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Life After the Race

by Hannahmarie Heismann on 7/27/2017
Team tenacious

You Just Need To Be You

by Ali Sinclair on 7/27/2017
Team yebo


by Kori Yergler on 7/27/2017
Team pierpressure

How's it going?

by Alex Brown on 7/27/2017

Finding Jesus in a Greenhouse

by Grace Tobin on 7/27/2017

Finding Solid Ground

by Blake Dahlin on 7/27/2017

Welcome Home

by Kyla Sill on 7/27/2017

Rest in Him

by Lindsay Shurtz on 7/27/2017
Team breath of life

You're Ghana Miss This

by Katy Herder on 7/27/2017
Team crowned

Every Story Matters

by Shannon Roediger on 7/27/2017
Team top knot globe trot

Glimpses of Greece: Coffee Island

by Joanna Sorensen on 7/27/2017
Team r 1 16

How Could God Love Someone Like Me?

by Kaiti Navarrete on 7/27/2017
Team uplift


by Sara Santiago on 7/27/2017
Team warriors

Stumbling Upon a Divine Appointment

by Emily Brinkman on 7/27/2017
Team warriors

Dear Grace

by Lyndsee Landon on 7/27/2017
Team redeemed and remade

What an Emotional Rollercoaster!

by Jacob Hart on 7/27/2017

Thank You Anonymous

by Nathan Streyle on 7/27/2017

So Much Goodness

by Edna STOLTZFUS on 7/27/2017

Update from Colorado! {VIDEO}

by Esther Gordon on 7/26/2017
Team shakabung-two


by Hilary Hannigan on 7/26/2017
Team relentless

Love Games Have Expired

by Hayley Thomas on 7/26/2017
Team yebo

I danced onstage at the bar.

by Laura Brown on 7/26/2017
Team intore


by Aly Bettencourt on 7/26/2017


by Lissie Butler on 7/26/2017

Raised to Life

by Natalie Haynes on 7/26/2017

and it was only 10 days...

by Kimberly Peitz on 7/26/2017

WR TC (7/6/17-7/16/17)

by Cole Wierman on 7/26/2017

overwhelm me with your l o v e

by Clare Murphy on 7/26/2017

I Became "That Person"

by Morgan Furlong on 7/26/2017

Life With God Isn't Boring

by Noah Wiley on 7/26/2017

The Journey Begins...

by Carina Haas on 7/26/2017

Joyful Suffering

by Zane Rush on 7/26/2017

Training Wheels

by Paige Thaxter on 7/26/2017

New Prague, MN --> Thank You

by Logan Martini on 7/26/2017
Team imitators

Homeless for a Day

by Kelsay Singleton on 7/26/2017
Team monstars

Africa All Wrapped Up

by Kat Olson on 7/26/2017
Team the crew

A Gift For Me, A Gift For You

by Alyssa Wesselmann on 7/26/2017
Team crowned

Incredible India

by Anna Strickland on 7/26/2017
Team spicegirls

Sleepless in India

by Sierra Dudgeon on 7/26/2017
Team cherubsisters

The Pros of Being Labeled

by Sierra Dudgeon on 7/26/2017
Team cherubsisters

Flour, Butter, Sugar, Truth

by Danielle Farina on 7/26/2017
Team bamboo


by Rachel Stewart on 7/26/2017
Team onemore

Thank You, Love S-Squad

by Mikayla Pearson on 7/26/2017
Team uplift

Life's A Dance Part 3

by Janet (Lou) Heismann on 7/26/2017
Team pearlsoffaithfulness

Thailand Month Video

by Allie Redding on 7/26/2017
Team bamboo

this is God's movie

by Mikayla Hartel on 7/26/2017
Team established in love

My heart in a song.

by Adrian Riney on 7/26/2017

Fully Engaged

by Maria Beiler on 7/26/2017

I Am A Leader.

by Lynden Huffman on 7/26/2017

Can I Really Do This?

by Jamilyn Cummings on 7/26/2017

Faith and Light

by Arielle Stuart on 7/26/2017

No Plan B

by Jordan Tarant on 7/25/2017
Team abide

A Week of Preparation

by Christiana Cole on 7/25/2017

Our eyes.

by emma Dollyhigh on 7/25/2017

Training Camp was InTENTS

by Jordan Schaeffer on 7/25/2017

Peticiones de Prayer - 25 Jul. 17

by Lau Guzman on 7/25/2017

The Training Camp Experience

by Mariah Maddox on 7/25/2017

A Letter From a Stranger

by Alina Stumbris on 7/25/2017

God speaking through doodles

by Hunter Miller on 7/25/2017

Woah God is Good

by Kara Murray on 7/25/2017

Apparently I Needed to Preach

by Alyssa Wesselmann on 7/25/2017
Team crowned

Looking beyond what is in front

by Darlin Ventura on 7/25/2017
Team agapefierce

A Promise Written On The Wall

by Emily Madden on 7/25/2017
Team taco-bout it

Glimpses of Greece: Cookies and Convos

by Joanna Sorensen on 7/25/2017
Team r 1 16

Almost There!

by Becca Bronson on 7/25/2017
Team pearlsoffaithfulness

St. Peter

by Jacob Miller on 7/25/2017
Team sql-sojourners

Life's A Dance part 2

by Janet (Lou) Heismann on 7/25/2017
Team pearlsoffaithfulness

We Built a Rockwall

by Malia Pearson on 7/25/2017
Team onemore

Breaking Points

by Nick Uddo on 7/25/2017
Team onemore

Welcome to the Jungle

by Ryan Tovias on 7/25/2017
Team lighthouse

I just can't

by Oriolyne Lubin on 7/25/2017
Team lighthouse


by Jessica Dabich on 7/25/2017
Team soulspark

A Beautiful Love Story

by Caleigh Schuur on 7/25/2017
Team live boldly

But I Don't Wanna.

by Caitlin Carpenter on 7/25/2017
Team live boldly

10 days people, 10 day!!

by Sarah Hopkins on 7/25/2017
Team estuary

Money is Funny -- God is Faithful

by Leah Van Someren on 7/25/2017
Team always before me

Diving In

by Melanie Morgan on 7/25/2017


by Blaire Baker on 7/25/2017

The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

by Jenny Gull on 7/25/2017

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

by Brannon Marsh on 7/25/2017

Adopt A Box Part 2

by Wade Wiita on 7/25/2017

Selling Shirts

by Wade Wiita on 7/25/2017