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Gods Plan > My Plan

by Chelsea Gehring on 7/25/2016


by Taylor Duggan on 7/25/2016

Abandonment and brokenness

by Michael Rojewski on 7/25/2016

Why The Investment?

by Sarah Kate Caudle on 7/25/2016

New Lands, Old Lands

by Bre Steele on 7/25/2016
Team Gentle Embers

Listen, sometimes things get weird

by Esther Houser on 7/25/2016
Team Umbrella

What Is Actually Wrong With America

by Kelsay Singleton on 7/25/2016

All We Wanted Were Tangerines!

by Abigail Sheckells on 7/25/2016
Team Thunderbirds

All We Wanted Were Tangerines!

by Abigail Sheckells on 7/25/2016
Team Thunderbirds

Healings and Hospitality

by Olivia Reed on 7/25/2016
Team Motley

He's a Hopeful Romantic

by Brandon Coco on 7/25/2016
Team Pup n Suds

Inside the Softex Camp

by Jessica Doffing on 7/25/2016
Team Huzzah

From the Nepali Observatory

by Mary Heflin on 7/25/2016
Team Oneders

My Challenge to You.

by Courtney Cosgrove on 7/25/2016
Team Steadfast Pursuit

What No One Tells You

by Kara Faber on 7/25/2016

Nicaragua - Month 11!

by Katie Needles on 7/24/2016
Team Steadfast Pursuit

"15 Years In The Making"

by Ashley Thaggard on 7/24/2016

Wholehearts. Packing. Stickers.

by Darcy Callaway on 7/24/2016
Team Ethereal Flames

Meet Braham <3

by Hana Chronister on 7/24/2016
Team Cubs of Judah


by Emily Beck on 7/24/2016

Lighter Than Air

by Liz Bredberg on 7/24/2016

Jesus & Chacos

by Katarina Schatz on 7/24/2016

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

by brooke Cope on 7/24/2016

1 Day 1000 Years

by Alexa Kapsalis on 7/24/2016
Team Squad Leaders

My first REAL blog #finally

by Jordan King on 7/24/2016

~Broken Independence~

by Bethany Baker on 7/24/2016

The Weeds.

by Anna Ganter on 7/24/2016
Team New Harvest

Fundraising UPDATE!!!

by Brenna Sterken on 7/24/2016

Life Learned: Colombia Edition

by Dee Dee Peters on 7/24/2016
Team SheBrews

Nicaragua Video

by Lindsay Bienz on 7/24/2016
Team Talitha Koum

Unsung Stories: The Final Blog

by Kody Adcock on 7/24/2016
Team Jubilee

Grace for the Goodbyes

by Victoria Bolduc on 7/24/2016

I Left A Slave

by Andy Ryngaert on 7/24/2016
Team ATC Frat

Surviving is not living.

by Simone Steele on 7/24/2016
Team Steel Magnolias

True Forgiveness.

by Makenzie Baker on 7/24/2016
Team Girl

They Were Trying to Sell Oranges

by Lindsey Moore on 7/24/2016
Team Thunderbirds

Time for Moçambique!

by Abigail Sheckells on 7/24/2016
Team Thunderbirds

From the Eyes of a Skeptic

by Britney Meyer on 7/24/2016
Team Thunderbirds

It's been fun, Romania!

by Sarah Snyder on 7/24/2016
Team Full Throttle

This Is My Story, This Is My Song

by Rachel Kois on 7/23/2016

Training Camp 101

by Maddy Lee on 7/23/2016

"You're Not Invisible"

by Megan Nicole Czerwinski on 7/23/2016
Team Child Like Prophets

Is the Race Worth it?

by Kristin Hansen on 7/23/2016
Team Rooted

Bits & Things

by Jess Beltran on 7/23/2016
Team Sweet Heat

Confessions of a not-so-outdoorsy person

by Nayelly Rodriguez on 7/23/2016

I don't want to go home

by Janelly Chavez on 7/23/2016
Team Arboretum

Acceptance to the World Race!

by Jack Duffy on 7/23/2016

Welcome Home

by Gabrielle LaGross on 7/23/2016
Team Fullest House

The World Race

by Meagan Dooney on 7/23/2016

Tell the World I'm Coming Home

by Marybeth Roberson on 7/23/2016
Team Joyful Serenity

3 reasons besides "God called me to"

by Grace Derrick on 7/23/2016

World Race Worship

by Molly Grusenmeyer on 7/23/2016
Team Raising the Bar


by Savannah Pearson on 7/23/2016

Thank You Father

by Lindsay Bienz on 7/23/2016
Team Talitha Koum

Honduras - Month 10!

by Katie Needles on 7/23/2016
Team Steadfast Pursuit

Heart Construction

by Jordan Tarant on 7/23/2016
Team Team Pilgrim

Wild & Free

by Lauren McLemore on 7/23/2016

World Race Moments

by Haley Sewell on 7/23/2016
Team No Ragrets

You Might Be in Nicaragua If....

by Haley Sewell on 7/23/2016
Team No Ragrets

Conversations that Matter.

by Kelly Wisner on 7/23/2016
Team Blue Barracuda

Tea with Jesus

by Kimmy Laumann on 7/23/2016
Team Gentle But Fierce

Exciting Updates and Official Launch Date!

by Michelle Cupp on 7/23/2016

TWR: 6.1- TWR: 6.9 ukraine

by dani izac on 7/23/2016
Team Girl

It has Been a While

by Ryan Stephens on 7/23/2016
Team Umbrella

100 miles per minute

by Olivia Collier on 7/23/2016

Guatemala - Month 9!

by Katie Needles on 7/22/2016
Team Steadfast Pursuit

Meet My Team

by Bailey Huffman on 7/22/2016

Being obedient isn't always easy..

by Melody Mayse on 7/22/2016


by Kelli Wymore on 7/22/2016

The End.

by Ashley Cook on 7/22/2016
Team Steadfast Pursuit

Video Update

by Becca Bronson on 7/22/2016

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