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Quick Update

by Kelsey Beggs on 9/25/2016
Team relentless

Being fully empty

by Mady Allen on 9/25/2016
Team daughters of dignity

the 411 on missionaries

by Lauren Emily Tysdal on 9/25/2016
Team edifly

Ava Cunningham

by Kole Purdy on 9/25/2016
Team hishands

I'm scared, but God has my back

by Nina McNerlin on 9/25/2016
Team quinoa

Squad Up: Day Four

by Sydney Newland on 9/25/2016
Team rahab

The Face of Evil

by Alex Keeley on 9/25/2016
Team estabien

Dear Anonymous

by Victoria Finlay on 9/25/2016
Team speedriders

Little Blessings

by Sarah Sharp on 9/25/2016
Team glencoco

Testing Your 'Yes'

by Heather Swan on 9/25/2016
Team legion of boom

|| I was visited by a demon

by Jason Love Albano on 9/25/2016
Team ao1

Carrying Our Burdens

by Emily Quint on 9/25/2016
Team kintsu

Hello Ghana….

by Stephanie Prinz on 9/25/2016
Team nos amis

This Place.

by Teagan MacKnight on 9/25/2016
Team one pulse

I'm Not Excited About the Worldrace

by Anna Reynosa on 9/25/2016
Team korban

To Supporters...

by Becca Bronson on 9/25/2016

Excuse Us While We Flip Out

by Kimmy Whittington on 9/25/2016

Excuse Us While We Flip Out

by Bryce Whittington on 9/25/2016

Terrified…but Excited! With a touch of guilt.

by Mutondwa Nemurangoni on 9/25/2016


by Tina Sakers on 9/24/2016
Team squadleader


by Tina Sakers on 9/24/2016
Team squadleader

Being Interruptible

by Tina Sakers on 9/24/2016
Team squadleader

The Power of Your Prayers

by Tina Sakers on 9/24/2016
Team squadleader

New Blog

by Kathleen Forrest on 9/24/2016
Team intrepid

My second home

by Tyler Ambrose on 9/24/2016
Team tetelestai

It's The Final Countdown

by Kylee Hall on 9/24/2016
Team triumph


by Sydney Newland on 9/24/2016
Team rahab

A boy and his goats

by Kelsey Eiles on 9/24/2016
Team manifold

Ask Me Questions!

by Catherine DeBerry on 9/24/2016
Team conquistadoras

The Cost of Missions

by Amy Meade on 9/24/2016
Team team 3

I Crave Death

by Bailey Swartzenberger on 9/24/2016
Team beloveds

Is The Honeymoon Stage Over?

by Kelsey Robertson on 9/24/2016
Team worthy warriors

My heart might stay in GHANA

by Jenna Watson on 9/24/2016
Team worthy warriors


by Joni Wiley on 9/24/2016
Team empowher

Follow the red dirt road….

by Bethany Hawk on 9/24/2016
Team worthy warriors

People Tried To Warn Me

by Kelsey Gallimore on 9/24/2016
Team worthy warriors

Are you going to show up?

by Jess Beltran on 9/24/2016
Team sweet heat

Dare to Choose

by Kelsey Troutman on 9/24/2016
Team sweetheat

We Met God In A Coffee Shop

by Esther Acosta on 9/24/2016
Team sweet heat

Dear End-of-Race Patrick

by Patrick Ryan on 9/24/2016
Team salty


by Raychel Lotspeich on 9/24/2016
Team redeem

Meet My People

by Victoria Bolduc on 9/24/2016
Team sonflower

I wasn't ready when I signed up

by Ariane Utley on 9/24/2016

Car Wash Fundraiser

by Caleigh Schuur on 9/24/2016

Sanibonani: Meet the Ambassadors

by Casey Baxter on 9/23/2016
Team go rogue

Infuriating Hangnails

by Crystal Avery on 9/23/2016
Team squad leaders

I Have No Talent

by Maddy Hammer on 9/23/2016
Team eshet chayil

His Hands

by Josh Grabow on 9/23/2016
Team hishands

The Two Words That Became My Idol

by Olivia Dabbs on 9/23/2016
Team rooted

Home Away From Home: Day Two

by Sydney Newland on 9/23/2016
Team rahab

Life Learned: Peru Edition

by Dee Dee Peters on 9/23/2016
Team r.a.m.s.

11 Things: Peru

by Michelle Mason on 9/23/2016
Team r.a.m.s.

[Newsletter] Videos from Latvia!

by Sang Park on 9/23/2016
Team boom

My Days in Romania

by Doug Morse on 9/23/2016
Team ao1

September 21st, 2016

by Kailaa Heaney on 9/23/2016
Team shalom

Letter to Myself

by Nick Buford on 9/23/2016
Team salty

Receiving a poem from a homeless man

by Chelsea Van Eck on 9/23/2016
Team redeem

The Beauty of a Hard Thing

by Katherine Gwin on 9/23/2016
Team wildflowers

Beyond Exit 19A: Training Camp

by Elise Swepston on 9/23/2016
Team anchordepths

Because I'm white.

by Amy Brule on 9/23/2016
Team fernweh

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

by Harmony Houston on 9/23/2016
Team ele

A Note from Jesus

by Felicia Bergman on 9/23/2016

I Surrender

by Paige Deur on 9/23/2016

Retrospection: Mozambique Video

by Kelsey Pelletier on 9/22/2016
Team mensajeras


by Natalie Hodde on 9/22/2016
Team eshet chayil

The Devil is Always Prowling

by Destrey Berto on 9/22/2016
Team hishands