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Sweet Memories (Part 1)

by Darby Lofthus on 2/12/2016
Team rerooted

25 Lessons I Learned in South Africa

by Claudia Fitzpatrick on 2/12/2016
Team teamllpt

I asked and I recieved.

by Laurie King on 2/12/2016
Team teamselah

Finding Contentment

by Rachael Robinson on 2/12/2016
Team duwa

All the funds!!

by Hannah Hand on 2/12/2016
Team joyful overflow


by Casey Roberts on 2/12/2016
Team freedom

Travel dazed

by Cassidy Cook on 2/12/2016
Team stay salty

Zippers, Doors, & Bug Nets

by Lindsay Anderson on 2/12/2016
Team haya

Because I stay

by Annaka Welty on 2/12/2016
Team amala

Month One: Top Moments

by Taylor Brantley on 2/12/2016
Team foverós

I Am Free

by Alexander Jones on 2/12/2016
Team xstream

Like You Wouldn't Believe

by Christa Hutchison on 2/11/2016
Team w.h.a.t.

Awakening in S. Africa

by Kayla Griffiths on 2/11/2016
Team teampopcollar

Definition: Pain

by McKenna Von Gunten on 2/11/2016
Team teambs

Month 6

by Clayton Manche on 2/11/2016
Team band of brothers

Wonderfully Made

by Hailey Bryant on 2/11/2016
Team jigsaw

I'm Going for the Mountain

by Kels Tosca on 2/11/2016
Team dunamis

The Kingdom of Swaziland

by Kenzie Staich on 2/11/2016
Team empowered

Pursuing the Rejected

by Lexi Johnson on 2/11/2016
Team august

Here's to God

by Gracie Treloar on 2/11/2016
Team ascension

Here's to God

by Gracie Treloar on 2/11/2016
Team ascension

Jaiden William

by Hannah Peachey on 2/11/2016
Team backseatgirls

The Day I Went To Prison

by Rosie Schneider on 2/11/2016
Team snapcracklepop

I want to go home

by Annaka Welty on 2/11/2016
Team amala

My World Race Family

by Andrea Perez on 2/11/2016
Team unwritten

Reckless Abandon

by Jason Gebhardt on 2/11/2016


by Madison Millikan on 2/11/2016

To the girl who was mistreated

by Sydney Johnson on 2/11/2016

He Is Bigger Than All Of My Fears

by Carrington Herman on 2/11/2016

What Did I Get Myself Into?!

by Chandlar Carlile on 2/11/2016

Letter That Told Me To Go

by Taylor Healy on 2/11/2016

What Next?

by Savannah Bauer on 2/11/2016

He Makes a Way When There is No Way

by Taylor Camplin on 2/11/2016

Month 2: Welcome to Nicaragua

by Jenn Taylor on 2/11/2016
Team maverick

I am a Woman of War.

by Victoria Kuhlman on 2/11/2016
Team tharseo

The Rich Beauty of Indonesia

by Jeanne Roeser on 2/11/2016
Team wolfpack

When Your Man of Peace is a Muslim

by Josie Klosterman on 2/11/2016
Team dragonfiststorm

Month 1

by Ryan Steffensen on 2/11/2016
Team trailblazers

Indonesia: Video

by Ben Towne on 2/11/2016
Team wolfpack

Jesus in a Muslim Wedding.

by Katie Thompson on 2/11/2016
Team wolfpack

My Requiem for Indonesia

by Taylor Upchurch on 2/11/2016
Team wolfpack

No camera, no pictures

by Aaron Hong on 2/11/2016
Team xstream

Indonesia take away

by Chad Borg on 2/11/2016
Team dragonfiststorm

Trampled Roses: Slavery Isn't Dead

by Brittany Gentry on 2/11/2016
Team meraki

Riding On A Moped In Cambodia

by Alycia Crane on 2/11/2016
Team trotos

The backstory.

by Abbie Brandhagen on 2/11/2016

Let My Heart Break

by Luke Thompson on 2/11/2016

Getting to Know Michael!

by michael McAllister on 2/11/2016

He Made Himself Nothing

by Kimmy Laumann on 2/11/2016

Defeating the $16,961!

by Dylan Weaver on 2/11/2016

prep time: 6 months

by Natalie Staniewicz on 2/11/2016

Forever Changed

by Tali Catlett on 2/11/2016

European Route Change Update

by Charity Taylor on 2/11/2016

Faith without deeds

by Hannah Erickson on 2/11/2016

Support Raising

by Mariah Paden on 2/11/2016

An Unlikely Object Lesson

by Stephanie Milburn on 2/11/2016


by Tina May-Gamboa on 2/11/2016

Why am I doing the world race?

by Jenna Baus on 2/11/2016

Walking Home in Obedience

by Emily Voss on 2/10/2016
Team teamwaff

A Love Letter To My Maker

by Vicky Gancio on 2/10/2016
Team teamwaff

We Need You

by Emily Johnson on 2/10/2016
Team teambs


by Aidi Lara on 2/10/2016
Team cairn


by Aidi Lara on 2/10/2016
Team cairn

Big New Plans!

by Jordan Tarant on 2/10/2016
Team teampilgrim

Month 5 recap video

by Paul Koenen on 2/10/2016
Team lospicantes

Walk by faith, not by sight

by Heather Godwin on 2/10/2016
Team 3-chainz

Nepal and India ministries

by Marcus Wiersma on 2/10/2016
Team bellator

A Day of Ministry in South Africa

by Abbie Perez on 2/10/2016
Team hot rod

Photoblog: Nicaragua

by Jayshree Thomas on 2/10/2016
Team uncertain affinity

Update From Cambodia

by Emily Day on 2/10/2016
Team backseat girls

"Small" Miracles

by Anna Williams on 2/10/2016
Team backseat girls

Why I chose to give up alcohol

by Kelly Thompson on 2/10/2016
Team reliance

Wanderlust Is A Lie

by Kristen Turvin on 2/10/2016
Team set ablaze

Wanderlust Is A Lie

by Matthew Turvin on 2/10/2016
Team set ablaze

I got hit by a car

by Katie Needles on 2/10/2016
Team abundant life

It's Not All Rainbows and Sunshine

by Ashley Ancona on 2/10/2016
Team amala

The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

by Erika Paul on 2/10/2016
Team maverick

Month 1 Update

by Chris Ottobre on 2/10/2016
Team redemptivefire

BEAMAfrica Fundraising Video

by Kara Kirtley on 2/10/2016
Team eliora

Launch & Month 1- South Africa (Video)

by Ryan Weathington on 2/10/2016
Team 7strong

Khayalethu Ministry Video

by Ryan Weathington on 2/10/2016
Team 7strong

I was robbed in South Africa

by Kara Kirtley on 2/10/2016
Team eliora

Redefining Ministry

by Katie Thompson on 2/10/2016
Team wolfpack