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It's Time for Africa.

by Aubrey Webster on 11/20/2017
Team squadleaders

desperate for a desperate heart.

by Kaci Eccles on 11/19/2017
Team squadleader

Reflections: Prayer

by Zachary Larson on 11/18/2017
Team halas

Update on Life and Re-Entry

by Jordan Tarant on 11/17/2017
Team abide

God in the Quake

by Cindy Rohrer on 11/16/2017
Team 17p09pa

Buen Camino

by Sam Caruso on 11/14/2017
Team nehemiah

Director of A/V

by Rafi Robles JR on 11/14/2017
Team thegoodtimers

Diamond In The Rough (Video)

by Emily Spencer on 11/14/2017
Team authenticlove

Grasping and Flailing

by Derik Chaney on 11/12/2017
Team space cadets

When Culture Shock Hit Hard

by Katherine Gwin on 11/11/2017
Team prism

To Change the World

by Zachary Larson on 11/10/2017
Team halas

Life in Nepal!

by Hilary Hannigan on 11/9/2017
Team squad leader


by Gurt Hoglund on 11/8/2017
Team amen

Long Overdue.

by Sydney Newland on 11/8/2017
Team thebigcats

Where You lead... I will follow...

by Rebekah Davidson on 11/8/2017
Team squadleaders

World Race: Guest Blog Edition

by Aubrey Webster on 11/6/2017
Team squadleaders

guest blog

by Lucie Vanderpyl on 11/6/2017
Team squadleaders

Walking Home

by Abbey Wyatt on 11/2/2017
Team granola

You Asked Part 2

by Jennie Kate Clark on 11/2/2017
Team kwitanga

To not lose hope.

by Hunter Young on 11/1/2017
Team squad leader

Trek to Church [VLOG]

by Lo Acosta on 11/1/2017
Team squad leader

Up In Smoke

by Kirsten Kuhn on 11/1/2017
Team squad leader

the dreaded topic

by Hilary Wilson on 10/31/2017
Team change

So She Ran

by Chrissy Casazza on 10/31/2017
Team attraversiamo

Light in the Darkness

by Drew Morgan on 10/30/2017
Team los sombras santas


by Rafi Robles JR on 10/29/2017
Team thegoodtimers

E Squad and Training Camp

by Rachel Sperry on 10/28/2017
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.


by Lucie Vanderpyl on 10/28/2017
Team squadleaders

Haiti Photo Blog!

by Zack Thayer on 10/28/2017
Team squadleaders

What's on the Inside

by Kay Barton on 10/26/2017
Team mosaic


by Kirsten Kuhn on 10/25/2017
Team squad leader

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Trip

by Jessica Doffing on 10/25/2017
Team meta

Buncha Mess

by Savannah Pearson on 10/23/2017
Team abba'schosen

Announcement Time!!!

by Victoria Finlay on 10/23/2017
Team speedriders

My Great Need

by Thomas Ruhland on 10/23/2017
Team nu thang


by Alex Tumminello on 10/22/2017
Team sherpas

WAIT? WHAT! #11n11...again

by Davante Jones on 10/22/2017
Team squadleaders

World Race: Week SIX on the Field

by Aubrey Webster on 10/21/2017
Team squadleaders

daily bread is the best bread

by Lucie Vanderpyl on 10/20/2017
Team squadleaders

Tale of Two Storms

by Jace Langley on 10/19/2017
Team squad leaders

Camino de Santiago

by Ben Towne on 10/19/2017
Team squad leaders

Is this really the end?

by Victoria Dokter on 10/19/2017
Team micmash

New Blog and Newsletter!

by Andy Haak on 10/18/2017
Team prism

Look Up Baby Girl, It’s Me

by Sarah Kate Caudle on 10/18/2017
Team unleavened

Month 6: Thailand

by Daniel Ingalls on 10/18/2017
Team squad leader

World Race: Week FIVE on the Field

by Aubrey Webster on 10/17/2017
Team squadleaders

Picking up my cross

by Hana Chronister on 10/17/2017
Team internationalharvesters

Walk/Run Humbly With Your God

by Myles Willman on 10/16/2017
Team squad leaders

day in the life - round 2

by Kristen Hills on 10/16/2017
Team squad leaders

Hello from Guatemala!

by Audrey Keith on 10/16/2017
Team squad leaders

To Olgii and Beyond!

by Derik Chaney on 10/15/2017
Team space cadets

A Day In the Life - Haiti, Week 1

by Lucie Vanderpyl on 10/15/2017
Team squadleaders

To Love My Neighbor

by Jeff Stackhouse on 10/14/2017
Team abundance

Life as an Author

by Tera Bradham on 10/13/2017
Team spf50

Cloud by Day, Fire by Night

by Zack Thayer on 10/12/2017
Team squadleaders

Indian Ocean Baptism

by Lo Acosta on 10/11/2017
Team squad leader

World Race: Week FOUR on the Field

by Aubrey Webster on 10/9/2017
Team squadleaders

World Race Hacks

by Alycia Crane on 10/9/2017
Team rafiki

people are like soccer balls.

by Kristen Hills on 10/9/2017
Team squad leaders