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The Heat Never Bothered Me Anyway- Cambodia

by Catie Collins Smith on 4/23/2019
Team 42 deep

How to Draw Near to God!

by Wesley Chandler on 4/23/2019
Team new ground

Team SONshine!

by Kaitlin Church on 4/23/2019
Team davine

GUEST BLOG (feat. Ronnie Hollingsworth)

by Re` Hollingsworth on 4/23/2019
Team lioness

Pennies of Gold

by Elisabeth Miller on 4/23/2019


by Liv Moncrief on 4/23/2019
Team c3

First blog in 4 months..oops

by Grace Pettit on 4/23/2019
Team talitha koum

The joys of "stretching"

by Vanessa Almodovar on 4/23/2019
Team radiance


by Hattie Eshleman on 4/23/2019
Team c3

But Wait...I Have More For You

by Madison Groff on 4/23/2019
Team c3

Unqualified & Unequipped

by Paige Emerson on 4/23/2019
Team rapha

World Race Gear: De-Classified!

by Jen Summy on 4/23/2019
Team valor

Discovery. Ownership. Kingdom.

by Ana Verduzco on 4/23/2019
Team harmony

Why I Love... Cambodia!

by Ashley Hewitt on 4/22/2019
Team squad leader

see ya soon

by Paige Langley on 4/22/2019
Team towdah

I’m Going Home!

by Marguerite San Martino on 4/22/2019
Team grafted

The Cost of Missions

by Amber Pelican on 4/22/2019
Team grafted

Update from San Jose, Costa Rica!

by Brendan DeJonge on 4/22/2019
Team covenant

Expanding Vision

by Brooke Selby on 4/22/2019
Team selah

I’m Coming Home

by Hannah Key on 4/22/2019
Team huzzah

what’s next for me????

by Abby Fillman on 4/22/2019
Team agape

The C Word

by Michelle Moxley on 4/22/2019
Team huzzah

look up child

by Emily Shepherd on 4/22/2019
Team to the wind


by Regan Horn on 4/22/2019
Team yoj


by Regan Horn on 4/22/2019
Team yoj


by Regan Horn on 4/22/2019
Team yoj

Let’s DTR

by Julie Reynolds on 4/22/2019
Team fruitful

Jesus Intervention and Interruptibility

by Riley mchenry on 4/22/2019
Team tammy

Come to the table

by Talia Stoddart on 4/22/2019
Team squad leaders

Changing With the Seasons: Mosaic

by Haley Lowe on 4/22/2019
Team mosaic

My Months in Moria

by Joelle Urquhart on 4/22/2019
Team team bishkek

Not for (Key)ps

by Aundraya Wynne on 4/22/2019
Team schondraggey connection

Friday, April 19th, 2019

by Summer Conneen on 4/22/2019
Team theavengers

Saturday, April 20th, 2019

by Summer Conneen on 4/22/2019
Team theavengers

Sunday, April 21st, 2019

by Summer Conneen on 4/22/2019
Team theavengers

But Jesus

by Meagan Kennedy on 4/22/2019
Team vibe tribe

The Most Important Day

by Becca Houk on 4/22/2019
Team sonshine

Kingdom Advancing Mindset

by Joy Mullins on 4/22/2019

Life Changes...

by Olivia Ritsema on 4/22/2019
Team talithakoum

I Got My First World Race Tattoo

by Olivia Ritsema on 4/22/2019
Team talithakoum

Village Living in India

by Anna Casserino on 4/22/2019
Team valor


by Catherine Choquette on 4/22/2019


by Jeevan Vase on 4/22/2019

Savoring Moments: Preparation Update #2

by Ally Roeda on 4/22/2019

Savoring Moments: Preparation Update #2

by Austin Roeda on 4/22/2019

About The World Race

by Isaac Wold on 4/22/2019

Going on the World Race: Not my Destination

by Hannah Mitchek on 4/22/2019

Beyond the Horizon

by Jenn Paris on 4/22/2019

The First of Many

by Scott Tinsley on 4/22/2019

fought for and Free

by Tierney Means on 4/21/2019
Team sisters

can’t stop won’t stop

by Acacia Sachs on 4/21/2019
Team salt and light

My favorite gap year photo

by Kae Blowers on 4/21/2019
Team grafted

I Did A Thing!!!

by Trevor Regan on 4/21/2019
Team oikonomos

Smile! God is soooo good!

by emili Silcox on 4/21/2019
Team saahas

Smile! God is soooo good!

by emili Silcox on 4/21/2019
Team saahas

Friendship redefined

by Madison Collin on 4/21/2019
Team hope

Why Do We Call it Easter?

by Kayla Kincaid on 4/21/2019
Team yoj

Ministry Summary in Ecuador {PHOTOS}

by Nicole Caudill on 4/21/2019
Team bob

I Needed to Hear That

by Amanda Blakley on 4/21/2019
Team tetelestai

An Easter Story

by Aubrey Biddle on 4/21/2019
Team squad leaders

still I will follow

by Ashton Mueller on 4/21/2019
Team rad

the victory.

by Maddie Hungate on 4/21/2019
Team new ground

I'm not coming back to the US

by Kaylin Starbuck on 4/21/2019
Team towdah

There's A First Time For Everything..

by Miguel Gonzalez on 4/21/2019
Team 7th heaven


by Hailey Huffman on 4/21/2019
Team schondraggey connection

April 20

by Praise Jorgenson on 4/21/2019
Team lioness

It’s Not My Easter

by Sarah Ann Allen on 4/21/2019
Team sonshine

The team made me Jesus.

by Michelle Jamison on 4/21/2019
Team sonshine

World Race Blessings

by Bonnie Bakewell on 4/21/2019
Team schondraggey connection

It's You

by Ashley Butterfield on 4/21/2019
Team schondraggey connection

A Faithful God

by Anna Bearss on 4/21/2019

I got baptized !!!

by Noelle Parker on 4/21/2019

Why Am I Going On The World Race?

by Molly Miller on 4/21/2019


by Megan Staten on 4/21/2019


by Claire Burton on 4/21/2019

the before series: molly

by susan jones on 4/21/2019


by Madison Stroup on 4/21/2019

HE calls me beloved

by Carissa Taylor on 4/21/2019


by Brooke Nantz on 4/21/2019

A Peek Into Peru

by Michael Williams on 4/21/2019
Team resurgent

China, baby!

by Parker Graham on 4/21/2019
Team invictus

World Race 1 of 3

by Jordan Bassett on 4/21/2019
Team wanderingchildren

Easter: Suffering and Resurrection

by Jake Lanferman on 4/21/2019

Remembering His Promises, He Is Risen!!

by Bethaney Sjoquist on 4/21/2019

More Than A Servant

by Casie Dingman on 4/21/2019

A broken arm and a big “yes”

by Courtney Jackson on 4/20/2019
Team 19p01phi