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it's happening again.

by Kristen Hills on 6/22/2017
Team rafiki

The Tattoo Diaries Pt. 2

by Chelsea Ray on 6/21/2017
Team squad leader

Training Camp, Round 2

by Shannon Monaghan on 6/20/2017
Team r.a.m.s.

It Started With a Smile

by Cindy Rohrer on 6/19/2017
Team tabasco

Here We Go Again

by Alicia Doran on 6/17/2017
Team chasingjubilee

I'm Thriving and I Love it!

by Jordan Tarant on 6/16/2017
Team abide

Central America's largest country

by Alysa Halteman on 6/15/2017

Greetings from Ghana

by Vivian Norenberg on 6/14/2017
Team anchoredbyfreedom

You Can Trust Him

by Jordan Tarant on 6/13/2017
Team abide

World Race Recap Video!

by Kayla Houser on 6/13/2017
Team psl

The Tattoo Diaries Pt. 1

by Chelsea Ray on 6/13/2017
Team squad leader

More News From Training Camp...

by Tera White on 6/12/2017
Team 17p01exe1


by Alleigh Welgoss on 6/10/2017
Team unreserved pursuit

Stories Worth Celebrating

by Casey Baxter on 6/8/2017
Team go rogue

One Year Later

by Madeline McJunkin on 6/8/2017
Team absolute

Why Cambodia?

by Jackie Marquez on 6/6/2017
Team same same, but different

News from Training Camp

by Tera White on 6/5/2017
Team 17p01exe1

I LoveHate Discipline

by Jordan Tarant on 6/5/2017
Team abide

Setting the Pace

by Maggie Gibson on 6/5/2017
Team beehive


by Tina Sakers on 6/4/2017
Team 17p01exe2

Home and What's Next (Part 2)

by Ariana Beel on 6/3/2017
Team speedriders

|PRAISE| and |prayer request|

by Hilary Wilson on 6/3/2017
Team change


by Tyler Ambrose on 6/1/2017
Team cornerstone

Here I go again!!!

by Lily Jurado on 6/1/2017
Team elephant gang

Project Searchlight

by Leigh Anne Westra on 6/1/2017
Team victory

My Name Is...

by Thomas Ruhland on 6/1/2017
Team nu thang

Clearing Hurdles

by Mark Rowdon on 5/31/2017
Team squadleader

Project Searchlight

by Jason Gebhardt on 5/31/2017
Team the breakfast club

Ending on the Edge

by Lily Howard on 5/31/2017
Team tide

Ending on the Edge

by Lily Howard on 5/31/2017
Team tide

The Cage Pt. 2

by Liz Bredberg on 5/31/2017
Team valor

Project Searchlight

by Ellen Wood on 5/31/2017
Team granola

I Thought I Knew Freedom

by Emily Reutener on 5/31/2017
Team granola

Christianity isn't logical...

by Elijah Bontrager on 5/31/2017
Team tide

Project Searchlight

by hannah Powers on 5/31/2017
Team lumineers


by Shelby Laber on 5/31/2017
Team the mountains

America Is Empty. But God Is Still Good.

by Hannah Hallifax on 5/31/2017
Team tide

Update from Mongolia!!

by Lacie Partney on 5/31/2017
Team shakabung-two

Almost Home.

by Lizzie Hrycyniak on 5/30/2017
Team lumineers

There's a Storm Brewing

by Tammy Moye on 5/29/2017
Team squad leader

The Last Blog.

by Carly Parker on 5/28/2017
Team beehive

I don't know what to say

by Emily Reutener on 5/27/2017
Team granola

I Choose Death

by Jordan Tarant on 5/26/2017
Team abide

Home is Weird

by Abigail Johanson on 5/26/2017
Team cornerstone

John 14:14

by Tera White on 5/25/2017
Team 17p01exe1

And The Next Chapter Is…..?

by Gabrielle LaGross on 5/25/2017
Team fullesthouse

Disappointment and Answered Prayers

by Heather Lawton on 5/23/2017
Team r&r

Update from Mongolia! {VIDEO}

by Esther Gordon on 5/23/2017
Team shakabung-two

Here at the end of all things

by Tabitha Turner on 5/23/2017
Team snap crackle pop

The World Race is Finished

by Jack Phillips on 5/23/2017
Team elephantgang

1:30 am Police Visit

by Tina Sakers on 5/22/2017
Team 17p01exe2

I want to be Accepted

by Jordan Tarant on 5/22/2017
Team abide

Victory. Victory.

by Amanda McConnell on 5/21/2017
Team squad leader

What's Next?

by Julia Still on 5/21/2017
Team fullesthouse

The Girl With No Shoes Part 2

by Michelina Cozzetto on 5/21/2017
Team granola

A Year Ago Today (Home for 1 Year)

by Morgan Wingler on 5/19/2017
Team empowered

my blog again

by Lucie Vanderpyl on 5/19/2017
Team meta

A 1,000 Days With Jesus

by Thomas Ruhland on 5/19/2017
Team nu thang

Hut to Hut

by Tina Sakers on 5/15/2017
Team 17p01exe2

Where Do You Find Comfort?

by Jordan Tarant on 5/15/2017
Team abide

Losing God Abroad

by Kayla Houser on 5/15/2017
Team psl

Stand With Me

by Thomas Ruhland on 5/15/2017
Team nu thang

The Gift of the Present

by Casey Baxter on 5/14/2017
Team go rogue

"I'll be there for you"

by Jordan Tarant on 5/12/2017
Team abide

Dear Mom

by Katie Alamo on 5/11/2017
Team the mountains

Shannon's World Race 2.0

by Shannon Monaghan on 5/11/2017
Team r.a.m.s.

Place to Place

by Emily Fagerstrom on 5/10/2017
Team Segullah

Update on Funding for Kyrgyzstan

by Laura Ficken on 5/10/2017
Team riptide

Sizzle, Sizzle, POP

by SarahCatherine Jones on 5/10/2017
Team zion

I Jumped Off A BRIDGE!

by Kacie Tillman on 5/9/2017
Team deeplyloved

Wait, what...

by Ashleigh Paul on 5/8/2017
Team cornerstone

May I Update You? (May Update)

by Jordan Tarant on 5/7/2017
Team abide

I'm in Love with My Landlord

by Casey Baxter on 5/6/2017
Team go rogue

Last Debrief

by Tyler Ambrose on 5/6/2017
Team cornerstone