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by Marissa Anderson on 8/21/2019
Team squad leader

Finish Strong

by Dosson Stubblefield II on 8/21/2019
Team worldraceamerica

Alumni Team Leading-What is it?

by Hannah Bolitho on 8/21/2019
Team agape

You Are Home

by Nick Gold on 8/20/2019

Who Am I?

by Amy Cook on 8/19/2019
Team squadleaders


by Emily Orlich on 8/19/2019
Team fall 2019 ecp team 1

I Can't Stop

by Rob Ames IV on 8/19/2019
Team squad leaders

open eyes, hearts on fire

by Kelsey Weener on 8/19/2019
Team lost and found

Daughter of the King

by Joelle Urquhart on 8/19/2019
Team shine

The Plan of the Enemy

by Daniel Peters on 8/19/2019
Team kindle

The Highlight Reel

by Eric Musil on 8/18/2019
Team squadleader

Round Four

by Kirsten Overholser on 8/17/2019
Team summer 2019 caribbean team

How Did This Happen

by Meredith Seymour on 8/17/2019
Team deep waters

faith in mongolia

by Ashton Mueller on 8/17/2019
Team reckless

The Adventure Continues...

by Ashley Simmons on 8/16/2019
Team talon

A Hot Wife and a Good God

by Jack Twitty on 8/15/2019
Team 6 seconds

This is America....

by Kayla Burgess on 8/15/2019
Team tmi

World Race Gap Year Training Camp Vlog

by Jesse Smothers on 8/14/2019
Team abide

Not Easy

by Sydney Freed on 8/14/2019
Team huzzah

the ache of remembrance

by Jordan Richburg on 8/14/2019
Team tetelestai

leaky roof

by Sarah Geis on 8/14/2019
Team agape

Why Two Years?

by Meghan Murray on 8/13/2019
Team spring

speaking life in prison

by Malia Williams on 8/13/2019
Team agape

What's it like?

by Taylor Brisebois on 8/13/2019
Team giover

A Story with a Choice

by Rachel Cavender on 8/13/2019
Team lady bees

Reunion lesson

by Jess Beltran on 8/12/2019
Team worldraceamerica


by Caleb Callaway on 8/12/2019
Team squad leader

My Missing Piece was Peace Itself

by Philip Wilson on 8/12/2019
Team xanadu

I'm Doing The World Race.. Again?

by Jordan Harrington on 8/12/2019
Team squad leader

Coming Home

by Fabienne Boss on 8/12/2019
Team ladybees

A Letter of Healing

by Rob Ames IV on 8/12/2019
Team squad leaders

Memories from Ecuador.

by Sam Grady on 8/11/2019
Team clo

Mongolian Night

by Tom Pond on 8/11/2019
Team squad leaders

Memories from Costa Rica.

by Sam Grady on 8/10/2019
Team clo

Life after the race.

by Emily Ann Burger on 8/10/2019
Team rramen

a place

by Nicole Murray on 8/10/2019
Team squad leaders

meet team sonrisa!

by Katie Thompson on 8/9/2019
Team alithenos

No Mere Coincidence

by Melissa Longoria on 8/9/2019
Team dreamworks

And its over

by Carla Nava on 8/9/2019
Team team bishkek

Experience of Experiences

by Matt Bryson on 8/8/2019
Team tmi

Life Update: USA

by Zack Thayer on 8/7/2019
Team squadleaders

Shirts for the Kingdom

by Luis Lam on 8/7/2019
Team squad leader

Is this okay?!

by Blake Sellers on 8/5/2019
Team band of brothers


by Kelsey Weener on 8/5/2019
Team lost and found

Miss Independent Learns She Doesn’t Exist

by Jamilyn Cummings on 8/3/2019
Team scp

You’re home, now what?

by Julia Piecka on 8/3/2019
Team babyaslan

The church

by Justin Harsdorf on 8/2/2019
Team squad leaders


by Genna Dalence on 8/2/2019
Team adulam

Taking a Leap of Faith

by James Wilhelm on 8/1/2019
Team squad leader


by Connaly Akiyama on 8/1/2019
Team capable

Life Update // Q&A // Rando Thoughts

by Alley McMillin on 8/1/2019
Team ecclesia


by Catie Collins Smith on 8/1/2019
Team joyful noise

1 Month USA

by Daniel Peters on 8/1/2019
Team kindle

what is kt doing now?

by Katie Thompson on 7/31/2019
Team alithenos

Uproot from comfort, flourish in newness

by Elena De La Paz on 7/31/2019
Team grafted

Bye America

by Cortnie Robbins on 7/31/2019
Team squad leaders

Squad Leading

by Zachary Yoder on 7/30/2019
Team squad leader


by Rissa Martin on 7/30/2019
Team agape

here we go again

by Courtney Jackson on 7/29/2019
Team squadleader

Obedience Before Freedom

by Dosson Stubblefield II on 7/29/2019
Team worldraceamerica

hand in Hand

by Aidyn Carnes on 7/29/2019
Team hygge

Bearing a Name

by Joelle Urquhart on 7/29/2019
Team shine

Pizza on the Beach

by Nicole Smith on 7/28/2019
Team squad leaders


by Sam Hotchkiss on 7/28/2019
Team son shine

Sixteen Years Later

by Kristi Smith on 7/28/2019
Team vessel