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God Moments

by Emma Krone on 10/14/2019
Team selah

some more growin to do!

by Moriah Whitlow on 10/14/2019
Team abundance

Month 1

by Sydney Freed on 10/14/2019
Team hineni

a new season

by Hannah Bolitho on 10/14/2019
Team xapa

Reliable Men and Women

by Jordan Kouri on 10/14/2019
Team sovereign sons

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

by Nicole Murray on 10/13/2019
Team squad leaders

Stories from home

by Jenny Brown on 10/13/2019
Team j walkers

same same but different

by Grace DiGioia on 10/12/2019
Team auxano

good grief

by Kori Moon on 10/12/2019
Team parameno

Building Altars

by Tom Pond on 10/12/2019
Team squad leaders

Personal Space

by Nicole Murray on 10/12/2019
Team squad leaders


by Vickie Pantle on 10/12/2019
Team lss

Over It!

by Taylor White on 10/11/2019
Team squadleader

Adiós to 22 and the World Race

by Farrah Soliman on 10/11/2019
Team lss


by Ashton Mueller on 10/9/2019
Team reckless

Praises Through It All

by Frieda Ibarra on 10/9/2019
Team hks

A Prayer for All the Learners Out There

by Victoria Schafer on 10/8/2019
Team nsync

Psalm 21

by Philip Wilson on 10/8/2019
Team xanadu

Jesus is enough

by Ashton Mueller on 10/8/2019
Team reckless

We Dare Not Become A Brilliant Machine

by Nick Gold on 10/7/2019

Part 3 "Jeffrey"

by Luis Lam on 10/7/2019
Team squad leader

This one goes out to you reading this

by Jesse Smothers on 10/7/2019
Team abide

He is perfect in all of His ways

by Kaylin Starbuck on 10/7/2019
Team agua

I Can't Sit Still!

by Summer Conneen on 10/7/2019
Team blondebond

The White Stone

by Jordan Harrington on 10/6/2019
Team squad leader

Crazy Travel Days (Part 2)

by Calvin Herrmann on 10/5/2019
Team squad leader

"Have your own room!"

by Carolyn Miller on 10/5/2019
Team worldraceamerica

Journal exposed:

by Carolyn Miller on 10/5/2019
Team worldraceamerica

i don't understand

by Malia Williams on 10/5/2019
Team agape

A Man Called Carp

by Aidyn Carnes on 10/5/2019
Team hygge

It started with an apple

by Emma Briner on 10/4/2019
Team unity

Not Why, but What Next.

by Rissa Martin on 10/4/2019
Team agape

The Last 5 Years

by Allison Braun on 10/3/2019
Team cool

Love and Diligence

by Zack Thayer on 10/3/2019
Team world race america

To team Radiate:

by Elena De La Paz on 10/3/2019
Team radiate

life at maba 1

by Grace DiGioia on 10/3/2019
Team auxano

11 month recap

by Jenny Brown on 10/3/2019
Team j walkers

The Valley of Broken Dreams

by Taylor Upchurch on 10/2/2019
Team sql

Part 2 "Dameon"

by Luis Lam on 10/2/2019
Team squad leader

Then and Now.

by Lauren Kelly on 10/2/2019
Team scelte

He Answered

by Jess Beltran on 10/1/2019
Team worldraceamerica

J-Bay, South Africa

by Zachary Yoder on 10/1/2019
Team squad leader

River of Life

by Kelsey Weener on 10/1/2019
Team lost and found

month one: post-race

by Vickie Pantle on 10/1/2019
Team lss

The lord is so good!

by Justin Harsdorf on 9/30/2019
Team squad leaders

a time for Pain and a time for Joy

by Philip Wilson on 9/30/2019
Team xanadu


by Rachel Cavender on 9/30/2019
Team lady bees


by Kelly Cunningham on 9/30/2019
Team fall 2019 ecp team 2

Have You Adored Lately?

by Haley Lowe on 9/30/2019
Team mosaic

Ecuador: Venezuelan Refugees

by Amanda Warden on 9/30/2019
Team level up

My Purpose Is Not On A Scale

by Courtney Jackson on 9/29/2019
Team squadleader

Blog, I'm Back!

by Alex West on 9/29/2019
Team wildflowers

Mountains Again

by Jordan Kouri on 9/29/2019
Team sovereign sons

My Overseas Love Story

by Frieda Ibarra on 9/29/2019
Team hks

Luke 10

by Cortnie Robbins on 9/29/2019
Team squad leaders

A Call to Pray

by Jess Beltran on 9/28/2019
Team worldraceamerica

Admitting My World Race Pranks

by Jack Twitty on 9/28/2019
Team 6 seconds

Why I am Worth it.

by Jacob Lewe on 9/28/2019
Team xanadu

walking in freedom

by Abigail Converse on 9/27/2019
Team halal

First Love.

by Ana Walker on 9/27/2019
Team esther

It’s Normal.

by Sydney Freed on 9/27/2019
Team hineni

The Joy of Abiding

by Nora Cox on 9/27/2019
Team taza

Me. You. Us.

by Savannah Pearson on 9/26/2019
Team 18p06th

Part 1 "Alonso"

by Luis Lam on 9/26/2019
Team squad leader

My Eulogy

by Jesse Smothers on 9/26/2019
Team abide

goodmorning from Africa!

by Grace Ooley on 9/26/2019
Team selah


by Elena De La Paz on 9/26/2019
Team radiate

here’s the dirt.... joyela

by Moriah Whitlow on 9/26/2019
Team abundance

Zimbabwe and the Faithful

by Daniel Peters on 9/26/2019
Team kindle

Why I’m Leaving America Again

by Hannah Busch on 9/26/2019
Team phoenix