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"Stop Start Go"

by Ashley Francis on 2/20/2017
Team squadleader

Medak,Telangana, India

by Lo Acosta on 2/20/2017
Team suma


by Lo Acosta on 2/20/2017
Team suma


by Lo Acosta on 2/20/2017
Team suma


by Lo Acosta on 2/20/2017
Team suma

Squatter Camps

by Abigail Johanson on 2/20/2017
Team team2

Spiritual Change

by Tyler Ambrose on 2/20/2017
Team team2

I'm in need of some help

by Shelby Laber on 2/20/2017
Team the mountains

Fear of the Dark

by Lauren Garrison on 2/20/2017
Team chancla

I said YES!

by Sarah HOSS on 2/20/2017
Team 17p01cr

What I Learned on the World Race

by Joshua Gill on 2/20/2017
Team team 2

Time in Prison

by Elizabeth Mc Ardle on 2/20/2017
Team arise


by Jamie Dennis on 2/20/2017
Team unshakenfoundation

God doesn't owe me anything

by Laura Simcox on 2/20/2017
Team wildfire

Just One More Day.

by Steph Lang on 2/20/2017
Team woven

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

by Michaela Hennagir on 2/20/2017
Team agape

Words from my Father

by Nano Mazzali Saborio on 2/20/2017
Team dynamicpursuit

Making a Memory in Cambodia

by Sherese Miller on 2/20/2017
Team alabaster

Things About Africa

by Annie Manning on 2/20/2017
Team sltn

Almost half over already!?

by Kori Yergler on 2/20/2017
Team boulder

The Lord is oh, so Sweet.

by Paige Thiele on 2/20/2017
Team boulder

To Explore Ecuador

by Trevor Christianson on 2/20/2017
Team hazaq

Be Like The Banana

by SaraLou Neville on 2/20/2017
Team kindred bow

Ecuador: Month 2

by Kayleigh Richards on 2/20/2017
Team hazaq

The Boy Who Took Something From Me

by Andy Ramirez on 2/20/2017
Team fuerte

I See You

by Katy Stefanoff on 2/20/2017
Team septum parabalani

Sybil's Gala

by Kirsty Marshall on 2/20/2017
Team diamonds

When Trusting Him is All You Have

by Kayce Clodfelter on 2/20/2017
Team god'smagnolias

Taj Mahal!

by Sarah Patty on 2/20/2017
Team themelios

Prophetic Painting

by Janet (Lou) Heismann on 2/20/2017
Team itisgoode


by Hillary Barry on 2/20/2017
Team joyful fortitude

Paint by Faith

by Joanna Sorensen on 2/20/2017
Team themelios

Facing Fears

by Mikayla Pearson on 2/20/2017
Team ahavachara

The Cry of Her Heart

by Sara Pandolfino on 2/20/2017
Team themelios

New Fundraiser!

by Liz Morton on 2/20/2017

I'm Following Jesus

by Monica Plisiecki on 2/20/2017

Countdown to launch

by Maria Beiler on 2/20/2017

I'm a Musician

by Megan Weber on 2/20/2017

Adventures in Guam

by Andrea White on 2/19/2017
Team dynami

How to Explore a Lighthouse

by Andrea White on 2/19/2017
Team dynami

11:47 AM

by Amanda McConnell on 2/19/2017
Team squadleaders

Choosing To Choose

by Cali Castaneda on 2/19/2017
Team raisinettes

He who dwells

by Lauren Emily Tysdal on 2/19/2017
Team relentless pursuit

Battle on the Bridge

by Abby Nass on 2/19/2017
Team beehive

What Your Heart Truly Longs For

by Alyssa Neyer on 2/19/2017
Team thebigcats

It's Not Just a Necklace

by Alex LeVasseur on 2/19/2017
Team overflow

A Matter of Life or Death

by Bliz Ballesteros on 2/19/2017
Team saltyandbright

Grace: A new name

by Stephanie Lohn on 2/19/2017
Team harbor

Sunday Reflections from Gabarone

by Clarissa Johnson on 2/19/2017
Team harbor

Love Is Greater Than Suicide

by Jonathan Clark on 2/19/2017
Team alabaster

Rwandan Resiliency

by Jed Barnes Jr. on 2/19/2017
Team squad leaders

Is Life Worth Living?

by Courtney Vlaun on 2/19/2017
Team 7-11

Está Bien

by Jordan Oursbourn on 2/19/2017
Team pax vobiscum

If You Want the Honest Truth

by Bradley Brown on 2/19/2017
Team doggs of zion

It's Just a Little Writer's Blog

by Jordan Oursbourn on 2/19/2017
Team pax vobiscum

a few tidbits for you

by Emily Allen on 2/19/2017
Team selah sisters

God doesn't speak English

by Delaney Bondi on 2/19/2017
Team selah sisters

Just a lil update

by Natalie Tyer on 2/19/2017
Team doggs of zion

A Place of Safety

by Joey Hehn on 2/19/2017
Team paxvobiscum

Stood Up in the Rain

by Alyssa Wesselmann on 2/19/2017
Team pax vobiscum

I fell on my face....

by Austin Fowler on 2/19/2017
Team doggs of zion

Different views, Same God

by Cristen Page on 2/19/2017
Team los mensajeros

6 Things God has shown me on the Race!

by Christopher (Coop) Coopersmith on 2/19/2017
Team doggs of zion

Moments from Mozambique

by Molly Farmer on 2/19/2017
Team ignite

Mozambique Vlog

by Sierra Dudgeon on 2/19/2017
Team ignite

Harder Than We Thought

by Dana Karpinski on 2/19/2017
Team ignite

All the Chrildren of the World

by Gabby Melcher on 2/19/2017
Team firebrands

All the Chrildren of the World

by Gabby Melcher on 2/19/2017
Team firebrands


by Janibel Ramirez on 2/19/2017
Team joyfulfortitude

I'm Pregnant!

by Katie Sparks on 2/19/2017
Team ahavachara

Finding Rest.

by Jacob Miller on 2/19/2017
Team kerux

Nepal 2.0: The Armor of God

by Linsey Cuffy on 2/19/2017
Team joyfulfortitude

Himalayas: Sacred Geography

by McKenzie Tritt on 2/19/2017
Team kerux

Nepalese family

by Abby Thornburg on 2/19/2017
Team itisgoode