson on 4/30/2013

Another Year Later (Will You Take One?)

by Taryn Neurohr on 4/29/2013

She Dreams of Paradise

by Taryn Neurohr on 4/24/2013

Summer Plans at Last

by Savannah Rowland on 4/21/2013

I Became A Mom Too...

by Emily Adkisson on 4/14/2013

Help Me Intercede

by Savannah Rowland on 4/4/2013

A Stupid Kind of Love

by Jill Jones Dennard on 3/27/2013

Yep, we do that...

by Emily Adkisson on 3/21/2013

Why do we do this?

by Jess Gasperin on 3/21/2013

Loving in Losing

by Taryn Neurohr on 3/20/2013

Blog Stalking

by Savannah Rowland on 3/20/2013


by Savannah Rowland on 3/20/2013

My First Trip

by Savannah Rowland on 3/20/2013


by Rachel Gust on 3/15/2013
Team throve

What's Next - The Tenderloin

by Ben Friedman on 3/15/2013
Team deeperroots

I've Failed You

by Jill Jones Dennard on 2/28/2013

The One-Sandutza

by Jess Gasperin on 2/27/2013

The One-Maria!

by Jess Gasperin on 2/6/2013

"I'll Go" where I am

by Jess Gasperin on 2/6/2013

Immediate Relief

by Jess Gasperin on 2/4/2013

Who doesn't love a good resolution?

by Jess Gasperin on 1/29/2013

Dancing for an Audience of One

by Taryn Neurohr on 1/22/2013

The Path of Peace

by Taryn Neurohr on 12/9/2012

What Are You Even Doing? (VIDEO)

by Savannah Rowland on 12/2/2012

thankful for Him

by Mallory Martin on 11/22/2012
Team coramdeo

Significance in a Shooting Star

by Taryn Neurohr on 11/12/2012

Full Circle

by Jess Gasperin on 11/2/2012


by Savannah Rowland on 11/1/2012

This Fight

by Taryn Neurohr on 10/28/2012

Simply Journal

by Savannah Rowland on 10/25/2012

Holy Giggles

by Jill Jones Dennard on 10/18/2012

Back to Camp

by Taryn Neurohr on 10/17/2012

Life as I know it

by Mallory Martin on 10/10/2012
Team coramdeo

A little Update

by Erin Olson on 10/6/2012
Team redthread

Feeling Restless

by Taryn Neurohr on 10/2/2012

Not quite a Hotel

by Jess Gasperin on 9/26/2012

Quarter of a Century

by Jill Jones Dennard on 9/26/2012

The Bane of My Existence

by Taryn Neurohr on 9/24/2012

It's more than I could've dreamed!

by Jess Gasperin on 9/21/2012

Back to School

by Savannah Rowland on 9/18/2012

My life is ruined.

by Jill Jones Dennard on 9/5/2012

What's this CGA nonsense?

by Jess Gasperin on 9/4/2012

With All My Heart....

by Savannah Rowland on 8/27/2012

Guess What's Next??

by Savannah Rowland on 8/27/2012

Following My Passion

by Taryn Neurohr on 8/18/2012

What's Next...

by Emily Adkisson on 8/17/2012

The Pump, Pumps to Shake the World...

by Emily Adkisson on 8/16/2012

Thank you in the simplest of words...

by Emily Adkisson on 8/14/2012

The Final Stats

by Jill Jones Dennard on 7/31/2012

What YOUR support did

by Kendall Thompson on 7/31/2012
Team a-team

Woah! You're home! What's next?

by Jess Gasperin on 7/27/2012

A Glimpse

by Sarah Ruplinger on 7/20/2012

The Sweet Tears of my Soul

by Taryn Neurohr on 7/18/2012

The Dream

by Sarah Ruplinger on 7/17/2012

Back on The Homefront

by Katie Way on 7/5/2012
Team throve

Many thanks and final words

by Julie Horst on 7/4/2012
Team a-team

Yep, I'm still blogging...

by Hannah Dagenhart on 7/4/2012
Team deeperroots

Coming Home

by Stephanie Chan on 6/25/2012
Team deeperroots

The Deafening Silence

by Taryn Neurohr on 6/23/2012

A Starbucks kind of prayer

by Kendall Thompson on 6/23/2012
Team a-team

One of the Sweetest Days

by Katie Way on 6/22/2012
Team throve

And I Will Walk 500 More.

by Katie Way on 6/22/2012
Team throve

How was my year?

by Kendall Thompson on 6/19/2012
Team a-team

the HOME of the brave!

by Kate Hughes on 6/13/2012
Team redthread

The last travel blog...America!

by Hannah Dagenhart on 6/11/2012
Team deeperroots

Will it Never End!!!

by Erin Olson on 6/11/2012
Team redthread

I'm Coming Home

by Jill Jones Dennard on 6/8/2012

There and Back Again

by Erin Olson on 6/8/2012
Team redthread

Saving the Best For Last

by Kelly Gauthier on 6/8/2012
Team deeperroots

Final Blog From The Field

by Katie Way on 6/8/2012
Team throve

Life in Community

by Erin Olson on 6/8/2012
Team redthread

It's Come to an End!

by Cody O'DONNELL on 6/7/2012
Team throve

Thank You Supporters!!

by Stephanie Chan on 6/6/2012
Team deeperroots

Last day on the field

by Frank Sawatsky on 6/6/2012
Team throve

I met with angels

by Mallory Martin on 6/6/2012
Team coramdeo

My date with Jesus

by Mallory Martin on 6/6/2012
Team coramdeo

11 people

by Julie Horst on 6/5/2012
Team a-team

Painting A New Canvas

by Stephanie Chan on 6/5/2012
Team deeperroots

Over 'n Out

by Becca Diederich on 6/4/2012
Team redthread