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Man Enough

by Mason Smith on 6/28/2017
Team mellow

A Search For the Unsearchable

by Olivia Visnic on 6/28/2017
Team 12 12

Month 10

by Kara Faber on 6/28/2017
Team clutch

Altitude Adjustment

by Clarissa Johnson on 6/28/2017
Team harbor

Casa Esperanza

by Sherese Miller on 6/28/2017
Team alabaster

Waiting for the One

by Kayleigh Richards on 6/28/2017
Team thecrew

That Belongs to Me, Right?

by Mary Jane Stevens on 6/28/2017
Team crowned

N A T U R E • T A L K S 0 1

by Maggie Higginbotham on 6/28/2017
Team r 1 16

History Allows us to Cast Vision

by Maggie Higginbotham on 6/28/2017
Team r 1 16

N A T U R E • T A L K S 0 2

by Maggie Higginbotham on 6/28/2017
Team r 1 16


by Sara Santiago on 6/28/2017
Team warriors

Albania - One Second a Day

by Kimmy Whittington on 6/28/2017
Team relentless

Albania - One Second a Day

by Bryce Whittington on 6/28/2017
Team relentless

lessons from a jungle

by Casey Ring on 6/28/2017
Team lost&found

Throwing Comfort to the Wind

by Daniel Vrooman on 6/28/2017
Team lighthouse

I've Counted The Cost

by Sara Graham on 6/28/2017
Team theambassadors

a simple yes

by Mikayla Hartel on 6/28/2017
Team established in love

Ten days in the dirt.

by Kamiren Passavanti on 6/28/2017
Team hesed

Belleza Colateral!

by Andre Gonzalez Vargas on 6/28/2017
Team m5:5

Vlog #2: It's as Hot as ATL PART I

by Matt Cotov on 6/28/2017
Team m5:5

My journey, His Story and Who I am.

by Brittani Toole on 6/28/2017

I Can't, but God Can

by Elaine Donithan on 6/28/2017

Training Camp Highlight Recap Video

by Preston Bates Jr. on 6/28/2017

Racing to get to the race

by Carolyn Miller Miller Lopez on 6/28/2017

The One About Inadequacy

by Erin Cummings on 6/28/2017

Dreaming into Reality

by Kailey Mattarella on 6/28/2017

My Mother's blog!

by Nano Mazzali Saborio on 6/27/2017
Team dynamicpursuit

El blog que escribio mi Mama

by Nano Mazzali Saborio on 6/27/2017
Team dynamicpursuit

Working with the Church from Acts

by Omayra Caban on 6/27/2017
Team unleavened

Ask the Lord, of course!

by Bekah Jackson on 6/27/2017
Team abundance

Argentina (VIDEO!!)

by Amy Brule on 6/27/2017
Team unleavened

She's Not a Muslim Anymore

by Alyssa Wesselmann on 6/27/2017
Team crowned

I Would See More Fruit at Home

by Sierra Dudgeon on 6/27/2017
Team cherubsisters


by Haley Wubs on 6/27/2017
Team unbound


by Haley Wubs on 6/27/2017
Team unbound

These Are My Favorite Days

by Dacey Hassey on 6/27/2017
Team elemental

"Isn't that wonderful?"

by Baileigh Millender on 6/27/2017
Team top knot globe trot

Be Careful What You Pray For

by Jacob Miller on 6/27/2017
Team sql-sojourners

The BEST Month Yet, ALBANIA!

by Michelle Cupp on 6/27/2017
Team sql-sojourners

Snapshots of Albania

by Joanna Sorensen on 6/27/2017
Team r 1 16

My Biggest Fear Came True

by Emily Brinkman on 6/27/2017
Team warriors

Lay It All Down

by Lindsey Welch on 6/27/2017
Team warriors

What is it you ask?

by Jenna VanderHaar on 6/27/2017
Team soulspark

But that doesn’t make sense

by Emma Donahue on 6/27/2017
Team soulspark

Alesa's Triumph

by Ashley Guinn on 6/27/2017
Team establishedinlove

Training Camp Details

by Gabbie Ueberroth on 6/27/2017
Team hesed

How and what just happened?!?

by Heather Blumenfeld on 6/27/2017
Team live boldly

I'll Be Back

by Nathan Singleton on 6/27/2017
Team abundance

Cabin Pressure

by Zachery Calderon on 6/27/2017
Team j crew

$50 and Some Pickled Mushrooms

by Nicole Wittmann on 6/27/2017

What type of sponge are you?

by Margaret Pulley on 6/27/2017

Transparency to Truth

by Meredith Bristow on 6/27/2017

Where am I going?

by Alicia Torres on 6/27/2017

i guess i know my answer.

by Kaci Eccles on 6/26/2017

Packing for a month {Guatemala}

by Jackelyn (Jack) Knight on 6/26/2017
Team squadleader


by Courtney Dobbs on 6/26/2017
Team tribe

Sweet Victories in Chile

by Sequoi Phipps on 6/26/2017
Team the village

Month 9:Chile VIDEO

by Stephanie Lohn on 6/26/2017
Team yebo

Pregunta al Señor (Ask the Lord)

by Rachel Kois on 6/26/2017
Team selah

They Called Me Mahoro

by Katie Meredith on 6/26/2017
Team kwitanga

Let Me Update Ya!

by Kelly Habecker on 6/26/2017
Team afrosnsync

Believing His Truths

by Paige Thiele on 6/26/2017
Team afrosnsync

Hey! Remember us??

by Austin Fowler on 6/26/2017
Team squad leaders


by Kayleigh Richards on 6/26/2017
Team thecrew

Hey! Remember us??

by Faith Fowler on 6/26/2017
Team squad leaders

EM and ANNA World Race Workout

by Emily Madden on 6/26/2017
Team taco-bout it

the power of a testimony

by Britt Nompleggi on 6/26/2017
Team top knot globe trot

Meet Sylvia!

by Becca Bronson on 6/26/2017
Team pearlsoffaithfulness

When Your Teammate Tries to Sell You

by Jessica Ganci on 6/26/2017
Team warriors

YOU Changed My Life

by Danielle Farina on 6/26/2017
Team bamboo

Almost Out of Albania

by Sarah Patty on 6/26/2017
Team warriors

Last Day Of Ministry

by Sara Santiago on 6/26/2017
Team warriors

The Hidden Gems of Albania

by Sara Pandolfino on 6/26/2017
Team bamboo

Grupi Yeshil

by Malia Pearson on 6/26/2017
Team onemore

World Race - What to Pack

by Jessica Scherb on 6/26/2017
Team bravehearts

God Is On The Move In CHINA

by Cary Shaffer on 6/26/2017
Team golden girls


by Kristen Coughlin on 6/26/2017
Team hesed