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He Brings Things Full Circle

by Alyssa Hammett on 7/22/2018
Team tenacious

Leader in Training

by Abby Evaniuk on 7/22/2018
Team free people

a guide to properly loving your wr alumni

by Abigail Converse on 7/22/2018
Team da vine

Here We Go. Again.

by Nick Gold on 7/22/2018
Team agape

That’s a Wrap

by Jacob Miller on 7/22/2018
Team sql-sojourners

You Asked, I Answered!

by Jessica Torres on 7/22/2018
Team international harvesters

Training Camp: under the surface

by Alex West on 7/22/2018

Training camp

by Shay Hamilton on 7/22/2018

A Look Back at Training Camp

by Kaileigh Martin on 7/22/2018

The Day I Lost My Kenya Bracelet

by Kaileigh Martin on 7/22/2018

It got a little dirty...

by Elyse Westra on 7/22/2018

You are, I am. (TRAINING CAMP!!)

by Brooke Townson on 7/22/2018

Post-Training Camp

by CJ Shiner, Jr. on 7/22/2018

everything you need to know about TRAINING CAMP!

by Eliza Diamondidis on 7/22/2018

Home Sweet Home!

by Emma Krone on 7/22/2018

Why I'm doing this

by Mady McHugh on 7/22/2018

The One Where I Went To Training Camp

by Maleah Spears on 7/22/2018

Our God is Bigger

by Emily Olsen on 7/22/2018

dear future me.

by Grace Davis on 7/22/2018

Pleasantly Blown Away

by Clarissa Cappadona on 7/22/2018

just training camp things

by Gillian Scheer on 7/22/2018

Overview Of Training Camp!

by Trevor Regan on 7/22/2018

Good Gifts

by Maddie Kuykendall on 7/22/2018

94 Lessons from 94 Days at Training Camp

by Kate Fooshee on 7/22/2018

Jamaica in Pictures

by lauren Mating on 7/22/2018
Team women of wonder

Dear Mom and Dad,

by Katie Bouchie on 7/22/2018
Team wailua

Meg's Yurt Chronicles

by Megan Wisehart on 7/22/2018
Team summit

Take a moment

by Kristine Riden on 7/22/2018
Team summit

Sizzle My Sinzz

by Grace OHara on 7/22/2018
Team boundless

Team S.O.L.D.O.D

by Andrew Lewis on 7/22/2018
Team soldod

Thoughts from a server.

by Lauren Kelly on 7/22/2018

T-shirts: Take 2! AND A Chicken BBQ!!

by Kelly Fahnestock on 7/22/2018

What's Next?

by Davante Jones on 7/21/2018
Team squadleaders

Called Back to Africa!

by Jess Dillow on 7/21/2018
Team dauntless

My Tribe

by Kyla Calderon on 7/21/2018
Team abundance

Perth: First 2 Weeks

by Liz Taglianetti on 7/21/2018
Team arisen

Rockin' In Rwanda!

by Calli Bigham on 7/21/2018
Team fun bunch

Hello, My Name Is Keza

by Jaivie Robles on 7/21/2018
Team cheetah girls

Words From the Lord

by Mack Brunney on 7/21/2018
Team bloods of christ

Feeling the Battle

by Elyssa Ranck on 7/21/2018
Team present

His Promise to Me

by Ashley Hewitt on 7/21/2018
Team international harvesters

My 3 Take Aways

by Emily Eggerling on 7/21/2018

Who Knew 10 Days Could Hold So Much

by Natalie Edwards on 7/21/2018

From War to Love

by Luba Eady on 7/21/2018

World Race Training Camp

by Zachary Trest on 7/21/2018

Training Camp

by Tikki Martinez on 7/21/2018

I'm Not Coming Home

by Victoria Schafer on 7/21/2018

Learning to Run The Race Marked Out For Us Part 1

by Davis Holliday on 7/21/2018

things I learned in 11 days

by Parker Consolo on 7/21/2018

Bucket Showers vs. College

by Macayla Collinsworth on 7/21/2018

Training Camp!!!

by Noah Roach on 7/21/2018

Introducing.... My Team!

by Maggie Strubhar on 7/21/2018


by Hayley Grosh on 7/21/2018

The Low Down on Training Camp

by Jordan Louise Shea on 7/21/2018

Training Camp!!! be careful what you pray for

by Catherine Bealle on 7/21/2018

The 47

by Samuel Troutt on 7/21/2018


by Joshua Petterle on 7/21/2018

No flow, no bow, and fo sho not finished.

by Julia Yoder on 7/21/2018

Endless Ocean

by Shelby Robinson on 7/21/2018
Team sevenwonders

I Witnessed A Miracle

by Amber Mannion on 7/21/2018
Team sevenwonders

Feed Me I’m Starving!

by Breier Sanders on 7/21/2018
Team squadleader

For the Sake of Adventure

by Kathryn Moore on 7/21/2018
Team she-brews

Europe in Fastforward

by Alex Goad on 7/21/2018
Team torch

Privileged for Christ

by Jackie Riopelle on 7/21/2018
Team torch

How to Keep a Fire Going

by Jackie Riopelle on 7/21/2018
Team torch

Europe in a Nutshell

by Jackie Riopelle on 7/21/2018
Team torch

Am I ready to leave?

by Cortnie Robbins on 7/21/2018
Team fiercefive

Ya soy Macho: I’m a man now

by Oscar Romo on 7/21/2018


by Rocky Esquibel on 7/21/2018

Update! My Route Has Changed

by Kimberly Keller on 7/21/2018

"Who, Me?"

by Morgan Penshorn on 7/21/2018

Steps of Faith

by Emily Harris on 7/21/2018

Two Words: Don't Go

by Stephen Sloan on 7/20/2018
Team childlikeprophets

Life Update #2: ROMANIA

by Kay Barton on 7/20/2018
Team mosaic

India Recap

by Grace Tobin on 7/20/2018
Team fuego

Ethiopia- love, joy, hope

by Rashelle Newkirk on 7/20/2018
Team son shine

Rwanda A Day in the Life

by Sam Hotchkiss on 7/20/2018
Team son shine

you're forgiven.

by Jaclyn Mc Alester on 7/20/2018
Team son shine