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dear home

by Kenni Edwards on 12/13/2019
Team selah

A week in Malaysia

by Ruby Herrera-Pulido on 12/13/2019
Team arise

The Balance of Boldness and Awareness

by Caroline Knudsen on 12/13/2019
Team selah

The Balance of Love and Just

by Caroline Knudsen on 12/13/2019
Team selah


by Natasha Raines on 12/13/2019
Team arise

look who i found in india

by Madeleine Burkholder on 12/13/2019
Team rom com


by Katlyn Hodges on 12/13/2019
Team agua

Support Raising

by Abigail Benedick on 12/13/2019

Why the World Race

by Clayton Addison on 12/13/2019
Team rak chazak

Nandri, Nandri (Thank You, Thank You)!

by Heather Stewart on 12/12/2019
Team selah

The Past Three Months

by Claire Burton on 12/12/2019
Team sonrisa

Travel Days and Getting Settled In!

by Kinze Campbell on 12/12/2019
Team jaimasi


by Harleigh McNulty on 12/12/2019
Team refinement

Faithful Father

by Presley Marks on 12/12/2019
Team 19s07za

Do you feel stuck? I did...

by Ronny Sison on 12/12/2019
Team americanos

Rejoicing in Ethiopia

by Rachael Santaniello on 12/12/2019
Team mc earl

Month 4: Malawi

by Brandi Griffith on 12/12/2019
Team tribe of judah

Moments in Malawi

by Austin Roeda on 12/12/2019
Team koinonia

Moments in Malawi

by Ally Roeda on 12/12/2019
Team koinonia

Sweet Surprises

by Laura Kolander on 12/12/2019
Team squad leader

1: Merry Christmas!

by Destany Ennis on 12/12/2019
Team spring 2020 ngu team 1


by Madison Sammons on 12/12/2019
Team spring2020seateam2

About Me and Why Africa?

by Cassie Barrett on 12/12/2019

Dying to Myself is Really Freaking Challenging

by Catherine Choquette on 12/11/2019
Team mc earl

Full Freaking Circle

by Frieda Ibarra on 12/11/2019
Team alumni tl team

Processing the World Race

by Jasmine Jaurigue on 12/11/2019
Team titan

seasonal friends.

by Emily Patton on 12/11/2019
Team hygge

prayer requests!

by Sarah Goodwin on 12/11/2019
Team orah

Chao Costa Rica! Susadei Cambodia!!

by Emily Davis on 12/11/2019
Team jaimasi

Pray for Africa

by Ashlyn Shickley on 12/11/2019
Team halal

doubt is okay.

by Mack Dyer on 12/11/2019
Team ywam team

We Made it to Colorado

by Zach Trest on 12/11/2019
Team world race america

Dying to Myself is Really Freaking Challenging

by Catherine Choquette on 12/11/2019
Team mc earl


by Sarah Pierce on 12/11/2019
Team aspenators


by Andrea Gallina on 12/11/2019

Pre-Race Update 1

by Sofia Obermaier on 12/11/2019

A Turning Point

by Bella Horrocks on 12/11/2019

I Made a Youtube Channel!

by Kellie Schlangen on 12/11/2019
Team tnt

4 weeks.

by Alyssa Trembly on 12/11/2019

The One with the T-SHIRTS!!

by Chelsie Ruff on 12/11/2019

Thoughts on home

by Liz Bredberg on 12/10/2019
Team fall 2019 sea team 1

Month 3 recap

by Sam Hughes on 12/10/2019
Team wildflowers

Beautiful Pain

by Taylor Smith on 12/10/2019
Team selah

Swaziland Questions

by Cauy Reeder on 12/10/2019
Team lighthouse

There Was Another In The Fire.

by Natalie Horansky on 12/10/2019
Team fall 2019 sea team 1

The Race is Over

by Nathan Wasnich on 12/10/2019
Team manistrymonth

Africa was hard...

by Haley Vaughan on 12/10/2019
Team overflow

How God led me to World Race Gap Year

by Jeanine Stewart on 12/10/2019


by Kristen Middleton on 12/10/2019
Team tnt

A Lifetime of Goodbyes

by Sabrina Wegner on 12/10/2019
Team tnt


by Josiah Stilwell on 12/10/2019
Team future vision

Better late than never!

by Tito Torres on 12/10/2019
Team thekooks

Yes Lord;Thank you Lord!

by Scott Tinsley on 12/10/2019
Team rakchazak


by Tee Nguyen on 12/9/2019
Team lighthouse

Goodbye to My First Team

by Hannah Baird on 12/9/2019
Team shine

India-Ethiopia and Changes!

by Jewel Macauley on 12/9/2019
Team squad leader

A Typical Day in Pacasmayo, Peru

by Catherine Lucas on 12/9/2019
Team scelte

Peace in Huaraz Peru

by Anna Duckstein on 12/9/2019
Team j walkers

Part 1: Choosing Joy

by Courtney Satterfield on 12/9/2019
Team agua


by Shanan Zavocki on 12/9/2019

God is Greater than My Highs and Lows

by Alex Ramirez on 12/9/2019

Count Down!!

by Liv Huff on 12/9/2019
Team spring 2020 afx team

The $200 Little Caesar's Pizza

by Connor McGough on 12/9/2019
Team canvas and clay

one month

by Michael Kennedy on 12/9/2019

Thank You South Africa

by Ariel Fernandez on 12/8/2019
Team halal

mahangeni <3

by Maggie O'Bryan on 12/8/2019
Team yes

The Swazi Count Down

by Kayla Schneider on 12/8/2019
Team abundance

looks like Jesus

by Anni Burgdorf on 12/8/2019
Team auxano

last day at maba one!

by Anni Burgdorf on 12/8/2019
Team auxano

I’m Coming Home.

by Laurie Mcneilly on 12/8/2019
Team torch/freshgirls

Honey, I'm home

by Emilie McNatt on 12/8/2019
Team lavender