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Scripture Union [VIDEO]

by Victoria Baxter on 7/29/2016
Team proclamation

Entering Central America

by Derek Sisneros on 7/29/2016
Team fullesthouse

When In Nicaragua...

by Ashley Ancona on 7/29/2016
Team onehope

Hurray for Awesome Donors!

by Devin Withrow on 7/29/2016
Team regnumdei


by Lauren Stephens on 7/29/2016

Life in the Wilderness

by Heather Swan on 7/29/2016
Team legion of boom

In 6 days

by Abbigail Lambert on 7/29/2016
Team ao1


by Jess Beltran on 7/29/2016
Team sweet heat

Training Camp

by Nick Buford on 7/29/2016
Team salty

I'm Proposing A Toast!

by Kaitlyn Squanda on 7/29/2016
Team 3125

More updates woohoo!!!

by Omayra Caban on 7/29/2016

Vlogging Is A GO!

by Kelsey Nerland on 7/29/2016

New Adventures!

by Naomi Hannon on 7/29/2016

Living For The Kingdom

by Caleigh Schuur on 7/29/2016

Updates upon Updates + a Route Change!

by Sylvia Barrett on 7/29/2016

Things are Happening...!

by Sara Pandolfino on 7/29/2016

Why me?

by Kelli Wymore on 7/29/2016

I'm Not Okay (And That's Okay)

by Tara Santi on 7/28/2016
Team team team

To All My Supporters!

by Ashley Miller on 7/28/2016
Team spacecadets


by Derik Chaney on 7/28/2016
Team space cadets

I'm Done With Asia

by Derek Sisneros on 7/28/2016
Team fullesthouse

Where is Your Faith?

by Kole Purdy on 7/28/2016
Team hishands


by Sonja Hedstrom on 7/28/2016

Seasons Change

by Mikayla Bedward on 7/28/2016

That Habit of Control

by Alesha Shatley on 7/28/2016
Team no ragrets

Meet team, Gentle but Fierce!

by Jill Schinzing on 7/28/2016
Team gentle but fierce

Meet Alicia!

by Mariah Weingarten on 7/28/2016
Team meraki

Are You Ready?

by Stephanie Prinz on 7/28/2016
Team nos amis

"Love Me, Choose Me, Pick Me"

by Sarah Perkinson on 7/28/2016
Team empowher

One down, three to go!

by Rashidat Odeyemi on 7/28/2016

A Year in Review

by Crysahna Suarez on 7/28/2016

I'm shaving my eyebrows off?

by Laura Brown on 7/28/2016

On A Whim

by Sam Limon on 7/28/2016

Route Change

by Keeley Knie on 7/28/2016

Important WR News!

by Jacob Miller on 7/28/2016

You Call Me Out Upon the Waters

by Leah Broughton on 7/28/2016

Coming Home

by Joey Willis on 7/27/2016
Team patronus

11 Things About Month 11

by Rachel Potts on 7/27/2016
Team rooted

The Ministry of the Small Things

by Rachel Potts on 7/27/2016
Team rooted

Agape Children's home

by Chad Borg on 7/27/2016
Team legion of boom


by Heather Swan on 7/27/2016
Team legion of boom

How To Get To The Honey - Spiritually †

by Loren Gambrell on 7/27/2016
Team third

|| Millennials - the modern Apostles?

by Jason Love Albano on 7/27/2016
Team ao1


by Amy Baltensperger on 7/27/2016
Team nos amis

His Grace is Sufficient

by Hannah Richardson on 7/27/2016
Team ethereal flames

Love Deeply and Hold Loosely

by Madi Copeland on 7/27/2016
Team nos amis

Grace in the sprinkles

by Tanna Becker on 7/27/2016
Team misfits

7 days...

by Tyler Ward on 7/27/2016
Team misfits

Self is the price of love.

by Paige Harris on 7/27/2016

BIG Questions with BIG Answers!

by Kori Yergler on 7/27/2016


by Courtney Neigh on 7/27/2016

Why 11 months is actually 16

by Emily Brinkman on 7/27/2016

Where I Am & Where I'm Headed

by Joanna Sorensen on 7/27/2016

The Beginning

by Trisha Ladd on 7/27/2016

What is the World Race Worth?

by Cody Wittick on 7/26/2016
Team rootedinlove

I Create, Therefore I Am

by Kels Tosca on 7/26/2016
Team dunamis

Month 11 Malawi

by Mason Smith on 7/26/2016
Team 1:13

The Race of Life

by Tiffany Johnston on 7/26/2016
Team jubilee

Debrief, Month 12, and next steps

by AnnaKate Auten on 7/26/2016
Team eden

10 days until launch...

by Abigail Johanson on 7/26/2016
Team tetelestai

No Longer In The Distance

by Carly Parker on 7/26/2016
Team kingdom seekers

I Am Scared To Death

by Rachel Clarkson on 7/26/2016

So Little Time

by Jazlyn Gonzalez on 7/26/2016

Giving a Friend Space

by Megan Williamson on 7/26/2016
Team prism

Radio Silence

by Anna Lauren Meeks on 7/26/2016
Team rooted

An Open Letter to the DeWitts

by Thad Daniels III on 7/26/2016
Team los sombras santas

Buzzcut Season

by Justin Becker on 7/26/2016
Team the whey

My Mountain

by Thomas Ruhland on 7/26/2016
Team the seven

Crunch time faith

by Naomi Conner on 7/26/2016
Team encounter

Ready Or Not...Here I Come!

by Bethany Hawk on 7/26/2016
Team worthy warriors

11 days until 11 countries in 11 months.

by Elizabeth Freeman on 7/26/2016
Team empowher