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by Cassidy Smith on 5/31/2016
Team the babes

Humans Of Bolivia: Florentina

by Susan Perry on 5/31/2016
Team vibrantjoy

Team Changes

by Taylor Baker on 5/31/2016
Team noragrets

Minnesota, Here I Come

by Ashley Ancona on 5/31/2016
Team onehope

Growing Up

by Abigail Johanson on 5/31/2016

The Jesus You Follow

by Lauren Emily Tysdal on 5/31/2016

My Biggest Fear

by Jason Gebhardt on 5/31/2016

Who Will?

by Bekah Klopfenstine on 5/31/2016

Graduation and Reality

by Jared Celosse on 5/31/2016


by Taite Rodriguez on 5/31/2016

Zulu Living!

by Britney Meyer on 5/31/2016
Team thunderbirds

What is ministry?

by Jillian Martinelli on 5/31/2016
Team thunderbirds

Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani

by Vicky Kaniaru on 5/31/2016
Team squad leader

Speechless: Where Do I Begin?

by Abbie Brandhagen on 5/31/2016
Team vic

Just Show Up

by Lukas Drummond on 5/31/2016
Team waves of love

We Could Not Beat His Demon

by Charles Payne on 5/31/2016
Team waves of love


by Morgan Foldes on 5/31/2016

May Newsletter

by Morgan Foldes on 5/31/2016


by Stephanie Prinz on 5/31/2016

First Video!

by Tiara Menjivar on 5/31/2016

Crazy is the name

by brooke Cope on 5/31/2016

Why do you think you're still here?

by Donovan McCloskey on 5/31/2016

May 31st Update.

by Carissa Masters on 5/31/2016

Fundraising Craziness

by Elisabeth Behnke on 5/31/2016

Route Animation (ish)

by Mikayla Pearson on 5/31/2016

Beyond our Limits

by Eric Belair on 5/30/2016
Team new harvest

Lost In Manila

by Allana Drianis on 5/30/2016
Team bab

Month 9 Recap: Vietnam (with pictures!)

by Allana Drianis on 5/30/2016
Team bab


by Lisa Meyers on 5/30/2016
Team soar

Church in Colombia

by Lisa Meyers on 5/30/2016
Team soar

Ecuador Earthquake Relief

by Meggie Swisher on 5/30/2016
Team green harbor

VERY Detailed Packing list

by Benjamin Baecker on 5/30/2016
Team jubilee

Swallowing My Pride

by Lindsay Anderson on 5/30/2016
Team eden

The Best Travel Day Ever

by RaeLynn DeFalco on 5/30/2016
Team steadfastpursuit

When words are not enough.

by Hannah Lin on 5/30/2016
Team onehope

The Battle Against Discouragement

by Avery Trifone on 5/30/2016

Forget the Countdowns

by Leigh Anne Westra on 5/30/2016


by Erin Sirianni on 5/30/2016

Lead Me

by Holly Renaud on 5/30/2016

Philippians 3&4

by Lyric Housman on 5/30/2016

FUNdraising (Im Funny)

by Jazlyn Gonzalez on 5/30/2016

South Africa

by Holly Spatz on 5/30/2016
Team new zion

Abundant Life

by Mike Fiene on 5/30/2016
Team umbrella

It's Your Race Too

by Jordan Field on 5/30/2016
Team tttjl

She Chose Buddha Instead

by Jordan Field on 5/30/2016
Team tttjl

A time to uproot...

by Sarah Coffey on 5/30/2016
Team fullthrottle

Worth Loving

by Savannah Joyal on 5/30/2016

Life after ACL and miniscus surgery

by Koral Daniel on 5/30/2016

FAITH Explained

by Rashidat Odeyemi on 5/30/2016

The DEA Task Force

by Nathan Singleton on 5/30/2016

Pick a Square

by Crysahna Suarez on 5/30/2016

Faith & True Obedience

by Kara Faber on 5/30/2016

Four months out

by Alex Marrs on 5/30/2016

With Friends Like These

by Annie Manning on 5/30/2016

Support Letter

by Haylee Butler on 5/30/2016


by Jenny Walsh on 5/30/2016

What Being a Babe Taught Me

by Morgan Reeves on 5/29/2016
Team the babes

Last Videos!

by Kathryn Cuyler on 5/29/2016
Team qmp

How Lucky I Am

by Maddux Martin on 5/29/2016
Team holla-lujah

It's Not All Black and White

by Marybeth Roberson on 5/29/2016
Team joyful serenity

Parent Vision Trip

by Molly Grusenmeyer on 5/29/2016
Team raising the bar

Thailand Recap Video

by Molly Grusenmeyer on 5/29/2016
Team raising the bar

Fully Funded! What???

by Kyndal Cody on 5/29/2016

First Deadline: SOON

by Erin Sirianni on 5/29/2016

The Great News in May

by Amber Barton on 5/29/2016

Out on a Limb

by Alyssa Neyer on 5/29/2016

The Best Has Yet to Come

by Karson Whitesell on 5/29/2016

I'm Graduated, Now What?

by Tucker Stevens on 5/29/2016

Whoa! We're Halfway There!!

by Carolyn Gibson on 5/29/2016
Team huzzah

The Time In Between

by Luke Garmon on 5/29/2016
Team pup n suds

Death Road: Part One

by Jen Silverman on 5/29/2016
Team steel magnolias


by Cicily Muchison on 5/29/2016
Team steel magnolias

A Month in the Jungle

by Lila Capps on 5/29/2016
Team steel magnolias


by Caitlin Rankins on 5/29/2016
Team squad leader

[Newsletter] Fully Funded!

by Sang Park on 5/29/2016
Team third

Tidal Wave

by Hannah Beth Whitaker on 5/29/2016

Detective Sherlock Noah Poppins: A Dramatic...

by Emily Browning on 5/29/2016

planting a seed

by Joshua Garcia on 5/29/2016


by Stephanie Milburn on 5/29/2016

*Fundraising update*

by Jillian Moya on 5/29/2016

Why Now?

by Corrie Meyer on 5/29/2016

I am a Dreamer

by Quinn Diaz on 5/29/2016