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seeing the dead raised.

by Jeremy Devers on 10/25/2016
Team tag team

More Squad Leading in 2017!?! :D

by Stephanie Jansen on 10/25/2016
Team squadleaders

Pure Relationship

by Kacie Tillman on 10/25/2016
Team deeplyloved

You Better Belize it

by Leigh Anne Westra on 10/25/2016
Team united pursuit

Do you know a Jeffrey?

by Sarah Clem on 10/25/2016
Team quinoa

A Letter To Men In Bars

by Rhiannon Sturgeon on 10/25/2016
Team alegre

Satan knows me

by Lindsey Denton on 10/25/2016
Team tetelestai

Choosing Joy

by Emily Foor on 10/25/2016
Team triumph

Another Lap In

by Kirsten Kuhn on 10/25/2016
Team the goonies

The Body Blog

by Amanda Trenerry on 10/25/2016
Team fbg

Thailand is in need of Restoration

by Rebekah Campbell on 10/25/2016
Team wildflowers

Freely you received, Freely give

by Rebekah Campbell on 10/25/2016
Team wildflowers

Month 11, you snuck up on me

by Andrea Diedrich on 10/25/2016
Team the whey


by Hannah Reynolds on 10/25/2016
Team hinematov

Romanced in Romania.

by Emily Dashner on 10/25/2016
Team hinematov

What We Gain From What He Gave

by Lyndsey Mackown on 10/25/2016
Team shalom

Nepal: Moses, Me and you

by Jenna Watson on 10/25/2016
Team worthy warriors

Five Seconds of Courage

by Katie Horst on 10/25/2016
Team gentle embers

Some daily journaling...

by Daiva Martino on 10/25/2016
Team riverdancers

Check Ins

by Bliz Ballesteros on 10/25/2016
Team 7watchers

My Part in the Greatest Story Ever Told

by Morgan McGee on 10/25/2016

Some Days, the Worship Hurts

by Chris Wells on 10/25/2016

Support Letter!

by Ian Wray on 10/25/2016

Love God. Love People.

by Joey Rhoden on 10/24/2016
Team illuminators

Spiritually Stretched

by Kourtney Bartel on 10/24/2016
Team kingdom seekers

Nicaragua Alive and Well

by Maddy Lee on 10/24/2016
Team papa'sgirls

A Quick Update From Cambodia

by Hayden Schwarting on 10/24/2016
Team junayuh

Cultivating Butterflies

by Evie Carrigan on 10/24/2016
Team alegre

Glory in the ordinary

by Ryan Griffin on 10/24/2016
Team relentless

Clases de Inglès

by Robbie Sanderson on 10/24/2016
Team charismata

Casa de Debar

by Amber Barton on 10/24/2016
Team relentless

Casa de Debar

by Amber Barton on 10/24/2016
Team relentless

How the Bars Set Me Up For Life

by MacKenzie Hutchins on 10/24/2016
Team wildflowers

Spirit vs. Flesh

by Lene Botha on 10/24/2016
Team same same, but different

The Next Season

by Kevin Odom on 10/24/2016
Team samesame,butdifferent

Apple Cider Salvation...on a bus...

by JoAnna Moore on 10/24/2016
Team change

Get Uncomfortable

by Hana Chronister on 10/24/2016
Team cubs of judah

#3 honesty

by Josh Prescott on 10/24/2016
Team meraki

Impacting Africa and Myself

by Mariah Brammer on 10/24/2016
Team shalom

The Perfect Puzzle

by Katherine Pittman on 10/24/2016
Team gentle embers

10 New "Normals" In My Life

by Kelli Reder on 10/24/2016
Team nosamis

A Drawing and A Toothbrush

by Tera Bradham on 10/24/2016
Team relentless zes

In Omnia Paratus

by Chrissy Casazza on 10/24/2016
Team relentless zes

The Day I Faced My Greatest Fear

by Rashidat Odeyemi on 10/24/2016
Team valor

Some Sad News From Cambodia

by Elise Swepston on 10/24/2016
Team anchordepths

Don't focus on the ants

by Becca Oakley on 10/24/2016
Team branches of peace

Choosing Joy

by Jordie Deal on 10/24/2016
Team sonflower

Ministry Hosts: Part 1

by Sam Limon on 10/24/2016
Team joy meets world

So WHY was I worried??!!

by Ramesha Haskins on 10/24/2016

Welcome to Life in Albania

by Sam VANDER MOLEN on 10/23/2016
Team steadfast

Glistening Eyes

by Madison BARROWMAN on 10/23/2016
Team sojourners

Free and Messy

by Kate Chupp on 10/23/2016
Team wildflowers

Costa Rica Recap

by Destrey Berto on 10/23/2016
Team hishands

Beach Runs and a Day In the Life

by Michelina Cozzetto on 10/23/2016
Team papa'sgirls

What to do when there is no hope.

by Lauren Welsh on 10/23/2016
Team quinoa

Personal Growth in the Ruins

by Sonja Hedstrom on 10/23/2016
Team junayuh

Without Words

by Josh Potter on 10/23/2016
Team meraki

Between a rock and a hard place

by Josh Fernalld on 10/23/2016
Team relentless

What's in our Packs?

by Ally Tenney on 10/23/2016
Team braidedbunch

A Little About El Salvador

by Victoria Finlay on 10/23/2016
Team speedriders

TWR 7.1 - 7.14 {romania}

by dani izac on 10/23/2016
Team change

Ministry in Lesotho

by Kate Kremer on 10/23/2016
Team meraki

A Mountain Village

by Pat Jarratt on 10/23/2016
Team nos amis

From a coffee shop in Cambodia

by Ashlyn Brady Aycock on 10/23/2016
Team wildflowers

Growth in Cambodia

by Kara Faber on 10/23/2016
Team anchordepths

Everything Elephant Pants

by Mariah Paden on 10/23/2016
Team anchordepths

Thank you!!

by Daiva Martino on 10/23/2016
Team riverdancers

Video: Ministry in Cambodia

by Laura Webb on 10/23/2016
Team anchordepths